Light Intensity And Photosynthesis
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Light Intensity And Photosynthesis






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Light Intensity And Photosynthesis Light Intensity And Photosynthesis Document Transcript

  • Lesson title: Light Intensity and Photosynthesis Class: 11a2 Date:23rd Nov Period: 3 No. Pupils: 16 Boys: 3 Girls:13 Lesson Objectives (WALT):  Light energy is absorbed by chlorophyll in green plants and used to convert carbon dioxide and water to oxygen and glucose Time Activity Content / Notes (key points, questions to ask, assessment of learning, safety) Before Have all the equipment where needed. entry 11.14 Starter 6 Recall the factors which affect photosynthesis. If we want to vary light and mins see the effect what needs to be in good supply and how will we do this? 11.20 Main Outline the practical with discussion on variables, errors, validity etc. activity 1 Students to draw own results table which is then marked in class. Students 1.5 lessons need to add sodium bicarbonate to provide a ready supply of co2 to make sure this does not limit the rate. It’s also a good idea to get the students to practice setting up the experiment so they know exactly what to do next lesson. Lesson 2 – collect data and draw graph. Suggest move lamp back from 0 to about 70cm and count bubbles produced for a minute every 10cm with three repeats Plenary Discuss results and what this shows- due the graphs looked like they would mins expect. Extra work Risk Assessment Homework Vocabulary (key words) Links with previous lessons Builds on ideas about limiting factors Specification Links • Photosynthesis is summarised by the equation: carbon dioxide + water (+ light energy) = glucose + oxygen During photosynthesis: − light energy is absorbed by a green substance called chlorophyll which is found in chloroplasts in some plant cells this energy is used by converting carbon dioxide and waterinto sugar (glucose) − oxygen is released as a by-product. Equipment Elodea, Sodium bicarbonate, Spatulas, Paper clips, Boiling tubes, 250ml glass beakers Meter rules, Stopwatches, lamps, Graph paper