Panama Canal Soundings • Firearms: Deterrent to Crime • Gun Grabbers Growing Global GestapoTHAT FREEDOM SHALL NOT PERISH  ...
COVERSTORY       UNITED NATIONS                                                                       by Thomas R. EddlemG...
• "States are encourag ed to integrate                                          UN is no longer concerned with   measures ...
COVER STORY             UNITED NATIONStive Ron Paul (R-TX) told THENEW AMER-             Thi s yea r the internat ional ca...
COVER                                                                                            UNITED NATIONS           ...
COVER STORY             UNITED NATIONS     other armam ents would be destroyed         a formal treaty propo sal entitled ...
War under FDR and as U.S. High Com-               posed as a Soviet agent. He was also a            tary intelligence." Th...
COVER STORY             UNITED NATIONS                                                                "fo r the use of nuc...
cuss the "pro blem" of privately owned                                                                                    ...
FIREARMSDeterrent to CrimeIf the intent is to prevent mass shootings and other deadly acts,                               ...
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Global Gun Grab issue of "The New American Nov 22, 1999


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Nov 22, 1999 issue of the "New American" with a lead story on The UN's drive for gun control.

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Global Gun Grab issue of "The New American Nov 22, 1999

  1. 1. Panama Canal Soundings • Firearms: Deterrent to Crime • Gun Grabbers Growing Global GestapoTHAT FREEDOM SHALL NOT PERISH Vol . 1 5 , N o . 24 o 09281 0:
  2. 2. COVERSTORY UNITED NATIONS by Thomas R. EddlemGlobal Gun GrabIts open season on the right to keep and bear arms as UN T he United Nations is very troubled that the United States has retained its Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which guarantees that "the right of the people to keep and bear arms ,globocrats gear up for international gun controls. shall not be infringed." Radical new UN proposals treat free people with the means to effect their own self-defense as a vital threat to the United Nations and its quest for what it calls the "peace-building process." More troubling still is the fact that for the first time this radical UN agenda rep- resents a clear and present danger to our right to keep and bear arms. This is in part because the Clinton State Department is collaborating with the UN and its propos- als. But another, perhaps more dangerous , prong of the UN attack on the right to keep and bear arms comes from an insidious quasi-private institution heavily funded by socialist Northern European governments. This little-known, UN-backed organization charges itself with developing "message strategies" and "campaigning and advoca- cy strategies" to obtain a UN-managed global ban on the private ownership of firearm s. Anti·Gun Agenda The United Nations "Report of the Group of Governmental Experts on Small Arms " issued on August 19th bitterly complains that "there are wide differences among States [nations] as regards which types of arms are permitted for civilian possession, and as regards the circumstances under which they can legitimately be owned, car- ried and used. Such wide variation in na- tional laws raise difficulties for effective regional or international coordination." That the UN "experts" are complaining mainly about the United States is made clear from the concluding recommenda- tions in the report. Among the "coordina- tion" proposals adopted by the panel - enthusiastically seconded by UN Secre- tary -General Kofi Annan in his foreword to the report - are the following : • "All States should ensure that they have in place adeq uate laws, regulations and administrative procedures to exercise effective control over the legal possession of small arms and light weapons and over their transfer...."14 THENEW AMERICAN / NOVEMBER 22, 1999
  3. 3. • "States are encourag ed to integrate UN is no longer concerned with measures to control ammunition " legal niceties. Annan explained in • "States should work toward the pro- his September 22nd address be- hibition of unrestricted trade and private fore the UN General Assembly ownership of small arm s and light that "state sovereignty, in its most weapons...." basic sense, is being redefined.... The UN report defines small arms to in- A new, broader definition of na- clude just about every category of firearm s tional intere st is needed in the new that exists: "The category of small arms in- century [where] the coll ecti ve in- cludes revolvers and self-loading pistol s, tere st is the national interest." In Annans view, the "collec tive in- rifle s and carbines, sub-machine gun s, as- sau lt rifle s and light machine gu ns." The tere st" mand ates that Americans United Nations call for banning even hunt- and other peoples of the world ing rifles and antique revolvers from civil- should not own firearms and that ian possession demonstrates the radicalthe UN should be the key organ and groundbreaking nature of the report. charged with collecting them. An- Though the current United Nations at- nan emp hasized in a Sep tember tack on the Second Amendment fails to 24th speech that "controlling the take aim at civilian possession of shot- easy availability of small arm s is Annan: The "collective interest" mandates that guns , shotgun owners should find no se- a prerequisite for a successful Americans and others should not own firearms. curity in the current UN focu s. The UNpeace-building process," which is why the "United Nations has played a Affairs Specialist Herbert L. Calhoun. report in no way limits global firearms re- leading role in putting the issue of sma ll strictions to " milita ry" -re la ted firearms State Dep artment ass istance to the UN such as " revolvers" and "rifles ." The UN arms firmly on the international agenda." global gun grab agenda dates back to at "experts" explain that the United Nations UN control over a global movement to least 1994, when the Washington Times re- ban pri vate firearm s ownership has al- ported in its Ma y 24th edition that "the mu st deal with firearms on social as well ready begun. Ac cording to a September Clinton administration has agreed to par- as military criteri a: "Virtually every part of the United Nations sy stem is dealing 23rd UN pre ss rele ase, the United Nations ticipate in a discu ssion of way s for the in one way or another with the con se- con vened a two -da y workshop to set up a Unit ed Nations to control the manu facture quences of the armed conflicts, insecuri- test arms register and "database" main- of gun s and their sales to civilian s.... The tained by the UN for the entire continent UN working paper declares that go vern - ty, violence, crime, social disruption, dis- placed peoples and human suffering thatof Africa. There have already been calls ments indi vidu ally are impotent to dea l to make this regional database binding on with global arms trafficking and proposes are directly or indirectly associated with the wide availability and the use of the se all nations. harmonization of gun control standards weapons ." around the world to make trafficking easi- To implement their gun control mea -Clinton Administration Assent er to spot and prevent." The Times report More troubling than the fact that a corrupt noted that "any harmonization would in- sures, UN officials plan to ignore the reser - United Nations is seeking to attack the evitably mean tightening contro ls on the vation of national sovereignty guaranteed in the UN Charter the same way that theU.S. Bill of Rights and confiscate firearms loose ly regu lated U.S. gun busi ness." U.S. Congress often ignores the l Oth legally owned by Am erican citizens is the State Department officials have ex- Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Thefact that the Clinton administration has pre ssed general sympathies with the cur - been actively conspiring with the United rent UN proposals without mentioning the UN Charter bans UN intervention in "mat- Nations to accomplish this subversive goal. specific attack on citizen firearms owner- ters which are essentially within the do- UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan em- ship. Secretary of State Madeleine Al- mestic jurisdi ction of any state," but the phasizes in his foreword to the "Re- bri ght told the first-ever UN Security port of the Group of Governmental Council Sm all Arms Ministerial on Sep-"The United Nations call for gun control Experts on Small Arm s" that it was tember 24th that "the United States strong- "prepared, and adopted by consen- ly supports these steps," that we "welcome is an affront to our way of life and our sus" and was the product of " una- the important precedent which the UN has constitutional government. Mixing gun nimity" among the "expert" mem- set," and that the U.S . would work to ber s of the gro up. Based upon An- "commit to fini shing negotiations on a control with internationalism is certain nan s stateme nt, we can pre sume firearms protocol to the UN Transnational to result in an assault on American that none of the "experts" object to Organized Crime Convention by the end of such a naked attack on the right to 2000." rights and liberties." bear arms. Yet among the "experts" T he United Nations call for gun con - - Representative Ron Paul (R-TX) who drafted the report was U.S . trol is an affront to our way of life and our State Department Senior Foreign con stitutional government," Representa- THE NEW AMERICAN / NOVEMBER 22, 1999 15
  4. 4. COVER STORY UNITED NATIONStive Ron Paul (R-TX) told THENEW AMER- Thi s yea r the internat ional campaig n elude "ca mpaig ning and advocacy strate-ICAN. "Mix ing gun co ntro l with intern a- sought by the UNESCO Courier acq uired gie s," "developing culturally appropriatetionalism is certain to result in an assa ult an orga nizat iona l face , although there is message stra tegie s," "information shar-on America n rights and liberties." Rep re- very little "non-governmental" about it. ing" amo ng NGOs, and "constitue ncysentative Roscoe Bartlett (R-MD) pointed Annan specifically cited this new organi- building."out to THE NEW AMERICAN that the UN s zation, as well as the UN-generated "rno- Funding for this incipi ent propagandaescalating gun confisca tion campaign "fits mentum" ju stifying this impending power camp aign comes from the publi c trough ofthe pattern of a UN that s become a refuge grab, in his September 24 th address on the taxpayers of the Europea n socialist na-and a foundation for promotin g tions. IANSA notes on its websitesocialism and undermining na- that its eight most sig nificant fi-tional sovereignty and individual nancial do nor s inclu de five go v-freedom ." Th e eage r involve- ernment agencies: The Belgianment of the Clinton/A lbright Ministry for Development Coo per-State Departm en t in that ca m- ation; the Swedish Ministry of For-paign illu strates anew the ad- eign Affa irs; the Netherlands Min-min istration s contempt for the istry of Fore ign Affairs; the UnitedConstitution, the rule of law, and Kingdom Department for Intern a-our national independence. tional Developm ent ; and the Finnis h Ministry of Foreign Af-NGO Advocacy fairs. (The remai ning three areConspiring officials wit hin the small, pacifist, U.S .-based tax-ex-Clinton administrat ion do not empt foundations.)co nstitute the only prong of theUN assa ult on the right to keep Clintons "Buy-back" Initiativeand bear ar ms. The UN has es- On September 9th, Bill Cl intontablished within its Department unveiled a proposal that repr esentsfor Disarmament Affair s a de- yet an oth er pron g of the UN-partment of Coordi natin g Ac- directed globa l gun grab: A $ 15tion on Sm all Arms (CASA) . millio n fede ral gu n "buy-back"Accord ing to an August 14th initiative to be impl emented by theUN press release , CASA would Department of Housing and Urbanbe charged with coordinating all Develop ment (HU D). Thro ughUN sma ll arm s control effo rts , subsidies from HUD , loca l policeincluding a respon sib ility "to dep artment s wi ll be awarded upenco urage civi l soc iety involve- to $500,000 to co llec t an d de-ment in building soc ietal resis- stroy an est ima ted 300,000 fire-tance to vio lence." T he refer- arms. Th e UN Centre for Disar-ence to "civil soc iety" sugges ts mam ent Affa irs (UNC DA) refersthat the UN is trying to mobi - to such "buy- backs" as a "practi-lize private sector Non-Gove rn- ca l method of micro-di sarm a- Clinton-Albright State Department: Supporting UN power grab .ment al Organi zation s (NGOs) ment," whic h has been field-tes tedand citize n pressure on beha lf of its small arms : "The momentum for com bat- by municipal gove rnmen ts in the U.S. -agen da . ing small arms prolifera tion has also come and by UN "peacekeeping" forces in The attempt to generate pressure from from civil society, whic h has been in- Haiti, EI Sa lvador, Nicaragua, and otherbelow as we ll as from above has already creasi ngly active on this issue. The estab- co untries . A 1995 UNC DA paper by Dr.obtained res ults. In Nove mber 1998 the lishment early this year of the Intern ation- Edwa rd J. Laur an ce, a co ns ulta nt to theUNESCO Courier suggested that "the po- al Ac tion Net work on Sm all Arms UN Register of Conventional Arm s sincelitical tides may be changi ng. An interna- [IANSA] has helped to sharpen publi c fo- 1992, notes that the UNCDA has studiedtional campaign is now under way wit h cus on small arms , whic h has hel ped us both "buy-back programs as practic ed innon-government al organiza tions of all gain the publ ic support necessary for suc- many America n cities" and those "co n-stripes and co lours - disarm am ent and cess." IANSA is intend ed to "prov ide a ducted by the U.S. Army in Haiti" - thegu n control gro ups along wit h deve lop- transnational framework" for the mobi - latter being part of a "peacekeeping" mis-ment and hum an rights assoc iations in the lization of a broad citize n movem ent in fa- sion carrie d out on orders fro m the UNNorth and South - building common vor of gun control , according to the orga- Security Council.gro und with the active support of gove rn- nizational goa ls posted on its website . The Acco rding to Dr. Laurance, gove rnmentments like Mali , Canada, Norway and services IANSA inte nds to prov ide the "buy-backs" of small arms "must be con-Japan." UN- led global gun co ntrol movement in- ducted in parallel with other effor ts," such16 THE NEW AMERICAN I NOVEM BER 22, 1999
  5. 5. COVER UNITED NATIONS STORYas "seizure programs." He also point sout that "buy-backs" have a propa gan-da benefit, in that they focu s "attention Gun Grabbers Global Gestapoon the link between weapons availabil-ity and crime" - thereb y preparing thepublic for more aggressive civilian dis-armament measures. To illustrate a UN-supervised civilian "micro-disarma- Both individual and national disarmament schemes are part of ament" program that worked, he refers decades-old master plan to build , step by step , a global police state .to El Salvador s "new laws outlawing CORBIS/Chris Rainierpossession of military weapon s and re-quiring all citizens to register hand gunsand persona l weapons. A new policeforc e was created [and] trained underUN supervision . . . [whic h] receiv edspeci alized training in searching for,confiscating and destroying .. . military-style weapon s...." Sami Faltas of the Bonn Intern ation -al Centre for Conversion, an interna-tional "think tank" that has advised UNofficials on civilian disarmament pro-grams around the world (and for whichDr. Laur ance serves as a con sultant),has laid out the program with stunningcandor: A subtle mix of reward s and penalties is needed for a weapons [confiscation] program to succeed. Ultimately, the ownership of arms should not be left to the personal choice of individu als. The state needs to preserve its monopol y of Armed and dangerous: U.S. policy would phase out our military in favor ofUN "Peace Force ." the legitim ate use of forc e. So sanctions again st the illegal pos- by William F. Jasper tion 7277 ") is a proposal for the compl ete session and use of arms are neces- surrender of U.S. armed forces to the Unit- sary and should be imposed . How- t undoubtedly will come as a shock to ed Nations. It calls for a three -stage disar- ever, durin g a weapons collection program, an amnesty is needed , and the emphasis should be on I most Americans to learn that the lat- est Clinton administration and UN schemes for individu al and national disar- mament proce ss leading to the transfer of all national milit ary force s - including those of the United States - to the United voluntary compli ance and positive mament are part of an unfolding treasonous Nation s, and the establi shment of a UN incentives. program that was formally launched by Peace Force as the unchallengeable global U.S. officials almost 40 years ago. The pro- militar y power.Th e equa tion is qu ite eas y to und er- gram was unveiled at the UN on Septem- In its own words, Freedom From Warstand: Gun "buy-backs" prep are the ber 25, 196I by President John F. Kennedy. states:public fo r un iform gun registrati on , Entitled Freedom From War: The Unitedwhich lead s to uni ver sal gun con fis- States Program fo r General and Complete In Stage III progressive controlled dis-cation and a state monopoly on leth al Disarmament ill a Peacef ul World, this doc- armament .. . would proceed to a pointforce . Thi s was the process that led to ument is one of the most revolutionary and where no state would have the militarymass murd er of subject popul ation s in subversive prop osals ever put forward by power to challenge the progressivelySoviet Russia, National Socialist Ger- any government official. Incredibl y, the strengthened U.N. Peace y, Communist China, and other program originally introduced in this doc- The manufacture of armamentsdespoti sms. With the covert aid of the ument became - and remains - official would be prohibited except for thoseClinton administration, the UN is now U.S. government policy. agreed types and quantitie s to be usedimpl ementing this process on a glob - In short, Freedom From War (also by the U.N. Peace Force and those re-al basis. • known as "Department of State Publica- quired to maintain internal order. AllTHE NEW AMERICAN / NOVEMBER 22 . 1999 17
  6. 6. COVER STORY UNITED NATIONS other armam ents would be destroyed a formal treaty propo sal entitled Blueprint armament process. Observe that in Stage or converted to peaceful purposes. for the Peace Race: Outlin e of Basic Pro- 1II, as explained in Freedom From War and visions of a Treaty on General and Com- Blueprint fo r the Peace Race, the U.S.Freedom From War lists these "specific ob- pl ete Disarmament in a Peaceful World. armed forces cease to exist and only "in-jectives toward which nations should direct This docum ent, which comp orts with the tern al sec urity forces" - i.e. those to betheir efforts" : earlier Freedom From War plan, remains to used against American citizens - are per- this day the acknowledged blueprint for mitted . Of course, under this scheme, the • The disbanding of all national U.S. arms control policy. It unequi vocally UN "peacekeeping machinery" will be su- armed forces and the prohibit ion of states that the UN "Peace Force" would be perior to the "internal sec urity forces" and their reestablishment in any form what- progressively strengthened "until it had will be able to dictate the "laws" that will soever other than those required to pre- sufficient armed forces and armaments so be enforced. serve internal order and for contributions to a United CFR Connection Nations Peace Force; u.s. THREE-STAGE How is it possible that such a • The elimination from DISARMAMENT PLAN patentl y treasonous and sui- , national arsenals of all cidal propo sal could become armaments, including all PEACEKEEPING official U.S. policy, embed- weapon s of mass destruc- MACHINERY ded in U.S. laws and U.S.-rat- tion and the means for their ified treaties? As with so delivery, other than those re- STAGE I many other treacherous acts, quired for a United Nations policies, and programs of the Peace Force and for main- past several decades, the trail taining internal order.... STAGE II f leads to the Council on For- eign Relations (CFR), a group ,Please note that this puts the Harvard historian ArthurU.S. government on record in Schlesinger, Jr. (who was him-support of a plan to make all INTERNAL INTERNAL self a CFR member and anations subservient to the STAGE III special assistant to President SECURITY SECURITYUN; and that "all armaments" FORCES FORCES Kennedy) has called thenot controlled by the UN "front organizat ion" for "thewould be destroyed, leavin g heart of the American Estab-the UN as the virtual glob al This diagram appeared in the U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament lishment." Form er CFR Agencys Second Annual Report to Congress (1963). Although the labeldictator. And since no provi- member Admiral Che ster for the Russian helmets is dated , this three-stage disarmament plansion is made for an exemption is still official U.S. policy and is being gradually implemented. Ward charged the organiza-of arms owned by private cit- tion with "promoting disar-izens (and since the UN itself is hardl y that no state could challenge it." mament and submergence of U.S. sover-sympathetic to private gun ownership), it It cannot be stress ed too strongly that eignty and national independence into anis reasonable to assume that private arms ju st as domesti c gun control does not mean all-powerful one-world government."are intended for destruction under the term the total elimination of all firearms, neither Official responsibility for develop ing"a ll armaments." does international disarmament mean the and initi ating the disarm ament program To initiate this program, President total elimination of all armies, arma ments, outlined in Freedom From War goes toKenned y signed Public Law 87-297 (H.R. and nuclear weapons. It is no more possi- President Kennedy and his Secretaries of9118 ), creatin g the United States Arm s ble to eliminate all gun s than it is to put the State (Dean Rusk) and Defense (Robert S.Control and Disarm ament Agency nuclear genie back in the lamp. In both McNamara), all three of whom were mem-(ACDA). Accordin g to that legislation , "as cases, what really is bein g propo sed is the bers of the CFR . The real authors of Free-defined in this Act, the term s arms con- tran sfer of control over all weapons to a dom From War and Public Law 87-297 ,trol and disarmament mean the identi- central government, resultin g in the con- however, were John J. McCloy, the chair-fication, verifica tio n, inspection, limita- ce ntratio n of force and the crea tion of a man of the CFR , and Arthur H. Dean , ation, control , reduction, or elimination, of monop oly of power. In the case of domes- CFR director.armed forces and armaments of all kinds tic gun co ntrol, that means an all-powerful McCl oy, Kenned ys chief disarmam entunder international agre ement to estab- police state. In the case of internation al dis- adviser and negotiator with the Soviets, en-lish an effective system of international armament, it means an all-powerful glob- tered the Establishment thro ugh the Wallcontro!.... " (Emphasis added.) al police state. Street law firm of Cravath, Swaine and On Apr il 18, 1962, the Kennedy admin- In its Second Annual Report to Congress Moore, and later became a senior partneristration reiterated its commitment to a UN (February 1963), the ACDA present ed a at Milbank, Tweed , Hadley, and McCl oy,monopoly on weaponry by submitting, to simple graphic dep iction (see below) a firm closely tied to the Rockefelle r fam-a UN disarmam ent committee in Geneva, demonstrating its proposed three-stage dis- ily. He served as an Assistant Secretary of18 THE NEW AMERICAN / N OVEMBER 22, 1999
  7. 7. War under FDR and as U.S. High Com- posed as a Soviet agent. He was also a tary intelligence." The Senate report also missioner to occupied Germany. He head- member of the CFR and one of the main concluded: ed the World Bank, Chase Manhattan architects of the United Nations . Bank, the Ford Foundation, and the Coun - Assisting McCloy in drafting Freedom Members of the small core of officials cil on Foreign Relations. He was an advis- From War and the statute for the Arms and staff members who controlled er to nine Presidents and sat on the board Control and Disarmament Agency was IPR were either Communist or pro - of directors of many corporations. Few Arthur H. Dean . Dean was also chairman Communist. ... would dispute journalist Richard Roveres of the U.S. delegation for two years to the The effective leadership of the IPR characterization of McCloy as "chairman UN disarmament conferences in Geneva. used IPR prestige to promote the in- of the American Establishment." Following the death of John Foster Dulles terests of the Soviet Union in the McCloy s blue-chip resume, however, (CFR), Dean became the senior partner in United States.... included a few red flags. While serving in the Insider law firm of Sullivan & The IPR was a vehicle used by the the War Department, McCloy approved an Cromwell. He was vice chairman of the In- Communists to orientate American order permitting Communist Party mem- stitute for Pacific Relations (IPR), the far eastern policy toward Communist bers to become officers in the U.S. Army. Communist-run outfit most responsible - objectives. He defended identified Communist John together with our State Department - for Carter Vincent and supported pro-Com- turning China over to the Communists in Yet Dean and McCloy, with the help of their munist atomic scientist J. Robert Oppen- 1949. When IPR member Alfred Kohlberg CFR associates in the media , passed them - heimer. In 1946, FBI head J. Edgar Hoover tried heroically to expose the treason with - selves off as Republicans, and conservative, warned President Truman of an "enormous in IPR , it was Dean who scuttled the in- anti-Communist Republicans at that. Soviet espionage ring in Washington," and vestigation. In 1952 the U.S . Senate Judi - expressed concern over the "pro-Soviet ciary Committee issued a scathing report "Shock Treatment" leanings" of McCloy, Dean Acheson, and on the IPR, citing it as "an instrument of Another important influence on the Alger Hiss . Hiss, of course, was later ex- Communist policy, propaganda and mili- Kennedy-CFR disarmament plan was Es- The Root Cause of Crime and War by William F. Jasper been relinquished to an all-powerful United Nations. The central problem for the American people, however, in recog- hat the citizens of the United States of America are being dis- nizing the danger before us, is our collective blindness due to the in- T armed - both as individuals and as a nation - can hardly be questioned . Succumbing to the siren promises of peace and safety, we are giving up our weapons to Godless global planners, who tellectual, moral, and spiritual disarmament we have already per- mitted. The popular notions that guns cause crime and that armies and military weapons cause war - and that the solution, therefore, is to completely disarm individuals and nations and transfer all in tum are delivering us over to enemies - both foreign and domestic - who despise the foundations upon which our beloved nation was weapons to a single governing authority - are frightening manifes- founded. tations of the extent of that disarmament. It is a sad reflection of the A major problem for the abandonment of the Christian worldview, which holds that war and"From whence come wars American people in recogniz- crime are caused by men yielding to the sinful impulses of their fall- ing the terrible danger and en nature and violating the laws of God and society. The solution and fightings among you? .. treachery involved in our dis- then, is two-fold: to work for the increase of virtue through the con- Ye lust, and have not; armament is the fact that it version of sinners, and to establish and maintain a just social order has been occurring as a grad- that recognizes the right, and allows the means, of both the individ- ye kill and desire to have, ual process rather than a sin- ual and the nation-state to self-defense. and cannot obtain; gle, discrete act. Domestic Jesus Christ Himself taught: "When a strong man armed keepeth disarmament ("gun control") his court, those things are in peace which he posses seth. But if a ye fight and war.... " and national disarmament stronger than he come upon him and overcome him, he will take away ("international arms control") all his armour wherein he trusted, and will distribute his spoils" (Luke - James 4:1-2 have been proceeding simul- 11:21-22). Obviously, it is important to be armed physically, but trust taneously over the past four decades, promoted by the same subver- in material arms is foolish if we do not also "put on the whole armour sive forces. The gun control "movement ," if allowed to succeed, will of God" (Ephesians 6: 13). result in an unarmed American citizenry cowering before street crim- If we are to remain a free people, it is essential for Americans to be inals and completely subject to a totalitarian dictatorship run by even both spiritually and physically armed - as individuals and as a na- more dangerous criminals in Washington. The arms control "move- tion. Unfortunately, we have allowed the would-be subverters of our ment," meanwhile, is pushing us ever closer, and at an accelerating moral and political order to sow the seeds of individual and national pace, toward a global tyranny in which control over our military has disarmament - both spiritually and materially - for decades. • THE NEW AMERICAN / NOVEMBER 22, 1999 19
  8. 8. COVER STORY UNITED NATIONS "fo r the use of nucl ear Asse mbly may authorize ... ." Moreover,Just as domestic gun control does not mean wea pons in extreme cir- "every nation shall obtain a specia l licensethe total elimination of all firearms , neither cumstances." from the [U ] Inspector-Gen eral for : . .. Moreover, Chapter 3, Ar- Th e operation by it or by any publ ic ordoes international disarmament mean the ticle 14 of the Clark/So hn pr ivate organiza tion or individual . .. en-tota l elimination of all armies, armaments , UN scheme orders stric t gage d in the production of any light arms, co ntrols on the possession ammunition . .. or of tools for any suchand nuclear weapons. It is no more possible of arms and amm unition by production."to eliminate all guns than it is to put the police and private citizens:nuclear genie back in the lamp. Then and Now No nation shall allow the It is important to recognize that the current possession by its internal UN drive for civi lian disarm ament is un-tab lishment Wall Street lawyer Grenville police forces of any arms or equip- mistakabl y a co ntinuation of both theCla rk. McCl oy had worked closely with ment except of the type s permitted by Clark/Sohn scheme and the Freedom fromClark in the Military Training Camp s As- the regulations ado pted by the Gen- War and Blueprint for the Peace Race pro-sociation. Clark was vice president of the eral Assembly .. . and in no case shall posals. In langu age very similar to thatglobalist United World Federalists and co- the num ber of revolv ers and rifle s used by Clark and Sohn, the August 19,author with Professor Louis B. Sohn (CFR) combined exceed one for each mem- 1999 UN "Report of the Group of Gov-of World Peace Through World Law ( 1958). ber of the intern al police forces, the ernmental Experts on Small Arms" lists, as"It has been well said," averred Clark, "that numb er of automa tic rifles one for wea pons to be banned and ultimatel y (ifin our modern age the obdurate adherence each hundred members of such necessary) co nfiscated, "revolvers andto national sovereignty and national armed forces, and the ammunition supplies self- loading pistols, rifles and car bines,forces represents a form of insanity submac hine guns, assa ult rifles andwhich may, however, be cured by a light machin e-gun s." Furth ermore,species of shock treatment." the August 19th docum en t is cap- He spelled out that "shock treat- tioned as "Item 76 (f) of the provi-ment" in World Peace Through sio nal age nda" for "General andWorld Law, a detailed plan for so- complete disarmament" - a phrasecialist world government through a that figures promin entl y in the sub-revised UN Cha rter. Thi s text, ven- tit les of Freedom from War andera ted by all "world order" advo - Bluepr int fo r the Peace Race. Suf-cates, proposes a global superstate fice it to say the UN has a very lit-in which a "world police force" eral understanding of the phraseknown as the United Nations Peace "general and co mplete disarm a- Force would be invested with "a co- ment ." ercive force of overwh elmin g pow- And what if you fail to turn in or er." "This world police force," wrote register, say, your .22 rifle , your .38 Clark and Sohn , "would be the only pistol, or your gunpowde r and re- military force permitted anywhere in loading equipme nt, and you are the world afte r the proce ss of na- McNamara and Kennedy: Advanced treasonous plan for the charged with unlawful possession of submergence of U.S. sovereignty inglobal government. "military equipment" under the UN tional disarm ament has been co m- pleted ." 100 rounds per rifle or revolver and General Assembl ys ever-changing regula- But, say the authors, "it must be recog- 1,000 round s per auto matic rifle. No tio ns? A UN tribunal will be your judge nized that even with the complete elimina- nation shall allow the possession by and j ury. Clark and Sohn say: tion of all military forces there would nec- any publi c or private organiza tion or essarily remain substantial, although strict- individual of any milit ary equipment In orde r to prov ide mean s fo r the ly limited and lightly armed, inte rnal po- whatever or of any arms except such trial of indiv iduals acc used of vio- lice forces and that these police forces, sma ll arms as are reasonably needed lating the disarmament provisions of suppleme nted by civi lians armed with by duly licensed hunt ers or by duly li- the revised Ch arter or of other of- spo rting rifles and fow ling pieces, migh t censed ind ividu als for perso nal pro- fenses agai nst the Ch arter or laws conceivably constitute a serio us threa t to a tection. enacte d by the General Asse mbly ... neighb or ing co untry in the abse nce of a provision is also made for reg iona l well-disc iplined and heavily armed world The plan also would eliminate the "prob- United Na tio ns co ur ts, inferior to police." Accordingly, "the United Nations lem" of private citizens access to ammu- the Int ern ation al Court of Ju sti ce, Peace Force shall be regularly pro vided niti on by pro vidin g th at "no nati on shall and for the review by the Int erna- with the most modern weapons and equip- produce or allo w the production of any tion al Court of dec ision s of these re- ment ," with special provi sion being made explos ives except inso far as the General gional courts.20 THE NEW AMERICA N / N OVEMBER 22, 1999
  9. 9. cuss the "pro blem" of privately owned small arms, Secretary-Gen eral Kofi Annan proudl y announced that "the General As- sembly decided to convene a confere nce on all aspects of illicit arms trafficking no later than 200 I. ..." In the same meetin g, Secretary of State Madeleine Albr ight ex- pressed the Clint on administration s com- mitment to "pro moting disarmament in peacekeeping operations, and improv ing the enfo rceme nt of small arms embar- goes." Significantl y, she also stated that UN memb er states - including the U.S. - "should all commit to finishing negoti- ations on a firear ms protocol to the UN Transnational Organized Crime Conven- UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan promotes worldwide civilian disarmament. tion by the end of 2000." The protocol to which Albright referre dThe dia bo lica l plan for total national and arsenals. It has increasingly become was originally proposed by Japan at theindivi dual disarmament spe lle d out by a global societal phenomenon, as wit- 1995 UN Congress on Crime Prevention inClark and Sohn in 1958 was initiated by nessed by the rampant acquisition and Cai ro, Egy pt. Its purp ose, acco rding tothe Kenned y administration and has been use of increas ingly lethal weapons by documents produced at that meeting, wascarried forward by the globalist coterie in civilians - whether individuals seek- to crea te "a common strategy for effectiveeac h successive U.S. administra tion and ing a means of self-defe nse, street control of firearms at the global level." Ac-at the United Nation s. In 1995 , the UNs gangs, criminals, political opposi tion cording to the Japanese represe ntative at50 th anni versar y year, the UN -funde d groups, or terrorist organizations. the conference, "in democrati c co untriesCommi ssion on Gl ob al Govern anc e people s lives and safety should be assured(CGG) re leased Our Global Ne ighbor- In the view of these globalists, the man by the government," and therefore "citi-hood , its mu ch-h eralded repor t for UN defendin g his family and his home against zens should not need to possess handgunsreform . But the CGG s recipe fo r "re- robbers and gangsters, or the woman de- for self-protection." Of co urse, from thefor m" is in realit y a watered-down regur - fending her person and her virtue against a American perspective, personal possessiongitatio n of Clark and Sohn s deadl y brew rapist, have no more right to a firearm than of firearms is intended not only to protect- with the notable exception that world do the rapi sts, robbers, gang bangels, and the law-abidin g from private-sector preda-peace throu gh world law co uld now sup- other vicious predators causing the "wide- tors, but also again st the depredations ofposedl y be achieved through global "gov- spread crimin alization" the CGG is decr y- the predatory state - and, in the fashionernance" instead of globa l gove rn me nt. ing. Accordingly, the eGG statists "strong- of predatory statists throughout history, the"[Gjlobal gove rnance is not global gov- ly endorse community initiatives . . . to en- UN s commissar iat is laying the ground-ernment," the CGG report emphatically courage the disarming of civilians." work for a total global state by seek ing tostated, ignoring the fact that the dictio- As was to be expected, the internatio n- disarm its potential victims worldwide.nary definiti on of governance is govern- alist-minded establish ment media and the The conspiracy for empoweri ng thement. But no dic tionary is need ed to de- entire liberal-left mena geri e of pacifists, United Nations with unprecedented and un-cipher the message in Our Global Neig h- peaceniks, disarmament crusaders, Marx - paralleled police-state powers, if allowed toborh ood; the CGG s own prop osed re- ists, and profession al cause-of-the -week succeed, would establish a global tyrannyforms are clea r enough. activists applauded Our Globa l Ne igh- so mon strous that the murderous regimes Targetin g Americas heritage of gun borhood when it appea red on the sce ne. of Hitler, Stalin, and Mao would pale byownership, the CGG warned, "Widespread But eve n before that tim e the UN was comparison. For too long good Americanscriminalization can threaten the very func- makin g strides toward globa l "gover- have allowed a state of slumber to overtaketioning of a state. In the United States, the nanc e," inc ludi ng on the dom estic gun them, until now "the night is far spent."easy availability of weapons goes with a control fro nt. And the Clinton adm ini s- Fortunately, our Founding Fathers provid-startling level of daily killings." "What is tration, in cont radiction of our constitu- ed us with the constitutional means to fightneeded ," according to the CGG s globo-sa- tionally protected right to keep and bear this Godless drive. Though the hour is late,vants, "is demilitarization of international arms, was cooperating with the plann ed with diligent effort we can yet reclaim oursociety." The report explained: global gun grab. heritage of freedom. • Militarization today not only involves The Hour Is Late This article is a substantially updat ed version of a gove rnments spending more than On September 24th of this year, durin g its report, published und er the same title. in our Sep- necessary to build up their military first-ever ministerial-level meeting to dis- tembe r 19. 1994 issue.THE NEW AMERICAN / NOVEMBER 22, 1999 21
  10. 10. FIREARMSDeterrent to CrimeIf the intent is to prevent mass shootings and other deadly acts, More recently, Professor John R. Lott, in his book More Guns - Less Crime: Un- derstanding Crime and Gun Control Laws (1998), made readily available extensive research confirming the beneficial aspectsthen gun control laws need to be eased not strengthened. of gun ownership by ordinary citizens in reducing crime. He also found, in his ex- by Miguel A. Faria, Jr. , M.D. Benefits of Firearms tensive analysi s of data from all 3,054 U.S. From 1994 to 1995, the Medical Associa- counties for the period 1977-94, that stateD uring the early 1970s, the PLO tion of Georgia published seminal research conceal-carry laws have reduced murder waged a nefarious war of terror- documenting the health and safety benefits by 8 percent, rapes by 5 percent, aggravat- ism against Israel that included at- of gun ownership. That research is exten- ed assaults by 7 percent, and robberies bytacki ng schoolc hildren on playgrounds. A sive ly corroborated by the works of Dr. 3 percent.rampage of terrorist attacks culminated in Gary Kleck of Florida State University and "Conventional wisdom" notwithstand-the Maalot massacre, in which Arab ter- ing, criminals regularly make risk-ver-rorists, who had taken about 100 sus-benefit assess ments. Empirical ev-schoolchildren hostage, responded to an idence and crimi nologic studies consis-assault by Israeli rescue forces by blow- tent ly revea l that the know ledge thating up explosives and firing upon their one in five or six citize ns in a publichapless victims, killing 25 peop le and place could be armed can deter crimeswounding 66 others. and avert massacres. This has been Following this hideo us massacre, the show n to be the case in Israel, Switzer-Israeli government changed its stringent land , and even those parts of the U.S.gun control policies (which it had in- with conceal-carry laws. In Switzer-herited from the British Mandate) and land, for example, where gun owner-issued personal arms and concealed car- ship is nearly universal, there was not ary permit s to law-abiding, ordinary Is- single report of armed robbery in Gene-raelis in the settlements. va in 1993! Writing in the June 13, 1998 H)oming Based on the empirical and statisticalStar Tribune, Charles Curley observed: data, laws governing concealed carry perm its should be liberalized, not made [After the Maalot incident] teachers more restrictive. More states shou ld ex- and kindergarten nurses now started tend reciprocity to each other so that to car ry guns. Schools were protect- law-abiding citizens may be able to pro- ed by parents (and often grandpar- tect themselves and their families when ents) guarding them in voluntary they travel outside their own states. And shifts . No school gro up went on a citizens with firearm permits should be hike or a trip without armed guards. " allowe d to car ry their concealed guns ~ more libera lly - so that they will be " The police involved the citizens in a ~ voluntary civil guard project Mis h- ~ able to respo nd effec tively to criminal mar Esrachi that even had its own Z acts, and so crim inals will not be able sniper teams . The army taught fire- Buy-back programs: Reducing the number of guns in to assume that they will not encounter the hands of the law-abiding will notreduce crime. armed resistance. arm safety and shoo ting techniques. other scholars. In his momentous books, Criminals are emboldened to break the Thi s new policy had the intended effect. Point Blank - Guns and Violence in Amer- law by a permissive society that absolves The PLOs premeditated school shootings ica (1991) and Targeting Guns (1997 ), individuals of responsibility for their ac- had become so costly and ineffectual that Kleck reported that in the U.S. guns are tion s, and that shifts the blame to inani - this terror tactic was abandoned by the ear- used more frequently by law-abiding citi- mate objects such as bullets and guns. Ac- ly 1980s. This episode illustrates a lesson zens to deter crimes than by criminals to cording to the opinion cartel, the mere relevant to our own recent rash of school commit crimes . Kleck found that defensive availability of guns can enable otherwise shootings. Namely: Allowing law-abiding uses of firearms by citizens total two to 2.5 normal, law-abiding citizens to transform citizens to carry concealed weapons can million times per year and that betwee n 25 from "Dr. Jekyl ls" to "Mr. Hydes," making reduce terrorist attacks and save lives. to 75 lives are saved by a gun for every life nearly anyone a potential monster likely to lost to a gun . Medical costs saved by guns commit a crime of passion. Fortunately, D,: Faria is editor-in-chief of Medica l Sentinel, the in the hands of law-abiding citizens are 15 this imaginative caricature of the typicaljournal of the Association of American Physician s times greater than costs incurred by crim- murderer is not borne out by the crimino- and Surgeons (see the ad on the opposite page). inal uses of firearms . logic literature.THE NEW AMERICAN / NOVEMBER 22. 1999 23
  11. 11. FIREARMS I teac her, and wounded relatively little interest in atrocities that doProfessor John LoU found , in his extensive another teacher and two not involve firearms. Last May, Stevenanalysis of data from all 3,054 U.S. counties class mates . Wursts Abrams wreaked dead ly havoc at a Costa shoo ting rampage was Mesa, Ca lifo rnia day-ca re ce nter play-for the period 1977-94, that state conceal-carry halted by merchant gro und, killing two toddlers and injuringlaws have reduced murder by 8 percent, rapes Jame s Strand, who used five people. After his barbaric act, he thenby 5 percent, aggravated assaults by 7 percent, his shotgun to force the sat calmly and waited for police. Needless yo ung cri minal to halt to say, this tragic incident did not receiveand robberies by 3 percent. his firing, drop his gun, the saturation coverage the Pearl, Missis - and surrender to police. sippi; Edinboro, Pennsylvania; or Littleton, The fact is that the typica l murderer has Not surprisingly, in its coverage of the Colorado shootings did . The difference:a prior criminal history with four felony ar- tragedy the major media gave short shrift The weapon used in the Costa Mesarests before finally committing murder. to Strands armed intervention. tragedy was an automobi le, not a firearm .FBI statistics also reveal that 6 percent of • In a largely unreported incident in San-criminals commit 75 percent of all vio- What Is at Stake?lent crimes. One study of police records Aided and abetted by the Establishmentin Detroit and Kansas Cit y revealed medi as anti-g un bias, the Clint on ad-that, in "90 percent of domestic homi- ministration is proceedin g with its ef-cides , the police had responded at least forts to erode our constitutionally pro-once during the prior two years to a dis- tected right to keep and bear arms. Onturbance," and that in over 50 percent of December 5, 1998 the adm inistrationthe cas es, the police had been called unveiled its plan for instituting a na-five or more times to that dysfunction- tional waiting period for all handgunal domicile. Surely, these are not crimes transfers in additio n to the national in-ofpassio n consummated impulsively in sta nt check sys tem (NICS) that wentthe heat of the night by ordinary citi- into effect last year. The administrationzens, but the result of violence in high- has also exploited tragic mass shootingsly dysfuncti onal families in the setting to coe rce Congress to pass more dra-of repeated alcohol or illicit drug use. conian gun control laws - laws thatObviously, because of prior convic - will "harmonize" the federa l code withtions, these deranged individuals capa- impending UN-managed global gunble of murder have alrea dy forfeited control.their right to have a co nceal-carry per- Gun control opponents are correctmit issued to them . when they point out that incremental in- ~ creases in the regulation of the right to u Media Coverage ~ keep and bear arms will take us dow n aBut the media is not interested in re- ~ slippery slope to registration and even-porting any fact s that conflict with its I tually confiscatio n. This author has wit-anti-gun agend a. Consider these cases >-- nessed the tragic consequences of j ust Since Lexington and Concord , Americans havein which citizens have used guns to pre- such a slippery slope. As a 13-year-old recognizedthe va lue of an armed citizenry.vent or minim ize bloodshed : boy escaping from the island priso n of • In Pearl, Mississippi, in 1997, 16-year- ta Clara, Californi a, earlier this year, Co mmunist Cuba, the tragic lesson thatold Luke Woodham used a hunting rifle to Richard Gable Stevens rented a rifle for gun control leads to tyranny was etched in-kill two students and wound seven others. target practice at the National Shooting delibly in my mind. Before 1958, dictatorAssistant Principal Joel Myrick retrieved Club, but instead bega n a shoot ing ram- Fulgencio Batista had all citizens registerhis handgun from his automobile and held page, herding three store employees into a their firearms . After the swee p of the rev-Woodham at bay until police arrived. (Lat- near by alley and stating his intent to kill olutio n, Raul and Fidel Castro had theirer it was discovered that Woodh am had them. When Stevens bec ame momentarily Communist thu gs, aided by the newlyalso used a knife to stab his mother to distracted, a shooting club employee, who formed Co mmittees for the Defense of thedeath earlier that morni ng.) While Wood- had a AS-caliber handgun concealed under Revolution (CDR), go door to door and,hams shooting spree was widely reported his shirt, drew his weapon and fired. using the regis tration lists of the oldby the media, Myricks armed intervention Stevens was hit in the chest and critically regime, confiscate all firearms. In the end,- which likely prevented additio nal fatal- wounded. He was then held at bay until the Illy Cuban breth ren lost not only their gunsities - was wide ly ignore d. police arrived . A massacre in the making but theirfreedom. • In Edinboro, Penn sylvania, in 1998, was prevented - but the major media We must never permit the loss of theanother deadl y incide nt took place when were not interested. right to keep and bear arms in my adopted14-year-old Andrew Wurst killed one In like manner, the prestige press shows country. Never! • 24 THE NEW AMERICAN / NOVEMBER 22, 1999