IntelliJ IDEA: Life after Open Source
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IntelliJ IDEA: Life after Open Source



English version of slides presented at Sun Tech Days, 8 April 2010

English version of slides presented at Sun Tech Days, 8 April 2010



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    IntelliJ IDEA: Life after Open Source IntelliJ IDEA: Life after Open Source Presentation Transcript

    • IntelliJ IDEA: Life after Open Source Dmit ry Jemerov Development Lead JetBrains, Inc. ht tp://
    • What is IntelliJ IDEA
      • Leading IDE for Java and other languages
      • The only commercial Java IDE with a significant market share
    • What’s New in 2009
      • Release of free and open-source version
        • IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition
        • Accepting third-party contributions
      • Introduction of IntelliJ Platform and new platform-based products
        • MPS, RubyMine, PhpStorm etc.
    • IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition
    • Why Open-Source?
      • Growth of user base
        • Remove cost barrier
        • Remove license barrier
      • Growth of ecosystem around IntelliJ IDEA
        • Easier to write plugins
        • More attractive because of licensing
      • Increased level of community participation
    • IntelliJ IDEA CE: Who’s it For
      • “ Core Java” developers who don’t use frameworks or have their own
        • Google, Yandex, Motorola…
      • Desktop app developers
      • Developers using emerging technologies
        • Groovy, Scala, Clojure
    • What’s In
      • Full Java support
        • Refactorings
        • Code analysis
      • XML/HTML
      • Groovy, Scala, Clojure
      • Free VCSes: CVS, Git, Subversion
      • Ant, Maven, JUnit, TestNG
      • Eclipse projects interoperability
    • What’s Not In
      • Frameworks
        • Java EE, Spring, Hibernate etc.
      • App servers
      • Commercial VCS tools
      • Key features of other platform-based products
        • JavaScript, CSS
        • PHP, Ruby, Python
    • How’s it Going
      • No drop in sales of new licenses or upgrades
      • As of now, ~30% of active users are on Community Edition
      • IntelliJ IDEA to be included in Fedora 13
      • A few new contributors
        • Maas van den Berg
    • What’s Coming
      • Work in progress: migrating IDEA’s own tests to community codebase
      • Possible that additional components will be open-sourced
      • Possible that another edition will be introduced between Community and Ultimate
    • IntelliJ Platform
    • IntelliJ Platform
      • Platform for building IDEs
      • Extracted from IntelliJ IDEA
      • Apache 2 license
      • Not a general purpose RCP
        • Does not compete with Eclipse/NetBeans RCP
    • MPS 1.1
      • Talk today at 14:30
    • RubyMine 2.0
    • WebStorm/PhpStorm
      • Beta release in April
    • PyCharm
      • Beta release in early Summer
    • Codename “CIDR”
      • IDE for Objective-C / iPhone
    • Contributing to IntelliJ IDEA
    • Get the Source
      • Tarballs available since 9.0.2
      • Buildable from IDEA or command line
    • Find a Task to Work On
      • Scratch your own itch
      • Look at patch-welcome tag in YouTrack
      • Look at IDEA: Backlog project
      • Look at plugins wishlist
    • Contribute Your Changes
      • See instructions at
    • What’s Next?
    • Plans for IDEA 10
      • Perception is that big features are mostly already there
      • Focus on performance and small improvements
      • Java 7 support
      • AspectJ / Spring Roo support
      • Improved UI and workflow for distributed VCSes
      • UI cleanup, more native UI on Mac
    • JetBrains is Hiring!
      • All IDEA-related projects, TeamCity, YouTrack
      • Visit our booth today
      • Meet the Team at 16:30
    • Q&A Dmitry Jemerov [email_address]
    • IntelliJ IDEA: Life after Open Source Dmit ry Jemerov Development Lead JetBrains, Inc. ht tp://