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The i search reflection
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The i search reflection

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  • 1. The I-Search Reflection English I NCVPS
  • 2. What have we learned?O An I-Search paper is a research paper where you choose the topic you’re going to research.O You’ve chosen the topic you think you want to work with. O At this point, if you are no longer interested in your topic, or can’t find enough research on it, it’s fine to choose a different topic. O Your teacher will work with you to rework your assignments.O You’ve decided an audience, and purpose for your paper.O You’ve researched your topic.
  • 3. Reviewing the stepsO Topic Choice O Your topic should be specific, so that you can cover it in your I-Search paper. O However, you don’t want it so narrow that you can’t find enough to write about.O Audience and Purpose O Your audience is who your paper is target to- is it your classmates? Your teacher? O Your purpose, since it’s a research paper is to inform.O Research O You should have found a variety of sources that provide information on your topic. O You should have cited them correctly.
  • 4. Where do we go from here?O In this Module you will stop in the process, and take a chance to reflect on the process.O You’ll write a writer’s memo on the process. O What you like that you’ve done O What you don’t like O The strengths in your work so far O The weaknesses in your work so far O What you need help with