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Angelina jolie


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Speech da aluna Rafaela Silva do ALL 6.1 da professora Júlia, sobre Angelina Jolie - ALL Stella Maris - Out. 2013

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Angelina jolie

  1. 1. Angelina Jolie
  2. 2. Childhood .
  3. 3. Youth
  4. 4. Jonny Lee Miller
  5. 5. Women love
  6. 6. Girl, Interrupted •
  7. 7. Brotherly Love
  8. 8. Weird Couple
  9. 9. United Nations •
  10. 10. Brangelina
  11. 11. Jolie-Pitt kids
  12. 12. Family
  13. 13. Beautiful Woman
  14. 14. Highest payed actress in Hollywood
  15. 15. AngelinA’s tatoos
  16. 16. In the land of blood and honey
  17. 17. P L A S T I C S U R G E R Y B E F O R E: A F T E R:
  18. 18. Shiloh
  19. 19. Rolling Stones It's About Time do Lemonheads, Rock'n'Roll Dreams Come Through de MeatLoaf, Stand by My Woman de Lenny Kravitz, Did My Time do Korn e Benvenuti in Paradiso de Antonello Venditti.
  20. 20. Maleficent
  21. 21. Wax figures
  22. 22. Awards
  23. 23. Mastectomy
  24. 24. They’re engaged!
  25. 25. A secret of love
  26. 26. End
  27. 27. Questions 1.Where was Angelina born? 2.What did she do when she won her first Golden Globe? 3.What did she like to collect when she was a teenager? 4.What is the story of the movie that Angelina directed? 5.What is the name of the girl she dated? 6.How many kids does Angelina have? 7.What did Angelina wear when she married Jonny Lee Miller? 8.Why Angelina decide to do the mastectomy? 9.What is the name of the clip that Angelina participated? 10.What does Angelina think about Shiloh wanting to be a man?