August 27, 2012


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August 27, 2012

  1. 1. August 27, 2012Objective: Students will examine expectations of Ms.Gratman’s EPI class in order to make generalizationsabout how to be successful in this class.QuickWrite: What do you hope to learn, this year, inyour Economics and Public Issues (EPI) class?Explain.Homework: Review Ms. Gratman’s EPI syllabus withyour parent/s and complete the information sheet.Return the information sheet tomorrow.
  2. 2. Loch Raven High School Economics and Public Issues (EPI) 2012-13Teacher: Ms. Jodi Gratman Email Address: jgratman@bcps.orgCoach Class: Thursday, 2:30 pm-3:30 pmIntroduction: I would like to welcome you to Ms.Gratman’s EPI class. As we prepare to embark on thisacademic year, I would like to take this opportunity toexplain the expectations of this economics class.Textbook(s): The primary textbook used for this courseis, Beck, O’Sullivan, Sheffrin andWiggins, Economics, 2010. Other primary, and secondarytexts, as well as, electronic resources may also be used.
  3. 3. Course Overview: Citizens are called upon daily to make economic decisions which affect their wellbeing, our society, and the global marketplace. Accordingly, Economics and Public Issues will focus onpersonal, market, national, and global economics.As students complete their secondary education they are increasingly compelled to make diverse economic choices.Knowledge and insights regarding immediate and long range consequences will enable our students to make soundand wise decisions. Students who learn to analyze economic needs and to evaluate personal goals will be prepared tomake wise economic decisions.Students have already assumed roles as consumers and producers in a mixed economy. Understandings of oureconomic system, institutions, forces, and interactions will prepare our students for expanded roles and provide theanalytical skills necessary to adapt to economic change. Consequently, our students will be prepared to participate inthe marketplaces of the present and the future.As members of a representative democracy, our students will select economic decision makers and help determinepolicies affecting personal, national, and global economics. Government, institutions, and citizens raise issuesregarding monetary policies, fiscal policies, interdependency, and equity. The resolution of these and other issues willdetermine the success of our democracy, the welfare of our citizens, and the lives of peoples throughout the world.The importance of economic decisions requires implementation of a course of study which:• provides understandings of economic concepts, markets, and behaviors• examines economics on the personal, national, and global levels• explores the relationships between economic behaviors and political behaviors• supports use of issues analysis when considering economic questions and problems• includes real world applications of economic understandings• requires research skills and use of current resources• provides opportunities for students to interact with practitioners and decision makers• supports learning through the relationship between instruction and assessment.
  4. 4. Grading Policy: Classwork: 50% Assessments: 25% Homework: 15% Participation: 10%Homework/Make-up Policy: Homework is assigned nightly. Please note thatall work is due on the date assigned. Late work will not be accepted, unless astudent is absent. If a student is absent on the day an assignment is due, thestudent is responsible for turning in the assignment on the day he/she returns.Make-up work- Students who are absent will have three days to make-up workmissed. All work will be available for students in the “make-up center” set upin the classroom. Explanation of Grades: A= 90%-100% B= 80%-89% C= 70%-79% D= 60%-69% E= 59% and below
  5. 5. It is important that all students come to class prepared with theappropriate materials.Materials or school supplies used in this course include:Three ring binder or notebookPencils and/or pens (blue or black only)Assigned text/resourcesIn order to ensure the best education for ALL students, it is imperative thatALL students follow the rules and procedure of the classroom. Thefollowing expectations will consistently enforced and applied to allstudents.Students are expected to arrive to class on time.Students are expected to be prepared with all necessary materials.Students are expected to be polite, and courteous.Students are expected to be respectful of the classroom and all of the contentsin the classroom.No food, drinks, or gum are permitted in the classroom.
  6. 6. PLEASE SIGN AND RETURN THIS PAGE I have read the course expectations for Ms. Gratman’s EPI class and understand what is expected of me. ______________________________________________ ___________ Student name period ___________________________________________________________ Student signatureI have read the course expectations and understand what is expected of my child in Ms. Gratman’s EPI class. ____________________________________________________________ Parent/Guardian name (please print clearly) _____________________________________________________________ Parent/Guardian signature _____________________________________________________________ Home telephone number ______________________________________________________________ Work/Cell number ______________________________________________________________ Email Address (please print clearly) Notes (any additional information): ________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________
  7. 7. Take out a sheet of paper and answer the followingquestions.1. What is EPI and acronym for?2. After reading the EPI course description, why is it important for you to take this class (and take it seriously)? Explain.3. What is the easiest way to pass this class? Fail this class?4. Why is it important to comply with the behavioral expectations of this EPI class? Explain.Exit Ticket:In general, how can a student meet with success in Ms.Gratman’s EPI class? Explain.