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This is a PowerPoint that I have done on something that means a lot to be.

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Heather guthrie ct fx c powerpoint

  1. 1. CTFxC By: Heather Guthrie
  2. 2. What is CTFxC? CTFxC was created by Charles Trippy on May 1, 2009. The goal was to Vlog himself every day for a complete year and upload them onto YouTube. He has continued Vlogging for 5 years with out missing a day. The viewers have watched Charles go threw Happy and sad moments of his life.
  3. 3. What is Vlogging? Vlogging is a video blog or video log, and is a form of internet television. It usually is uploaded onto YouTube and shared with the Millions Viewers.
  4. 4. Who are Charles & Alli Trippy? • Charles and Alli are a couple that met on Myspace and started dating. • They started Vlogging their daily lives in 2009. • The viewers have watched them get engaged, get married, and much more.
  5. 5. Zoey and Marley! Zoey and Marley are Charles’ dogs that are in the Vlogs everyday. They are more than his pets, they are his family. Zoey is a German Shepard and Husky Mix. Charles got her from the shelter as a puppy. She is very relaxed and loves to chew on her bones. Marley is a Rat Terrier, and Charles also got her from a shelter a few years after he got Zoey. She is spunky and has to be the center of attention.
  6. 6. We the Kings! In 2011, Charles announced he was playing bass for the band We the Kings. Which is an alternative band. Recently Charles has a seizure 15 minutes before a show and the band was wanting to cancel, but he played side stage until he felt well enough to go onto stage. Charles was friends with the band before he joined.
  7. 7. Tumor & Surgery On tour in 2012, Charles had a seizure. While in the hospital a CT scan reveled that there was a tumor on the right side of his brain. On March 6, 2012 He had to have brain surgery to take a biopsy to see what it is exactly. On Sept. 17, 2013 He had to have another brain surgery to remove the tumor, but this time he was awake and was allowed to film while having the surgery.
  8. 8. Cancer After the surgery Charles was diagnosed with type 3 oligodndroglioma which is a type of brain cancer. The type of cancer he has only stays in one part of his body He is currently taking Chemo and the tumor is shrinking.
  9. 9. Guinness World Record! In August 2013, Charles and Alli were presented with the Guinness World Record for having the most consecutive daily personal video blogs posted to YouTube.
  10. 10. CTFxC Facts! • Charles donated $70,000 to brain cancer charity's from selling merch. • Charles is the only known person to vlog themselves while having brain surgery. • Charles and Alli have won Twitter Shorty Awards in 2009, 2011, and 2012. The Shorty Awards, also known as the Shorties, are an annual awards event that honors the best short-form content creators on the micro- blogging website Twitter and on other social media sites. • CTFxC will be in the upcoming movie “Vlogumentary” Which is a movie about Vlogging and
  11. 11. Why I watch CTFxC! I always get asked, “Why I do I watch CTFxC?” The reason is because on my sad days they make me smile. When I feel like I have nothing to live for they remind me that I have a purpose. Charles and Alli are so uplifting and inspirational that no matter what I go threw I can always count on watching the vlogs everyday to make my better.
  12. 12. CTFxC Info Tour Dates http://wethekingsmusic.com/tour Twitter Charles - http://twitter.com/CharlesTrippy Alli - http://twitter.com/AlliTrippy Subscribe To Our Other Channels: http://youtube.com/CharlesTrippy http://youtube.com/Alli http://youtube.com/Trippy *Facebook: http://facebook.com/InternetKilledTV http://facebook.com/CharlesTrippy Instagram: http://instagram.com/CharlesTrippy http://instagram.com/AlliTrippy Google+: http://gplus.to/charlestrippy Tumblr: http://charlestrippy.tumblr.com Free month trial for CTFxCers on Netflix: http://netflix.com/ctfxc Also, thanks to Gamefly for hooking the CTFxC w/ a trial too: http://gamefly.com/ctfxc