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Mrs. Henson Room 37 Fifth Grade

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  1. 1. WELCOME 2012-2013David M. Cox Elementary Fifth Grade Mrs. Henson Room 37
  2. 2. Website• ahenson.com• My.ccsd.net• Supply list
  3. 3. Welcome LetterIt is with pleasure that I welcome your child to myclass. I have developed a rich and exciting curriculumfor the year. We will all be working cooperatively inthe classroom, which will result in greater socialsupport and higher self-esteem in students. In orderto provide the best possible environment in which tolearn, students will become aware of theirresponsibility to others and aware of the effects oftheir word or actions on each other. Students will beexpected to follow certain standards of behavior andclassroom procedures.
  4. 4. Weekly Progress Report• A computer printout of your childs academic progress will be sent home every two weeks at the beginning of each trimester. You will receive a weekly printout after the fourth week of each trimester. This is not the official report card, but is meant to keep you up to date on your childs assignments and grades. You will also receive a weekly progress report on the incentive program for developing appropriate behavior, which is attached, but will be included in the progress report.• .
  5. 5. Bell Times• 8:50 am First Bell – Campus Opens• 9:05 am Line-up Bell• 9:10 am Tardy Bell• 3:21 Dismissal• Recess 12:20• 12:35 – 12:55 pm Third Lunch
  7. 7. Parent Link• To help you more effectively monitor the progress of your child, the Clark County School District provides a computer based system by which you can track your students grades and attendance. Simply enter the login ID and password that have been provided to you from your childs school to review you students information. If you do not have a login ID and password, please contact your childs school. Thank you for your commitment to your childs education https://parentlink.ccsd.net/html/ContentBase/Content/Home
  8. 8. Classroom Management• I have established standards of behavior the students must follow. If students follow the standards, they earn $10.00 a day. There are five standards: Attentive Listening, No Put Downs, Truth, Trust, and Personal Best. Students earn $2.00 a day for each standard. The standards appear on their progress reports which are sent home weekly. When the progress reports are returned the students are paid in the form of cash or a check. They use the money earned to buy classroom supplies and items off the Paycheck Menu.
  9. 9. Incentives and Rewards The routines and expectations are communicated to the students and they know what is expected of them. I focus on positive behaviors. I use a marble jar for whole class behavior and tickets for positive behaviors. I praise and reward the class with treats and “parties” which are earned once the marble jar is filled to the top. Students create a list of possible rewards and vote on their “party” each time the jar is filled. I have had brownie parties, root beer float parties, donut parties, ice cream, music, free time to name a few. Students look forward to choosing the next party and are eager to earn the marbles
  10. 10. ReflectionConsequences for misbehavior are established.I will talk privately with the student and let him/her know which standard was not followed and let them know that the most important standards for me are truth and trust. Therefore, we talk openly about the behavior and discuss ways we can improve. If the behavior continues I have a parent conference either by phone or in person. I involve the administration only when the behavior is severe enough where the student may physically hurt others by their actions
  11. 11. Planner or Agenda• Students will be required to use an agenda. The agenda is an organizational tool to help the students manage their daily work, homework, and behavior. It is excellent preparation for middle school and high school.• Each day, the students will enter the classroom and immediately fill in their agendas with information regarding their daily work and important information such as picture day, field trips, fundraisers, and special events. At the end of the day, students will write the homework as I write it on the overhead. A parent signature is required each night in the agenda. Signatures will be checked the following morning. Students get paid and receive a reward at the end of the month for the required signatures.• Remember, the agenda is an organizational tool and the more the students write in it, the more prepared and successful they will be in class and in their futures.
  12. 12. Fifth Grade Grading Scale• Success Indicators:• E = Excellent• S = Satisfactory• N = Needs Improvement• X = Not currently graded• Letter Grades:• A = 90-100% E• B = 89-80% S• C = 79-70% S• D = 69-60% N• F = below 60% N• Student’s grades are based upon a combination of grade level assessments and class work evaluations. Grade level tests on reading, math and vocabulary occur on Fridays.• Unit tests will be given as the unit or chapter is finished and can occur on any day but Monday.
  13. 13. Missing Work and Late Work• It will be the students’ responsibility to check their progress reports and missing work report for any missing work. If there is missing work, the student will find the work in trays labeled for each week. It is then the students’ responsibility to complete the work for a grade. All late work will be graded 10% less each day up to 50% unless the work turned in reflects a score lower than 50%.
  14. 14. Classroom Homework Policy• Homework is assigned Monday through Thursday and is important because it is a valuable tool in helping students make the most of their experience in school. Homework helps reinforce what has been learned in class, prepares students for upcoming lessons, teaches responsibility, and helps students develop positive study habits.• If for any reason a student cannot complete homework for circumstances beyond his/her control (illness, family emergency, family events), please send a note OR an e-mail stating the reason it was not completed.• Students get paid for doing their homework and will get paid for the note as well.
  15. 15. H.A.M. CARD• Homework should be completed by the given due date. If the homework is not completed by the next day or given due date, the student will receive a H.A.M. (Homework Assignment Missing) card.
  16. 16. H.A.M. CARD H.A.M. Homework Assignment Missing Name: ______________Date: ______________ Assignment: __________ Date Due: ____________ Excuse: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Parent Signature:
  17. 17. While You Were Out