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Published in: Education, Lifestyle, Business
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  1. 1. CLOTHES
  2. 2. She is wearing amodern,camel shirt, abeautiful,long,denimbib,brown shoes,a woolblue cap and longstockings.
  3. 3. She is wearing aelegant,checked,greyand black jacket, amulticolor shirt.She iswearing plain,tear bluejeans and brown andnavy blue shoes.
  4. 4. She is wearing a blueshirt,white skirt,camelsandals and big,blackand white handbag.
  5. 5. She is wearing a comfortable,●Camel jacket,a beautiful,camel●Shirt.Usually,long,navy blue jeans.●And camel platform heels.●
  6. 6. She is wearing anusually,elegant,pinkjacket.A fashionableshort green dress.Asmall blackbelt.Unusually greenand navy greenbracelets and amulticolor handbag.
  7. 7. Work make by:Jessica Valverde Saenz3ºA