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Energy Smart Roofing

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Energy Smart

  1. 1. Energy Star and the Energy Star certification mark are registered US marks. Reflective Roofing With a Longer Life
  2. 2. Committed & Responsible As an industrial manufacturer, Sarnafil has a Ecology pre-emptive initiative designed to abate urban long history of producing high-quality heat and reduce air pollution. In light of this roofing materials that deliver superior At Sarnafil, we are environmental priority, Sarnafil's EnergySmart performance. With over 40 years experi- committed to our Roof is quickly gaining recognition as a major ence, Sarnafil's roofing systems are responsibility to protect breakthrough. Sarnafil delivers the highest recognized for their ability to withstand the the environment. Our ecological mission levels of solar reflectance in a unique roofing test of time. Sarnafil pioneered the fields of statement is based on sound principals; we membrane that can point to a 40-year history of formulation, production, and application of strive to protect our natural resources, to proven durability. thermoplastic roofing and waterproofing reduce the risk of pollution, and to avoid membranes. Our solutions are successful irreversible impairment of the earth's and we service our partners by providing capacity for natural regeneration. In fact, beneficial support in the form of compre- national research has shown that Sarnafil's hensive design review and technical advice EnergySmart Roof® can reduce energy during construction. consumption, abate urban heat, and help to slow the reaction of smog forming pollutants. Partnerships Building owners, designers, and roofing contractors alike can depend on Sarnafil to provide the industry's best solutions to their Innovation roofing needs. Sarnafil's hot air welded Reliability thermoplastic membrane systems are As the industry leader in adhered, mechanically attached, and Among all modern building components, thermoplastic memb- ballasted. These unrivaled membranes can roofing systems have a particularly impor- rane technology, provide the right solution for specific tant function. With so much relying on Sarnafil responds to the changing needs of applications regardless of building usage, dependable protection from harsh weather, our industry and of our society through slope, configuration, height, wind exposure, there is no room for experimental roofing advanced product development and or location. Sarnafil professionals are materials when designing projects. Sarnafil innovation. In 1999, the U.S. Environmental available to meet and discuss individual roofing systems are engineered to with- Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department projects, system design, and/or application stand extreme environmental exposure and of Energy (DOE) announced a formal as needed. Our success and reputation, as to have long-lasting service lives. Sarnafil campaign to publicly promote the use of well as that of the construction team depend provides comprehensive warrantees on the highly reflective roofing products. This upon a commitment to the proper design performance of our materials and systems. energy conservation campaign is also a and installation of the roofing system.
  3. 3. Air Quality Dark colored roofs absorb a tremendous Sarnafil Inc. is also a Charter Business A universal proliferation of highly reflective amount of solar radiation and become Partner in the U.S. Department of Energy's roofing surfaces is recommended by both extremely hot. These hot roof surfaces are Rebuild America Program. Rebuild the scientific and environmental communi- being targeted because they are unnecessary America is a network of more that 400 ties. This is a practical course of action sources of heat that contribute to elevated community partnerships that align the designed to help mitigate systematic air temperatures. In most geographic areas, interests of local and state governments, increases in urban air temperature and to an air temperature increase translates into schools, universities, housing agencies help improve air quality. an air quality decrease. Highly reflective and private businesses. As a Business roofs diminish this condition and have Partner, Sarnafil provides technical recently been identified as the environmen- assistance and support to community tally preferable roofing solution. partnerships that are interested in roofing programs featuring the highly reflective Sarnafil's EnergySmart Roof is designed to EnergySmart Roof. help alleviate oppressive urban air tempera- tures, which will in turn slow the reaction of The EnergySmart Roof was analyzed by smog forming pollutants. researchers at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. This highly reflective, Sarnafil Inc. is a Charter Partner in the U.S. white roofing membrane was found to Environmental Protection Agency's ENERGY have an initial solar reflectance of 83% and STAR® Roof Products Program. The Program a corresponding thermal emissivity of is a voluntary partnership between EPA and 92%. In combination, the reflective and a select group of roof product manufacturers emissive performance values were used to and is focused on promoting the environ- calculate a Solar Reflective Index (SRI). mental and economic benefits of reflective roofing. Sarnafil's EnergySmart Roof has a SRI of 104. This is particularly significant EPA and the U.S. Department of Energy because the SRI was designed to measure Graphic Courtesy of U. S. Department of Energy/LBNL created ENERGY STAR label programs to help the relative reflective and emissive consumers quickly and easily identify products performance properties of roofing that can save them money and protect the surfaces on a scale of 1-100. environment by saving energy.
  4. 4. Reducing Energy Costs...North and South About half of the U.S. population lives in micro-environments called urban heat islands. While reflective roofing is particu- larly effective at reducing air conditioning expenses in hotter cities like Atlanta, Houston, Los Angeles, and Phoenix, this efficient technology can also yield net energy savings in northern climates such as New York City and Chicago. According to scientists at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), the potential for significant energy, comfort, and pollution savings from highly reflective roofing systems is not limited to southern states.
  5. 5. NASA Research In July of 1998, two NASA scientists, Dr. Jeff The RC Willey Intermountain Distribution For more than three decades, Sarnafil has Luvall and Dr. Dale Quattrochi, from Marshal Center (pictured above) is protected by an gained unparalleled expertise in manufactur- Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama industrial single-ply roofing material ing light-colored roofing membranes. A arrived in Salt Lake City, Utah. Their mission manufactured by Sarnafil Inc. In contrast to unique manufacturing process and the basic was to conduct research on surfaces that buildings with dark colored roofs, the large membrane formulation has remained the exacerbate oppressive urban air tempera- RC Willey facility was almost undetectable to same because Sarnafil's roofing solutions tures and accelerate the formation of smog. NASA's heat-sensing instrumentation due to work. Sarnafil roofs are now being recog- the characteristics of its light-colored roofing nized in the national media for their ability to The NASA team used a specially equipped system. (See Images Below) help moderate energy demand, reduce airplane to record photographic and thermal urban air temperature and decelerate smog infrared images in order to detect all the "hot The physical and reflective properties of the formation. spots" in the city. As predicted by earlier roofing membrane on the RC Willey ware- research at Lawrence Berkeley National house have become the focus of national Sarnafil has the performance history to Laboratory, an abundant supply of dark- attention. This roof illustrates the specific justify the accolades directed toward the colored roof surfaces was shown to be cooling impact that reflective roofs can have superior weatherproofing and surface absorbing solar radiation and inadvertently in reducing air temperatures within urban temperature characteristics of its roofing intensifying urban heat. heat islands. systems. Based on modern research and sound engineering practice, roofing products should now be selected on the dual basis of life cycle performance and air quality impact. *High altitude photography and thermal imagery courtesy of *The corresponding thermal image verifies that the roof on NASA's Global Hydrology and Climate Center. The white the RC Willey building is not a source of excessive urban rectangular object encircled above is the photographic image of heat. the highly reflective Sarnafil roof on The R.C. Willey Building.
  6. 6. Our Commitment - Longer Life Cycle 0432/10M/0604 Sarnafil Inc. 100 Dan Road Canton, MA 02021 781-828-5400 * 800-451-2504 Email: Sarnafil - World Class Roofing and Waterproofing