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A brief decription of themost important web browser that exists.

A brief decription of themost important web browser that exists.

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  • 1. Web Browsers.
    By: Juan Carlos Puche.
  • 2. Web Browsers.
    Internet Explorer.
    Google Chrome.
  • 3. Internet explorer 9th version.
    ReleasedonMarch 14, 2011.
    Onlyfor Windows users.
    Countwith a system of acelarationby hardware.
    Users can personalizehis interface, open a lot of web pages at thesame time.
    Have a new and anexcellentsystem of security, whichact in downloads, files transfer, and analyze the content of the web sities that are visited.
  • 4. Internet Explorer Screenshot.
  • 5. MozillaFirefox 4.0
    ReleasedonMarch 22, 2011.
    It`s a free and open source web browser.
    Countwith a bettersystem of speedaceleration, animprovementonthe interface fortheuser.
    You can open as tabs as youwant and organizethemlikeyouneedorwant.
    It`sthemostsecurity web browser thatexist.
    Have a lot of useful and new tools.
  • 6. MozillaFirefoxscreenshot.
  • 7. Google Chrome 10.
    ReleasedonMarch 8, 2011 by Google Company.
    It`sthemostfastes web browser today, haveanengine Java script V8.
    Countwith a midlevel of security.
    The use of tabsistheprincipallycomponent of this browser.
    Users can personalizehis interface adding a lot of availablesthemes.
  • 8. Google Chromescreenshot.
  • 9. Opera 11.
    ReleasedonDecember 16, 2010.
    New elegantdesign.
    New forms of personalization.
    Improvements of performance, principallywithemphasisonjavascript.
    Have a standardlevel of security.
    Doesn`thavemuchcompatibilitywithmany web sites.
  • 10. Opera screenshot.
  • 11. Safari 5.0
    Releasedon June 7, 2010.
    Countwith a better performance respectingjavascript.
    Exclusively use for Mac Os X Tiger.
    Thatversioncountwith a bettersecuritysurfing.
  • 12. Safari screenshot.
  • 13. Maxthon 3 Alpha.
    ReleasedonMarch 11, 2011.
    Have a new configuration at themoment of show a web page, sincenowcountwith a system of tabs.
    Can savemanyfavourites online.
  • 14. Maxthonscreenshot.
  • 15. Flock 3.5
    WasreleasedonFebruaary 3, 2010.
    Is a fast web browser, whichwascreatedwithmanyaspectsfromtheMozillaFirefox and Google Chrome.
    It`swellknown, since as well as being a web browser, is a social network browser.
    Haveaneasyform of use.
    Countwith a lateral bar, whichhcontents a lot of usefultools.
  • 16. Flockscreenshot.
  • 17. Avant 11.8
    Releasedon 2010.
    Is a fast and multi-window web browser.
    Have a lot of functionalitiesthingsfor internet explorer.
    Hislevel of securityisdown.
    Have a new user-friendly interface, whichoffer a betterefficiency at themoment of browse.
  • 18. Avantscreenshot.
  • 19. Deepnet 1.5
    WasreleasedonOctober 19, 2006.
    WascreatedbytheDeepnet Security forthe Microsoft Windows Plattaform.
    Have a highlevel of security.
    It`swellknown, sincehis principal characteristicisthesecuritythatitoffers at themoment of share alltypes of files of information.
  • 20. Deepnetscreenshot.
  • 21. Phaseout 5.4
    Releasedon Abril, 2006.
    Themostimportantcharcyeristic of that web browser ishisshocking and spectaculardesign.
    Use a tabssystemfor open manypages at thesame time.
    Have a lowlevel of speed.
  • 22. Phaseoutscreenshot.
  • 23. Camino 2
    Wascreatedby Apple Company.
    Is a Mac Os explorer.
    Have a mid-highlevel of security.
    Includedtabs, too.
    Havemany new toolsforthefamily use.
  • 24. Camino screenshot.
  • 25. Seamonkey 2.0 Beta2.
    ReleasedonFebruary 14, 2011.
    Is a Mozilla Suite application.
    Also, is a descendant of the Netscape family.
    Is compatible foralltheoperatingsystems.
    Haveanatractiveappereance (interface).
    Have a goodlevel of security, sinceformpart of Mozilla.
  • 26. Seamonkeyscreenshot.
  • 27. Netsurf 2.6
    ReleasedonSeptember 21, 2010.
    It`s simple to use.
    Haveaninnovating interface.
    Havemanygoodtools, likegadgets and graphics.
    Have a lowlevel of security, sinceisavailableforallpeoplewhowanthaveit.
  • 28. Netsurfscreenshot.
  • 29. Thanks…