Virtual Outplacement Service Proves to Benefit to Unemployed Workers


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Outplacement has evolved over the last few decades integrating technology, social networking and consumer technologies like never before. The benefit to laid off employees is a reduced time unemployed.

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Written by Sarah White & Associates, LLC a Human Capital Market Strategy and Advisory firm. We provide best practices and market education to corporate Human Resource teams around talent and integration of technology technology into employee lifecycle. We also partners with vendors to improve their offerings to best meet the needs of practitioners.

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Virtual Outplacement Service Proves to Benefit to Unemployed Workers

  1. 1. Spring 2013 © Virtual Outplacement: Giving Displaced Workers an Advantage in Job Search Reductions in force over the past few years include people of all backgrounds. No industry, education level, or job title hasn’t been impacted. From a business perspective, letting people go is often a necessary business decision. For impacted employees walking into todays job market - it can be overwhelming. The landscape is vastly different compared to what they may have experienced in the past and finding the right guidance is key in determining job search success. Just as the internet and advancements in technology have enabled improvements in human resources and recruiting, it has also become a catalyst for innovation in outplacement services. Product trends in virtual outplacement have been a little more behind the scenes than other areas of HR Technology, but for the organizations that have focused on implementing a virtual solution, the impact on participantsAbout the Author speaks for itself.Sarah White is an IndustryAnalyst and CEO of Sarah Nationally, the overall unemployment rate is around 8 percent as of January 2013White & Associates, LLC, a with the unemployed taking 41.9 weeks (10.5 months), on average, to find a newHuman Capital MarketStrategy & Advisory Firm.   role. More than a third of these unemployed are considered the “long term unemployed” - out of work for more than 28 weeks (7 months).1 The real reach ofSince 2006, she has been displaced workers on unemployment has been so widespread that nearly half ofwriting, speaking andconsulting with corporate HR Americans know someone who was out of work so long they decided to “give up” onteams looking to better their job search. 2understand how technology &emerging media can improvetheir hiring & retention 1 2 april_2012/48_know_someone_who_has_given_up_looking_for_work © 2013 Sarah White & Associates Page 1 of 5 Licensed for Distribution by CareerMinds
  2. 2. Virtual Outplacement: Giving Displaced Workers an Advantage © Virtual outplacement provider Careerminds found that displaced workers using their services, on average, were reemployed after just 12 weeks - 71 percent faster than the national average.3 Virtual outplacement participants were back to work 71% faster than national average Forward thinking companies are taking note of the impact of outplacement and are Practitioner Note: offering virtual outplacement services for those employees leaving. This end-of- service benefit will not only put their former employees at an advantage in the job market, but also significantly lessen the time they spend on unemployment in turn, Virtual Outplacement reducing legal risk for the organizaiton. participants often have The main differentiator we identified as why virtual outplacement was making such access to a dedicated counselor - they just a big difference for displaced workers is self-guided e-learning that was offered in connect via phone or conjuntion with a dedicated counselor. video chat vs. face to Self-Guided e-Learning face. Gone are the days where a one size fits all solution to job search is appropriate. Workers are entering the job market with varied levels of understanding of how to even conduct search for a job effectively. Unlike traditional programs where learning materials and coaching are primarily exchanged in person, web-based programs are available 24/7 via the Internet. In addition to the self-guided learning within virtual outplacement is a personal, dedicated career counselor available via phone and video chat. Through custom e-learning platforms, virtual outplacement technologies are able to create a dynamic and interactive learning environment. Program participants can look up answers to specific questions, and network with peers, coaches, and working professionals alike. With information hosted online, rather than printed or presented in-person, content can be delivered in many formats--from images to video to interactive media. T 3 unemployment-time-for-job.html© 2013 Sarah White & Associates Page 2 of 5 Licensed for Distribution by CareerMinds
  3. 3. Virtual Outplacement: Giving Displaced Workers an Advantage © The self guided learning allows access to webinars, multimedia lessons, videos, articles, guides, etc as frequently as needed - allowing more education to take place where someone feels they need it and less time on areas with which they are familiar. The “professional gamification” design of e-learning platforms used in virtual outplacement encourages participants to complete certain tasks before moving on to others, with a visual graphic of how close to completion they are. This consumer driven model is familiar to most people involved in online networking and is a learning guide for those that aren’t. Practitioner Note: The over all result of the virtual model Unlike traditional or is a very high (and reportable) face to face level of engagement among participants. outplacement, virtual solutions are fully This new focus is even more important once you understand that recruiters are nomeasurable in real time longer relying on traditional recruting methods like job fairs and newspaper ads - or - from engagement even online job postings to fill open positions. In fact, many specialty or experiencedrates to level of success. roles are “sourced,” where a company will have a handful of candidates identified through their own efforts, prior to the role even getting posted anywhere. The sources (often social and professional networks) being used by recruiters to find and vet candidates change and adjust rapidly as they hone in on what is and isn’t actually working for certain job types. Recent research claims that as many as 80 percent of organizations use some sort of social media or networking during the hiring process. Educating job seekers on effective use of social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and professional networking sites like LinkedIn is critical in getting back to work. This virtual environment allows displaced workers to become more comfortable with a computer system they may not have used previously - but also with online networking, social collabortion tools and video communications - all of which is vital in today’s job market. Take video interviewing for example, in just three years it has gone from nearly non-existent to something 38 percent of companies are using at © 2013 Sarah White & Associates Page 3 of 5 Licensed for Distribution by CareerMinds
  4. 4. Virtual Outplacement: Giving Displaced Workers an Advantage © some stage of the hiring process in 2012. 4 Job seekers who have not looked for a new role in a few years may not even know this type of a technology exists, let alone it could be something they will be facing in more than a third of companies they may interview with. Conclusion Virtual outplacement services are getting displaced workers back on the job quicker due to the new method of learning that participants get to experience. A self guided learning platform blended with individualized career coaching allows people to spend time on what they need and creates a more personalized experience for the job seeker - all from the comfort of their own home. This coincides with larger trends we are seeing from all aspects of consumer and business technology. For companies looking at career transistion providers, the virtual outplacement model allows for similar analytics and reporting functionality they have come to expect from their other HR technologies. This allows for measureable engagement levels and ROI of the service, a real strength when compared to traditional providers. With the new world of work and ever changing focus on remote and social environments, the future of outplacement is clear and focused on a much more virtual model than we have experienced before. 4Video Interview Usage Survey 2012, Sarah White & Associates http:// Longer-Early-Adopters-Whitepaper.pdf© 2013 Sarah White & Associates Page 4 of 5 Licensed for Distribution by CareerMinds
  5. 5. About Us © 414.671.9680 Sarah White & Associates, LLC is a Market Education & Strategy @ImSoSarah Firm - a next generation analyst and advisory firm - working some of human capital’s most innovative start-ups as well as best in class global solutions and the technology that support them. We are led by Sarah White a former practitioner and former Principal Analyst, Talent Acquisition at Bersin & Associates. We know what it is like to sit in the world of corporate HR. We understand the politics and organizational change issues that come into play when selecting new solutions or evolving processes to include technology. We strive to make content easy to understand, accessible and adoptable by companies from 100 to 100,000+ employees. Corporate Human Resource teams rely on us for: • Unbiased research and reports about Talent Acquisition & Talent Management related issues that are less theory and more practicality • Custom market education for their team • Needs analysis survey identifying areas for development related to social and hr technology We also work with vendors to educate the market, better understand the HR industry as well as develop innovative product and market strategies. Find more content on our blog: @HRTechBlog© 2013 Sarah White & Associates Page 5 of 5 Licensed for Distribution by CareerMinds