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  1. 1. 夢回托斯卡尼 再見到翡冷翠 Prepared & Edited by : John Chen The Strength of the Strength, Mindset of the Mindset. 心態的力量 Original Writer by : Rudyard Kipling
  2. 2. The daughter complains toward the father, everything is all very difficult. 女兒向父親抱怨, 事事都很艱難。
  3. 3. She hards put to cope with a life, seem a problem just resolve, the new problem appeared again, she was some tired. 她不知如何應付生活,好像一個問題剛剛解決,新的問題又會出現,她有些厭倦。
  4. 4. The father is a cook, bringing in the kitchen to her. He goes toward first to pour into some waters in three people's pot, then puts on the prosperous fire. 父親是一位廚師, 把她帶進廚房。他先往三口鍋裡倒入一些水,然後放在旺火上。
  5. 5. Soon, boiling. He goes toward an one mouthful to put some carrots in pot, putting into the egg in the second pot, putting to become the coffee bean of the powder into the third pot. 不久,水開了。他往第一口鍋裡放一些 胡蘿蔔,第二口鍋裡放入雞蛋, 第三口鍋裡放入碾成粉末的咖啡豆。
  6. 6. 20 after minute, the father closed fire, getting out carrot, putting to go into a bowl, getting out an egg, putting to go into a pot, then ladling up the coffee to a cup. 20 分鐘後,父親把火關了,把胡蘿蔔撈出來,放入一個碗內,把雞蛋撈出來,放入一個鍋內,然後把咖啡舀到一個杯子裡。
  7. 7. The father turns round to ask a daughter : "Kid, what do you come in sight of?“ " Carrot, egg, coffee. "She say. 父親轉身問女兒:「孩子,你看到了什麼?」「胡蘿蔔,雞蛋,咖啡」。她說。
  8. 8. He lets her close to some, touch carrot. She takes notice of him them to become soft. 他讓她靠近 一些,摸摸 胡蘿蔔。 她 注意到 它們變軟了。
  9. 9. The father lets the daughter take an egg again, breaking it, shelling hull, this is a cook of egg. 父親又讓女兒拿一個雞蛋,打破它,剝掉殼,這是一個煮熟的雞蛋。
  10. 10. End, the father lets her drink an one mouthful coffee. Taste to the very thick coffee, the daughter smile, the voice asked a way: 最後,父親讓她喝了一口咖啡。 嘗到濃濃的咖啡,女兒笑了,怯聲問道:
  11. 11. "Father, what does this mean?" The father says three kind things face same adverse circumstances-boil of boiled water. 「父親,這意味著什麼?」父親說,三樣東西面臨同樣的逆境 -- 煮沸的開水。
  12. 12. But its reflection is each not same. The carrot goes in to be strong and fructify before the pot, putting into the boiled water, it become soft,become weak. 但其反映各不相同。胡蘿蔔入鍋前是強壯的、結實的,放進開水,它變軟了、變弱了。
  13. 13. The egg is originally crumbly, the very thin outer shell protects the internal organs of the liquid, once the boiled water cook, the internal organs become hard. 雞蛋原來是易碎的,薄薄的外殼保護著液態的內臟,開水一煮,內臟變硬。
  14. 14. The powder form coffee bean then is very special, entering boiling water, they changed a water then. 粉狀咖啡豆則很獨特,進入沸水,它們便改變了水。
  15. 15. Canned learn the carrot,egg and coffee bean before the difficulties and adverse circumstances, can accept defeat, can also become stronger-even can change environment. 在艱難和逆境前,可以學胡蘿蔔、雞蛋和咖啡豆, 可以屈服,也可以變得更堅強甚至,可以改變環境。
  16. 16. The father say: Your change not environment, but can change an oneself; Your change settle a dispute actually, but can change an attitude; 父親說: 你改變不了環境,但可以改變自己;你改變不了事實,但可以改變態度;
  17. 17. Your change not past, but can change now; You have no command over others, but can control an oneself; 你改變不了過去,但可以改變現在;你不能控制他人,但可以掌握自己;
  18. 18. You can't predict tomorrow, but can hold today; You can't be everything smooth, but can be devote with fact; 你不能預知明天, 但可以把握今天; 你不能樣樣順利, 但可以事實盡心;
  19. 19. You can't or so weather, but can change a mood; You can't change facial appearance, but can emerge smiling face; 你不能左右天氣,但可以改變心情;你不能改變容貌,但可以展現笑容;
  20. 20. Yes, the mindset sometimes compares what all important. Happy life guidebook Correct immediately while discovering mistake. 是的,心態有時比什麼都重要。 快樂人生指南 一發現錯誤, 立即改正。
  21. 21. The poem phrase song that keeps firmly in mind oneself's fancy endow with. Don't interrupt the other people's compliment to you. 牢記自己喜愛的詩詞歌賦。 不要打斷別人對你的稱讚。
  22. 22. Read some books more, watch some televisions less. The opinion be unsuited to, can argue by reasoning, but can't insult and humiliate the other party. 多讀些書,少看些電視。意見不合,可據理力爭,但不可辱罵對方。
  23. 23. Bear in mind: The great love needs to emit tremendous risk with outstanding achievement all. 謹記: 偉大的愛和卓越的成就都需要冒極大的風險。
  24. 24. Respect other people, respect an oneself, be responsible for own behavior. 尊重別人,尊重自己, 為自己的行為負責。
  25. 25. If fail, never forget the precept of ( with ) failure. 如果失敗了, 千萬不要忘記失敗的教訓。
  26. 26. While being you to remember past years so over the life of ( with ) the happiness and the dignity, can enjoy life again and happily. 過快樂及有尊嚴的人生,那麼,當你回想過去的歲月時,就可以再一次快樂地 享受人生。
  27. 27. The thought and knowledge shared you with other people much, is attain immortal of one of the path. 多與別人分享你的思想和知識,是達到不朽的途徑之一。
  28. 28. The rule want to understand, but don't defend to the death, master to improvise. 規則要懂,但不要死守, 要學會變通。
  29. 29. You of the personality be you of destiny. 你的性格就是你的命運。
  30. 30. Measure success with the price of pay. 用付出的代價去衡量成功。
  31. 31. Smile to connect to hear a telephone, the other party will feel you of smile. 微笑著接聽電話,對方會感到你 的微笑。
  32. 32. Prepare to accept new thing at any time, but don't throw away the thing that should cherish. 隨時準備接受新事物, 但不要丟棄應珍惜的東西。
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