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powerpoint for my media A2 presentation.

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Powerpoint, lonely day

  1. 1. Lonely day
  2. 2. The lyrics set the scene, they show that this person is feeling alone and has nowhere to turn. it is a personal thing, this means that the person who experiencing this is all alone and that the loneliness isn’t shared. e.g large open spaces (towns, highsteets)  Such a lonely day empty with no people.  And its mine  The most loneliest day of my life The superlative “most” goes to show that he has never felt this way before. It is horrific and he cant deal with it. These are brand new feelings and they are unwanted. They perhaps come from a break up, a loss of a family member, something precious is missing, or someone is away and they are needed…
  3. 3. Its something disgusting, that is unbearable and society itself shouldn’t have to deal with. The person in the video doesn’t believe this feeling should be allowed  Such a lonely day to be used ever.  Should be banned  Its a day that I cant standThis is an unbearable feeling, he is angry at the way he is lonely. Perhaps, conflict, stress, depression could be shown.
  4. 4. Repetition of this lyric entrenches the feeling of hatred toward thisemotion and the pain it is causing. The singer sounds almost close to break down, perhaps weary of the constant attrition of the feeling bearing down upon him. Images of tiredness, loneliness, anger and depression, e.g. someone leaving a conflict, the bad playing heavily whilst the singer is low and almost fighting pain.  The most loneliest day of my life!!!  The most loneliest day of my life!!!
  5. 5. The repetition of this lyric emphasises how lonely he is, it is re-enforcing the loneliness and showing that it is impossible to get rid of, causing frustration. Perhaps a re-occurring image of people alone, band members screaming, anger in the eyes of someone.  Such a lonely day  Shouldn’t exist Anger at how lonely he is, feels disgust at what he is feeling.Possible images could show frustration e.g. fits of rage, anger in an arguments, people involved in conflicts.
  6. 6. He wants an end to this feeling. He is upset and anger, and will never want to experience these feelings again. Images of depression e.g. lone people, crying people, people breaking down.  Today that I’ll never miss. More repetition to  Such a lonely day emphasis what he is  And its minefeeling. The feeling is  The most loneliest day of my life personalmaking him even more alone. Re-emphasis on the fact he cannot bear his loneliness, he is bored and unhappy about his feelings. The anger really starts to come through at this point as it approaches the bridge, the heaviest part of the song..
  7. 7. Talking to the source of his loneliness, images of the thing has life force. a person, object ect. Something he had that he He acknowledges it as has lost and now feels he cannot be without. something vulnerable that needs his protection. He wants this thing to be  And if you go safe, but he knows that it wont be. It also gains humanity through this He wants to be  I want to go with you lyric and for the first with the thing he time you know he has speaks of before.  And if you die lost a person. Showing He is wanting of images of a personthe thing he cannot  I want to die with you walking away, leaving be with or suffering. anymore, this then leads to his anger kicking in. show He would rather be dead with the person who has caused images of his fury his loneliness than be alone in the world. Images of and depression. desperation, anger and remorse e.g. crying, angry faced and pulling on the mic, almost making the microphone a metaphor for the person he has lost…
  8. 8. The person still has control over him, they have a grip over his life and theyinfluence his loneliness. He wants an end and the only way for it to be over is for this beings grip to leave him. Images of a woman letting go of him, and hisdepression lifting, he seems upset still but there is something that makes him feel slightly better about himself.  Take your hand  And walk awayhe wants an end to his loneliness, it needs to be over and he wants it to leave. Its grip has loosened and he now feels the power to break free. Images of him pushing the force away, angry at the effect it has had on him and he knows the depression will be over once it is gone.
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