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The Age Of Absolutism Frq Presentation 2
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The Age Of Absolutism Frq Presentation 2


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  • 1. The Age of Absolutism Question – Analyze the major ways through Czar Peter the Great (1689-1725) sought to reform his society and its institutions in order to strengthen Russia and its position in Europe. (1989) Jane Le Period 2
  • 2. Intro Sentence: The Age of Absolutism was a period in which monarchs wanted to increase their riches and power for the state.
    • Thesis: Upon ascending the throne of Russia, Peter the Great was able to modernize Russia politically, economically, religiously, and socially towards western orientation.
  • 3. TS: Peter the Great sought to modernize Russia politically to strengthen it as a whole. E1: In order to fight off corruption and keep his personal authority, Peter the Great reorganized his administration. C1: He establishes multiple colleges and assigns a secretary for each one to make the government of Russia more efficient and effective.
  • 4. E1:In order to build St. Petersburg and wage his wars, Peter levied heavy taxes on almost every product imaginable. 
    • E2: Raising taxes would help Peter build their new capital and warfare, making everyone in Russia have experience in militarism.
  • 5. CS: Strengthening Russia, Peter develops political ideas to have a more western-like Russia. TS: As Czar, Peter reforms the economy of Russia to resemble Western Europe's.
  • 6.
    • E1: When Peter came back from his journey from the west, he brings back the printing press allowing knowledge to be spread.
    • C1: To show that Peter wanted to modernize Russia, he wrote the very first newspaper, making Russia a more well -i nformed country.
  • 7. E2: Peter tries to convince the boyars to abolish the idea of serfdom in Russia because serfdom was once in the west, but was wiped out because it did not work.
    • C2: But because the boyars did not fully abolish the idea of serfdom, Russia would not be fully modernized.
  • 8. CS: But with Peter the Great having Russia better than before, Russia's economy was stronger.
    • TS: Another way Peter the Great sought to modernize Russia was to change his country religiously.
  • 9.
    • E1: Peter puts himself as head of the Eastern Orthodox Church in Russia, but in order to do so, he had to influence the idea of the Old Believers.
    • C1: Peter would be able to modernize Russia if the Old Believers were exiled because they were people who did not believe in modernization.
  • 10. E2: Peter also abolished the position of the patriarch and replaces it with a government department called the Holy Synod.
    • C2: By replacing the patriarch with a secular council, the bishops in the Holy Synod helps Peter govern the church, making Russia mostly secular.
  • 11. CS: Peter used his knowledge of western ideas to make Russia become religiously stronger. TS: Peter also boosted Russia by westernizing it socially.
  • 12.
    • E1: Seeing that Western Europe does not have long beards and sleeves, Peter immediately cuts them off his boyars when he returns to Russia.
    • C1: Peter did this because he believed that his boyars couldn’t work with such long beards and sleeves getting in their way so if he cut them, then it’d be easier for them to serve the country.
  • 13. E2: In 1722, Peter establishes a Table of Ranks, which was a table that equated a person’s social position, and was to draw the nobility into serving the country.
    • C2: Peter knew that it didn't matter whether a person was a noble or not because he believed that the more you work the higher you get.
    • CS: Wanting to improve Russia’s rank in Europe, Peter sought to use his ideas to improve Russia socially.
  • 14. Concluding Sentence: With Peter the Great's desire to modernize Russia, he managed to have Russia politically, economically, religiously, and socially stronger just like the west.