China business etiquette


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it's important that business professionals take heed of China Business etiquette practices if they want have successful business dealings with the Chinese.

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China business etiquette

  1. 1. CHINA BUSINESS ETIQUETTEFor additional information about Business with Chinaplease visit
  2. 2. www.China-Business-Connect.comBusiness practices in China are far different than they are in westernculture.It is a whole different ballpark when it comes to the way corporateetiquette is handled as well however with the Chinese marketplaceexpanding the way it is, it’s important that business professionals takeheed of China Business etiquette practices if they want have successfulbusiness dealings with the Chinese.2
  3. 3. www.China-Business-Connect.comYou can’t just blow it off and think they’ll come to you. Extendingcourtesy, showing respect and honoring the age old business practicesin China will not only gain you productive and lucrative partnerships butwill ensure that the relationship will continue to be successful.How can you keep up with their take on social business graces whilehandling your business dealings overseas?Below we will go over just a few ways to stay on top of the intricaciesand techniques that go into China business etiquette.3
  4. 4. www.China-Business-Connect.comPREPARE AND COMMUNICATEWhen you enter a meeting make sure that you know everything that isgoing to be discussed beforehand and communicate it to them.In China there should be no surprises at the meeting table and anythingyou bring to the negotiation table should be delivered in a clear andconcise way.4
  5. 5. www.China-Business-Connect.comPUNCTUALITY AND THE MEET AND GREETPunctuality is crucial and not meant to be taken lightly when it comesto business practices in China.When you meet someone always show the utmost respect.You need to take note of where everyone is seated because quite oftenthe principal guest will be seated to the hosts right and knowing wherethey stand is important. In addition, it is also important to say theirnames correctly.5
  6. 6. www.China-Business-Connect.comTHE IMPORTANCE OF SURNAMESSaying the person’s name will not only require you to perfect the accentbut you’ll have to keep in mind the order of the names.In Chinese corporate etiquette you have to use their surnames first.Typically you will never use their other names unless it is made clearthat they are okay with casual communication.You’ll want to use titles as well such as Mr. or Ms. If you don’t knowtheir position in the company it is often proper to use their titles.6
  7. 7. www.China-Business-Connect.comBUSINESS CARD ETIQUETTEThe way business card exchanges take place are as unique as the wayintroductions and meetings are carried out. You’ll need to carry severalbusiness cards with you because you’ll be handing out a lot more thanyou would in any meeting in the West and you’ll need to be gentle withthem as well.Not only do your cards need to be in good condition with all the edgessharp, smooth and smudge free, you’ll need to hand them directly tothe recipients, holding on to the card tightly until the other person hasa firm grasp on them; if the business card is dropped it can be taken asa sign of disrespect. When you accept a card from someone, Chinabusiness etiquette calls for you to examine it carefully and then place itdown on the table for the duration of the meeting. When you have abreak or the meeting is adjourned you will place the card in a secureplace such as a business card holder, which is highly recommended.7
  8. 8. www.China-Business-Connect.comIn China business etiquette, respect is the key to success when it comesto any business dealings. Whether you are just meeting for the firsttime or negotiating a deal further into the relationship, respect will helpyou achieve the best possible results and heeding these tips will ensureyour succeed in the Chinese market.8
  9. 9. For additional information about Business with Chinaplease visit