Benefits of Choosing Training Company over Institutes


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Over the last few years, there have been various changes in hiring process. Employers now have adopted new hiring model, giving up the old outdated one

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Benefits of Choosing Training Company over Institutes

  1. 1. Benefits of Choosing Training Company over InstitutesOver the last few years, there have been various changes in hiring process. Employers now haveadopted new hiring model, giving up the old outdated one. According to current employment trends,companies prefer to hire industry ready employees who are direct deployable and need not to be giventraining, thereby contributing to revenue generation while cutting on operation cost.As a result the demand of skilled professionals has increased profoundly. But there is alarminglyincreasing gap of such professionals in the IT industry, which indicates the need of up-gradation incurriculum and teaching methodology. Most of the institutes still apply convention method and decadeold curriculum to provide training in software development and web design. At the time being, most ofinstitutes provide outdated courses which are not up-to-date and prepared as per latest industry trends.Also the teaching methodology is traditional, which focuses on theoretical knowledge instead ofproviding practical exposure, thereby not able to produce the professionals who can be directlydeployed on work.Consequently, the industry faces problems in hiring the right candidates. As an effort to bridge this gapin employment, now several companies have starting training programs to make students industryready with right skills set. Now-a-days training companies are in huge demand for its holistic approachto provide job oriented industrial training on all major technology such as .net, php, android, ios,wordpress, joomla and many more, which is designed as per industry standards and extremely effectivein reducing employability gap. Unlike institutes, training company focuses on providing maximumexposure to live projects. Moreover the program and curriculum are designed as per latest industrytrends and training is provided by industry experts who give personal attention to each students. Inaddition, study content and learning environment are robust and conducive, thereby immensely helpingin enhancing skills to employability level. The following are prominent features which distinguishtraining company from institutes. Training company place emphasis on practical exposure while an institute provides theoreticaltraining. Employability test and skill assessment which are not provided by an institute. At a company students are treated as employee not as students and given opportunities toapply project management tools while working on real on-going projects but institutes don’tprovide students with live project exposure.
  2. 2.  Training is provided on latest technology through up-to-date curriculum and robust studycontent (online and print) prepared by industry experts as per current trend in the field. Certified trainers with real development experience and interaction with industry experts. Pre-placement and in-house job opportunities for meritorious students. Earn while learn Company system allocation in which one system is allocated to single student. Wi-fi internet connection with 99.99% uptime with broadband speed. Post course extended training and support. Experience letter from an IT company on training completion. Entrepreneurship skills development and business accumen.Thus, the training company is gaining advantage over institutes and getting popularity among studentswho want to enhance skills for advancement in career. A training company has depth experience andstate-of-the art infrastructure to provide world industry focused training in across the major aspects ofIT industry such as software development, testing etc. net, php and many more. In addition they alsooffer skills test, employability test and partnership programs for institutes and companies.More and more companies should come forward and start training program to build industry readyprofessionals to bridge the gap skilled employees and employment. With positive trend amongstudents, more and more companies are coming into fray with industry oriented training courses.