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Version Controlling
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Version Controlling


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Published in: Technology
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  • 1. Version Control
  • 2. I am VaidikA B. Tech. student at Jaypee Institute of Information Technology, NOIDA.A web developer.A Drupal Contributor.A Mozilla Student Rep and Contributor.Twitter: @vaidikkapoorGithub: vaidikkp
  • 3. What we will talk about?Version Controlling – The ConceptDistributed VCS vs Centralized VCSIntroduction to GitHands-on Git!More Resources
  • 4. Version ControllingWhat is Version Control? A system that is used to record changes to a file or a set of files.Why we need it? Keep track of changes that anyone makes to a set of files. Revert to a particular version of your file (state) if you need to so you dont have to remember everything you do. Compare different states of your file.
  • 5. Centralized vs. DistributedLocal VCS: The project is on your local machine. Commits are stored in a local database that keeps track of changes. Disadvantages: No way to collaborate Single point-of-failure: if your local machine crashes, all your work is lost.
  • 6. Centralized vs. DistributedCentralized The VCS database is on a server accessible to everyone. Read/update the latest snapshot of the files from the central server. Advantages: Very easy to collaborate. Everyone stays updated with the changes everyone makes. A lot more control over files (like who can read/write which files, etc.). Disadvantages:
  • 7. Centralized vs. DistributedDistributed The VCS database is on a server accessible to everyone. Instead of reading/updating the snapshot of files, get the whole history of changes. Advantages: Everybody has everything that is there on the server. No single point-of-failure, everybody is happy! :) Examples: Git, Mercurial, Bazaar, Darcs
  • 8. GitA DVCS.Originally developed by Linus Torvalds for version controlling of the Kernel.Originally a command-line utility, but a wide variety of GUI clients exist.Works on Linux, Mac and Windows.Used a lot, wide community.
  • 9. Hands-on Time!Git Basic Commands Init Add/Commit Log Revert Branch Merge Merge ConflictA common workflow
  • 10. More ResourcesMore Tutorials: Git SCM Book: Pro Git: Git Immersion: Screencast from Github: Presentation by Shakti Kannan:
  • 11. Thank You!This presentation can be found online at (the chicken and egg problem :P)Me: OSDC:Website Website http://opensource.jiitu.orgTwitter Wiki Twitter Facebook Group