Time Management or Energy Management


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Should You Focus More on Time Management or Energy Management?

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Time Management or Energy Management

  1. 1. Time Management or Energy Management?
  2. 2. About me:B.Ed – University of Iceland, 1994MBA, (with concentration on Human Resource Management) –University of New Haven, CT, USA, 2000Executive Coach – CoachU & Reykjavik University12 years experience in Human ResourceManagementLeft my job as a COO in a bank in Iceland to startmy own business in Jan. 2012
  3. 3. What do I hearfrom many of my coaching-customers? I need to get more out of my time I would like to get more done It is so tiresome to go home day after day knowing I didn´t finish my to-do-list I´m getting tired of being tired all the time My time keeps going towards something different than I had planned for Many of them have already taken classes in Time Management Do they need to learn more about Time Management or Energy Management
  4. 4. My reaction...• Classes and Presentations• My blogs• My eZines• Articles I write• My tools I use in the coaching I do• etc.
  5. 5. Example of blogRecommended daily dosage; 2x10 min. a day Both for private & professional life
  6. 6. Blog & Tool in my coachingBalance in Physical Health Mental Health Financial Health Social Health
  7. 7. Blog and eZine
  8. 8. Blog and eZine Use to boost energy
  9. 9. Classes –to-do-lists for your energy
  10. 10. Presentations, blog, eZine...
  11. 11. Presentations, blog...100 Energy Points when you wake up everyday, towards what are you going to use them?What eats up your energy?What renews your energy or gives youenergy?
  12. 12. Tools in my coaching
  13. 13. Keep in mindWhat eats up my energy What renews my energy
  14. 14. Published in 2007
  15. 15. www.theenergyproject.com “The Energy Project energizes people and transforms companies, offering a detailed blueprint for fueling a fully engaged workforce. Drawing on the multidisciplinary science of high performance, we do this at three levels: ………….”Since 2003
  16. 16. In short...Organizations are demanding more from theiremployeesEmployees don´t know any other way than toput in extra hours at workThis is back-firing People are tired, with less focus, less loyalty and engagement, more sick-days and absenteeism Work hard or work smart?
  17. 17. Time or EnergyTime Energy Only 24 hours we have a Renewable day How can we renew it? we can´t change that! How can we increase it? we can´t ”buy” time!
  18. 18. How well do you know your Energy?• What is your energy-level?• What boosts your energy?• What eats up your energy?• Are you more energetic in some specific hours of the day?• Could you control your energy in a way to be fully energetic the whole day?
  19. 19. Different Energy• Physical Energy• Emotional Energy• Mental Energy• Spiritual Energy
  20. 20. What to do?Some quite simple ways to renew and boostenergy For individuals For organizations
  21. 21. Effects on bottom lineMore productivityMore loyalty and engagementLess employee turnoverFewer sick-daysetc.
  22. 22. You want more on this topic?Please look at my website; www.herdispala.comor contact me at herdispala@herdispala.com
  23. 23. © www.herdispala.com