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El estudio del impacto ambiental.                                    carmen. maría y cristina                                 (1)
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El estudio del impacto ambiental. carmen. maría y cristina (1)



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  • 1. environmentalimpact(Sound)Study of environmentalimpact
  • 2. What is the sound?What is the sound?The sound is a form of mechanical energyproduced by the vibration of an object.The vibration makes the air around theobject vibrate too. These air vibrationsare called sound waves.
  • 3. Types of waves.There are waves that can take placein the vacuum( electromagneticswaves), but there are others thatneed a material medium to take place(mechanicals waves).
  • 4. Qualities of soundIntensity: Sound can beloud or soft. Itsmeasures in decibels (Db)Pitch: Sound can be high-pitched or low-pitched.Its measures in hertzs(Hz)Timbre: It depending onthe shape wave.
  • 5. Decibels.
  • 6. Decibels.Decibels.Depending on his intensity(hisdecibels) a sound can beagreeable(beautiful) or harmful topeople. For example, in the box we cansee that: leaves moving in thetrees(20-45dB) doesnt distract buta plane taking( 130-150dB) off ispainful.
  • 7. What is noise pollution ?Noise polluton is excessive,undersirable sound levels thatdisturb peoples lives. Internationalscientific organization recommendthat the maximun level of ambientnoise should not exceed 65 dB.
  • 8. The noise pollution is due to:
  • 9. In this page you can hear a soundIn this page you can hear a soundthat isnt painful, it doesntthat isnt painful, it doesntdistract.distract.The sea.The sea.Sounds
  • 10. SoundsIn this page you can hear a soundIn this page you can hear a soundthat is painful. And we usuallythat is painful. And we usuallyhear it.hear it.The traffic.The traffic.
  • 11. The noise depending on the countryFor example: In France peoplespeaks lowerthan people in Spain. InGermany people travel in bikeinstead of in car.So this causes in Spain there ismore noise pollution that inother countries as in Germanyor France.
  • 12. Sonorous impact in the day:In the morning there is novery much noise but we canlistened the cars of thepeople who is going to work.In the afternoon there isvery noise.(Rush hour)Because the people returnof working (or they go). Inthe night there is very littlenoise (In weekends there ismuch for the holidays).
  • 13. In the next page we can see aIn the next page we can see anoise map of Málagas centrenoise map of Málagas centre
  • 14. Maximum level-> Medium leve-> lMaximum level-> Medium leve-> lLower lever->Lower lever->
  • 15. Sources:- Natural Science Book.- Music Book.-Goolge images.- http://www.google.es/imgres- Natural science notebook.- Banco de imágenes y sonidos del misnisterio deeducación.
  • 16. Made by:- Carmen .- Cristina- María .