DataSift September '12 Release Overview


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Learn about the new DataSift Query Builder that goes live with our September release

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DataSift September '12 Release Overview

  1. 1. DataSift What’s New in September ’12 Query Builder Stream Management DataSift Push
  2. 2. New Features and EnhancementsQuery Builder – We’ve streamlined “Push” – DeliverCreate Streams how you can Data into your Visually manage your Platform streams No-coding required. Improvements to enable New connectors to push Create streams to filter you to manage, preview data directly to your cloudsocial and news content. and monitor streams. platform.
  3. 3. Query BuilderNo code required. Click and create steams to filter from the social web When you select to create a new stream, choose to create using our New Query Builder, or as CSDL code
  4. 4. Query BuilderNo code required. Click and create steams to filter from the social web Add filters to define your criteria: You can combine filters together to match for all or any of the criteria entered Then click to add your criteria. Create complex filters that include keywords, geo-locations, sentiment, Natural Language Processing, etc.
  5. 5. Improvements to Stream ManagementStreams and now private to your account Where to find it: Click on ‘Streams’ Tab Streams are now private to your account We’ve heard your feedback, you want the streams you create to be private to your account. §  Redesigned the Stream page, and removed features designed for public sharing including comments and ratings on streams. §  Added ability to select and remove multiple streams in one go
  6. 6. Improvements to Stream ManagementSingle Page to access all things stream related Where to find it: Go to ‘Streams’ and click on a stream “Use Stream” now provides one place to manage your stream Provides access to everything you can do with a stream §  Preview: Takes you to our new stream preview page §  Consume via API: Grab API keys and code §  Record Stream: Start recording a real-time stream §  Historic Query: Run this stream against past Tweets §  Share CSDL: Creates a URL to enable you to share the definition of the stream with others.
  7. 7. Improvements to Stream ManagementSee everything you have running New “Currently Used Streams” Provides a view into your running streams (streams consumed via API are not included), along with the complexity of each stream Where to find it: Under the Billing Tab, go to ‘Currently Used Streams’ Where to find it: Under the ‘Billing’ Tab, go to the ‘Currently Used Streams’
  8. 8. DataSift PushDeliver Data directly into your platform “DataSift Push” - manages, monitors and confirms the delivery of data into your Developer or Enterprise platform Data Destinations (Beta) Direct data delivery Guaranteed data delivery Ready to use connectors for Use the API to periodic push 60 min buffer removes risk of HTTP, (S)FTP, Amazon large volumes of social data streaming interruptions and Dynamo, Amazon S3, to your business. data loss. MongoDB Learn more at
  9. 9. Where to go next?Technical Documentation Questions? Feedback?Reach our product team at