All you need to know about microsoft student partners program


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All you need to know about microsoft student partners program,My Journey,FY !4 Procedure,Tools and tutorials.

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  • Just introductory slide. Move to next.
  • Why this session? Guiding students about procedures and other details regarding this year recruitment process. Also what MSPs are and why apply for the same.
  • All you need to know about microsoft student partners program

    1. 1. When technology.. becomes your absolute passion..
    2. 2. Your time to shine!
    3. 3. Chandan Mishra Microsoft Student Partner 2012-2013 Northern India Engg. College, App Engineer,Cvent/Crowdcompass, Founder-Aonestall
    4. 4. (Introductory Video) MSP for Life
    5. 5. • MSDN Subscription: Free availability of all the MS products from Office to Operating Systems. MSDN Subscription costs Rs. 2.5+ Lacs in retail which you as an MSP get free of cost. It includes all the softwares, free developer accounts and Azure credits. • Internal offers and contests which might get you goodies from some T-Shirts to some cool gadgets too! • Exclusive and prioritized support from App Lab and other MS channels. • Chance to attend some of the biggest convocations and industry events for free. • Platform to organize and host events batch-wide to city-wide with recognitions for each of your efforts. • Chance to meet other like minded awesome people and others industry technocrats in exclusive MSP events. • Exclusive invitations to MSP summit and boot camps with free lodging where you would be taught about different technologies and meet some great people. • Exclusive training programs related to communication skills to get the best out of you. • Chances to get free industrial certifications which cost $100+ for others. • And many more..
    6. 6. Internship and Job opportunities at Microsoft. FTE starting package 16-20 Lacs p.a.!! Minimum requirements at Campus Placements for Microsoft 8+ CGPA No backlogs 5-6 level of tests before interviewing Minimum requirements for MSP* None! 2 level of written tests before interviewing Irrespective of your college and previous performance *Subject to change without prior notice
    7. 7. Achievement Nothing except 80+% numbers in 4-5th sem,wining quizes,participation in contest, attending workshops etc.
    8. 8. • • • • • • • • • • • • Microsoft Certified Professional in HTML5 Level 1(Exam 70-480). Microsoft Certified Professional in C# Level 1(Exam 70-483). Microsoft Student Partner 2012-2013 Microsoft Rockstar 2012-2013 Winner in Marmalade Sdk Contest for WP8 and Blackberry. Top developer in Nokia Developer League. Winner in Microsoft I-Unlock Joy Contest-2012-Top 50 Apps Category and E-certificate Category. Blackberry Developer alpha C device Winner for Blackberry apps. Blackberry Developer Z10 device Winner for Blackberry apps. Blackberry Portathon Winner. Winner in Digit’s blackberry app contest. Nokia S40 Device Winner in Web apps Category + more ppt size is short and Journey is still ON……..
    9. 9. Complete at least 2 of these 4 activities • Develop a Windows 8 app-Silver Rating • Mentor at least one person regarding Windows Azure-1 refferal at Azure • Develop an app for Office 2013 • Get into weekly local Microsoft Virtual Academy’s leaderboard-Learn from MVA
    10. 10. (Tutorial later in the session subject to time availability) Develop a high quality Windows Store application which should be published in store latest by 31st December 2013. Strict no to simple applications like Converters(currency, time, temperature etc), RSS Feeds or Calculators. Apps which pass through the App Lab with a grading of Silver or higher before being published onto the Windows Store will be considered more favourably. App development is key part of MSP program. You should at least know how to develop at least some simple applications on MS platforms. App Lab? Details on next slide..
    11. 11. An optional platform which tests and reviews your applications for free over the web or in person at Bangalore office. They will guide you regarding testing, performance and/or design to make your app stand out. Steps: Develop app and create app package Zip and upload the app package on SkyDrive Send a mail to App Lab with a link to package uploaded in SkyDrive (Mail and other information on next slide..)
    12. 12. Email Address Subject <College Name> App Lab Request [Review/Design/Tech] Example Medi-Caps Group of Institutions App Lab Request Review
    13. 13. Body App Name, Description and URL of package on SkyDrive or other equivalent
    14. 14. “Don’t look for ideas, look for inspiration.”
    15. 15. Storage, Backup, Web Hosting, Web Services, Virtual Machines, VPN, Mobile Services etc..
    16. 16. Mentor at least 1 unique individual from the community to achieve the status of a “Windows Azure Champion” by organizing workshops/ seminars/ trainings/ evangelism sessions by engaging with Startup’s/ Business Incubators/ Developers/ Technology Enthusiasts/ Technocrats etc. Each participant should have a minimum usage of 50 USD dollar equivalent real time consumption of Azure during the application building/deployment of Azure, which would be over and above the free trial usage/ free usage limit to be eligible to compete for this campaign. How to complete the challenge? Details in next slide..
    17. 17. Set up following details 1. Windows Azure Account Name, E-Mail and Azure subscription ID. 2. Screenshot of Windows Azure account which should show minimum billing of $50 USD with their email id and azure subscription id. 3. If the participants are students, then their college name / expected year of graduation / course enrolled, contact details needs to be sent as part of the claim process. Send following details to IMPORTANT: DO NOT DELETE THE ACCOUNT UNTIL THE VERIFICATION COMPLETES
    18. 18. Build one new Office app which should be published to Office Store latest by 31st December 2013 All About Office Some examples of basic Office App 1. Dictionary for Microsoft Word 2. Currency Convertor for Microsoft Excel 3. PDF Preview tool for Outlook 4. Mailing utility for Outlook 5. Language Translator for Word, Excel
    19. 19. MVA is an online platform provided by the Microsoft which provides free learning resources about MS technology online. Learn at your own pace at your own time and complete the quizzes and self assessment to climb the leader board. Get featured on the Top Students Weekly Leader Board in India on the official Microsoft Virtual Academy website.
    20. 20. Windows Store App Today or at later date, you will eventually need to focus on this platform if you become an MSP in future. You will get to learn a lot about App Development and starting on Windows 8 is the easiest for the beginners as compared to other app platforms like Windows Phone or Android. Windows Azure Champion This activity involves REAL MONEY of any start up / technocrat you are mentoring. Please be sure of what you are doing fully and get to know what cloud actually is before getting into this task. We as MSPs are fully committed to guide you in this task once you are sure what you doing. Microsoft Virtual Academy Start today itself! Getting to Top 10 would start getting hard as more and more people will compete from different states to be in the leaderboard with time.
    21. 21. Each participant who completes the Azure task (not you, but the participant whom you would mentor) will be eligible for Windows Azure Champion title and a certificate delivered online titling him/her as a Top Azure Contributor. Cloud technologies are pretty new for people in India. Most of the work in world has already been started to be outsourced to the cloud. Increase awareness regarding cloud and make sure your mentored person could get the most out of the cloud. A paid account needs a credit card positively associated with the account. It would be your responsibility to check that the consumption does not overshoot the 50 USD mark. Every penny would be charged and billed accordingly. Sign up for a free trial for Windows Azure (does not require a credit card) to test personally what all you can do before mentoring anyone else.
    22. 22. Students who successfully complete more than 2 out of 4 below mentioned activities or/ and deliver more than the minimum requirement in these activities would be given greater weightage basis their extra contribution and effort. For example one can choose to successfully complete 3 out 4 activities or/ and deliver more than the minimum requirement in 1 or more below activities i.e. build more than 1 new high quality Windows 8 App or Office App or mentor more than 1 individual from the community to achieve the status of a “Windows Azure Champion” Note: In any case the applicant would be required to complete at least 2 out of 4 activities to become eligible to proceed for the next step even if he/ she contributes much more in 1 particular activity.
    23. 23. Get a referral letter from a faculty or an MSP clearly stating the attributes or qualities possessed by the student to be recommended as an MSP. You will need to fill this information in the registration form discussed later in presentation.
    24. 24. After completing the two phases, selected students will be notified by email and a telephonic interview would be faced by the aspiring student taken by MSP India Team. Interview will judge your technical background and might include questions regarding your app and referrals. Exact content is unspecified for now.
    25. 25. Best of Luck
    26. 26. Windows 8 / Windows 8 Pro/Windows 8 enterprise Expression blend[Design UI]+windows phone sdk 8[optional] Visual Studio 2012 Express for Windows Store or above A developer license for windows 8 store+windows phone[use Dreamspark account] Office developer account[use trial account] + Azure Trial Account a Where to get free ms softwares? Answer: DreamSpark!
    27. 27. Gives free access to developer tools and accounts for students • • • • • • • Get a free DreamSpark key from Website [Apply through manual verification by uploading the college ID card Register over the site Download Visual Studio 2012 Professional for Free Make a free developer account for Windows Store Free 90-days access to Plural Sight online course gallery And more..
    28. 28. • MSDN ( • Channel 9 ( • Microsoft Virtual Academy • • YouTube • Stack Overflow • And the search engines.. (Google, Bing etc..) • And offcourse you
    29. 29. What if I am not selected as an MSP? Or what if I can’t apply for this for any personal reason? Do I have something else to work on? Yes! There are always a lot of student contest which are been conducted across the globe and in India for students at each and every point of year. Current contests to look forward for: Microsoft’s Imagine Cup 2014[Highest Quality Contest] Google Cloud Developer Challenge IBM’s The Great Mind Challenge 2014[Important during Job Interviews] Samsung’s Tizen App Challenge And plenty more and they keep coming again and again
    30. 30. Questions? 
    31. 31. Chandan Mishra @chandan__mishra