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Vlogging: a new channel for language learning and intercultural exchanges


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The qualitative and semiodiscursive analysis of the corpus highlights the users’ co-construction of an identity in a context of “superdiversity” (Vertovec, 2007) through their language and cultural positioning. This case study aims to discuss the divergences between on one hand, a pluricultural and plurilingual globalized digital world in which users have no frontiers and can talk to each other by posting comments on a platform such YouTube and on the other hand, the verbal violence, clashes and nationalistic identities that arise when they talk about physical frontiers between countries.

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Vlogging: a new channel for language learning and intercultural exchanges

  1. 1. Vlogging :A new channel for language learning and intercultural exchanges Christelle COMBE Aix-Marseille University Laboratoire Parole et Langage Tatiana CODREANU 1 CNRS, ICAR, ENS de Lyon
  2. 2. Overview —  Theoretical framework —  Context and research object :Vlog as a genre onYouTube —  Methodological approach —  Analysis —  Conclusion 2
  3. 3. Theoretical framework 1.  Social Media-Based Language Learning 2.  Interactive Multimodal Platforms (IMP) 3.  Intercultural communication in a digital and globalized era 3
  4. 4. Social Media-Based Language Learning 4 —  Guth and Thomas, 2010 —  Lamy and Goodfellow, 2010 —  Barton and Lee, 2013 —  Lamy and Zourou, 2013
  5. 5. Learners’ 2.0 role and new skills Learners’ 2.0 skills: •  Interacting and telecolaborating in one or more foreign languages •  Lifelong learning skills •  Social networking •  Learning in formal and informal contexts •  Being able to evaluate, select, use, publish and share relevant online resources •  Developing a creative state of mind (Guth and Helm : 2003) •  Developing multimodal skills : expressing ideas through different modes such as words, pictures or 3D models (Hauck, 2010) 5
  6. 6. Interactive Multimodal Platforms (IMP) Interactive multimodal platforms (IMP) are growing rapidly and becoming increasingly popular. •  One of the first IMPs was YouTube, which allowed users to comment on a shared video asynchronously, via either text or video (Herring, 2015: 2). 6 In the Internet’s multilingual context, it offers a great potential for learning foreign languages: • YouTube is based on the visual and include a great deal of interaction with strangers. (Barton and Lee, 2013 : 40). • The multimodal affordances of the site are especially valuable for language learners of all sorts to practice speaking, writing and listening (Barton and Lee, 2013 : 156). Autonomous and informal learning is also facilitated: • Peer learning and stress-free environment (Barton and Lee, 2013).
  7. 7. Intercultural communication in a digital era The emergence of new medias and technologies of communication are intensifying globalization (Blommaert, 2011) and are complicating the notion of “superdiversity” (Vertovec, 2007). 7 Ethnocentric stages Ethnorelative stages Denial Defense Minimization Acceptance Adaptation Integration The Developmental Model of Intercultural Sensitivity (Bennett, 1986, 1993, 2004).
  8. 8. Overview —  Theoretical framework —  Context and research object :Vlog as a genre onYouTube —  Methodological approach —  Analysis —  Conclusion 8
  9. 9. YouTube: an Interactive Multimodal Platform (IMP) 9
  10. 10. Vlog as “practicing a language online” genre 10 A public YouTube channel of a young American learner of French
  11. 11. Overview —  Theoretical framework —  Context and research object :Vlog as a genre onYouTube —  Methodological approach —  Analysis —  Conclusion 11
  12. 12. Webnative data 12 Multimodal corpora are abundant (Develotte, 2012) Multimodal data should be studied online, in order to preserve the ecology of the discursive production. (Paveau, 2015) As a result, the researcher is faced with working with constantly evolving data. (Combe, in press)
  13. 13. Corpus of reference 13 38 videos as well as the written comments they attracted Videos ranged between 10, to just under 16 minutes Published from 28th of June 2011 Extracted from Michael’s 'texfrancais' French speaking channel These videos deal with different subjects including: •  His experience learning French and the difficulties of an American locutor can have, •  The cultural differences between France and the United-States, •  His love life •  Current affairs More than 32 939 subscribers
  14. 14. Research question —  What opportunities do a learner's vlog present in enhancing his speaking and intercultural skills? 14
  15. 15. Corpus of study Screenshots Links https:// watch?v=uJ3X7Zjy2iM https:// watch?v=IIQa5sPPIqI https:// watch? v=JWWUcQsMcHY Title Unpronounceable words for us Americans The differences between France and the USA American slang Published 14/01/2012 09/01/2013 05/03/2015 Duration 5'09 5’34 4’48 Comments 5 386 1628 210 Views 1 050 382 141 616 26 303  I like this  28 278 3 738 2 283 I dislike this 251 80 3 15
  16. 16. An ethnographic observation of behavior to draw conclusions with a didactic aim A semio-discursive approach in order to analyse the vlogger’s discourse A scan through of comments which YouTube classifies as Top Comments 16
  17. 17. Overview —  Theoretical framework —  Context and research object :Vlog as a genre onYouTube —  Methodological approach —  Analysis —  Conclusion 17
  18. 18. Analysis 1.  Spoken production skills 2.  Digital literacy skills 3.  Encouraging publication 4.  Multilingual peer learning 5.  Intercultural skills 18
  19. 19. Spoken production skills —  Unpronounceable words for us Americans —  American slang 19
  20. 20. Digital literacy skills —  Focusing on speech acts and gestures —  Improving the final media product before posting it —  Adding text and emoticons illustrating speech acts. 20
  21. 21. Encouraging publication 21
  22. 22. Encouraging publication 22 Cool video I think you get along very well!!!! Carry on You speak better French than I English !
  23. 23. Multilingual peer learning 23 For unreal, you can say « dément.e » :) it’s an adjective which means « cool » for instance you can say :) Cette fête était démente, Ce plat est dément, ce T-shirt est dément…Etc. (this party was cool, this meal is cool, this T-shirt is cool) baz baz: In French there is an argot that we use very often, « kiffer » which is synonym of liking or loving something. Exemple: Je kiff aller en France (I like going to France) or j’ai kiffé ta vidéo (I liked your video).This word, in fact a verb, it’s used with friends FleurDeCersier: I often heard that word in France (I am German). In German « kiffen » (verbs end in en) means « smoking marijuana » JSY: Lol!! Thanks for the info ^^ it’s good to know. I will never see this expression in the same way from now on^^… Besides, as Baz Baz says, it’s a very common word in France (I say it a lot, lol) :D ahahaha
  24. 24. MULTILINGUAL PEER LEARNING 24 Mthinkin:What does « mood » mean? Marion Rongy: It means « humeur » (; Mthinkin: + Marion Rongy thanks :) Kazhumo:When people are calling us «  frenchfag » it’s really violent. :c Anonymous:Yes, it means «  tapette française »
  26. 26. MULTILINGUAL PEER LEARNING 26 Vatefaire cuireunoeufdepoule :He is too charming this guy I love it! Besides his accent is cool aha :) Gwenaëlle Ancel:Totally agree the accent is too cute <3 And it’s rather useful to know how to use American argot and to know which words to avoid^^ it’s not in class that you learn it XD Thanks for the wonderful video Ah, finally someone is teaching us slang, it’s not at uni BA English that we learn it :p
  27. 27. Cultural aspects, stereotypes and conflict of opinions —  « Differences between France and the USA » 27
  28. 28. Polylogues generated by the video “Differences between France and the USA” One polylogue with 38 answers and 11 users One polylogue with 11 answers and 5 users One polylogue with 11 answers and 8 users One polylogue with 6 answers and 5 users 28
  29. 29. Local tensions —  Careful!!!PARIS is not FRANCE!!!!!! Parisians heads of dogs, parigots (old fashioned term for a person living in Paris) heads of veal !!!!!!! Lolololololol don’t judge French and France in Paris, but outside PARIS !!!!!!! [...] ◦  A: Paris is a part of France whether you like it or not ◦  B: But Paris is not France whether you like it or not ◦  A: I don’t understand your answer. Parisians are French, right? ◦  B: But Paris is not the entire France ◦  A: So what, nobody says so. If he wants to talk about the differences between France and the USA due to his experiences in Paris I don’t see the problem.. Parisians are French like everybody. ◦  … ◦  E: + marco miaou vive paris ! and if you like it, you’re not French ! ◦  F: +nicolas renou Bullshit if you don’t like Paris you are french anyway and who cares it’s the capital, what is this conformism —  WHY visit PARIS !!!! it’s shit …. People are bad there….. ◦  G: Yeah, go to the countryside people are welcoming and you’ll eat MORE and BETTER ◦  H: People may not be nice but it’s not a reason to say it’s shit!! 29
  30. 30. Local tensions —  There is a big difference between France and Paris! Hehe ◦  A: it’s true, I live in the countryside and it’s less polluted than Paris. ◦  B: Rarely heard bullshit like this! Another frustrated redneck, before we had the famous “parigot head of veal” on the road and now this. what a national unity... ◦  A: Oh the polluted parigot calm down ◦  B: I’m not from Paris idiot 30
  31. 31. From ethnocentric stages … Denial •  It’s NOTTRUE there are a thousands of channels in France you only had theTNT one. I imagine that you went to France a while ago plenty of TV programs have been created since then! •  You are neither American nor French you’re a bloody Asiatic, France invented your country …….. 0 history, just European sperm •  Hey guys, there are more gays in Paris (...) than in his littleTexas village, you have to understand him! Defense •  Nay in Brittany it’s better we have nice Brittany crepes. Minimization •  When you say there a millions of channels…This may be a little swearing in a church? Now there are maybe 30 free channels onTNT, an average of 2 local channels per greater communities and lots of paying channels. But surely no more than 500. 31
  32. 32. …To ethnorelative stages 32 Acceptance •  We payTV tax for nothing in France because it is shit as usual •  It’s true that lots of young people smoke in France and lot of my friends too, which is not good for them or me. Adaptation •  What I say here is not mean and I respect your ideas. I have mine also regarding Americans but I like them anyway :) ciao amigo •  I like what you say mister American Integration •  I go every 3 months to the US, I have family there (Chicago) (...) Americans are more open minded compared to French (...) I love my country, France (...) but if I had the choice, I would prefer to be American.
  33. 33. Mickael’s answers 33 Michael finally answered by underlying his own values and identity, as aTexan living in Paris.
  34. 34. Limits of vlogging in enhancing speaking and intercultural skills 34
  35. 35. Limits of vlogging in enhancing speaking and intercultural skills 35
  36. 36. Limits of vlogging in enhancing speaking and intercultural skills Ethical aspects Privacy Commercial aspects 36
  37. 37. Overview —  Context and object of research —  Corpus of study —  Theoretical framework —  Methodology and corpus of study —  Analysis —  Conclusion 37
  38. 38. Conclusion Results •  Peer collaboration and informal language learning, crystallise tensions in a globalized and digital era Potential •  Spoken production speaking skills, digital literacy skills, multilingual peer learning, understanding opinion conflicts through cultural stereotypes, building intercultural skills Limits •  Ethical and linguistic mainly due toYouTube platform andYouTubers’ skills. In a formal teaching context, Michael’s vlog can be a resource for teachers by helping them think about: •  The potential of a multimodal interactive platform for language learning and for developing digital literacy skills •  The implications of publishing and interacting on an IMP likeYouTube. 38
  39. 39. In response to « texfrancais »… A teacher’s vlog 39