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The Phoenix Legacy
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The Phoenix Legacy


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. The Phoenix LegacyChapter 1: Beginnings
  • 2. This is the story of an ordinary man named Sam Phoenix. Now why would I be writing about someone ordinary? Because, even though he was normal, his life wasn’t.
  • 3. It all started when Sam was in his office. He was in his office, and then, he wasn’t. He was in the middle of no where – him, his desk, his chair and his computer. Sam stood up and looked around.
  • 4. Definitely just him and his desk.
  • 5. Sam logged on to chat to see three names he didn’t recognize – ab401, missleyna80 and BaTgIrL. He started to chat with ab401.
    samflame2989: Hey my name’s Sam, I’m kind of new around here. Where is here?
    ab401: I’m Abijheet, you’re in Wochesterton, it’s kind of deserted. So, you’re new? Nice to meet you. Welcome to the neighbourhood! What brought you here?
  • 6. Sam started to explain about sort of appearing here all of a sudden, and Abijheet’s reply was:
    Cool!Sam asked how he could contact him, and Abijheet said get a phone. Sam asked where.
  • 7. But all of a sudden a phone appeared beside him!
    “Wow,” he muttered.
  • 8. “Hey Abijheet, it’s Sam. Do you wanna come over, I need help building a roof.”“You don’t have a roof?!”“Well... No.”“Sure, be right over.”
  • 9. “Abijheet!”“Sam!”They greeted each other like old friends, and Sam was glad to be able to put a face to the computer name.
  • 10. An hour later, it was still raining, and the sweaty men stood back to look at their handiwork.“Thanks, Ab.”“S’all right, mate. I’ll be off, then. See you round.”“Yeah, see you.”
  • 11. Feeling lonely, Sam logged back onto chat to see a new name: jill10garden.samflame2989: Hello, my name’s Sam.jill10garden: Hi I’m Jill.samflame2989: I’m new around here so I’m trying to meet the neighbours.jill10garden: Cool, cool.
  • 12. samflame2989: Do you want to come by my place tomorrow?
    Sam waited for the reply, which took a while to come.
  • 13. jill10garden: Ok.
  • 14. That night, Sam dreamed of Jill and what tomorrow would bring.
  • 15. He left for work early the next morning, his first day in the Gamer Career Track.
  • 16. When he got back, Jill came over.She wasn’t stunningly pretty, but not ugly either. Sam greeted her.
  • 17. “You’re a very pretty woman,” he said, trying to be nice.“Thanks, you’re not bad looking yourself.”
  • 18. After an awkward beginning, they began to get at ease with other’s company, laughing at stupid jokes and talking about their life.
  • 19. Later than night, Sam took hold of Jill’s hand.“Jill, I... I really like you.”“Thanks, I like you too.”“Jill, I mean...”
  • 20. Sam kissed her, and when they broke away, Jill said,“I feel the same way.”