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  1. 1. Artist ideas&chosen songs
  2. 2. Beyonce• i was here, run the world, diva, broken hearted girl, single ladies her main genre is r&b, soul and pop she works with alot of live instruments and has a strong powerful voice she targets ages around 16-40 as she talks alot about her relationships. There is a lot of dance within her videos. Her videos also consist of mainly females but in other videos just her and another male. She is from Texas and was first found in 1997. The song Run the world give out quite a feminist message about girls and is targetted for girls almost against men. Ideas for a video to support this song would be; Bright colourful costumes colours that portray girls, a march of girls through an exotic setting,an overpowerment of females to the amount of males, something to show the world in a smaller view the march going through different cities and cultures around the world. In the music video run the world beyonce is seen to be riding a black hoprse across a desert plane leading an army of women this is interesting because you wouldnt normally associate amry and armed force horses with glamorous women so its almost showing her stregnth, individuality and feminist side for women.
  3. 3. DigipakHere is an example of one of Beyonces most recent digipacks andalbums there are many different features of the digipack that I havenoticed. There are 2 CDs of which have her record label printed on toshow who she is and where she is from, one of them has the track list onthe CD to show the content of the actual CD. The album name is clearlystated on both CDs in a rather classical royal font to show her status andlevel of fame. There are pictures of her standing alone on the first sectionof the digipack to show her being an independent women and strong as afemale reflecting on her female empowerment in most of her songs i thinki will do the same throughout my digipack to show womensstregnth/independance.
  4. 4. Albumexample of beyonces album advertisement i am sasha Here is an advertisement fierce which was released on the 18th of November 2008, The first image reflects on her being natural and pure she doesnt seem to have much makeup on and is holding her hair back out of her face as if she has nothing to hide and is showing her not intending to be glamorous this could mean it isnt a sexual picture, she has a cross knecklace on showing her purity and christianity beliefs reflecting on her innocence in this photograph. The the next photograph is the total opposite and shows her alter ego the background of the picture is dark and fierce hence the album name i am sasha fierce it shows her metalic dark side with dark heavy makeup and peircing eyes.The way she is posed and staring into the camera is quite threatening, fierce and intimidating again reflecting on the album name i am sasha fierce She has some sort of prop/piece of clothing that is wrapped around her and shown to be a strong hard material, this shows there are two different sides to her album an innocent side possibly displaying songs through her emotions and life experiences relationships etc and then of course her feirce dark more fiesty side with a more rock genre and dance side.
  5. 5. Where she began• Beyonce first started out by forming a girl band called Girls Tyme in which her dad gave up his full time job to promote the band. They then changed th ename to Destinies Child with their first song Killing Time which was rleeased in 1997 they continued upwards and soon became on of the top R&B pop groups in 2000 with 100 number one singles and numerous top ten hits aswell as two albums that went to number one. Beyonce then went on and won 2001 songwriter of the year, she then finally released her solo debut album Dangerously in love
  6. 6. Analysis of ‘Run The World’• Here is hyperlink of the music video Run The World and below is a print screen form the music video. From watching the video i have come to a analysis. Run The World is a hip hop/ R&B genred song targetted at girls around the age of 16-40. This is something Beyonce has never done before it is a mixture of different cultures and eras, a new sound and a message that would give women everywhere stregnth, the video is all about Beyonce getting across the message of women taking control.The video reflects on her and her inspiration to women, all her band members consist of females and some of her past songs are also about females and individuality and stregnth of women. The songs title and lyrics give off the aggressive message promoting female empowerment.All of the constumes throughout the music video she is seen to be wearing are very glamorous and linked to her genre of r&b and pop, she also stands out formt he other background dancers showing her to be the main one and the leader.At the start of the video around 9 seconds in there is an over the shoulder shot of her riding a black horse and with black horses associated with war and power and people in the milatary this shows her stregnth right at the start of the video you dont expect to see her in this way and so straight away puts across the message. Around 13 seconds into the video there is a close up shot of Beyonce stood with her arms in the air standing tall by herself which conveys women can be independant and rule the world.Around 40 seconds into the video, she is shown in a smoky war zone area wearing a gladiator outfit carrying a flag with the letter B on it and wearing a tall gold crown she is surrounded by dancers with bright coloured skirts, black milatary jackets and peaked caps.This shows she is looked up on and could reflect the amount of power she has leading all these girls in an army it also shows her royalty in that people respect and honour her, there are also seen to be posters of Beyonces face behind the women again showing all the attention to be on her. The car that she is leant on has revolution spray painted on fiercly which means there has been a turn around or change in power that takes place over a short period of time. The message she is trying to get across is were in charge now She clearly transmitts her trademark message of female empowerment. Throughout the video she is also seen with a lion which can be associated as a powerful creature, the leader of animals portraying Beyonce again as powerful and important.There is also seen to be an army of women against an army of men with weapons and protective clothing on as if they are scared of the women also showing female empowerment again. All through the video we can see from the way Beyonce dresses to the different camera shots and her facial features and also her fierce dance moves that she is a very feirce individual and wants to portray female empowerment through all these features.
  7. 7. Beyonce’s Album Cover