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Modernisation of legacy php to Symfony 2


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PHP and its community has evolved really fast in the last few years to allow for professional architectures and solutions. However, there are thousands of existing PHP applications which have not evolved in the meantime and are now crippled and unmaintainable because of that. These applications represent a real threat to the competitiveness of the business that relies on them.
The best approach in terms of business to solve this problem is progressive rewrite. Symfony2 and its modular architecture make it possible. This talk will cover the main technical difficulties of the progressive approach when rewriting legacy PHP applications using Symfony2

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Modernisation of legacy php to Symfony 2

  1. 1. Modernisa0on  of  legacy  PHP  applica0ons     using  Symfony2     12/10/2012   1   THEODO  
  2. 2. The  need  for  progressive  rewrite    The  technical  challenges  faced    Theodo  Evolu=on   12/10/2012   2   THEODO  
  3. 3. Total  rewrite  is  dangerous  for  the  business   Downsides  of  progressive  rewrite  •  New  developments  are  invisible  un0l  the  new  version  is  finished  •  You  need  twice  more  developers:  one  team  to  maintain  the  old   applica0on,  while  the  second  team  is  wri0ng  the  new  version  •  The  probability  of  forgeDng  features  during  the  rewrite  is  high   12/10/2012   3   THEODO  
  4. 4. Progressive  rewrite  is  a  very  difficult  technical  challenge   The  challenge  of  progressive  rewrite  •  It  might  be  hard  to  make  the  hos0ng  system  evolve  •  You  have  to  work  with  hard-­‐to-­‐read  code  •  The  exis0ng  «  spageJhi  code  »  has  to  be  separated  into   independent  pieces   12/10/2012   4   THEODO  
  5. 5. Progressive rewrite is harder but more profitable Graphical  comparison  Functionalities Functionalities Evolu=on   Time Time • No new features for months • Only 1 app to maintain • 2 apps to maintain • Lower regression risks • Unbeatable time-to-market 12/10/2012   5   THEODO  
  6. 6. Decoupling  is  a  major  aspect  of  progressive  rewrite  Rewrite  strategy   12/10/2012   6   THEODO  
  7. 7. Decoupling  is  a  major  aspect  of  progressive  rewrite  Rewrite  strategy   12/10/2012   7   THEODO  
  8. 8. Decoupling  is  a  major  aspect  of  progressive  rewrite  Rewrite  strategy   12/10/2012   8   THEODO  
  9. 9. Decoupling  is  a  major  aspect  of  progressive  rewrite  Rewrite  strategy   12/10/2012   9   THEODO  
  10. 10. Decoupling  is  a  major  aspect  of  progressive  rewrite  Rewrite  strategy   12/10/2012   10   THEODO  
  11. 11. Decoupling  is  a  major  aspect  of  progressive  rewrite  Rewrite  strategy   12/10/2012   11   THEODO  
  12. 12. Decoupling  is  a  major  aspect  of  progressive  rewrite  Rewrite  strategy   12/10/2012   12   THEODO  
  13. 13. The  need  for  progressive  rewrite    The  technical  challenges  faced    Theodo  Evolu=on   12/10/2012   13   THEODO  
  14. 14. System  comptability   The  challenge  of  progressive  rewrite  •  Symfony2  requires:   •  PHP  5.3.2   •  Sqlite3,  JSON,  ctype   •  date.0mezone  set  in  php.ini  •  php  app/check.php  •  Blueprint:  hJps://   12/10/2012   14   THEODO  
  15. 15. Unexpected  regressions   The  challenge  of  progressive  rewrite  •  By  defini0on,  spagheD  code  is  deeply  coupled.  Improving  one   part  can  break  another    •  Need  for  func0onal  tes0ng  on  the  most  cri0cal  scenarios  •  Mink:  hJps://   12/10/2012   15   THEODO  
  16. 16. Proxying  the  rou=ng   The  challenge  of  progressive  rewrite  •  The  beauty  of  PHP:  some  apps  have  simply  no  rou0ng!  •  Host  the  new  app  next  to  the  old  app,  with  clear  URL  differences,   and  proxy  at  the  server  level   •  Subdomain:   •  Subfolder:  •  If  you  want  to  keep  the  rou0ng:  create  a  catchall  route  with   Symfony2   12/10/2012   16   THEODO  
  17. 17. Sharing  the  layout   The  challenge  of  progressive  rewrite    •  The  rewrite  needs  to  be  transparent  for  the  app  users:  both  old  and   new  apps  must  use  the  same  layout  •  Copy-­‐pas0ng  the  layout  is  not  a  solu0on:  use  ESIs  with  a  compa0ble   Reverse-­‐Proxy    <esi:include  src="{{  path(theodoevolution_layoutrenderer_legacylayout_top)  }}"  />  {%  block  body  %}{%  endblock  %}  <esi:include  src="{{  path(theodoevolution_layoutrenderer_legacylayout_bottom)  }}"  />   12/10/2012   17   THEODO  
  18. 18. Sharing  the  session   The  challenge  of  progressive  rewrite    •  You  might  want  to  access  some  common  infos  for  your  user  •  Both  apps  must  be  hosted  on  the  same  domain  to  make  it  easier  •  With  Symfony2,  add  a  listener  on  the  kernel.request  event  that   triggers  a  transformer:  the  session  is  converted  from  plain  array   to  the  Symfony2  format   12/10/2012   18   THEODO  
  19. 19. The  dream  architecture  The  challenge  of  progressive  rewrite   12/10/2012   19   THEODO  
  20. 20. What  you  usually  find  The  challenge  of  progressive  rewrite   12/10/2012   20   THEODO  
  21. 21. You  need  to  create  the  dream  API  and  slowly  start  using  it    The  challenge  of  progressive  rewrite   A A P P I A I P I A P I A P I A A P P I I 12/10/2012   21   THEODO  
  22. 22. You  need  to  create  the  dream  API  and  slowly  start  using  it    The  challenge  of  progressive  rewrite   A A P P I A I P I A P I A P I A A P P I I 12/10/2012   22   THEODO  
  23. 23. You  need  to  create  the  dream  API  and  slowly  start  using  it    The  challenge  of  progressive  rewrite   A A P P I A I P I A P I A P I A A P P I I 12/10/2012   23   THEODO  
  24. 24. You  need  to  create  the  dream  API  and  slowly  start  using  it    The  challenge  of  progressive  rewrite   A A P P I A I P I A P I A P I A A P P I I 12/10/2012   24   THEODO  
  25. 25. This  is  called  «  Facade  PaUern  »   The  challenge  of  progressive  rewrite  Wikipedia  A  facade  is  an  object  that  provides  a  simplified  interface  to  a  larger  body  of  code,  such  as  a  class  library.  A  facade  can:  •  make  a  so_ware  library  easier  to  use,  understand  and  test,  since   the  facade  has  convenient  methods  for  common  tasks;  •  make  the  library  more  readable,  for  the  same  reason;  •  reduce  dependencies  of  outside  code  on  the  inner  workings  of  a   library,  since  most  code  uses  the  facade,  thus  allowing  more   flexibility  in  developing  the  system;  •  wrap  a  poorly  designed  collec0on  of  APIs  with  a  single  well-­‐ designed  API  (as  per  task  needs).   12/10/2012   25   THEODO  
  26. 26. Symfony2  Service  Container   The  challenge  of  progressive  rewrite  •  With  Symfony2,  the  new  API  of  the  Facade  PaJern  is  a  service  •  Create  a  service  for  every  module  you  iden0fied…  and  start  using   them!   12/10/2012   26   THEODO  
  27. 27. Changing  the  model   The  challenge  of  progressive  rewrite  •  The  database  is  a  converging  point.  Making  two  models  co-­‐exist   is  really  hard  •  One  solu0on  is  NoSQL.  The  flexibility  of  a  DB  like  MongoDB   makes  it  easier.  •  Use  /**  @MongoDBPreLoad  */  from  the  Doctrine  ODM  •  No  miracle  solu0on…  YET!  J   12/10/2012   27   THEODO  
  28. 28. Final  step:  cleaning  the  old  code  The  challenge  of  progressive  rewrite   12/10/2012   28   THEODO  
  29. 29. The  need  for  progressive  rewrite    The  technical  challenges  faced    Theodo  Evolu=on   12/10/2012   29   THEODO  
  30. 30. Theodo  Evolu=on   Our  strategy  with  progressive  rewrite    •  The  Theodo  team  consists  as  of  today  of  18  excellent  web  devs  •  Every  technical  solu0on  for  progressive  rewrite  in  Symfony2  is   bundled  in  Theodo  Evolu0on  •  Two  R&D  engineers  are  now  working  full-­‐0me  on  finding  new   solu0ons  •  Goal:  make  Theodo  Evolu0on  an  out-­‐of-­‐the-­‐box  solu0on       12/10/2012   30   THEODO  
  31. 31. Questions ? @theodo www.theodo.fr12/10/2012   31   THEODO