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Keidre stackhouse421


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Published in: Education, Technology
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  • Cognitively a child has to learn the nature of the sex or genderitself. Boy or girl is permanent and remiains unchanged by things like modifications in clothing or hair length. Kids are told what they are suppose to act like. “All roles involve sets of expected behaviors, attitudes, rights, duties, and obligations” When boys play outside they are learning to be men or boy same as if a mother teaching her daughter to cook .. The children are learning gender roles.
  • By month 9 child treat men and woman different. By age 2 the child can successful pick whether they are male or female. By age four children know what roles they play as far as gender. Gender constancy the children figure out that basically if they are a boy they will always be a boy.
  • In entertainment children are exposed to sex-stereotyping. Woman are shown at home and men out working for example. Parents tend to stereotype the child's sex and gender by the activities they perform with their child. Cognitive states from the time the child learns what it is itbehaves as such. Gender Schema states that the child will “ model that has its roots in information-processing theories of cognitive development as well as in Kohlberg’s theory.”
  • This can be external and internal that changes the identity. Marcia means a period of deciion making when old values choices reexamined.
  • The child chooses friends that will share the same interest in playing. A boy child may not want to play house with a girl child instead he may want to play trucks. The child will learn from people of the same gender that teach them the roles that they will play.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Gender Roles
    • 2. How are gender rolesdeveloped?
    • 3. Men & WomenCognitive SkillsSocial BehaviorSex typed behaviors
    • 4. When are genderroles adopted?
    • 5. StagesThere are Stages to havinggender identity.Gender StabilityGender constancy
    • 6. Social Learning TheoryParentCognitive-Developmental TheoriesGender Schema Theory
    • 7. At puberty the child identify come unglues .The old identity will no longer do and a new identity must be formed.Marcia’ Identify statues
    • 8. Playmate preferenceStereotyped behaviorSame gender teaching
    • 9.  Helen Bee, D. H. (2010). The Developing Child. Pearson Education. Lynnd, J. (2011). Vblog. Retrieved 6 27, 2012, from shuttershock: