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2015 calculator rental form


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2015 calculator rental form

Published in: Education
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2015 calculator rental form

  1. 1. Baldwin Union Free School District Mathematics Department Calculator Rental Form George Drakatos Mathematics Supervisor, 6-12 Teacher Name: ________________________ Student Name: _________________________ Grade: ___________________ Please check only one of the following: _____ I agree to my child borrowing a graphing calculator from the Baldwin Union Free School District. I agree that I am responsible for this calculator and will make sure it is returned to the teacher listed above at the completion of the course in working condition without any damage or screen deformities. I will be responsible for replacing batteries as needed during the school year and my child must bring the calculator to school each day since its use is integral in daily lessons, homework, and assessments. In case the calculator is lost, stolen or damaged, I will pay the full cost of the calculator ($66 for TI- 83+/TI-84+, $135 for TI-89, $152 for TI-Inspire) or replace it with a new calculator of the same model. If this calculator is not returned, replaced, or paid for, I understand that a cap/gown will not be available for graduation, transcripts will not be sent to prospective colleges or other schools, and a diploma will not be issued. _____ I opt out of borrowing a calculator and will immediately provide my child with the appropriate calculator for his/her mathematics class to use on a daily basis, in school and at home, as well as for any state and local exams. I understand that if a calculator is not available, my child might not be able to complete assignments, and his/her success in this class will be compromised. Student signature: __________________________ Parent Name (Print): _____________________________ Parent Phone: ______________ Parent signature: ___________________________ Date: _________________ To be filled out by teacher: Calculator Model (on front) ________________ Calculator Serial Number (on back) _________________________________________________