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PaperSave for Blackbaud

PaperSave for Blackbaud



PaperSave is a complete document management, electronic workflow and transaction automation solution, for Blackbaud. ...

PaperSave is a complete document management, electronic workflow and transaction automation solution, for Blackbaud.

PaperSave's unique integration provides one click access to documents related to the records within Blackbaud solutions like Raiser's Edge, Financial Edge, Educational Edge and Enterprise CRM.



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    PaperSave for Blackbaud PaperSave for Blackbaud Document Transcript

    • PaperSave® Three Solutions Rolled Into One Document Management,ElectronicWorkflow &TransactionAutomation 3150 Miami Green Way - 11th Floor, Miami, Florida 33146 877 727 3799 305 373 0056 www.papersave.com
    • Transaction Content Management with PaperSave SIMPLE 3150 Miami Green Way - 11th Floor, Miami, Florida 33146 877 727 3799 305 373 0056 www.papersave.com Automate transaction entry, manage approval processes, find any document immediately, reduce the cost of file storage and save time spent filing, copying and searching for records while working the way you always have — right inside the Blackbaud solutions. PaperSave is a flexible, scalable and secure transaction management solution built on Microsoft® technology (SQL and SharePoint) which seamlessly integrates with Blackbaud CRM, Raiser’s Edge, Financial Edge and Education Edge. PaperSave Benefits Include: ü Enterprise Document Management - Manage Documents beyond the Blackbaud solutions ü Workflow and Automation solution ü Out of the Box Integration ü Certified for Blackbaud Hosting Environment
    • Manage All Your Documents | PaperSave gives you the opportunity to receive and process all kinds of documents, not just Accounts Payable. By integrating to Constituents,Gifts,Vendors,Projects,Journal Entries,Payroll,Funds,Events,Students,and other types of transactions, PaperSave allows you to use one solution for many applications across your organization. Avoid Costly Integration Programming | PaperSave is fully embedded to use one solution to store and process information with the Blackbaud solutions you already know. Simply opening a record allows you to retrieve the document with a single click. Get instant, On-Screen Access to Documents in One Click | Respond to vendors, parents, employees quickly by accessing key information without a trip to the filing cabinet. PaperSave’s seamless integration with the Blackbuad solutions means that you can instantly access your documents. Open a record or transaction, and PaperSave notifies you that documents exist. Our MS Outlook® -style notification window allows one click access to your documents. Increase Profitability with Transaction Automation | Transaction automation helps cut the cost of an invoice and the time it takes to process one by eliminating manual data entry into Financial Edge. PaperSave manages the documents from receipt, capture,extraction,validation,workflow and transaction creation,thus speeding up yourAccounts Payable process,improving vendor relationships and eliminating late fees with Simple Capture or Advance Capture programs. Auto-Index and User Defined Meta-Data for Your Document | Unlike many document management solutions, PaperSave automatically indexes the document through our unique integration with Blackbaud. Our approach eliminates the need to manually index a document causing duplicate data entry which is prone to human errors and document backlogs. User Defined Keywords or Meta-data can also be added, making your searches even simpler by adding an unlimited number of document dimensions. For example, contracts can be easily identifed by their expiration date, whether or not they are renewable, through the simple creation of user defined profile fields. PaperSave’s Structured Search can then be used to pull a group of documents to meet your specific criteria. SIMPLE 3150 Miami Green Way - 11th Floor, Miami, Florida 33146 877 727 3799 305 373 0056 www.papersave.com DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT Automated Two and Three way Matching Process
    • Comprehensive capture solution for all your documents. Whether you are capturing documents from a scanner, network copier/scanner, fax machine, email or Microsoft Office® , PaperSave allows flexibility in capturing documents regardless of how they are received or created. Acquisition methods include: Flexible Capture Methods SIMPLE ScanNow™ Documents can be scanned directly from your desktop with one simple click from inside of Blackbaud. ScanFirst™ Allows you to clean up your desk by eliminating the paper. With a simple click, users can scan and capture documents from receipt directly from their desktop. After records are saved, PaperSave automatically indexes the documents from the information entered, automatically stores the document and brings up the next document in the electronic stack for you. Imagine all that within one click! Auto-Entry Allows Accounts Payable and Gift Entry to be performed by non-Blackbaud users by adding applicable transaction information into the PaperSave Document Profile Fields.The AP or Gift Processor is then able to review the documents and related transactional information and “Auto-Create” the Transaction in Blackbaud. Forms Recapture Automatically capture acknowledgement letters directly to the Gift record without having to manually associate each one! Print to PaperSave Capture and index documents directly from the Windows Printer window allowing you to streamline the capture process around reports and acknowledgement letters. ScanLater™ Empower the users by allowing them to easily add a document without a desktop scanner or any special supplies. Simply print a barcoded coversheet directly from a Blackbaud Record. Scan the document at any point in the future. PaperSave reads the barcode and automates the association of the documents in the stack. Outlook Integration Capture email and attachments and seamlessly enter them into a workflow or associate with an existing record in the system. All from a click of your tool bar within Outlook. Microsoft Office Whether it is a PowerPoint® , Word® or Excel® document you’ve received or created, seamlessly add it to a record or enter it into the workflow from your tool bar. Windows File Manager Simply right click from any supported file type and be able to add document seamlessly into PaperSave. Drop and Drag Another intuitive option to manage electronic documents. Use standard Windows functionality to capture a document by simply grabbing a file and dragging it into a PaperSave window. 3150 Miami Green Way - 11th Floor, Miami, Florida 33146 877 727 3799 305 373 0056 www.papersave.com
    • Workflow Templates PaperSave offers 7 templates based of common workflow scenarios as part of our Rapid Implementation offerings. Quickly create a workflow from a template consisting of document review with single or multi-tiered approval activities. In cases where workflow requirements templates do not meet your operations needs, PaperSave offers the ability to create ad-hoc workflows or to adjust pre-defined workflows. Create Create simple or complex document Workflows to help you streamline processes based on your business rules,security controls and a comprehensive audit trail. PaperSave incorporates the powerful Windows Workflow Foundation engine giving a graphical user interface of your process as it is being created. Just drag-and-drop steps into your process without any complex coding. For example, manage multi-tiered approvals based on amounts or route documents based on GL Account Numbers. Automate Take the guess work out of the process by automating business rules essential to efficiently moving documents through the process. PaperSave delivers documents to approvers at the appropriate step in the process based on your business rules. Approvers receive an email requesting their approval and—right from the email—click the link, review and approve the document. STREAMLINED Manage Your Process, Not the Paper. Look to PaperSave to automate your workflow and increase staff productivity while reducing costs and accelerating your procurement to pay cycle. Eliminate the chance of paperwork getting lost or neglected or not going through the proper process. 3150 Miami Green Way - 11th Floor, Miami, Florida 33146 877 727 3799 305 373 0056 www.papersave.com
    • WORKFLOW APPROVE & VALIDATE AUTO-ENTRY TRANSACTIONS ALERT MONITOR AUDIT TRAIL CREATE AUTOMATE Alert PaperSave works with SMTP or MAPI compliant email systems to deliver alerts to users that there are documents requiring review. Emails contain a link to view content on a computer or mobile device eliminating the multiple copies of uncontrolled documents emailed as attachments. This validates the user through our single sign on with Active Directory and displays the content so the user knows exactly what they are approving. Approve and Validate Chasing down paper is time-consuming and no fun. You can approve invoices from inside or outside of your office. PaperSave now offers browser-based approvals from any location right from your email or mobile device! Simply click “Approve” or “Reject”, and PaperSave will advance the document to the next step, eliminating the guess work of where it should go next while maintaining tight internal controls. Capture information from approvers and validate GL distributions against your chart of accounts to eliminate errors and save time. Auto-Entry Transactions Auto-Entry option allows AP data entry to be performed by non-Blackbaud users by adding applicable transaction information into the PaperSave Document Profile fields. The AP operator is then able to review the documents and profile information and “Auto-Create” the Transaction Batch. Add-on the OCR feature for even greater efficiency! Monitor Need to know where documents are during the process? PaperSave delivers on screen reports showing the status of documentwhichcanbefilteredorsorted by Date, Approver, Process and more. Administrators can reassign documents, escalate through the process and even do analysis for accruals. Audit Trail Maintaining a complete audit trail throughout the Workflow Process is essential to your audit and internal controls. PaperSave capture all steps of the workflow the document passes through, the action taken (approved, moved, associated, rejected), the user, date and time the action was taken. A permanent record of all document workflow activities is maintained for each version of each document that has been involved in a workflow. STREAMLINED 3150 Miami Green Way - 11th Floor, Miami, Florida 33146 877 727 3799 305 373 0056 www.papersave.com
    • 3150 Miami Green Way - 11th Floor, Miami, Florida 33146 877 727 3799 305 373 0056 www.papersave.com AUTOMATED Transaction Process Automation with PaperSave One Platform. Two Options. Many Applications. Automate transaction entry, find any document immediately, reduce the cost of file storage and save staff time spent filing, copying and searching for documents all while working inside Blackbaud. PaperSave is a flexible, scalable and secure document management solution built on Microsoft technology (SQL or SharePoint) which seamlessly integrates with Blackbaud. In today’s economy, Transaction Automation is the perfect technology to help you reduce costs, streamline processes and meet your business objectives. This cutting-edge solution is an excellent fit for the most demanding high-volume, complex operations. Transaction Automation is available at a basic level with PaperSave’s SimpleOCR and additional functionality is available with AdvancedOCR powered by Artsyl. A built in upgrade path from SimpleOCR to AdvancedOCR is available. Transaction Automation is an additional module of PaperSave which can be added at any point of time. It automatically captures your transactional data from AP Invoices and Raiser’s Edge Gifts to dramatically reduce manual data entry costs through the utilization of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. "There is more to accounts payable automation than just cost savings; imaging and workflow management... ...solutions promote compliance with business controls allowing A/P staff to focus on more strategic tasks" "Enterprises that have adopted various flavors of e-payables solutions have transformed the A/P function to a source of competitive advantage, supporting business planning and decision making" AMIT GUPTA Research Analyst,Aberdeen
    • AUTOMATEDPaperSave’s SimpleOCR SimpleCapture is a simple affordable solution for automating information extraction from digital documents. By automating your transaction entry efforts, SimpleCapture allows you to cut data-entry time in half. SimpleCapture is intuitive, it learns forms the way you do! No need to create templates. When a new invoice format is received, simply point and click to train the system on the new format. The format is stored for future recognition. The auto learning approach allows for a rapid deployment with a quick ROI while reducing IT dependency. PaperSave’s AdvancedOCR AdvancedOCR is a fully automated, distributed document and data capture, extraction and processing solution. Using Intelligent Document Recognition, (IDR) technology, AdvancedOCR captures simple and complex data including line item details using: FULL PAGE AND ZONAL OCR ICR (HANDWRITING) OMBR (CHECK MARKS) OBR (BARCODES) Transaction Automation Process* Capture and Extraction of structured and semi-structured documents with no templates to set up drive the popularity of this solution. Header and Line Item Data are captured and automatically validated using built-in logic. Validation. The scanning operator uses an easy “Point & Click” method to verify low confidence data. Point & Click capture works out of the box for structured or unstructured documents with no pre-set profiles. Simply look in a source database where a transaction will be generated, and the active database scanner allows an operator to capture one missing field and validates the rest automatically. Workflow. Once the verification process is completed, documents can pass through PaperSave’s workflow for approvals. PaperSave streamlines your operations by eliminating the ‘paper pushing’ and the cost associated with managing a traditional paper based process. With PaperSave, virtually any process can be automated and managed electronically. Auto-Entry for Automated Transaction Creation. Once the document has been captured, data extracted, validated and approvals are granted, PaperSave automatically creates the transaction in Blackbaud’s Raiser’s Edge and Financial Edge solutions. This eliminates the keystrokes while at the same time boosting accuracy and efficiency. *Powered by Artysl’s SimpleCapture and docAlpha technology PaperSave’s TRANSACTION AUTOMATION BENEFITS Include: ACCELERATE BUSINESS PROCESSES Increase customer satisfaction and capture new business by automating data capture & eliminating manual data entry TIME SAVING Reduces document processing time by as much as 80% QUICK SET UP Process multiple formats of incoming documents in seconds without complicated templates or expensive programming EASY TO OPERATE Eliminate expensive training that can cost thousands per employee and delay benefits: AUTOMATED SELF-LEARNING CAPABILITY Automatically learns and locates data fields on invoices and other forms as you work. FAST ROI Achieve a return on investment in as little as three to four months SEAMLESS INTEGRATION Integration with Blackbaud’s Raiser’s Edge and Financial Edge solutions.
    • PAPERLESS 3150 Miami Green Way - 11th Floor, Miami, Florida 33146 877 727 3799 305 373 0056 www.papersave.com Go Green and Paperless to Save Time, Save Money, and Protect Your Business Going paperless offers many benefits. In addition to being environmentally friendly, it drives organizations towards efficiency. PaperSave delivers a complete, secure electronic storage and workflow system without the inherent inefficiencies and risk of loss associated with traditional paper processes and filing systems. Key Benefits Include: SLASH PAPER AND FILE STORAGE COSTS PROTECT YOUR DOCUMENTS FROM DISASTER IMPROVE ORGANIZATIONAL EFFICIENCY ENHANCE COLLABORATION ENJOY A HIGH RETURN ON INVESTMENT ENHANCE REGULATORY COMPLIANCE AND SECURITY
    • Minimize your Impact on the Environment Looking to minimize your corporate carbon footprint? Moving to a paperless environment is the way to go. According to The Nature Conservancy, 36 million acres full of trees are cut down each year. Deforestation accounts for 20-25% of the greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere each year. These statistics are not hard to believe if you consider a document gets copied 19 times in its lifetime. Start digitizing documents today, protect global resources but most importantly save your company time and money while enhancing your disaster recovery plan. Everybody wins. Annotate and Share Records Effortlessly Update your records and share information organization-wide—annotation options include stamping, drawing and typing notes on a document. Quickly and easily zoom in/out, rotate, print, save and email the documents you want. Plus, PaperSave is fully integrated with Microsoft Office, so that you can save Office documents directly from Office to records by clicking a button in Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Connect Remote Office Eliminate expenses and improve collaboration across your locations! So often, documents are overnighted between locations for processing and payment. PaperSave eliminates the need to physically transport documents, thus, eliminating the costly transportation expense and accelerating ROI. Remote employees can access documents on demand eliminating the delay retrieving information when they need it most. Security An essential part to any Document Management solution is securely protecting the information contained in it while following industry regulations like Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPPA, PCI or protect individual’s privacy like Social Security Numbers. PaperSave offers several layers of security versus an all or nothing approach. PaperSave’s security leverages Windows Active Directory so user rights can be managed by individual and group names. The first layer of security is by PaperSave’s DocumentTypes where users are given rights to view, add and delete documents. The next level of security is by PaperSave’s Annotations where users are given rights to add, hide, delete or permanently redaction information, allowing a user to view a document but not sensitive portions of a document. The final layer of security is specific to PaperSave’s SharePoint integration. Advanced Filters for SharePoint gives a user access to documents only for specific types of records to limit user access by user defined parameter such as company regions, departments, offices by filering information from data such as GL Account Number, Project Number and other values being pulled from the Record Information or Meta-Data. 3150 Miami Green Way - 11th Floor, Miami, Florida 33146 877 727 3799 305 373 0056 www.papersave.com PAPERLESS
    • The ability to search for vital information is important to any business. PaperSave offers several search and retrieval features that make your search time faster and easier whether you need a single document or a group of documents. Harness the power of PaperSave’s comprehensive search features to pull groups of documents by similar characteristics such as key words, document types, and dates. All these benefits without having to involve your IT department when you need information. Benefits Include: • Quickly perform cross record search to find documents • Full Text (OCR) Search with SharePoint supports PDF, Emails and Microsoft Office Documents • Use Boolean search expressions like ‘and’,‘contains’,‘greater than’ . . . • Open or Close Groups of documents with a single click Query integration Have you ever created a Query and needed to review the supporting documents individually? PaperSave allows you to view, email or print all of the supporting documents for Query results instantly without the hassle of having to scour your entire file. It even allows you to query information that isn’t even defined on the document such as GL Account Distribution to make Audit Preparation quicker! Unstructured Search Internet search engines such as“Google”or“Bing”search webpages for“key words”or“values”. PaperSave performs similar unstructured searches on RecordValues (meta-data),Document Profile Fields (user defined meta-data) and the Content* of the document. Structured Search PaperSave makes even advanced queries of documents simple. Easily create Structured Queries based on Record Information, Profile Information (user defined meta-data) and Content without having any technical skills. Documents results can then be further filtered using Boolean Logic, sorted, exported, email or printed from your desktop. 3150 Miami Green Way - 11th Floor, Miami, Florida 33146 877 727 3799 305 373 0056 www.papersave.com SEARCH Recent government regulations have served as a wake-up call for organizations to formalize document retention policies to meet compliance requirements. Regulatory demands and the number of documents produced daily continue to grow. So having a solid information retention policy process is a necessity, and implementing those policies within your document management system simply & seamlessly is must. Once your policies are set, PaperSave can help you policies with state of the art archiving & purging features that have been designed to meet the needs of organizations. Key Benefits Include: • Automate disposal of documents based on retention rules • Mitigate risks of having documents beyond their required retention deadline • Requires SharePoint Integration * Requires SharePoint integration for Content Search Full Document Life Cycle Management PAPERLESS