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Realholidays Travel Planning Bookings


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profiles travelers and matches profiles wit hotels and travel options

profiles travelers and matches profiles wit hotels and travel options

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  • 1. 12 years building technology for Barbados tourism knowledge engineering AXSES RealHolidays Travel Planning & Bookings
  • 2. . . Knowledge engineering Holiday Themes Marketing AXSES has pioneered the concept of Holiday Themes Marketing, combining: Personalised search, comparison shopping, dynamic content, dynamic packaging, dynamic profiling, dynamic rates, quotations, bookings, search engine marketing and branding. Deliver the right message, to the right audience, with the right process and tailored to the occasion. Close more Direct sales and expand distribution
  • 3. . . Knowledge engineering expert systems AXSES; one of the first in the world to offer intelligent dynamic packaging Combining multiple themes, lodging options, local activities, attractions and information RealHolidays creates a unique package, tailored to users choices & personality
  • 4. . . Knowledge engineering Dynamic Packages & Profiling Matching Resorts Matchmaker Matching activities
  • 5. . . Knowledge engineering Dynamic Packages & Profiling AXSES Intelligent Systems build a users profile derived from their choice. A choice is more than an action, it defines style and personality which we match to holiday options to create a unique personal experience. Matching Resorts and activities
  • 6. . Knowledge engineering Matches are compares by cost and features Traveler selects a room at preferred hotel and a set of activities Compare room costs and features Quote accommodation activities
  • 7. . Knowledge engineering bookings, client websites, custom information systems invoice accommodation activities Flights: search, compare, book
  • 8. . Knowledge engineering custom information systems Traveler information systems Database Marketing
  • 9. . Knowledge engineering supplier information systems Database Marketing Transaction report Traveler detail
  • 10. Knowledge engineering . Supplier admin tools Powered by arcRes All inventory options All payment options All Guarantee options Full control of content Research Newsletter Client Management Database Marketing Flexible Family plan & ages Flexible rules & policies Groups – Specials – Packages Themes Management Co-Marketing (Partners Program) Distribution | GDS | Affiliates FaceBook
  • 11. Knowledge engineering . LEADING DESTINATION MARKETING
  • 12. Knowledge engineering AXSES AWARDS of Excellence International award for advanced travel technology
  • 13. Knowledge engineering AXSES PEOPLE Directors Ian Clayton: CEO John Gibbs: Managing Director Kathy-Lynn Ward: Director Operations & Programming Programmers/Technical Shelly Burke Hussein Grant Kris Gooding André Rock Marketing and Support Julia Hyndman: e-commerce Marketing Ann-Marie Morris: Web Marketing Janelle Knight: Web Marketing