3 things about money
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3 things about money






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  • Who has taken a trip recently, like over the summer? <br />
  • Who has taken a trip recently, like over the summer? <br />
  • Inflation <br /> Future Value <br />
  • Definition of <br /> Risk/Safety <br /> Liquidity <br /> Yield/Return <br />
  • Who has taken a trip recently, like over the summer? <br />
  • YES to all three. <br />

3 things about money Presentation Transcript

  • 1. + Jumpstart your Journey to be WEALTHY Guita T. Gopalan
  • 2. + Money Income Wealth Our world is changing… And its changing more quickly and more disruptively than it did 10, 20, 30 years ago. www.guitagopalan.com Guita Gopalan @guitagopalan
  • 3. A wealthy person is someone who can afford his/her chosen lifestyle without having to work. - Francisco Colayco www.guitagopalan.com Guita Gopalan @guitagopalan
  • 4. #1 SaVE: Pay Yourself First! -Francisco Colayco’s Commandment #1 www.guitagopalan.com Guita Gopalan @guitagopalan
  • 5. Destination + What do I want? I.Goal–How much? Distance Where am I right now? I.Horizon–By when? D’ Vehicle What do I have? I.Instrument–Using what? www.guitagopalan.com Guita Gopalan @guitagopalan
  • 6. #2 + Plan to be wealthy www.guitagopalan.com Guita Gopalan @guitagopalan
  • 7. + I.Goal – What do you want? How much? I.Horizon – By when? Protection Life Goals www.guitagopalan.com Guita Gopalan Retirement @guitagopalan
  • 8. + Planning - Know Where You Are Right Now and What You Have Statement of Assets and Liabilities   Know and track the growth of your net worth Personal Income and Expense Statement   Follow your money. www.guitagopalan.com Guita Gopalan @guitagopalan
  • 9. + Obstacles to Hurdle Inflation – 20 yr ave. 5% Lifestyle & Spending Habits Unwise Culture use of credit & Traditions Taxes You www.guitagopalan.com Guita Gopalan @guitagopalan
  • 10. + I.Instrument – What to use? Ownership Investment (LT) For Capital Growth Types of Investments For Regular Income Speculation (LT) For Short Term Jackpot www.guitagopalan.com Lending Investment (ST/MT/LT) Fixed Income Securities Guita Gopalan @guitagopalan
  • 11. + #3 LEARN www.guitagopalan.com Guita Gopalan @guitagopalan
  • 12. + Fundamentals of Investing Safety/Risk Fundamentals of Investing Yield/Return Liquidity www.guitagopalan.com Guita Gopalan @guitagopalan
  • 13. + Wealth Generation Instruments  Bank Products: SDs; TDs; FCDUs; LENDING INVESTMENTS Government: T-Bills; T-Bonds; ROPs; Bonds  Private: CPs; Corp. Bonds; (Money Market)  Insurance Products/LT Savings  Equities: Stocks OWNERSHIP INVESTMENTS  Pooled Funds: Mutual Funds/UITFS Small Businesses  Franchise businesses www.guitagopalan.com Guita Gopalan @guitagopalan
  • 14. + Final Reminders YOU are your greatest obstacle. www.guitagopalan.com Guita Gopalan @guitagopalan
  • 15. THANK YOU www.guitagopalan.com GuitaTGopalan @guitagopalan Guita Gopalan admin@guitagopalan.com