Improving Adsense Revenue
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Improving Adsense Revenue



Adsense can provide you with steady income. The presentation gives tips on how to improve the revenue.

Adsense can provide you with steady income. The presentation gives tips on how to improve the revenue.



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Improving Adsense Revenue Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Improving Adsense Revenue Joha rahman
  • 2. Maximize The Googles Offering • Google offers different type of adsense, so make full use of them. ▫ Adsense for contents ▫ Adsense for search ▫ Adsence for mobiles ▫ Adsense for feeds ▫ Adsense for games
  • 3. The revenue earned will depend on the following factors. • The number of visitors to your site • The source of the traffic • The country of the traffic • The topic of the niche • The click rate
  • 4. The number of visitors to your site • This is the most important factors. The higher the number, the more likely that they will click on the advertisements. • The number of visitors will depend on two factors: ▫ Accessibility – If you blog is on the first google’s search, then you will get a lot of organic traffic. ▫ Quality of contents – the quality of contents plays two roles, it attracts the readers and it will help to get a higher ranking for the search engines.
  • 5. The Source of Traffic • The source of the traffic is important as it will determine the reason why the visitors visit your web or blog. • If he subscribe to your web, that mean he is a regular customer, so very unlikely he will click on the advertisement. • Google also records the unique URL, if he had clicked before, his second click will not be counted.
  • 6. The Country of the Traffic • The cost per click varies on the country. • The practices of making online purchases may not common in some countries. As such the cost per click and the revenue will be lower.
  • 7. The Topic of the Niche • The topic of the niche is critical because of two main reasons: ▫ The topic will determine the number of search, thus the number of visitors. ▫ The topic will decide the cost per click, some topic are highly competitive, and consequently, the cost per click paid by the advertisers will be higher, thus the adsense revenue will be higher.
  • 8. The Click Rate • The click rate is the number of click per 1000 visitors. • It depend on many factors, such as: ▫ the origin of the visitors, ▫ the placement of the advertisements ▫ the color scheme ▫ The topics of the blog.
  • 9. The Author Web site: The author had work with an international airline for more than 35 years, the last 10 years in Training and development. email :