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Checklist 12 ict
Checklist 12 ict
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Checklist 12 ict


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  • 1. Year 12 ICT, Wordpress Assignment Checklist Use the following ‘Tick & Flick’ sheet as a way of ensuring you have covered every key idea within each of the required blog pages (per the task description): E-Portfolio Page (For each Term; 2011, T1 – 2013, T3) / Topic (i.e. Photoshop, Flash, Mixcraft, 3D Modelling) What was the topic covered over the term /which activities did you complete? – The software package you were immersed in. Explain it in terms of intended functionality, the ease or challenge for use, why it is such an awesome skill to have learned!  i.e. 2D Digital Image Manipulation in Photoshop Mention the main concepts you learnt about in order to complete such activities i.e. Photoshop o layers, o pallete, o brushes, o Lasso etc. Assessment task(s) that were set for you to complete. What were they, what were the conditions, challenges you experienced etc? Your particular assessment idea (if it was an “individually creative” task that was required) Embed all of your top multimedia /screenshots of folio work/ assignments. Show people physical examples of your work for you to boast about and make them get excited about what you have accomplished! Links to any written reports / materials (if there was one for that topic) Done for all Term topics (tick)
  • 2. Personal review of the unit and future involvement: What you gained in terms of skill and ability, what you liked /disliked, grade received, your prediction for a level of involvement with those skills in the near and long term future “Level of enjoyment” rating of the unit: i.e. 5 / 10 What others are doing within the discipline (professionally or for fun) /future directions / similar concepts or software that are being used or developed Links to others blogs on the same topic / Reviews of other professionals examples of work in the area 2013, Social Justice Issue – Persuasive Prose Select a current world issue (known or not, in the headlines or otherwise) and create a relevant blog discussion around the details, giving your own opinions on the matter and how it is effecting society. You might choose to offer solutions or ways to improve particular situations – in any case, it must be convincing for the reader of your blog. Use cross posting and other relevant internet links to gain credibility and persuade your Audience for the topic you select.