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Webfest 2011 PHP on Windows by Rama Yurindra
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Webfest 2011 PHP on Windows by Rama Yurindra






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    Webfest 2011 PHP on Windows by Rama Yurindra Webfest 2011 PHP on Windows by Rama Yurindra Presentation Transcript

    • Enterprise PHP on Windows Rama Yurindra CTO, Zend/PHP Evangelist Rynet (Singapore) Pte Ltd, Zend Authorized Solution & Training Partner
    • Agenda – PHP on Windows - Web Fest 2011 d d b• PHP Overview & Case Studies d• Microsoft & Zend Strategic Collaboration to bring PHP on Windows• Demo : Build a High-Performance PHP Stack with Windows IIS and Zend Server• Next Step to Monetize• New Horizon PHP on Windows Training Programs www.enterprisephpcenter.com.
    • #3PHP Overview
    • The Growth of PHP ZF and PDT released, PHP 4 EOL announced Zend Framework & Eclipse project Microsoft relationship formed 25M IBM, Oracle PHP 4 Endorse PHP Released PHP 5.0 (XML,SOAP,OOP) 20M Zend Studio • 1M Internet domains PHP • Zend Engine Proliferation 15M • Zend Founded Yahoo! Zeev Suraski & Z S ki Standardizes Andi Gutmans 10M on PHP lead the development of PHP 3 Rasmus 5M Lerdorf PHP Introduces Internet PHP/FI Domains 1995 1997 1999 2000 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 RYNET Confidential
    • #5Who Uses PHP – New Case Studies• General Electric (GE Holding)• NYSE Euronext• BNP Paribas• FIAT Group• Whitehouse.gov• France Telecom (Orange)• Deutsche Telecom• Cisco WebEx• And many more y www.enterprisephpcenter.com t i h t RYNET Confidential
    • #6Microsoft & Zend Strategic Partnership Making PHP 1st class citizen on Windows Platform
    • #7PHP on Microsoft.com web.ms/phphttp://www.microsoft.com/web/platform/phponwindows.aspx RYNET Confidential
    • #8PHP on Windows - Background • Windows dominates as PHP development p p platform Over 75% of developers use Windows • Few production deployments on Windows platforms • Why? PHP did not run as well on Windows Limited connectivity to key Windows services (e.g. SQL Server) RYNET Confidential
    • #9Zend & Microsoft Partnership Goal: • To enhance the performance and reliability of running PHP applications on Windows Server, and contributing these enhancements to the Open Source community. • Richer Functionality on the Windows Platform • Better Integration with Windows Applications and Services “Zend is a clear leader in the PHP community, and we are excited … to provide developers using PHP with the b id d l i i h h best possible experience ibl i within a Microsoft environment.” Bill Hilf General Manager of Technical Platform Strategy at Microsoft Hilf, RYNET Confidential
    • # 10Strategic Collaboration• Multi-year collaboration announced 10/31/2006 Significant engineering investments on both sides• The result: PHP codebase improvements on Windows Platform Improvements in FastCGI for IIS (included in Windows Server 2008) Stable, high-performance PHP production environment for Windows Improvements in IIS 7 support for PHP SQL Server Native driver to PHP Windows Azure component in Zend Framework Collaborating on the open source SimpleCloud project, RYNET Confidential
    • # 11Zend on Windows Server Rebate Programhttps://microsoft.young-america.com/49710561/RebateForm.aspx RYNET Confidential
    • Why Run Zend Server on Windows Server?• Better performance PHP opcode acceleration, page and data caching, and job queue features, to deliver top performance for PHP applications on Windows Server. Native MSI support• Easy to deploy and use a complete PHP stack, including the PHP runtime, commonly-used extensions, Zend Framework, and Microsoft SQL Server driver for PHP, all available as a standard MSI installer. Native IIS support (IIS 5.1, IIS 6, IIS7)• Easy to monitor application monitoring and code tracing to enable early problem detection and rapid resolution. IIS automated failed request tracing, the joint stack enables developers to quickly troubleshoot issues in testing and production and to improve application availability. Bundles MS FastCGI for Server 2003 and XP• Easy to manage –greatly simplifies configuration and management of greatly the PHP stack from a single point of visibility and control.• Fully-supported – Zend Server customers receive the latest updates and hot fixes backed by 24x7x365 support. Zend Training and Zend Certification programs are also available. RYNET Confidential
    • # 13DemoBuild a High-Performance PHP Stack with Windows IISand Zend Server dZ dS
    • # 14Download Zend Server from Zend.Com RYNET Confidential
    • # 15Fastest and best integrated PHP runtime for WindowsOut of the box seamless installation of PHP on Windows RYNET Confidential
    • # 16Zend Server will also install the MS-SQL Server Native Client RYNET Confidential
    • # 17Configure Zend Server to integrate with your existing IIS RYNET Confidential
    • # 18Standard & native MSI installer RYNET Confidential
    • Dashboard provides a quick overview of recent PHP events, such as errors and # 19warnings, as well as information on the current status of the various Zend add-onco po e scomponents RYNET Confidential
    • Application Monitoring • Watches your application for: PHP Errors (including warnings, notices, uncaught exceptions...) Failing functions Failing DB queries Slow functions or DB queries Slow request executions High memory consumption • When an issue is detected, an event is reported RYNET Confidential
    • Diagnostics: Code Tracing • Reproducing problems is p gp often difficult and time- consuming • Zend Server captures the full execution flow in testing or production • Allows the developer to “step back in time” and quickly determine root cause • Integrated with Zend Studio RYNET Confidential
    • High Availability: Session Clustering • When one server f i fails, user’s session is maintained while failing over to another server RYNET Confidential
    • Centralized Management • Ensures consistent configuration Alert on configuration discrepancies to prevent application issues • Centralized monitoring • Cloud “friendly” friendly Quickly add servers Easily manage any number of y g y servers RYNET Confidential
    • Updates & Hot Fixes from Zend • Zend Server is regularly updated with: PHP releases Zend Framework releases Important patches to PHP and supporting components Bugs fixed by the PHP team but not yet released Patches committed by Zend to the PHP source tree, but not yet released • Z d also issues hot-fixes when needed Zend l i h t fi h d d All relevant security reports are analyzed by Zend This includes PHP extensions libraries and other PHP, extensions, libraries, components Zend is committed to releasing hot-fixes for critical issues RYNET Confidential
    • Zend - the Cloud and Virtual DataCenters d h l d d l Cloud Develop Simple Cloud API Manage RAD Monitoring Debuggin Diagnostics g Performanc Testing e Security Simple Cloud API Amazon EC225 © All rights reserved. Zend Technologies, Inc.
    • # 26Next Step to Monetize
    • # 27Path to Enterprise PHP RYNET Confidential
    • How’s Zend Holistic Approach to Enterprise PHP ’ d l h www.enterprisephpcenter.com.
    • # 29Next Step • Download & “Play” with PHP on Zend Server • Start a Pilot Project, convince your boss/customers • Get yourself Trained b Professionals Ne o rself by New Horizons Computer Learning Singapore • G professionall Support from Zend & Microsoft Get f i S f d i f • Start to generate some Online revenues with PHP on Windows • Pass the Zend/PHP Certification for Global / Recognition • Actively involve in PHP Community RYNET Confidential
    • Thank you! yFor More Information Please Visit :• www.zend.com•www.microsoft.com/web/platform/phponwindows.aspx• www.enterprisephpcenter.com• www.newhorizons.com.sg/zend/ Email: rama@rynet.com.sg Twitter: @ramayurindra @ephpc