Analysis Of Three Videos

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  • 1. For full analysis go to my video posts =]
  • 2.
    • Run this town – Jay-z Featuring Rhianna and Kanye West
    • Released for radio air play July 24 th 2009
    • Beginning starts with Medium shot of red and black smoke, man holding a flame pans upwards and cuts to more flames
    • People are wearing masks, tribal like
    • Cuts to a variety of different shots
    • Head scarf's covering their faces – intertextuality
  • 3.
    • As song starts “feel it coming in the air” - Close up of Rhianna lifting down her scare. Misty fire fades away.
    • “ I'm addicted to the thrills” - Close up to long shot, We see her body, sexy outfit Voyeurism. Man with no top on gives her a flame, he appears to be smaller. Rhianna has power over man, contrasted with her outfit.
  • 4.
    • Dressed in a different outfit – all black and sexy.
    • Collection of different shots. Fragmentations of her body – sexualize.
    • See a medium shot of them all wearing shades -intertextuality
    • “ who's guna run this town tonight” medium shot of Jay-Z, close up of man running past him
  • 5.
    • Jay-z begins to rap. “pledge your allegiance” crown bashing sticks together – tribal like, supporting Jay-Z
    • “ all black everything” links into what they're wearing. Shows ma with black spikes, dangerous.
    • All the singers place on a stage about everybody. Tribe look like audience. Refers to a live audience.
    • Close ups of Jay-Z to establish his importance
    • Rhianna in hot pants and furry coat type thing – new image, like a prostitute
  • 6.
    • “ walking tall against the rain” - Rhianna holds flame higher, flames behind her, camera zooms slowly.
    • Jay-z long shot of him looking like a king, with tribe members along a corridor protecting him “you can call me Caesar.
    • There is always the main person singing in the middle.
    • Close up of Rhianna fades with long shot of tribe – shows her importance and leadership. Woman can be in charge.
    • Kanye in broken up car, smashes window – masculinity
    • “ Reebok” Kanye always mentions shoe brands in his lyrics
    • Close ups of tribe members at the end – all covered in black, one shot of woman in burqua like outfit, shows tribe is like religion
  • 7.
    • Knock you down – Keri Hilson, Kanye West and Neyo
    • Music video premièred on March 23 2009
    • Beginning – titles green and black, green connotes envy, zooms in
    • Keri free falls slow motion – links to lyrics, “knock you down”
    • Keri wearing under garments and thin t-shirt – sexualized
    • Shots, medium-long fade into each other
    • Close up of keri's face – opens her eyes, voice echo effect – sexy
    • Kanye standing up, camera looking up at him
    • “ Reboking” - mentions shoe brand – intertextuality
    • Medium shot of kanye and keri – shows love interest
  • 8.
    • Close up of Kanye – motioning slitting his throat, fades into keri free falling – links with lyrics “disaster”
    • Birds eye view of keri – sexy
    • Both holding their heads – shot cuts between them
    • Keri by herself, white background, dress more however in leather – still sexy
    • Shots cut to fragmentations of her body
    • Close up to extreme close up of keri and kanye about to kiss.
    • Close up of her biting her lip – intertextuality and voyeurism
    • Lyrics “knock me down” - Keri free falling again
    • Split screen effect – holding each others faces both smiling -> goes to feet -> both not smiling -> feet, keri turning hers away -> kanye falls after keri turns away. Links in with lyrics “sometimes love comes around and it knocks you down”
    • When Kanye hits the ground digitalized effect of him smashing into pieces.
  • 9.
    • Cuts to close up of Neyo
    • Usual image, smart hat, looking sleek
    • Cuts to Keri- extreme close up
    • “ kick it with my girl today” neyo shakes his head, cuts to keri – can see neyo is new love interest
    • “ commander and chief” dance moves link in with lyrics constantly
    • Neyo mentions “miss independent” one of his own songs, sings it like he does in his song
    • Close up of Kanye at a party – medium shot of keri and neyo – indicates confrontation
    • Split screen of Kanye and Keri – indicates reminiscing
    • Right side black and white – shows how they were – links with lyrics
    • On the split screen images reflecting lyrics – ashes, nassa, love letter, hour glass
    • Confrontation of Kanye and Keri – Kanye's tempo faster – climax
  • 10.
    • “ this is bad real bad Michael Jackson” keri motions the Jackson-esque holding her crotch, lyrics relate to Michaels song “bad”, links in with the songs situation
    • Medium shot of keri inbetween kanye and neyo, cuts to close ups of her looking sad. Shows she is in the middle of a love war – her voice pitch gets higher showing anxiety
    • Medium shot of kanye and neyo – zooms into a picture of her
    • Split screen of her with both kanye and neyo.
  • 11.
    • Fighter – Christina Aguilera
    • Beginning close up of moth – light surrounding it, rest dark
    • As music starts blurred close up of ballerina feet, with same lighting as moth
    • Close up of black spikey hair
    • Cuts quickly to image of dancer moving their hands spookily like a piano
    • Cuts back to moth – emphasis
    • Extreme close up of Christina face, background black – lighting like moth
    • Cuts back to body of dancer – cleverly done so not to show voyeurism
  • 12.
    • Long shot of Christina in door way, white skin black outfit
    • Medium shot of dancer – looks dead
    • 2 ballerinas, shows woman fighting together
    • Christina wears a cape – like vampire
    • Long shot of christina in a box – when she sings “makes me that much stronger” she smashes the box – shows masculinity and woman strength
  • 13.
    • Ballerina's eating fruit – sensual
    • Extreme close up of Christina when she starts singing – wearing heavy make up
    • Blur – fades into three dancers, more woman standing together
    • Medium shot of ballerina's with sticks, helping them walk
    • Christina crawling on floor with stick – eventual throws stick, black digitalized splodge on screen when she sings chorus again.
    • Long shot of her in white – peace
    • Close up of her in white, more intimate
    • As pitch of voice heightens, moths fly “towards the light” - extreme long shot emphasizes
  • 14.
    • As song comes to a climax, extreme close up to close up to medium shot of Christina
    • Close up of eye, green lashes – revenge
    • Eye then has a butterfly in front of it, butterfly beautiful compared to moth
    • Extreme close up of fire – emotions burning away
    • Christina changes her outfit – black and red – extreme close up filtered in red.
    • “ mid shot” makes muscle movement – masculinity and strength
    • Close up of Christina in white – filters to red like blood
    • Extreme close up of both hey eyes
    • Long shot at the end, Christina kicks screen, digitalized smash of camera lenz.