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  • 1. 13 -  (5/15/08) Pre-Broadway Goodspeed - Graham Phillips, Aaron Simon Gross, Allie Trimm, Eric Nelsen, Elizabeth Egan Gillies, Ashton Smallings, Kyle Crews, Alberto Calderon, Eamon Foley, Joey LaVarco, Ariana Grande, Caitlin Gann, Taylor Bright.<br />1776 - Seattle, 3/16/01 - David Pichette, Patti Cohenour, Joe Mahowald, Kim Huber. Excellent production. <br />9 to 5 - September 23, 2008 - Pre-Broadway Some minor obstructions, but a brilliant show. Megan is hilarious and Stephanie's still fierce. <br />9 to 5 - October 19, 2008 - pre-Broadway. Los Angeles. Allison Janney (Violet), Stephanie J. Block (Judy), Megan Hilty (Doralee), Andy Karl (Joe), Kathy Fitzgerald (Roz), Marc Kudisch (Mr. Hart), Ioana Alfonso (Maria/Ensemble), Timothy George Anderson (Ensemble) <br />9 to 5 - 4/11/09 ~ Broadway - Allison Janney, Stephanie J. Block, Megan Hilty, Mark Kudisch, Andy Karl, Kathy Fitzgerald, Ann Harada, Ioana Alfonso<br />1776 - 4/13/04 ~ Los Angeles, CA Steve Glaudini, John Massey Jr, Allen Everman, Greg Nichols, Tony Quinn, Nils Anderson, Sean Cox, Jill Van Velzer, Shannon Watson. A presentation of Performance Riverside. This production won the 2004 Los Angeles Ovation Award for Best Musical. Filmed using one camera on a tripod. <br />110 Stories - 9/10/04 Edie Falco, James Gandolfini, Mary Stuart Masterson, Neil Patrick Harris, Neal Huff, Daniel Sunjata, Jo ann Allen, Maceo Rose, Jim mc caffrey, Jay o. Sanders. <br />110 IN THE SHADE - 4/15/07 ~ Broadway Audra McDonald, John Cullum, Steve Kazee, Chris Butler, Carla Duren, Christopher Innvar, Bobby Steggert. <br />700 SUNDAYS - 3/11/05 - Billy Crystal <br />25th ANNUAL PUTNAM COUNTY SPELLING BEE - 2/15/05 . Derrick Baskin,Deborah S. Craig,Jesse Tyler Ferguson,Dan Fogler Lisa Howard,Celia Keenan-Bolger,Jose Llana,Jay Reiss Sarah Saltzberg. some cover ups. <br />25th ANNUAL PUTNAM COUNTY SPELLING BEE - 4/9/06 ~ Chicago Cast - James Earl Jones II, Bill Larkin, Cristen Paige, Eric Roediger, Jen Sese, Lucia Spina, Derrick Trumbly, Brad Weinstock, Christine Werny. <br />25th ANNUAL PUTNAM COUNTY SPELLING BEE - 6/28/06 ~ Chicago Julius Thomas III (u/s Mitch), Bill Larkin, Cristen Paige, Eric Roediger, Jen Sese, Lucia Spina, Derrick Trumbly, Brad Weinstock, Christine Werny. Beautiful dvd with amazing closeups. <br />3 DAYS OF RAIN - 3/14/06 A+ Lots of close-ups and great sound. Cast: Julia Roberts, Paul Rudd, Bradley Cooper. <br />3 DAYS OF RAIN - 05/13/06 - Julia Roberts <br />42nd STREET 4/21/01 ~ Broadway Revival Michael Cumpsty, Beth Leavel (u/s), Kate Levering, David Elder Shot from balcony, good zooms. <br />42nd STREET - Memphis - 2002 proshot <br />42nd STREET - 1/21/06 - Non-Equity Tour Cast: Melody Davi, Natalie Buster, David Grant, Randi Kaye, Jarran Muse, Christian Donnelly <br />A BROADWAY CHRISTMAS - Date Unknown ~ TV Casts of Aspects of Love, Les Miserables, Starlight Express, Miss Saigon and Cats signing Christmas songs from the own Broadway stages, in their Broadway costumes. <br />A CHORUS LINE - 9/30/06 - Ken Alan, Brad Anderson, Michelle Aravena, David Baum, Michael Berresse, E. Clayton Cornelious, Natalie Cortez, Mike Cannon, Charlotte D'Amboise, Mara Davi, Joey Dudding, Lyndy Franklin, Jessica Lee Goldyn, Deidre Goodwin, Tyler Hanes, Nadine Isenegger, Pamela Jordan, James T. Lane, Lorin Latarro, Paul McGill, Heather Parcells, Michael Paternostro, Alisan Porter, Jeffrey Schecter, Yuka Takara, Jason Tam, Grant Turner, Chryssie Whitehead, Tony Yazbeck <br />A CHORUS LINE 10/15/06 ~ Broadway *** Revial: Michael Berresse, Charlotte d'Amboise, Deidre Goodwin, Brad Anderson, Natalie Cortez, Mara Davi, Jessica Lee Goldyn, Tyler Hanes, E Clayton Cornelious as (u/s) Richie, Heather Parcells, Alisan Porter, Yuka Takara, Jason Tam, Lyndy Franklin as (u/s) Kristine, Tony Yazbeck. The last 7 minutes are audio only. <br />A FUNNY THING HAPPENED ON THE WAY TO THE FORUM 1996 - Nathan Lane <br />A LITTLE NIGHT MUSIC - Curran Theatre 12/7/98 - Meg Mackay (Desiree Armfeldt), Richard Gould (Frederik), Ruth Kobart (Madame Armfeldt), Karen Culliver (Charlotte Malcolm), Franc D. Ambrosio (Henrik), Krista Wigle (Petra), Lisa Groman (Anne Egerman), Bonnie Rappl (Frederika), Christopher Carl (Carl Magnus). Wonderful video! <br />A RAISIN IN THE SUN - Audra McDonald, Sean Combs, Sanaa Lathan, Phylicia Rashad. April 10th, 2004 B+ <br />A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE -regional production- Good show. <br />A TALE OF TWO CITIES (reading) 8/20/04 A great video lots of close ups great sound Synopsis:It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…" ; it was the French Revolution, against which Dickens' classic tale of vengeance, redemption, sacrifice — and love — comes to vivid life. Cast List: Gavin Creel, James Barbour, Michelle Dawson, Gary Morris. <br />A TALE OF TWO CITIES - 8/20/04 . Gary Morris, Alex Santoriello, Michelle Dawson, Billy Gillman, Jenny Powers, Katherine McGrath, Ed Dixon, Tim Shew, James Barbour, Gavin Creel, Nick Wyman, Allen Fitzpatrick, William Thomas Eveans, Michael Paternostro, Mark Aldrich, Matthew Stocke, Heather Laws, Jennifer Brown, Rebecca Robbins, Miles kasth, Les Minski. Very nice video. <br />A YEAR WITH FROG & TOAD - 6/13/03 - original cast. <br />AFTER THE FALL 7/03/04 Arthur Miller's autobiographical play. Peter Krause, Carla Gugino, Jessica Hecht, Vivienne Benesch, Candy Buckley, Roxanna Hope, Kathleen McNenny, Ken Marks, Mark Nelson, Baylen Thomas, Jonathan Walker, Dan Ziskie, Chris bowers, Lisa Louttit, James O'Toole. <br />AD-LIBERTY (r family cruise) Stardust Theater, Norweigan Dawn 7/14/05 - John Tartaglia's fully realized version of his cabaret show performed for the Rosie cruise. <br />ADVENTURES OF TOM SAWYER - 4/10/01 - Joshua Park, Jim Poulos, Kristin Bell, Linda Purl <br />AFTER ASHLEY - 2/19/05 Anna Paquin, Kieran Culkin, Tim Hopper. <br />AFTERBIRTH: Kathy & Mo's Greatest Hits - 7/10/04 <br />AIDA - Video presskit featuring Elton John. <br />AIDA - Essen, Germany. Florence Kasumba. <br />AIDA - Broadway 5-23-00 -w. Phineas Newborn-Mereb <br />AIDA - 3/29/00 Heather Headley, Adam Pascal, Sherie Rene Scott. Awesome zoons, good video. Taken from the left side. Balcony. (1st gen) <br />AIDA Show Date: 12/03/00 Cast: Heather Headley, Adam Pascal, Sherie Rene Scott <br />AIDA - 8/27/02 ~ Broadway - Maya Days, Adam Pascal, Felicia Finley. Clear picture and great sound, one of the nicer AIDA's A<br />AIDA - 3/27/01 , Maya Days (u/s Aida), Adam Pascal, Taylor Dayne. shot from 5th row mezz, lots of zooms, digital. (1st gen.) <br />AIDA - 5/19/01 , Heather Headley, Will Chase (u/s Radames), Taylor Dayne. Shot from 7th row mezz, digital, nice zooms, some heads but again, nothing major. (1st gen.) <br />AIDA - (National Tour) - 11/18/01 - Simone (Aida), Patrick Cassidy (Radames), Kelli Fournier (Amneris), Jacen R. Wilkerson (Mereb). <br />AIDA 12/12/01 (1st gen) Broadway Idina Menzel, Matt Bogart, Maya Days. <br />AIDA 6/12/02 - Philadelphia, Pa National Tour- Kelli Fournier/Jeremy Kushnier/Paulette Ivory/Eric L. Christian/Robert Neary/Mark La Mura/Jerald Vincent/Anika Ellis (A-). 1st gen. Opening Night. Shaky, but a beautiful digital video with tons of closeups. <br />AIDA 6/23/02 Broadway Felicia Finley,William Robert Gaynor*, Simone 2nd generation. incredible video. clear with lots of zooms <br />AIDA 08.17.02 - National tour D.C. 2nd Generation. shot from 3rd row mezz. Digital. Jeremy Kushnier, Paulette Ivory, Kelli Fournier. <br />AIDA Schele Williams (u/s), Matt Bogart (u/s), Felicia Finley. 10/20/02. Awesome video! <br />AIDA 7/19/05 Gateway Playhouse - Bellport, Long Island Idara Victor, Nicholas Belton, Elizabeth Stanley, Alexander Cassel, Darren Mathias. <br />AIDA - 7/27/05 ~ Wichita, KS Montego Glover, Darren Ritchie, Chelsea Krombach, Craig Ricks, Javier Perez-Gomez, Thomas Wesley Douglas. A production of the Music Theatre Of Wichita. Filmed using one camera on a tripod. Disc also includes local television commercials for the show. <br />AIDA - 11/9/06 ~ Madison, WI *** Non-Equity Tour: Leah Allers, Casey Elliott, Marja Harmon, Dane Harrington Joseph, DJ Rudd, Michael Johnson. Totally different production from the Broadway version. This has a modern/urban update to it. Great sound, some cover ups. <br />AIDA - April 14th, 2007 This video was filmed from the last row in the balcony. Act One begins in the middle of the Overture and ends about a minute into Elaborate Lives (about an hour and three minutes). Act Two is complete from A Step Too Far to Curtain Call. Black lines on each side of the picture, but still some very good close ups. <br />AIDA CLIPS - “My Strongest Suit (Rosie), I Know the Truth:Elton John (Rosie), Elaborate Lives:Heather (Regis), Easy as Life:Heather (Rosie), A Step To Far (The View), Elton John (GMA), Elaborate Lives (GMA), Gods Love Nubia (Rosie), Written in the Stars (Today), Elton John (The View), Easy as Life (Today Show Weekend), Gods Love Nubia (Today Show Weekend), Heather Headley (Charlie Rose Show). <br />AINT MISBEHAVIN (Nell Carter) <br />AIN'T BROADWAY GRAND (A Brand-New 1948 Musical Comedy) - 5/6/93 ~ Broadway <br />ALADDIN - 4/4/03 ~ Disney's California Adventure Great video. Show runs about 45 minutes <br />ALLERGIST'S WIFE - Valerie Harper. <br />ALL MY SONS 1986 ~ PBS-TV James Whitmore, Aiden Quinn, Michael Learned, Joan Allen, Jeljko Ivanek. Written by Arthur Miller. Filmed as part of PBS' American Playhouse series. <br />ALL SHOOK UP - 4/9/05 - Cheyenne Jackson, Jonathan Hadary, John Jellison and Sharon Wilkins <br />ALL SHOOK UP - 9/17/06 ~ Milwaukee, WI Touring Cast: Joe Mandragona, Jenny Fellner, Natasha Yvette Williams, Valisia Lekae Little, Dennis Moench, Wally Dunn, Beth Glover, Susan Anton. <br />ALTAR BOYZ - 6/21/05 - Scott Porter, Tyler Maynard, Ryan Duncan, Andy Karl, David Josefsberg. <br />ALTAR BOYZ - 7/4/05 - original off broadway cast. <br />ALTAR BOYZ 10/11/06 ~ Chicago, IL Touring Cast: Matthew Buckner, Ryan Ratliff, Jesse Johnson, Jay Garcia, Nick Blaemire. Wonderful Cast, great show, solid performances. <br />ALTAR BOYZ - 5/4/07 ~ Long Beach, CA Danny Calvert, Dan Domenech, James Royce Edwards, Tyler McGee, Dan Pacheco. A great production of Musical Theatre West. Filmed using one camera on a tripod. Crystal clear. <br />ALTAR BOYZ - 09.04.07 - Chad Doreck (Matthew), Ryan J Ratliff (Mark), Landon Beard (Luke), Jay Garcia (Juan), Ryan Strand (Abraham). <br />AMOUR - 10/23/02 - Broadway, OBC with Malcolm Gets, Melissa Errico. Shot from front mezz, nice video with lots of closeups. <br />AN ALMOST HOLY PICTURE - 2/21/02 (1st gen) --Kevin Bacon <br />ANNA IN THE TROPICS - Jimmy Smits, Daphne Rubin-Vega, Priscilla Lopez, John Ortiz, Vanessa Aspillaga, Victor Argo, David Zayas. November 12th, 2003 . Great video! <br />ANNIE -- Regional -- Bob Fitch (Bway original Rooster) archival tape 3-cam edit. Great video! <br />ANNIE CHRISTMAS SPECIAL - 1977 ~ TV special With Andrea McArdle, Reid Shelton, Dorothy Loudon and most of the OBC of “Annie”. Includes some songs from the show, lots of camp and a new song by Strouse and Charnin - “It's Christmas”. *some generation loss* <br />ANNIE - 2/2001 ~ Non-Union Tour Angela DeAngelo, Victoria Chuck, Danielle Freid, Tracy Brancifer, Ellen Hornberger, Amy Sheff. 30 Minutes of Highlights. <br />ANNIE - 10/1/06 ~ Chicago, IL *** 30th Anniversary Tour: Marissa O'Donnell, David Chernault as (u/s) Daddy Warbucks, Alene Robertson, Elizabeth Broadhurst, Ashley Gonzales, Scott Willis, Monica Patton. Shot 14 Rows back from the stage, amazing closups, heads in some frames at times, but not much. <br />ANNIE: LIFE AFTER TOMORROW - 12/06 ~ Showtime-TV Sarah Jessica Parker, Allison Smith, Kathy Raicht, Nicole Francis, Roseanne Kavanagh, Ana Lovelis, Robyn Finn-Moosey, Kristy Coombs. <br />ANNIE 2 - 1989 ~ Pre-Broadway, Kennedy Center. Starring Dorothy Loudon, Harve Presnell, Ronny Graham, Lauren Mitchell, Marian Seldes and Danielle Findley. Full stage shot. <br />ANNIE WARBUCKS 10/29/92 ~Los Angeles, Pre-Off-Broadway Harvey Evans, Harve Presnell, Lindsey Ridgeway, Molly Scott. <br />ANNIE GET YOUR GUN - TV Cast 1957 broadcast with John Raitt and Mary Martin. Black and white. <br />ANNIE GET YOUR GUN 2000 ~ Tour, New Haven Marilu Henner as Annie, Rex Smith as Frank, Susann Fletcher as Dolly. <br />ANYTHING GOES - 1957 ~ Pro shot for TV <br />ANYONE CAN WHISTLE CONCERT - 1995 ~ Carnegie Hall, NY Hosted by Angela Lansbury. Scott Bakula, Bernadette Peters, Madeline Kahn. <br />APPLE TREE - City Center Encores! New York May, 2005 Stars: Kristen Chenowith, Malcom Gets, Michael Cerveris, Daniel Marcus, Krisha Marcano and James Earl Jones as God. <br />ASSASSINS Becky Ann Baker, James Barbour, Mario Cantone, Michael Cerveris, Mary Catherine Garrison, Alexander Gemignani, Neil Patrick Harris, Marc Kudisch, Dennis O'Hare, Jeffrey Kuhn. May 29th, 2004 . Very nice video. <br />ASSASSINS - La Jolla Playhouse, CA. Good video w/zooms. <br />ASSASSINS - New Zealand <br />ASSASSINS - Broadway, 4/2004 . With Marc Kudisch, Neil Patrick Harris, Mario Cantone et al. Shot from the mezz, beautiful video. <br />ASSASSIN S - 5/29/2004 - Becky Ann Baker, James Barbour, Mario Cantone, Michael Cerveris, Mary Catherine Garrison, Alexander Gemignani, Neil Patrick Harris, Marc Kudisch, Dennis O'Hare, Jeffrey Kuhn. Very nice <br />AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY - ( January 2nd, 2008 ) Deanna Dunagan, Amy Morton, Rondi Reed, Francis Guinan, Jeff Perry, Sally Murphy, Mariann Mayberry, Brian Kerwin, Ian Barford, Kimberly Guerrero, Madeleine Martin, Dennis Letts, Troy West <br />AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY - Broadway (12.14.2007)  Ian Barford, Deanna Dunagan, Kimberly Guerrero, Francis Guinan, Brian Kerwin, Dennis Letts, Madeleine Martin, Mariann Mayberry, Amy Morton, Sally Murphy, Jeff Perry, Rondi Reed, Troy West <br />AUNTIE MAME : a reading, all star cast 11-24-03 <br />AVENUE Q - (Original Broadway Cast – 10/18/03 ) – John Tartaglia, Stephanie D'Abruzzo, Ann Harada -. Great picture and sound! Good zooms <br />AVENUE Q - 6/25/05 – Barrett Foa (Princeton/Rod), Peter Linz (Brian), Stephanie D'Abruzzo (Kate Monster) <br />AVENUE Q - 9/24/06 ~ Broadway - Howie Michael Smith, Mary Faber, Rick Lyon, Ann Sanders, Haneefah Wood, Matt Schreiber as (u/s) Brian, Jen Barnhart. <br />AVENUE Q - ( 4/21/08 ) Broadway -- Jonathan Root (Princeton/Rod), Sarah Stiles (Kate/Lucy the Slut), Christian Anderson (Nikky/Trekkie), Ann Sanders (Christmas Eve), Nicholas Kohn (Brian), Rashidra Scott (Gary), Jennifer Barnhart (Mrs. T) <br />AVENUE Q - Des Moines, IA. 11/18/07Cast: Sett Rettberg (Princeton/Rod Understudy), Kelli Sawyer (Lucy T. Slut/Kate Monster), Angela Ai (Christmas Eve), David Benoit (Trekky Monster, etc.), Cole Porter (Brian), Carla Renata (Gary Coleman), Minglie Chen.<br />BAH! HUMBUG! - 1994 Broadcast Reading Live reading of the original manuscript of A Christmas Carol, pro-shot for PBS with Martin Sheen, James Earl Jones, and introduced by Robert MacNeil. Performed at the Pierpont Morgan Library in Manhattan. Absolutely wonderful reading. Almost no generation loss with clear picture and sound. <br />BAKER'S WIFE - Witchita <br />BARE: A POP OPERA - 5/27/04 ~ Broadway - Michael Arden, Jenna Leigh Green, Kearran Giovanni, John Hill, Natalie Joy Johnson, Aaron Lohr, Sasha Allen , Isaac Calpito, Mike Cannon, Adam Fleming, Kaitlin Hopkins.<br />BASH-LATTER DAY PLAYS Calista Flockhart, Paul Rudd, Ron Eldard. Wonderful video. Pro Shot. <br />BAT BOY - Deven Mey, Kerry Butler, Kaitlin Hopkins, Sean McCourt. 11/30/2001 . Nice close-ups, very good video. <br />BAT BOY - JP Potter, Gavin Creel <br />BAT BOY [ 2004 ] [Westchester, NY] [Proshot] <br />BEAUTIFUL AND DAMNED ( London, 2004 ) Drawing its title from F. Scott Fitzgerald's second novel, it focuses on the turbulent relationship he shared with his wife Zelda during the Jazz Age. Young, stylish, and successful, they are the envy of high society friends who are unaware that behind their glamorous façade are two individuals doomed to tragedy. The words and music are by the veteran songwriters Roger Cook and Les Reed, who are variously responsible for such easy-listening standards as “It's Not Unusual”, “There's a Kind of Hush”, “Delilah” and “I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing”. Pro capture that was never released. Michael Praed, Helen Anker, Susannah Fellows and David Burt. <br />THE BEAUTIFUL GAME - 4/13/01 (1st gen), David Shannon, Josie Walker, Ben Goddard, Hannah Waddingham, Michael Shaeffer. <br />BEAUTY AND THE BEAST - 1995 ~ Original Los Angeles Cast Susan Egan, James Barbour, Tom Bosley, Gary Beach. Spotlight washout, but a nice capture. Susan Egan is a joy. Also includes Opening Night show from Los Angeles TV with interviews with cast; behind the scenes. <br />BEAUTY AND THE BEAST - 1995 ~ Los Angeles LA Replacement cast: James Barbour, Erin Dilly, Tom Bosley, Michelle Lee. This was supposedly recorded specifically for the Shubert Theatre Organization for their archives. Running an hour and a half, the best quality of the show I have seen-crystal clear video and amazing audio! <br />BEAUTY AND THE BEAST Date Unknown ~ Spanish Cast Pro-shot video of the Spanish production of Disney's Menken musical. With Carlos Marin (of " Il divo" fame), Geraldine Larrosa, Lisardo and Victor Ullate. <br />BEAUTY AND THE BEAST - 8/3/03 - Philadelphia, PA 3NT- Roger Befeler/Jennifer Shrader. <br />BEAUTY AND THE BEAST Cast: Steve Blanchard, Michelle Mallardi (u/s), Christopher Sieber, Bryan Batt, Jeff Brooks, Beth Fowler, Mary Stout. 11/18/2001 . Very good video! <br />BEAUTY AND THE BEAST - MET2 2/4/06 ~ Valencia, CA <br />BEAUTY AND THE BEAST - 6/17/2006 Pittsburgh CLO <br />BEAUTY AND THE BEAST - 10/15/06 ~ Broadway *** Donny Osmond, Steve Blanchard, Sarah Uriarte Berry, Jamie Ross, Stuart Marland, Christopher Duva, Jeanne Lehman, Meredith Inglesby. About an hour and a half of highlights of the show when Donny Joined the cast as Gaston. <br />BEAUTY AND THE BEAST - 8/18/01 ~ Broadway -Steve Blanchard, Ann Sanders, William Michals, Bryan Batt Lots of steady close-ups and clear sound, but missing first 20 minutes of the show A-<br />BELLS ARE RINGING Faith Prince, David Garrison 5/23/01 . Good video <br />BERNADETTE PETERS IN CONCERT - 9/17/98 ~ London Royal Festival Hall concert proshot. Performance includes many songs from various different musicals. Pristine quality direct from source. <br />BETWEEN US - 5/01/04 Daphne Rubin-Vega, Bradley White, Kate Jennings Grant, David Harbour. Nice video <br />BIG: THE MUSICAL Original Broadway Cast. Pro Shot video that runs about 85 minutes long. Some sound problems. <br />BIG: THE MUSICAL (7/2/2003 ) Springfield Muni Opera <br />BIG RIVER - 9/23/03 Broadway - Michael Arden, Daniel Jenkins, Tyrone Giordano, Michael McElroy, Troy Kotsur, Lyle Kanouse, Gina Ferrall. Cover-ups and lap shots for Act 1; good video for Act 2; very good sound throughout; nice closeups when there is a picture.<br />BIG RIVER - (Shelby County Community Theatre, 7/16/04 ) Crystal clear semi-pro capture of well-done community theatre production. Complete with extras including full credits, photos and media spots. <br />BIG RIVER 4/17/02 ~ Los Angeles, CA Jay Michael Fergusun, LaQuinn Groves, Paul Ainsley, David Kirk Grant, David Beaver, Michelle Lane, Jennifer Young, Victor hernandez. A presentation of Perfromance Riverside. Filmed using one camera on a tripod. <br />BILLY ELLIOT - London, 4/28/06 - Leon Cooke (Billy), Brad Kavanagh (Michael), Emma Hudson (Debbie), Haydn Gwynne (Mrs. Wilkinson), Philip Whitchurch (Dad), Chris Lennon (Tony), Ann Emery (Grandma), Paul Broughton (George), Alex Delamare (Mr. Braithwaite) <br />BILLY ELLIOT - 11/2/06 ~ West End, London *** Mathew Koon, Sally Dexter, Philip Whitchurch, Ann Emery, Chris Lennon, Sara Poyzer. Excellent show and amazing capture here, crystal clear picture and sound. <br />BILLY ELLIOT - 2/14/09 ~ Broadway - Kiril Kulish, David Bologna, Grant Turner as (u/s) Older Billy/Scottish Dancer and OBC. Missing 15 minutes of show due to battery issues, however every scene that Kiril and David are in are there. Billy does " fly" despite an u/s being in the older Billy role. A-<br />BILLY ELLIOT - 11/15/08 ~ Broadway Trent Kowalik, Haydn Gwynne, Gregory Jbara, Carole Shelley, Santino Fontana, Frank Dolce, Stephen Hanna, Joel Hatch, Leah Hocking. Amazing performance and a beautiful capture. Trent was beyond amazing and this performance was ELECTRIC and beyond words. This performance is in my top three theatrical moments ever, it was that amazing. This also includes the curtain call finale. <br />BILLY ELLIOT - (Broadway, October 18, 2008)  David Alvarez (Billy), Haydn Gwynne (Mrs. Wilkinson), Gregory Jbara (Billy's Dad), Carole Shelley, Santino Fontana, Frank Dolce, Stephen Hanna, Joel Hatch, Leah Hocking. <br />BIRDIE BLUE - 2nd stage off b'way 7-6-05 <br />BLOOD BROTHERS - London - 8/16/03 <br />BOMBAY DREAMS - 10/06/02 Apollo Victoria Theatre, London. Full of zooms and great close-ups from the mezzanine. <br />BOUNCE 7/26/03 - Chicago tryout. Richard Kind, Howard mcGillin, Michelle Pawk. <br />BOY - 5/8/04 - Kelly AuCoin, Robert Hogan, T.R. Knight, Caitlin O'Connel, Miriam Shor. <br />BOY FROM OZ - Hugh Jackman 9/21/03 . Great video, lots of closeups! <br />BOY FROM OZ - (Broadway, 10/16/03 , Opening Night) Another great take on “Boy”. Hugh and cast are at their peak. Some different angles and this video has more complete curtain calls, also. Hugh Jackman, Stephanie J. Block, Beth Fowler, Isabel Keating, Jarrod Emick. <br />BOY MEETS BOY [ 02/18/95 ] [New York] - Bill Poock; Christopher Caswell; Rick Farwick; Patrick H Butler; Elizabeth Foerster; Ransom G Bruce; Jillian Gibbs; Sheldon Good. <br />BRIGADOON - 1986 - revival broadway <br />BRIGADOON - 6-18-91 , L.A., pro shot <br />BRIGHT LIGHTS, BIG CITY - [ 06/22/06 ] [Philadelphia, PA] - Jeremy Kushnier; Andy Karl; Alyse Wojciechowski; Kelli Barrett; Marian Murphy; Alex Keiper; Don Daniels; Orfeh; Jonathan Slade; Christopher de Prophetis; Julie Tolivar. <br />BRILLIANT MISTAKE the Music of Elvis Costello. 10/31/05 . Adam Pascal, Anthony Rapp, Daphne Ruben Vega, Raul Esparza, Sherie Rene Scott, Marcy Harriell, Norbert Leo Butz, Will Chase, Matthew Morrison, Eden Espinosa <br />BROADWAY BELTERS & MELISSA ETHERIDGE SET - Hosted by Rosie and Seth Rudetsky and included following performances: Aquarius (Orfeh and Cast), Take Me or Leave Me (Anika Larsen/Aisha de Haas), Going Down (Gavin Creel), Rich,Famous & Powerful (Liz McCartney), You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman (Ledisi), Gavin Creel. <br />BROADWAY IN BRYANT PARK - 8/2/07 Includes performances from Hairspray (Ashley Parker-Angel, Darlene Love and company), Les Miserables (Lea Solonga, Adam Jacobs, Megan McGinnis, Drew Sarich and company), Mary Poppins (Ashley Brown, Gavin Lee and company.) Includes soundchecks prior to the show and autograph signing after the show. About 50 minutes total. <br />BROADWAY KIDS CARE: A CONCERT WITH A HEART - 1993 ~ New York. Daisy Eagan, Lacey Chabert, Lauren Gaffney, Tammy Minoff, Lisa Molina, and more, featuring the kids from the companies of  Tommy, The Secret Garden, Les Miserables, Annie, The Will Rogers Follies, Falsettos. One night only fundraiser for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS.  Filmed using one camera on a tripod with sound patched in directly from the soundboard.  Some slight generational loss.<br />BROADWAY LOVES THE 80's - 6/13/07 ~ Joe's Pub, New York City Comedian and VH1 host Mo Rocca hosts Broadway Loves the 80's, a concert held at Joe's Pub, which will benefit the United Nations Association HERO Campaign. The show features a variety of Broadway performers singing their favorite songs from the 1980s; the line-up features Shoshana Bean, Kevin Cahoon, Jenn Colella, Nikki Renee Daniels, Natascia Diaz, Adam Fleming, Ellen Foley, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Kate Shindle, Marty Thomas, The Broadway Boys (Jesse Nager, Telly Leung, Tyler Maynard, Peter Matthew Smith, Daniel Calvert, and Michael James Scott), the cast of Awesome 80's Prom, and three of Rocca's co-stars from The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee: Aaron Albano, Stanley Bahorek, and Jared Gertner. Filmed using one camera on a tripod. Crystal clear. DVD has been enhanced to include thumbnail images and chapter stops for all the songs. <br />BROADWAY'S LOST TREASURE 2 - ( 2004 , PBS Broadcast) Includes Anything Goes-Patti LuPone and company, Sweet Charity—Juliet Prowse and Chita Rivera, Mame-Angela Lansbury and Bea Arthur, How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying-Robert Morse, Man of La Mancha-Richard Kiley, La Cage aux Folles-George Hearn and Les Cagelles, Les Misérables – Colm Wilkinson and company, and lots more classic Broadway performances! <br />BROADWAY'S LOST TREASURE 3 - ( 2005 , PBS Broadcast) Includes: Lerner and Loewe medley, My Fair Lady, Camelot — Julie Andrews, Into the Woods medley — Vanessa Williams & Cast, “Comedy Tonight” from A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum — Zero Mostel, Ethel Merman medley, Girl Crazy, Call Me Madam, Gypsy — Ethel Merman, “Ragtime” from Ragtime — Original cast, lots more. Great classic stuff. <br />BROOKLYN - 10/2/04 - Kevin Anderson,Cleavant Derricks Eden Espinosa,Ramona Keller,Karen Olivo great video. <br />BROOKLYN - 11/27/04 - OBC <br />BROOKLYN - 6/13/06 ~ St. Paul, MN Tour Cast: Diana Degarmo, Melba Moore, Cleavant Derricks, Julie Reiber, Lee Morgan. <br />BROOKLYN - Brooklyn Broadway, June 26, 2005 (FINAL SHOW) Eden Espinosa, Ramona Keller, Lee Morgan <br />BROOKLYN BOY - 1/29/05 Adam Arkin,Polly Draper,Ari Graynor <br />BROOKLYN Brookyln - 7/13/06 ~ Tour, Atlanta Diana DeGarmo, Clevant Derricks, Melba Moore, Lee Morgan and Julie Reiber. Orchestra shoot with beautiful closeups. Diana DeGarmo has a little speech at the end. <br />BUG - (Off-Broadway, 3/6/04 ) In a small motel room, a relationship develops between a lonely Oklahoma woman and a troubled young man. As his behavior becomes increasingly strange, she is forced to decide whether his paranoid…or not. Bug inhabits a world of government plots and secret experiments that is bizarre and unforgettable. Dark video shooting around heads, but filmed at fairly close range. Nice capture of this Off-Broadway hit. By Tracy Letts. Reed Birney, Michael Cullen, Shannon Cochran, Amy Landecker, Michael Shannon. Adult Content – 18+ only. BUDDY - The Buddy Holly Story <br />BY JEEVES 10/19/01 . Very nice <br />BYE BYE BIRDIE 9/16/09 - John Stamos, Gina Gershon, Dee Hoty, Bill Irwin, Jayne Houdyshell, Nolan Gerard Funk, Allie Trimm. Well filmed. One very brief cover up due to latecomers.<br />CABARET - [ 1994 ] [London] [proshot] - Alan Cumming; Jane Horrocks; Adam Godley; Sarah Kestelman; Georgia Raistrick; Charlotte Medcalf; Michael Gardiner <br />CABARET 11/13/01 Studio 54 - Raul Esparza, Gina Gershon <br />CABARET - 2/14/02 ~ Broadway - Molly Ringwald, Raul Esparza <br />CABARET (1st gen) 3/29/2003 Neil Patrick Harris, Deborah Gibson, Tom Bosley <br />CABARET Susan Egan, Adam Pascal - Jaunary 4th, 2004 (Final Matinee Performance). Great video! <br />CABARET 11/4/06 ~ West End, London *** Anna Maxwell Martin, Michael Hayden, James Dreyfus, Sheila Hancock, Geoffrey Hutchings, Harriet Thorpe, Andrew Maud. A totally different Cabaret then previous ones. Wonderful production filled with very " raw" emotion. This production does contain nudity. Crystal clear picture and sound. <br />CABARET (3rd gen) --John Stamos, Jane Leeves <br />CAINE MUTINY COURT-MARTIAL , Broadway - 4/14/06 . With David Schwimmer, Zeljko Ivanek and Tim Daly. <br />CAMELOT - 7-10-91 , Wichita <br />CAMELOT - 4/4/03 Matt Bogart <br />CAMELOT - regional production- Very nice. <br />CAMELOT 6/7/07 ~ Philadelphia, PA, US National Tour Michael York, Rachel York, James Barbour, Daniel Guzman, Eric Anderson, Robert J. Townsend. Beautiful production. Very nicely filmed and crystal clear. DVD has been constructed to include an opening main menu, with thumbnail scene selections for all of the musical numbers. <br />CAMELOT - May 8, 2008: Marin Mazzie, Gabriel Byrne, Nathan Gunn, Marc Kudisch, Chris Sieber, Will Swenson, Bobby Steggart, Fran Drescher, Christopher Lloyd<br />CARNIVAL! Encores!, 2/8/02 -Brian Stokes Mitchell, Anne Hathaway <br />CAROLINE OR CHANGE - OBC. Great video, nice zooms. <br />CAROUSEL - 2/2000 ~ Los Angeles, CA Michael Goulet as Billy (son of Robert Goulet and Carol Lawrence), Jessica Loofbourrow, Eileen Bowman, Ann Peck, Justin Robertson, Eric Anderson. A beautiful production of the show by Performance Riverside. Filmed using one camera on a tripod. <br />CAROUSEL - concert 6/6/02 at Carnegie Hall. Hugh Jackman, Audra MacDonald, Lauren Ward, Jason Danieley, Norbert Leo Butz, Blythe Danner, Judy Kaye, John Raitt, Philip Bosco, Eden Riegel. Shot from third tier, 2nd row center. Didn't tape the (instrumental) Hornpipe or the June Ballet, due to battery problems. <br />CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF - 10/16/03 Ashley Judd, Jason Patric, Ned Beatty, Margo Martindale, Michael Mastro, Amy Hohn, Edwin C. Owens, Patrick Collins, Alvin Keith, Starla Benfo Twiss, Pamela Jane Henning, Isabella Mehiel Muireann, Phelan Zack Ross, Charlie Saxton. <br />CATCH ME IF YOU CAN - 8/4/09 ~ Seattle - PreBroadway: Norbert Leo Butz, Aaron Tveit, Tom Wopat, Kerry Butler, Rachel de Benedet, Felicia Finley, Linda Hart. This is a great capture of the show. The show is filled with wonderful talent. Aaron and Norbert have a great chemistry together and Aaron has a huge voice. Kerry and Felicia both have great songs and great vocals. The show itself is very sleek and mod. A <br />CATS - 9/13/05 ~ Chicago - Grizabella: Esther Stilwell, Munkustrap: Derek Hanson, Skimbleshanks: Drew Little. Great video <br />CATS - 7/18/06 ~ Peoria, IL - 2006 Cast: Ian Laskowski as Munkustrap, Felix Hess as Skimbleshanks, Nicholas McGough as (u/s) Mistoffelees, Angie Smith as Grizabella, Philip Peterson as Deuteronomy. <br />CHAPLIN - LA - Anthony Newley <br />CHESS - U.S Tour - Carolee Carmello <br />CHESS - Pro video with Swedish cast. Superb video and sound. The music is glorious here. (PAL) <br />CHESS - 1989 ~ Live in Sweden A complete performance, runs two hours. Starring Judy Kuhn, Tommy Korberg, Murray Head and Anders Glenmark. Performed in English. <br />CHESS - 8/11/01 concert version in Nyack, NY. Brian d'Arcy James, Rob Evan, Lauren Kennedy, Julia Murney, Norm Lewis et al. Nicely shot, lots of close zooms. <br />CHESS -- OBC -- Judy Kuhn, Phillip Casnoff, etc. Good single cam follows action well. <br />CHESS IN CONCERT - 1990 - canada <br />CHESS IN CONCERT : WORLD PREMIERE CONCERT “Pro Shot” and CHESS MOVES SVT2 Television, Stockholm.Sweden 11/4/84 Murray Head (The American), Elaine Paige (Florence), Tommy Korberg (The Russian), Barbara Dickson (Svetlana), Karin Glenmark (Sventlana), Leslie Fyson (Molokov). Televised world premiere concert version performed in English featuring the London Symphony Orchestra. Includes CHESS MOVES that was released to promote the original concept album featuring Elaine Paige, Murray Head, Bjorn Skifs and Barbara Dickson. Videos include One Night in Bangkok (Murray Head), Nobody's Side (Elaine Paige), The Arbiter (Bjorn Skifs), Know Him So Well (Elaine Paige/Barbara Dickson) and Pity the Child (Murray Head) <br />CHICAGO - 9/18/02 Michael C. Hall, Amy Spanger. <br />CHICAGO - 2003 ~ Wichita, KS. slight generation loss. Good <br />CHICAGO - 3/27/04 ~ London, Adelphi Theatre Pia Douwes, Frances Ruffelle, Alex Bourne, Zee Asha, Kevin Kennedy. A gorgeous video; great closeups; occasional focus issues and heads. <br />CHICAGO - 11/23/05 ~ Tour, Chicago *** Paige Davis, Brenda Braxton, Tom Wopat, Carol Woods. Amazing cast and so much fun in this production. Paige is great, Brenda is sassy, and Woods vocals are wild. Best Chicago video ever. Crystal Clear picture and sound. <br />CHICAGO - May 22, 2007 - Broadway Joey Lawrence as Billy, Bianca Marroquin as Roxie, Brenda Braxton as Velma, Rob Bartlett as Amos, Carol Woods as Mama, R. Lowe as Mary, Michelle Robinson as Liz, Sharon Moore* as Annie. A little shakey, but great close ups. <br />CHICAGO - Tracy Shayne, Alan Thicke, National Tour. Good Cast. <br />CHICAGO - Bway revival cast producers reel - Bebe Neuwirth, Ann Reinking, about 90 minutes <br />CHICAGO - 9/09/06 [Broadway] - Usher; Bianca Marroquin; Brenda Braxton; Rob Bartlett; Roz Ryan; R. Lowe. A lot of cover ups. Not great, but seems like the only one available with Usher in it. 2 DVDs <br />CHICAGO - 7/30/06 ~ Broadway - Starring Rita Wilson, Brenda Braxton, Josh Rhodes as (u/s) Billy Flynn, Michelle Robinson as (u/s) Mama, Kevin Chamberlin, R. Lowe. Fabulous Filming and amazing picture and sound. Love Brenda! <br />CHICAGO - 9/17/05 - Matinee - Broadway - Brooke Shields (Roxie), Luba Mason (Velma), Christopher McDonald (Billy) <br />CHILDREN OF EDEN - In Concert 2003 ~ New York Jai Rodriguez, Darius de Haas, Norm Lewis, John Tartaglia, Kate Shindle <br />CHILDREN OF EDEN - Wichita - Barrett Foa <br />CHILDREN OF EDEN - 2/03 ~ Los Angeles, CA John Huntington, Kim Huber, Miles Wesley, Joseph Andreas, Allen Everman, Julie Gunner, April Berry. Beautiful production, presented by Performance Riverside. Filmed using one camera on a tripod. <br />CHITA RIVERA: THE DANCER'S LIFE - (Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre, Broadway, 1/25/06 ) Chita Rivera reflects on her life and amazing career with vocal and dance performances. Chita Rivera, Dick Van Dyke <br />CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG - 6/12/02 1st gen. London production with Michael Ball and Richard O'Brien <br />CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG (The Making Of..) - London 2002 . Pro Shot. Charts the months leading up to the stage musical. <br />CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG - 4/16/05 - Raul Esparza, Erin Dilly, Philip Bosco, Marc Kudisch. Great video. <br />A CHRISTMAS CAROL - Broadway, 12/30/01 . 1st gen, digital. Starring Patrick Stewart. <br />CHRISTMAS WITH THE CRAWFORDS <br />CINDERELLA - 11/21/04 ~ New York City Opera. Sarah Uriarte Berry, Lea DeLaria, John " Lypsinkia" Epperson, Ana Gasteyer, Eartha Kitt, Christopher <br />CINDERELLA - 1957 TV Movie starring Julie Andrews and Howard Lindsay. *RARE* <br />CITY OF ANGELS -- OLC with Roger Allam, etc. Good cam, follows action very well. <br />CIVIL WAR -national tour- good video. <br />CLUE: THE MUSICAL - September 2000 <br />COLOR PURPLE - 3/28/06 ~ Broadway - LaChanze, Felicia Fields, Elisabeth Withers-Mendes, Kingsley Leggs, Darlesia Cearcy, Krisha Marcano, Brandon Dixon. <br />COLOR PURPLE - [ 04/17/07 [Broadway] - Fantasia. Act One is complete, Act Two is about 80% complete. Lots of heads were in the way. <br />COLOR PURPLE 11/15/06 ~ Broadway Jeannette Bayardelle, Angela Robinson as (u/s) Shug, Felicia Fields, Darlesia Cearcy, Alton Fitzgerald White, Brandon Dixon, LaVon Fisher- Wilson as (u/s) Darlene. Nice capture of new cast and fine performances. <br />COMPANY 11/14/06 ~ Broadway *** Revival: Raul Esparza, Barbara Walsh, Keith Buterbaugh, Matt Castle, Robert Cunningham, Angel Desai, Kelly Jeanne Grant, Kristin Huffman, Amy Justman, Heather Laws, Leenya Rideout, Fred Rose, Bruce Sabath, Elizabeth Stanley. Beautiful Dvd and wonderfully executed revival. <br />COMPANY - (PBS Pro-Shot, 2/20/08) The PBS telecast of John Doyle's 2006 Broadway standard of " Company" features the dynamic Raúl Esparza, whose performance as Bobby won a Drama Desk Award, and a Tony Award nomination. Raul Esparza, Barbara Walsh, Heather Laws and Angel Desai. <br />COMPANY - 7/1/07 ~ Broadway, Revival (Final Performance) Raul Esparza, Barbara Walsh, Keith Buterbaugh, Matt Castle, Robert Cunningham, Angel Desai, Kelly Jeanne Grant, Kristin Huffman, Amy Justman, Heather Laws, Leenya Rideout, Fred Rose, Bruce Sabath, Elizabeth Stanley. Filmed on the closing night of the show with a very enthusiastic audience. <br />CONVENIENCE - 5.26.02 Matinee - Rochester, NY. 1st gen. Jim Poulos as Vince, Mary Jo McConnell as Liz, Ron DeStefano as Ethan, Melissa Rain Anderson as Young Liz, Martin Vidnovic as Abe. Filmed from extreme right balcony, so some of the action on the right side of stage is not visible. Alot of closeups throughout. Act two starts with " Door #3" . <br />COPACABANA -1985 ~ Movie - Barry Manilow, Estelle Getty, Annette O'Toole, Ernie Sabella, Joseph Bologna. <br />COPACABANA - Date Unknown ~ National Tour <br />CORAM BOY 5/26/07 ~ Broadway Jolly Abraham, Uzo Aduba, Bill Camp, Dashiell Eaves, Xanthe Elbrick, Brad Fleisher. <br />THE CRUCIBLE - Act 1: 2/22/02, Act 2: 2/27/02, Broadway, 1st gen, digitally shot from the mezzanine, no heads. Liam Neeson, Laura Linney, Angela Bettis, Brian Murray. Beautiful!. <br />CRY BABY - 6/22/08, final show, James Snyder, Elizabeth Stanley, Harriet Harris, Dwayne Clark, Christopher J. Hanke, Ali Mauzey, Carly Jibson, Lacey Kohl, Richard Poe and Tory Ross <br />CRY BABY - 3/15/08 Broadway -- James Snyder (Cry-Baby), Elizabeth Stanley (Allison), Harriet Harris (Mrs. Vernon-Williams), Chester Gregory II (Dupree), Christopher J. Hanke (Baldwin), Alli Mauzey (Lenora), Courtney Balan (Mona), Tory Ross* (Pepper), Lacey Kohl (Wanda), Richard Poe (Judge Stone), and the Original Broadway Cast <br />CURTAINS 4/28/07 First 18 minutes, full stage shot, after that there are several close ups and zooms. <br />CURTAINS 9/8/06 Los Angeles Premiere David Hyde, Debra Monk, Karen Ziemba, Jason Danieley, Jill Paice, Noah Racey, Megan Sikora. Missing 20 minutes of non-essential dialogue but all musical numbers are complete. Occasional spotlight washout and a few head obstructions. <br />DAMES AT SEA - 9-9-04 <br />DAMN YANKEES - 1967 ~ Pro Shot for TV <br />DAMN YANKEES - TN - 2002 <br />DAMN YANKEES - 7/5/08 ~ City Center Encores! First Performance: Sean Hayes, Jane Krakowski, Cheyenne Jackson, Randy Graff, Veanne Cox, PJ Benjamin and Megan Lawrence. AMAZINGLY put together and performed. <br />DANCE OF THE VAMPIRES (Orig Bway Cast) Professional Footage (65 mins). Great video <br />DANCE OF THE VAMPIRES - 1/25/03, closing performance. With Michael Crawford, Rene Auberjonois, Mandy Gonzalez, Max von Essen, Leah Hocking, Ron Orbach, Liz McCartney, Mark Price, Asa Somers. Lots of great close ups. 1st gen <br />DANCE OF THE VAMPIRES - January 24, 2003 - Michael Crawford & Mandy Gonzalas <br />DANCE OF THE VAMPIRES - 10/19/02, Broadway. Michael Crawford, Rene Auberjonois, Mandy Gonzalez, Max von Essen, Leah Hocking, Ron Orbach, Liz McCartney, Mark Price. <br />DAPHNE RUBIN-VEGA AT JOE'S PUB 3/22/2002 Great Concert! <br />DEAR WORLD - Date Unknown ~ Sydney Australia Judi Connelli, Michael Cormick, Robynn Arthur, William Zappa, Anne Grigg. Staged concert performance. A few songs included that have rarely been heard before. Very nicely filmed. <br />DEBBIE DOES DALLAS - 11/6/02. Jane Street Theatre. With Sherie Rene Scott et al. Shot from the front row. A few zooms, but mostly a full stage shot. <br />DEMOCRACY - 12/18/04 - James Naughton ,Richard Thomas ,Michael Cumpsty, Robert Proskey , Terry Beaver , John Dossett , Julian Gamble ,John Christopher Jones , Richard Masur and Lee Wilkof . <br />DIRTY DANCING - 11/7/06 ~ West End, London *** Georgina Rich, Josef Brown, David Rintoul, Rae Baker, Isabella Calthorpe, Nadia Coote, Issy van Randwyck. Crystal clear picture. <br />DIRTY DANCING - 5/30/09 ~ Los Angeles, CA - Amanda Leigh Cobb, Josef Brown, Britta Lazenga, Ben Mingay, John Bolger, Katlyn Carlson, Kaitlin Hopkins, Adam Overett, Jonathan Epstein, Michael W. Howell, Ryan Farrell, Michael Lluberes, Ashley Blair Fitzgerald (u/s Vivian Pressman), Gary Lynch, Lauren Klein, Joseph Costa. A few very short blackouts at the beginning of the first act, and a few places where it's a little dark; otherwise a nice capture; a couple heads at the bottom, but they don't block anything. Very steady, no washout, and the sound is excellent. Lots of wide shots for the dance numbers, as well as a mix of mediums and close-ups for conversational bits. Includes curtain call. Good clear video 2 DVDs<br />DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS - 7/29/06 ~ Broadway - Keith Carradine, Brian d'Arcy James, Julie Connors as (u/s) Christine, Lucie Arnaz, Dennis Parlato as (u/s) Andre, Sara Gettelfinger. <br />DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS - 1/31/05 John Lithgow,Norbert Leo Butz,Joanna Gleason Gregory Jbara,Sara Gettelfinger and Sheri Rene Scott <br />DISTANCE FROM HERE - 4/20/04 - Amelia Alvarez, Ian Brennan, Josh Charles, Melissa Leo, Logan Marshall-Green, Anna Paquin, Alison Pill, Mark Weber. <br />DOG SEES GOD - 1/18/06. Eliza Dushku, Karen DiConcetto (u/s), America Ferrera, Ari Graynor, Logan Marshall-Green, Keith Nobbs, Ian Somerhalder, Eddie Kaye Thomas.<br />DOG SEES GOD: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead (5/08) A presentation of Las Vegas Little Theatre, Nevada’s oldest regional theatre w/ Joshua Laird (CB), Amanda Kraft (CB’s Sister), Sam Craner (Van), Brandon McClenahan (Matt), J.J. Gatesman (Beethoven), Kat Bauer (Marcy) & Breon Jenzen (Tricia). Filmed using multiple cameras.<br />DOUBT - 11/20/04 - Heather Goldenhersh, Cherry Jones, Adriane Lenox, Brian F. O'Byrne. <br />DR. DOLITTLE - 7/22/06 ~ Chicago Tour: Tommy Tune, Dee Hoty, Allan Mangaser, Sandi DeGeorge, Aaron Burr, Joel Blum, Jessica Wu, Matthew Crowle. <br />DRACULA - OBC. Nice video <br />DRAMA DESK AWARDS - 2006 <br />DREAMGIRLS - 1981 ~ Broadway Jennifer Holiday & OBC. Great for its age <br />DREAMGIRLS - 9/24/01 (1st gen) 20th anniversary concert. Digital, shot from 4th row balcony. Lilias White, Audra McDonald, Heather Headley, Norm Lewis, Billy Porter, Darius DeHaas et al. Some songs have heads in the way, but the closeups on the solo parts are stunning. This was a one-night-only benefit for the Actor's Fund. <br />DREAMGIRLS - 8/04 ~ Tour, Pittsburgh, PA Frenchie Davis, David Jennings, Andre Garner, Ramona Keller, Angela Robinson. Very well filmed version, with sound directly from soundboard and filmer used tripod with zooms and pans. <br />THE DROWSY CHAPERONE - 7/29/06 ~ Broadway Bob Martin, Georgia Engel, Sutton Foster, Troy Johnson, Eddie Korbich, Grath Kravits, Jason Kravits, Beth Leavel, Kecia Lewis-Evans, Danny Burstein, Noble Shropshire. Beautiful Filming <br />THE DROWSY CHAPERONE - 11.01.07 The Marquis Theater - Broadway Bob Saget (Man in Chair), Linda Gabler* (u/s Mrs. Tottendale), Peter Bartlett (Underling), Troy Britton Johnson (Robert Martin), Patrick Wetzel (George), Gerry Vichi (Feldzieg), Jennifer Smith (Kitty). The picture is almost exclusively for about ten minutes from the second half of Fancy Dress to halfway through Cold Feet where the tape messed up and it has a dark green tint. Nice capture <br />THE DROWSY CHAPERONE - 4/3/06. Bob Martin, Sutton Foster, Beth Leavel, Danny Burstein, Georgia Engel, Edward Hibbert. <br />THE DROWSY CHAPERONE - Ahmanson Theater, LA~Press Reels <br />EARTH GIRLS ARE EASY - reading <br />EASTER BONNET COMPETITION - 1994 ~ New York Raquel Welch, Petula Clark, BD Wong, Tony Roberts, Gary Beach, Juliet Prowse, Christine Ebersol, Victor Garber, Bea Arthur. John Raitt, Michael Lernerd, Sally Ann Howe, Michael Cerveris, Chita Rivera, Andrea McArdle, more. Featuring the casts of Joseph, Guys & Dolls, Carousel, Flower Drum Song, Tommy, The Fantasticks, and others. One camera pro-shot for video. Some generational loss. B+ <br />EASTER BONNET COMPETITION - 1995 ~ New York Elaine Stritch, Sarah Jessica Parker, Mathew Broderick, Maria Conchita Alonso, Lillias White, Davis Gaines, Marlo Thomas, Whoopie Goldberg, Debra Monk, Cherry Jones, Billy Porter, Howard McGillian, Glenn Close, Victor Garber, more. Featuring the casts of Miss Saigon, Blood Brothers, How To Succeed, The Inspector Calls, Grease, Beauty And The Beast, A Language Of Their Own, Ballet Trocodero, Tommy, Sunset Boulevard, Damn Yankees, and others. One camera pro-shot for video. Some generational loss. <br />ED SULLIVAN SHOW (Broadway)- Show includes songs from My Fair Lady (Julie Andrews), West Side Story, Flower Drum Song, Destry Rides Again, Bye Bye Birdie, Wildcat, Camelot, The Gay Life, A Family Affair, Little Me, and Oliver. *RARE* <br />EDWARD SCISSORHANDS - April 19th, 2007 1PM - Denver, CO. Act One begins at the prologue and ends about 5 minutes before the intermission during Topiary Gardens and is audio only. Act Two is complete, but really shakey still. <br />ENCHANTED APRIL - 6/1/03 - Molly Ringwald, Elizabeth Ashley. Good video <br />ENCORES 10th ANNIVERSARY BASH - 11/24/02 - Tyne Daly, Brent Barrett, Kristin Chenoweth, Ann Reinking, Bebe Neuwirth, Norm Lewis et al. <br />EVITA - August 17, 2008 Wells Fargo Pavilion Sacramento Music Circus Sacramento, CA. <br />EVITA 11/1/06 ~ West End, London *** Elena Roger, Philip Quast, Matt Rawle, Gary Milner, Lorna Want. Vibrant production and amazing vocals. First act is complete, second act is highlights, however full audio throughout. Not the steadiest of dvds, but it's the only one and a fabulous production. <br />EVITA - London Cast - 5/26/07 - Final Performance - Cast: Elena Roger, Matt Rawle, Philip Quast, Greg Castiglioni = Quality/Notes: Amazing close-ups. Some washout and the occasional head here and there, but wow, Roger is amazing. Great performances all around, a GREAT show. - Rating: A-<br />EVITA - 8/7/05 ~ Atlanta Kathy Voytko, Bradley Dean, Philip Hernandez, Gabriel Burrafato, Kate Manning <br />EVITA - 6/26/97 ~ Hamburg, Germany Complete production in English. European Tour. Sara Carr-George, James Sbaro, Jeff Austin, Scott Hayward, Zoe Abbott. Great quality video. <br />EVITA (2005 National Tour) Fox Theatre,Atlanta 8/7/05 Kathy Voytko (Eve Peron), Bradley Dean (Che), Philip Hernandez (Juan Peron), Gabriel Burrafato (Magaldi), Kate Manning (Mistress) <br />EVITA - 8/91 - Good video, nice zooms. Hunter Foster, Sutton Foster. <br />EVITA (2nd National Tour Highlights, Chicago Shubert Theater 1981) <br />EVITA - 6/12/99 ~ 20th Anniversary Tour <br />EVITA Fan's Compilation - Compilation disc includeds: Patty Lupone's appearance on the Merv Griffin show early in the show's Broadway run (singing Don't Cry For Me Argentina) and also a second appearance following her Tony win (where she sings Rainbow High); all of the various wins from the 1980 Tony Telecast (Tim Rice, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Mandy Patinkin, Patti LuPone, Robert Stigwood) as well A New Argentina from the Tony Awards telecast; Patty LuPone singing Don't Cry For Me Argentina on the 1980 Grammy Awards telecast; Patti singing Oh! Canada! at a Canadian hockey game; A PM Magazine story on the man who wrote the song “I Love New York” with behind the scenes footage of filming of the infamous commercials from the 80's featuring Angela Lansbury & Len Cariou in Sweeney Todd, Cathy Rigby in Peter Pan, Ann Miller and Andy Rooney in Sugar Babies, and of course Patti LuPone and the cast of Evita; Patty singing the National Anthem at a New York Rangers hockey game; Patti singing The Star Spangled Banner at yet another Hockey game. About 1 hour. (Also included on the disc: Patti LuPone At Les Mouches.) <br />FAME 1/27/99 ~ Chicago nick piazza-Gavin Creel, serena katz-Jennifer Gambastese, joe vegas-Jose Restrepo, carmen diaz-Natasha Rennalls, mabel washington-Dioni Michelle Collins, grace lamb-Amy Ehrlich. Overall very nice. <br />FAT PIG - 12/14/05 - Jeremy Piven, Keri Russell, Andrew McCarthy. great video <br />FIDDLER ON THE ROOF - 1/8/05 Harvey Fierstein <br />FIDDLER ON THE ROOF - 2-28-04 - Alfred Molina <br />FIDDLER ON THE ROOF - January 31st, 2004 - Alfred Molina, Randy Graff, Nancy Opel, Stephen Lee Anderson, David Ayers, John Cariani, Nick Danielson, Philip Hoffman, Laura Michelle Kelly, Sally Murphy, Tricia Paoluccio, Robert Petkoff. Sound only for last 10 mins of Act One. Otherwise, great video! Full show. <br />FIDDLER ON THE ROOF -- Regional -- Restaging of the Robbins concept with Topol Revival 3-cam edit. <br />FIDDLER ON THE ROOF - 12/4/05 - Rosie O'Donnell , Harvey Fierstein <br />FLASHDANCE, THE MUSICAL - 3/1/09 ~Liverpool, England, UK Tour. Victoria Hamilton-Barritt, Noel Sullivan, Bruno Langley, Bernie 
Nolan, Michael Conway, Simon Harvey, Gavin Spokes, Vas Constanti, 
Carryl Thomas, Djalenga Scott, Ruthie Stephens, Vanessa Leigh Hicks.  This is the world premier presentation of the musical based on the movie of the same name.  It uses songs from the movie and introduces some new music as well.  There are hopes to bring the show to London’s West End, and then eventually to the US.  Well filmed, although there are a few blackouts during the first 5 minutes of the video.  Crystal clear.  DVD has been enhanced with an opening menu and thumbnails images and chapter stops at all the musical numbers.    <br />FLORA THE RED MENACE - 5/17/08 ~ Reprise! Los Angeles, CA Eden Espinosa, Manoel Feliciano, Megan Lawrence, Gibby Brand, Wilkie Ferguson, Perry Ojeda, Katie OToole, Matthew Rocheleau, Katherine Von Till. Very nice capture and only one noticeable blackout, which is during the first song. Very nice video with great sound and excellent picture, from the master. <br />FOLLIES papermill 1998 proshot <br />FOLLIES (Original Revival Cast) Belasco Theatre, 6/1/01 Blythe Danner (Phillyis Rogers Stone), Judith Ivey (Sally Durrant Plummer), Gregory Harrison (Ben Stone), Treat Williams (Buddy Plummer), Polly Bergen (Carlotta Campion), Marge Champion (Emily Whitman), Betty Garrett (Hattie Walker). <br />FOOTLOOSE - [Date Unknown] [Las Vegas, NV] [Proshot Press Video] - Songs only <br />FOOTLOOSE - 5/14/99 ~ Original Broadway Cast - Jeremy Kushnier, Jennifer Laura Thompson, Tom Plotkin <br />FOOTLOOSE 1.15.00 Matinee / Des Moines, IA (Second Generation, Very Good Filming Quality) Joe Machota as Ren McCormack, Jana Robbins as Ethel McCormack, Daren Kelly as Rev. Shaw Moore, Eileen Barnett as Vi Moore, Teresa Marie Sanchez as Ariel, Kundra Owens as Rusty. <br />FOOTLOOSE - 10/18/08 - UK Tour - Stephen Webb, Twinnie Lee Moore, Richard Grieve, Maureen Nolan, Robbie Scotcher, Simon Lipkin, Jodie Jacobs, Tarisha Rommick, Claire-Louise Mealor, Lisa Peacel, Mat Millns, Ricky Morrell, Martin Johnston, Ben Harris, Vikki Marie Ryan, Michelle Bishop. Contains approximately 1 Hour 40 Mins of video footage. A- 2 DVDs<br />THE FOREIGNER - 12/4/04 - Good video! Matthew Broderick Frances Sternhagen, Kevin Cahoon, Mary Catherine Garrison Neal Huff, Byron Jennings and Lee Tergesen <br />FOREVER PLAID - 1993 ~ Los Angeles, CA Stan Chandler, David Engel, Larry Raben, Guy Stroman...all from the original New York company! RARE FIND! Filmed using multiple cameras at the Cannon Theatre in LA on the final night of the show. Video also includes some backstage footage prior to the show, and speeches after the show. <br />FRAME 312 - 12/20/03 - In the 1960s when she worked as an editorial assistant at Life magazine, she was an `unwilling' witness to the first showing of the Zapruder film documenting President Kennedy's assassination. Did that footage show a second assassin? What will happen if, 30 years later, Lynette finally tells what she saw? Mary Beth Peil, Larry Bryggman, Maggie Kiley, Ana Reeder, Mandy Siegfield, Greg Stuhr. <br />FROST/NIXON - 4/7/07 - Frank Langella, Michael Sheen. <br />FULL MONTY 10/18/00 1st gen, OBC, Patrick Wilson, John Ellison Conlee etc. Great zooms. <br />FULL MONTY - 1/16/02 - 1st gen. Digital, shot from mezz with no heads. Will Chase, Daniel Sherman Stewart. Lots of close ups! Great show <br />FULL MONTY - 12/7/05 ~ Rockford, IL - Brad Nacht, Malcolm: Steve DeBruyne, Ethan: Gary Brintz, Reg: Jim Burkholder. <br />FULL MONTY 6/06 ~ Wichita, KS Greg Stone, Brian Emerson, Colin Isreal, Danny Stiles, Monte Wheeler, David A. White, Jessica Chesbro, Karen L. Robu, Audrie Neenan. A production of The Music Theatre Of Wichita. Filmed using one camera on a tripod. Disc also includes local television commercials for the show. <br />FULL MONTY - 3/4/07 ~ Long Beach, CA. David Engel, John Bisom, John Massey Jr, Kevin McMahon, James Leo Ryan, Tami Tappan-Damiano, Tracy Lore, Mary Jo Catlett. A production of Musical Theatre West. Filmed using one camera on a tripod. Crystal clear. <br />FULL MONTY Broadway 12/30/00 lap-shot video, for the most part. Cast: Patrick Wilson (Jerry), John Ellison Conlee (Dave), Jason Danieley (Malcom), Romain Fruge (Ethan), Todd Weeks (Reg), Annie Golden (Georgie), Laura Marie Duncan (Susan), Jannie Jones (Joanie), Sue-AnneMorrow u/s) (Estelle), Liz McConahay (u/s) (Vicki). <br />FUNNY GIRL – Proshot (Actor's Fund benefit concert) Cast: Whoopi Goldberg, Sutton Foster, Idina Menzel, Ricki Lake, Spencer Kayden, Kristin Chenoweth, LaChanze, Julia Murney, Ana Gasteyer, Lilias White, Jane Krakowski, Alice Playten, Bebe Neuwirth, Judy Kuhn, Andrea Martin, Carolee Carmello, Peter Gallagher. 9/23/2002 <br />FUNNY GIRL - 7/2001 ~ Wichita KS Stephanie J. Block, Stephen Zinnato, Charles Parker. <br />GEM OF THE OCEAN - 2/6/05 - Phylcia Rashad,Ruben Santiago-Hudson,LisaGay Hamilton,Anthony Chisholm,John Earl Jelks,Eugene Lee,Raynor Scheine. <br />GENTLEMEN PREFER BLONDES 4/13/06 ~ Rockford, IL Tour: Christina Wolfe as Lorelei, Lindsey Clayton as Dorothy, Nick Mannix as Gus, Dawn Timm, Gabriel Beck, Jean Liuzzi, Miki Berg. Crystal clear picture and sound. <br />GOD OF HELL - 11/04/04 - Randy Quaid, Frank Wood, J. Smith-Cameron, Tim Roth. <br />GOLDEN BOY - 3/22/02 - Encores production. 1st gen. Alfonso Ribiero, Anastasia Barzee, William McNulty, Norm Lewis. <br />GOOD VIBRATIONS 4/24/05 last show. David Larsen , Kate Reinders ,Tituss Burgess, Brandon Wardell ,Jessica-Snow Wilson <br />THE GRADUATE - 4/17/02 Alicia Silverstone, Jason Biggs, Kathleen Turner. Great video, lots of zooms <br />GREASE - 7/28/07 ~ Broadway Max Crumm, Laura Osnes, Lindsay Mendez, Jenny Powers, Kirsten Wyatt, Matthew Saldivar, Robyn Hurder, Ryan Binder, Stephen Buntrock. Amazing quality! <br />GREASE - 2/13/1995 Lea Salonga <br />GREASE - sung in English – dusseldorf <br />GREASE - Music Theatre at the Bhyam January 2005 – Pittsburg - proshot.. A <br />GREASE - Rocky River Comm. Theatre - Rocky River, OH - 6/24/2000 - Cast: Full details on disc. = Quality/Notes: This very popular commuity group presents a fine young cast who very obviously enjoyed playing their 50's malt shop roles! A really fun production, . Great pic and sound. - Rating: - A+<br />GREASE - 1994 ~ Broadway Revival Video features Press Reels from the Original Broadway Revival, and a TV special produced by Tommy Tune highlighting the show, and a History of Grease. Also included are Press Reels from tour, and trailer from the movies re-release. <br />GREAT AMERICAN TRAILER PARK MUSICAL - 12/4/05 - last show - Orfeh , Shuler Hensley , Linda Hart , Kaitlin Hopkins , Leslie Kritzer , Wayne Wilcox and Marya Grandy. <br />GREAT JOY A Holiday Celebration. All Stars. <br />GREY GARDENS - 4/9/06. With Christine Ebersole, Matt Cavanaugh, Sara Gettelfinger, Sarah Hyland, John McMartin, Michael Potts, Bob Stillman, Audrey Twitchell and Mary Louise Wilson. <br />GREY GARDENS (11/03/06) - Christine Ebersole, Mary-Louise Wilson, Erin Davie, John McMartin, Bob Stillman. Beautiful video. Shot from balcony. Excellent picture and sound. <br />GUYS AND DOLLS 3-10-09 - Broadway - Lauren Graham (Miss Adelaide), Kate Jennings Grant (Sarah Brown), Oliver Platt (Nathan Detriot), Craig Bierko (Sky Masterson), Titus Burgess (Nicely-Nicely Johnson), Steve Rosen (Benny Southstreet), Glenn Fleshler (Big Jule), Adam LeFevre (Lt. Brannigan), Jim Ortlieb (Arvide Abernathy), Mary Testa (General Cartwright).  The video is a nice mix of closeups and full stage shots - to see the set and dances. There are some blackouts, due to those damn ushers seating people who came late (was a early curtain time...lots of people seemed to come around normal curtain time). Nice capture of this production.  Also as a bonus the video also has " Bushel and a Peck" the scene between Nathan and Adelaide and " Adelaide's Lament" from the 2.14.09 Preview Performance.<br />GYPSY (Broadway Revival Cast) St James Theatre 1989 Opening Night 11/16/89 - Tyne Daly (Rose), Jonathan Hadary (Herbie), Christa Moore (Louise), Tracy Venner (June), Robert Lambert (Tulsa), Barbara Erwin (Tessie Tura), Jana Robbins (Mazeppa), Anna McNeely (Electra, Miss Crachitt), Christen Tassin (Baby June). Very nice for it's age. <br />GYPSY --Regional -- Jana Robbins (Tyne Daly Bway u/s) archival tape 3-cam edit. <br />GYPSY - 4/3/03 Broadway revival. Bernadette Peters, John Dossett. Shot from 1st row balcony - very clear, no heads, lots of closeups. <br />GYPSY - 4/05/08 ~ Broadway Patti Lupone, Boyd Gaines, Laura Benanti, Leigh Ann Larkin, Tony Yazbeck, Marilyn Caskey, Alison Fraser, Lenora Nemetz, Katie Micha. <br />GYPSY - 8/13/06 Ravinia Festival <br />GYPSY - 3/25/08 ~ Broadway Revival: Patti Lupone, Boyd Gaines, Laura Benanti, Leigh Ann Larkin, Tony Yazbeck, Marilyn Caskey, Alison Fraser, Lenora Nemetz, Katie Micha. A not to be missed production, very detailed and near perfection. Beautifully captured, knock out closeups and performances that rival the definition of musical theater. <br />GYPSY - w/ Bette Midler - Made for TV - 12/12/93. Cast: Bette Midler w/ great supporting cast. = Quality/Notes : An obviously great choice for the ultimate stage mother: Mama Rose! Bette is tremendous. Great production. TV quality. - Rating: - A+<br />GYPSY OF THE YEAR - 2006 - Performances by the casts of Hairspray, Urinetown, A Chorus Line, The Times They Are A-Changin, and more. Pro-shot DVD. Includes interviews.<br />HAIR IN CONCERT: PROFESSIONAL - Darius De Haas singing Aquarius, Annie Golden singing Frank Mills and Raul Esparza singing Hair <br />HAIR - at Encores. Tom Plotkin, Luther Creek, Idina Menzel, Miriam Shor, Michael McElroy et al. Shot from mezzanine, very good with zooms. <br />HAIR - Reprise Concert - 2001 ~ Los Angeles <br />HAIR - 2001 ~ Vienna Drew Sarich, Kyrre Kvam, Pethon D. Quirante, Susa Meyer, Cedric Lee Bradley, Ilse La Monica, Jacqueline Braun. Great production. Some generational loss, and a bit on the dark side. In English. <br />HAIR... For The Next Generation 1988 ~ New York Barbara Walters, Bea Arthur, Donna Summer, Sam Harris, Nell Carter, Melba Moore, Treat Williams, Annie Golden, Gerome Ragni, James Rado, Paul Jabara, Andre DeSheilds, The Harletts, Tisha Campbell, Vicky Sue Robinson, Frank Stalone, Liliane Montevecchi, John Amos, Rex Smith, Dr. Ruth, Martha Plymton, more. RARE FIND!!! 20th Anniversary Concert of the show to benefit AIDS research. <br />HAIR   3/15/09 ~ Broadway, Revival. Will Swenson (Berger), Gavin Creel (Claude), Caissie Levy (Sheila), Kacie Sheik (Jeanie), Darius Nichols (Hud), Bryce Ryness (Woof), Sasha Allen (Dionne), Saycon Sengbloh (Tribe).  Well filmed from high up in the balcony.  Occasional blackouts, and heads at the bottom of the screen, but nothing too bad.  DVD has been enhanced with an opening menu with chapter stops and thumbnail images for all the musical numbers.   A-  <br />HAIRSPRAY - December 16, 2007 - Broadway (mat) Shannon Durig (Tracy), Tom Rooney (Wilbur), George Wendt (Edna), Ashley Parker Angel (Link), Ashley Spencer (Amber), Gretchen Bieber* (u/s Velma), Lance Bass (Corny), Tevin Campbell (Seaweed), Terita Redd* (u/s Motormouth). <br />HAIRSPRAY 7/29/02 ~ Broadway ~ Harvey Fierstein, Marissa Janet Winokur, Mattthew Morrison, Laura Bell Bundy, Kerry Butler, Linda Hart, Dick Latessa, Corey Reynolds, Clarke Thorell, Danelle Eugenia Wilson, Mary Bond Davis. Digital, Shot from first row mezz. Lots of close- ups. <br />HAIRSPRAY - 1/31/06 - John Pinette, Mechelle Dowdy, Stephen Derosa, Darlene Love, Tevin Campbell <br />HAIRSPRAY - 12/13/05 ~ Tour, Chicago Keala Settle, Dale Calandra (u/s Edna), Jim J. Bullock, Melissa Larsen (u/s Penny), Aaron Tveit, Charlotte Crossley, Susan Henley, Tara Macri. <br />HAIRSPRAY - 11/5/03 - Kathy Brier (Tracy Turnblad), Harvey Firestein (Edna Turnblad), Matthew Morrison (Link Larkin), Dick Latessa (Wilbur Turnblad), Clarke Thorell (Corny Collins), Tracy Jai Edwards (Amber Von Tussle). <br />HAIRSPRAY 9/27/06 ~ Rockford, IL Non-Equity Tour: Brooklynn Pulver, Jerry O'Boyle, Pearl Thomas, Alyssa Malgeri, Happy McPartlin, Dan Ferretti, Christian White, Yvette Monique Clark. <br />HAIRSPRAY - 11/25/06 Broadway - Shannon Durig, Blake Hammond, Diana DeGarmo, Stephen DeRosa, DarleneLove, Tevin Campbell, Jonathan Dokuchitz, Lisa Jolley, Isabel Keating,Tara Macri, Kevin Meaney, Naturi Naughton, and Aaron Tveit.Perfectly clear picture and sound, outstanding quality. <br />HAIRSPRAY - 10/16/07 ~ West End, London Michael Ball, Mel Smith, Leanne Jones, Ben James-Ellis, Tracie Bennett, Elinor Collett, Johnnie Fiori, Adrian Hansel, Rachael Wooding. <br />HAIRSPRAY - 9/4/05 - 1pm - Philadelphia, PA Keala Settle (Tracy), JP Dougherty (Edna), Jim J. Bullock (Wilbur). 2nd act only <br />HAIRSPRAY 3-25-07 *Michelle Dowdy*- Tracy, Jonathan Dokuchitz- Corny Collins, *Hayley Podschun*- Amber, Paul Vogt- Edna, *Scott Davidson*- Wilbur, *Susan Mosher* - Velma von Tussle, Alexa Vega- Penny, Ashley Parker Angel- Link, * Leslie McDonel*- Prudy /Gym teacher/ matron, Tevin Campbell- Seaweed J. Stubbs, Darlene Love- Motormouth Maybelle, Naturi Naughton- Inez <br />HAIRSPRAY - 11/19/08 ~ Philadelphia, PA. Amy Toporek, Michael Walker, Josh Young, Kate Fahrner, Joilet F. Harris, Ben Dibble, Liz Kimball, Domonique Paton, Denise Whelan, Neil Totton, Connie Shafer, John-Charles Kelly. Highlights; nice video of a solid regional production; contains all the musical numbers (except the song " Hairspray" ). No real obstructions. It's interesting to see " Hairspray" staged different than the Broadway production, although some things are the same; nice sound and good video A-<br />HAIRSPRAY - 1/3/09 ~ Broadway. Harvey Fierstein, Marissa Janet Winokur, Clarke Thorell, Constantine Rousouli, Kate Loprest, Niki Scalera, Tevin Campbell, Charlotte Crossley, Susan Mosher, Melissa VanPelt, Karen Mason, Ken Marks. Third to last performance on Broadway, and only video done during Marissa and Harvey's final run. Quite a few blackouts, but none of them last for more than 30 seconds or a minute; filmed mostly wide and medium shots, with some close-ups; head in the way at times but taper films around it; some washout in the wides. Curtain call is included. 2 DVDs A-<br />HEDWIG & THE ANGRY INCH (Pittsburgh, PA) Anthony Rapp 5/25/03. Great show! <br />HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH 1/2/99 ~ Producer's Copy. John Cameron Mitchell. Pro shot. Excellent <br />HELEN OF TROY - 6/13/05 - Bruce Vilanch, Eden Espinosa, Alice Ripley, Cary Shields. <br />HELLO DOLLY - 1998 - Mimi Hines <br />HENRY IV - Anastasia Barzee, Terry Beaver, Richard Easton, Ethan Hawke, Michael Hayden, Dana Ivey, Byron Jennings, Kevin Kline, Audra McDonald, Stephen DeRosa, Jeff Weiss, Tyrees Allen, Tom Bloom, Christine Marie Brown, Stevie Ray Dallimore, Genevieve Elam, Peter Jay Fernandez, Scott Ferrara, Albert Jones, Ty Jones, Aaron Krohn, David Manis, Dakin Matthews, Jed Orlemann, Lorenzo Pisoni, Steve Rankin, Lucas Caleb Rooney, Daniel Stewart Sherman, Corey Stoll, Baylen Thomas, Nance Williamson, C.J. Wilson, Richard Ziman. November 29th, 2003. Good video! <br />HERCULES: THE MUSE-ICAL - Date Unknown ~ Disney Cruise Line Very entertaining. Full scale, Broadway style show based on Disney's animated feature. This disc includes two filming's of the same show, both filmed from a tripod. One is a mostly full stage shot, and the other is more focused on close-ups. <br />HERO, THE ROCK OPERA - 2004 ~ Tulsa, OK Michael Tail, Mark Stuart, Rebecca St. James. <br />HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL August 2006 - Stagedoor Manor Jordan Campbell, Andrea Ross, Olivia Baackes, Dylan Tedaldi, Eric Reinemann, Sarah Konowitz. The first stage production of Disney's original movie " High School Musical." Performed by a cast of High School aged kids. <br />HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 6/07 ~ Wichita, KS Desi Oakley, Matthew Elliot, Sophia Drummond, Evan Kilgore, Emma Craig, Alex Johnson, Karen L. Robu, Timothy W. Robu. A presentation of the Music Theatre Of Wichita. Filmed using one camera on a tripod. Crystal clear. <br />HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL - 8/12/07 Chicago, IL Tour: John Jeffrey Martin, Arielle Jacobs, Renee Marino as (u/s) Sharpay, Bobby List, Shakiem Evans, Shaullanda LaCombe, Ellen Harvey, Ron Bohmer. <br />HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL - [10/07/06] [Woodlands High School] [Montgomery County, TX] <br />THE HISTORY BOYS - 5/6/2006 - A+ Great Close up and minute cover-up in act 2 includes interview with Richard Griffiths and theatre talk interview with Alan Bennett Cast: Samuel Anderson, Richard Griffiths,Samuel Barnett, Dominic Cooper, Clive Merrison, James Corden, Frances De La Tour, Sacha Dhawan, Andrew Knott, Clive Merrison, Stephen Capbell Moore, Jamie Parker, Russell Tovey. <br />HOME : Heather Headley Concert - with Adam Pascal and Clay Aiken. Pro shot. <br />THE HOMECOMING - 2/20/08 ~ Broadway - Ian McShane, Raul Esparza, Eve Best, Michael McKean, James Frain, Gareth Saxe. Great play and a strong cast. A very nice capture, with good shots, from the master. A<br />HOW TO SUCCEED IN BUSINESS WITHOUT REALLY TRYING (one camera pro-shot) Ralph Macchio, Roger Bart, Shauna Hicks, Richard Thomsen, Pamela Blair. US Tour, 1996 B+ <br />HOW TO SUCCEED IN BUSINESS WITHOUT REALLY TRYING - Matthew Broderick. Good video! <br />HURLYBURLY - 2/5/05 - Ethan Hawke, Catherine Kellner, Parker Posey, Wallace Shawn <br />I AM MY OWN WIFE - Jefferson Mays. Nice video with lots of zooms. <br />IDINA MENZEL - SoundStage Concert. Also featuring Josh Groban and Ravi Coltrane<br />IN MY LIFE - 10/12/05 - original cast. <br />IN MY LIFE - 12/11/05 - last show - Jessica Boevers , Christopher J. Hanke, Roberta Gumbel, Chiara Navarra, David Turner. <br />IN THE HEIGHTS - 2/14/08 - First Preview Lin-Manuel Miranda (Usnavi), Olga Merenez (Merediz) (Abuela Claudia), Robin de Jesus (Sonny), Christopher Jackson (Benny), Mandy Gonzalez (Nina), Karen Olivo (Vanessa), Seth Stewart (Graffiti Pete), Eliseo Roman (Piragua Guy), Janet Dacal (Carla), Andrea Burns (Daniela), Carlos Gomez (Kevin), Priscilla Lopez (Camila), Tony Chiroldes, Rosie Lani Fiedelman, Joshua Henry, Afra Hinnes, Nina Lafarga, Doreen Montalvo, Javier Munoz, Krysta Rodriguez, Eliseo Roman, Luis Salgado, Saun Taylor-Corbett, Rickey Tripp <br />IN THE HEIGHTS - (5/18/08) Broadway -- **Matinee** Krysta Rodriguez* (Vanessa), Seth Stewart (Graffiti Pete), Lin-Manuel Miranda (Usnavi), Olga Merediz (Abuela Claudia), Stephanie Klemons* (Carla), Andrea Burns (Daniela), Priscilla Lopez (Camila), Carlos Gomez (Kevin), Robin De Jesus (Sonny), Christopher Jackson (Benny), Mandy Gonzales (Nina) <br />IN THE HEIGHTS (Broadway, 3/5/08) Great capture of this great show with fantastic closeups! U/S Javier Munoz does a smashing job. Great cast and energy. Javier Munoz as (u/s) Usnavi, Andrea Burns, Robin De Jesus, Carlos Gomez, Mandy Gonzalez, Christopher Jackson, Priscilla Lopez, Olga Merediz, Karan Olivo. <br />INTO THE WOODS - (Broadway Revival Cast, 4/13/02) Vanessa Williams, John McMartin, Steven Derosa, Kerry O'Malley. Excellent recording that is easily followed. Great cast. Great production. <br />INTO THE WOODS - 5/16/02 <br />INVENTION OF LOVE - 6/26/01 (1st gen). Robert Sean Leonard, Richard Easton. Beautiful video, shot from 2nd row mezz on the aisle, so no heads. Good zooms. <br />JAY JOHNSON: THE TWO AND ONLY (11/26/06) - (Broadway - Final Performance). Filmed from second row of the mezzanine. Missing last 4 minutes of show due to tape running out. <br />JACK & THE BEANSTALK - 1967 - Gena Kelly voice of Marni nixon. <br />JACQUES BRELL IS ALIVE AND WELL LIVING IN PARIS 10/7/06 ~ Off-Broadway Drew Sarich, Anne Mandrella, Robert Cuccioli. Nicely filmed and crystal clear. Unfortunatly, just the first act only. <br />JANE EYRE (Original Broadway Cast) - 4/18/01 - Marla Schaffel (Jane Eyre), James Barbour (Edward Rochester), Lisa Musser (Young Jane), Lee Zarrett (Young John Reed), Gina Ferrall (Mrs Reed/ Lady Ingram), Don Richard (Mr Brocklehurst / Colonel Dent / Vicar), Mary Stout (Mrs. Fairfax/ Marigold), Jayne Peterson (Helen Burns / Mary Ingram), Bruce Dow (Robert), Andrea Bowen (Adele). <br />JEKYLL & HYDE - 12/2000 ~ Broadway Pay-Per-View Rehearsal filming. Rob Evan, Andrea Rivette, Colleen Sexton. VERY similar to the version shown on tv. <br />JEKYLL AND HYDE (Broadway Cast - 12/19/99) Joseph Mahowald (u/s Jekyll/Hyde), Christy Tarr (u/s Emma), Colleen Sexton (u/s Lucy), Stuart Marland (u/s Utterson), Craig Schulman, Douglas Ladnier. <br />JEKYLL AND HYDE - 12/16/00 - Rob Evan, Coleen Sexton, Andrea Rivette; great close ups. <br />JERRY SPRINGER OPERA - 1/30/04 - London <br />JERSEY BOYS - 11/19/05 - Christian Hoff, Daniel Reichard, J. Robert Spencer, John Lloyd Young, Peter Gregus, Mark Lotito, Tituss Burgess <br />JERSEY BOYS (04/19/07 - 1NT SF Curran) Miles Aubrey* [Bob Gaudio], Michael Ingersoll [Nick Massi], Deven May [Tommy DeVito], Christopher Kale Jones [Frankie Valli], John Altieri, Erik Bates*, Heather Ferguson* [u/s Lorraine], Courter Simmons, Taylor Sternberg*, Nathan Klau, Brandon Matthieus, Jackie Seiden, Joseph Siravo, Melissa Strom <br />JERSEY BOYS (04/24/07 - 1NT SF Curran) Miles Aubrey* [Bob Gaudio], Michael Ingersoll [Nick Massi], Deven May [Tommy DeVito], Rick Faugno [alt - Frankie Valli], John Altieri, Erik Bates*, Heather Ferguson* [u/s Lorraine], Courter Simmons, Taylor Sternberg* [u/s Barry Belson], Nathan Klau, Douglas Crawford*, Jackie Seiden, Joseph Siravo, Melissa Strom <br />JERSEY BOYS (04/28/07 - 1NT SF Curran) Erich Bergen [Bob Gaudio], Michael Ingersoll [Nick Massi], Deven May [Tommy DeVito], Christopher Kale Jones [Frankie Valli], John Altieri, Miles Aubrey, Heather Ferguson*, Courter Simmons, Taylor Sternberg*, Nathan Klau, Brandon Matthieus, Jackie Seiden, Joseph Siravo, Melissa Strom <br />JERSEY BOYS (05/03/07 - 1NT Last in SF Curran) Erich Bergen [Bob Gaudio], Michael Ingersoll [Nick Massi], Deven May [Tommy DeVito], Christopher Kale Jones [Frankie Valli], John Altieri, Miles Aubrey, Sandra DeNise, Courter Simmons, Eric Gutman, Nathan Klau, Brandon Matthieus, Jackie Seiden, Joseph Siravo, Melissa Strom <br />JERSEY BOYS (08/03/07 - 2NT SF Curran) Drew Gehling [Bob Gaudio], John Hickman* [u/s Nick Massi], Jeremy Kushnier [Tommy DeVito], Jarrod Spector [Frankie Valli], Craig Laurie, Wade McCollum, Lauren Marshall, Steven M. Goldsmith, Ryan Quinn West, Mike Erickson* [u/s Gyp], Rashad Naylor, Jenny Lee Ramos, Jake Speck [u/s Billy Dixon], Lyndsey Cole <br />JERSEY BOYS - 12/22/07 ~ San Francisco, CA Las Vegas Cast: Rick Faugno, Jeff Leibow, Byran McElroy, Andrew Rannells, Natalie Bradshaw, Joyce Chittick, Jonathan Hadley, Julia Krohn (act 1), Lauren Tartaglia (act 2), Ken Krugman, Jason Martinez, Kristofer McNeeley, John Salvatore, Jonathan, Kevin Russel. A little shaky at times, and a little obstruction from some heads downstage. Great energy from this cast. <br />JERSEY BOYS (08/05/07 - 2NT SF Curran) Drew Gehling [Bob Gaudio], Michael Ingersoll [Nick Massi], Jeremy Kushnier [Tommy DeVito], John Michael Dias [alt Frankie Valli], Craig Laurie, Wade McCollum, Lauren Marshall, Steven M. Goldsmith, Ryan Quinn West, Mike Erickson* [u/s Gyp], Rashad Naylor, Jenny Lee Ramos, Jake Speck [u/s Billy Dixon], Lyndsey Cole <br />JERSEY BOYS - Broadway - March 14, 2008 Michael Longoria (Frankie Valli), Christian Hoff (Tommy DeVito), Sebastian Arcelus (Bob Gaudio), John Leone (u/s Nick Massi), Peter Gregus (Bob Crewe), Mark Lotito (Gyp), Travis Cloer (Joey), Jennifer Naimo (Mary Delgado), Kris Coleman (Hal Miller & other roles), Eric Gutman (Hank Majewski), Donnie Kehr (Norm Waxman), Eric Piccininni (Lorraine), Sara Schmidt (Francine)<br />JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR - 1/13/07 ~ Milwaukee, WI *** National Tour Starring Ted Neeeley, Corey Glover, Tiffini Dodson, Jeremey Pasha, Craig Sculli, Larry Alan Coke, Aaron Fuksa. <br />JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR - 7/23/03 ~ Los Angeles, CA Walter Winston O'Neill, Eden Espinoza (Mary Magdalene,) Christopher Hall, Eric Anderson, Paul Klees, Ben Fisher, Levi Walker. A production of Performance Riverside. Great interpretation of the show. Filmed using one camera on a tripod. <br />JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR - 2000 bway revival, Tony Vincent, Glenn Carter, Maya Days, Kevin Gray, Paul Kandel, Ray Walker, Fred Owens, Michael Lee, Rodney Hicks. Good Zooms. <br />JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR - Winter 2002 - Sebastian Bach, Carl Anderson, Natalie Toro Nice Video, strange multi-camera shot that transitions back. <br />JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR - Denver - 1-30-05 <br />JEWTOPIA 4/29/07 Cast: Vanessa Lemonides, Becky London, Lorry Goldman, Josh Heine, Rosanne Ma, Jeremy Rishe and Joel Rooks <br />JOHN DENVER & THE MUPPETS: A CHRISTMAS TOGETHER 1979 ~ ABC-TV John Denver, Kermit, Miss Piggy Fozzie bear, Gonzo, Floyd, Scooter, Rowlf. " The Muppets are joined by John Denver to celebrate the holidays. Highlights include: Denver and the Muppets sing " The Twelve Days of Christmas" ; Denver sings " The Pleasure of Your Company" ; Kermit the Frog and Denver reminisce about past Christmases with their friends and families and sing " A Christmas Wish" ; Miss Piggy confronts Denver in her dressing room about their presumed mutual attraction; Denver and Rowlf the Dog sing " Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" ; and Denver recites the story of Jesus' birth. The program concludes with Denver and the Muppets singing " Stille Nacht," and children in the audience join in for the English version, " Silent Night." <br />JOSEPH AND THE AMAZING TECHNICOLOR DREAMCOAT ~ Sam Harris <br />JOSEPH AND THE AMAZING TECHNICOLOR DREAMCOAT - 1973 - London - Truly AMAZING find!! Pro-shot video of the original London cast & production, appears to have been done specially on a soundstage. Stunningly crisp, clear quality. Missing the first minute or two. <br />JOSEPH AND THE AMAZING TECHNICOLOR DREAMCOAT ~ 10/17/07 ~ West End, London Lee Mead, Fiona Reyes as (alt) Narrator, Dean Collinson, Stephen Tate, John Alastair, Neal Wright. <br />JOSEPH AND THE AMAZING TECHNICOLOR DREAMCOAT - 2/16/02 ~ Los Angeles, CA Eden Espinoza (The Narrator,) Roger Befeler, John LaLonde, Jennifer Rias, John Hrbacek, Matt Logan, David Beaver, Robert Vance, Ryan Ball, Trevor Brackney. A presentation of Performance Riverside. Filmed using one camera on a tripod. <br />JOSEPH AND THE AMAZING TECHNICOLOR  - 2/16/09 ~ UK Tour. Anthony Hansen, Tara Bethan, Henry Metcalfe, Wayne Smith, Sam Cassidy, Camilla Rowland, Lee Mathieson, Chris Dilley.  Nicely filmed and crystal clear, but one short blackout (about 20 seconds) during “Joseph’s Coat”.  Very nice production that finally tried a new interpretation with new staging.   <br />JOURNEY'S END - 2/10/07 Jefferson Mays, Stark Sands, John Ahlin, Nick Berg Barnes John Behlmann, Justin Blanchard, Kieran Campion, John Curless, Richard Poe. <br />JUNO Encores! - 3/29/08 - Victoria Clark, Celia Keenan-Bolger, Michael Arden, Clarke Thorell <br />KING AND I - with Donna Murphy and Lou Diamond Phillips <br />KING AND I - 9/10/04 Philadelphia, PA Tour Sandy Duncan. Great video. Highlights only, not the complete show. Runs about 1 hour 20 minutes. <br />KING AND I - 2002 - Wichita, KS - Kristin Chenoweth <br />KING LEAR - 4/3/04. Christopher Plummer, James Blendick, Domini Blythe, Brent Carver, Benedict Campbell, Geraint Wyn Davies, Ian Deakin, Claire Jullien, Barry McGregor, Lucy Peacock, Stephen Russell, Brian Tree. <br />LA BOHEME – Australian Cast <br />LA BOHEME - 11/27/02 dress rehearsal on Broadway. With Alfred Boe and Wei Huang. Includes the intro by Baz Luhrmann addressing the audience at the rehearsal. Complete show including the extra-long scene changes between acts. Wonderful production! The sound gets a little choppy near the end of Act One. <br />LA CAGE AUX FOLLES - 12/4/04 - Book by Harvey Fierstein.. Gary Beach, Daniel Davis, Gavin Creet, Angela Gaylor, Linda Balgord, Michael Mulheren, John Shuman, Michael Benjamin Washington. <br />LAST DANCE - 7/5/03 - Heather Goldenhersh, Lorenzo Pisoni, David Rasche & Jobeth Williams. <br />LAST DAYS OF JUDAS ISCARIOT - 3/6/05 - directed by Philip Seymour Hoffman <br />LAST FIVE YEARS 1st gen.- 4/5/02 Sherie Rene Scott, Norbert Leo Butz. Good video, lots of close ups. <br />LAST FIVE YEARS - pro-shot. With Norbert Leo Butz and Lauren Kennedy. Some generation loss <br />LAST FIVE YEARS - 6/23/01 - Chicago. Norbert Leo Butz and Lauren Kennedy <br />LAST SESSION - 9/18/98, Bob Stillman etc. Producers video, professional. Some generation loss <br />LAST TEN YEARS: THE MUSIC OF JASON ROBERT BROWN - Sh-K-Boom 4/15/02 - Norbert Leo Butz, Sherie Rene Scott, Adam Pascal, Brooks Ashmanskas <br />LEA SALONGA: THE BROADWAY CONCERT (Pro-Shot) Lea Salonga - unforgettable star of Miss Saigon, Flower Drum Song, Les Miserables Anniversary Concert and the beautiful singing voice of Disney's Jasmine and Mulan gives a great concert with lovely renditions of Broadway tunes. Impressively talented performer. <br />LEA SALONGA - Philippine Homecoming Concert. Pro shot. Has some generation loss, but not much. A<br />LEGALLY BLONDE - 10/25/07 ~ Broadway Becky Gulsvig as (u/s) Elle, Andy Karl as (u/s) Emmett, Richard Blake, Kate Shindle, Michael Rupert, Orfeh, Haven Burton. Great capture of the two understudies in the role. Shot from the orchestra with amazing shots. <br />LEGALLY BLONDE 2/24/07 San Francisco - CLOSING NIGHT Laura Bell Bundy, Christian Borle, Orfeh, Richard H. Blake, Kate Shindle, Nikki Snelson, Michael Rupert. Awesome video! <br />LEGALLY BLONDE - 5/19/07 ~ Broadway Laura Bell Bundy, Christian Borle, Leslie Kritzer as (u/s) Paulette, Richard H. Blake, Kate Shindle, Nikki Snelson, Michael Rupert. A nice capture of the show. Missing about 3 and a half minutes of the show during Legally Blonde remix and about 8 seconds of skipping at the very end during the graduation. A- <br />LEGALLY BLONDE - 9/16/07 Becky Gulsvig (Elle Woods u/s), Christian Borle (Emmett Forrest), Orfeh (Paulette), Richard H. Blake (Warner Huntington III), Kate Shindle (Vivienne Kensington), Nikki Snelson (Brooke Wyndham), Michael Rupert (Professor Callahan), Tracy Jai Edwards (Serena), Annaleigh Ashford (Margot), Asmeret Ghebremichael (Pilar), Natalie Joy Johnson (Enid), Andy Karl (Kyle/Dewey/Grandmaster Chad), Kate Wetherhead (Kate/Chutney), Noah Weisberg (Aaron Shultz), etc. <br />LEGALLY BLONDE - 3/2/08 - Broadway - **Evening** Haven Burton* (Elle), Christian Borle (Emmett), Orfeh (Paulette), Michael Rupert (Callahan), Richard H. Blake (Warner), Kate Shindle (Vivienne), Nikki Snelson (Brooke), Tracy Jai Edwards (Serena), Becky Gulsvig* (Margot), Asmeret Ghebremichael (Pilar), Natalie Joy Johnson (Enid), Andy Karl (Kyle), Bryce Ryness (Aaron), Stephanie Fittro (Kate), Lindsay Nicole Chambers* (Stenographer) <br />LEGALLY BLONDE 4/14/07 ~ Broadway Laura Bell Bundy, Christian Borle, Orfeh, Richard H. Blake, Michael Rupert, Kate Shindle. Great fun show and nice capture. Laura was wonderful along with a fantastic cast. <br />LENNON - 8/6/05 - Will Chase, Chuck Cooper, Julie Danao Salkin, Mandy Gonzalez, Marcy Harriell, Chad Kimball, Terrence Mann, Julia Murney <br />LENNON - Broadway 8/21/05. Will Chase, Chad Kimball, Terrence Mann, Julia Murney, Marcy Harriell, Mandy Gonzalez, Michael Potts, Chuck Cooper, Julie Danao-Salkin. <br />LES MISERABLES - 8/24/97 ~ Chelmsford, England. Jeff Leyton, Michael McCarthy, Ruthie Henshall, Matthew Cammelle, Frances Ruffelle, Annalene Beechey, David Bardsley, Chris Langham, Gay Soper. Pro shot, recorded through the concert’s big-screen cameras which relayed the action on stage to the massive crowd, this is a brilliantly clear DVD with fantastic close-ups. Audio fed in from soundboard. Humorous part at the end where the announcement is made to the crowd about getting home, just a real juxtaposition of the previous brilliance… “One Day More!”...“For those heading to Chelmsford Railway station or getting a coach, could you please leave by exit 3.” Wonderfully engaging cast. A-<br />LES MISERABLES - 12/11/99 ~ London. John Owen-Jones, John Stacey, Gunilla Backman, Tom Lucas, Jaime Farr (u/s), Jane Horn (u/s), Mark Powell (u/s), Cameron Blakely, Joanna Mays. Filmed from the Orchestra at The Palace Theatre. Great zooms and color, some heads and sometimes the conductor’s hands (although that makes for a cool effect) obstruct sometimes, and the grade is lowered for those reasons; great video of the show with amazing close-ups; ending instrumental bit of IDaD and the last bit in the sewers missing. 2 DVDs A-<br />LES MISERABLES - 5/25/02 ~ Broadway. John Cudia (Valjean u/s), Joseph Mahowald, Jacquelyn Piro, Sandra Turley (Cosette), Peter Lockyer (Marius), Nick Wyman, Betsy Joslyn, Diana Kaarina, David Gagnon. Shot around some heads, and a little dark but overall very nice. Good picture and sound A<br />LES MISERABLES - 3/17/06 ~ Philadelphia. Randal Keith, Robert Hunt, Joan Almedilla, Jennifer Butt, Fabio Polanco, Melissa Lyons, Victor Wallace, Adam Jacobs, Leslie Henstock. Good video with nice close-ups and sound; shot between some heads at times but not distracting A-<br />LES MISERABLES - 10/23/07 ~ Beverly, MA Fred Inkley, Jacquelyn Piro, Charles Hagerty, Joanne Javien, Devin Richards, Inga Ballard, Ron Winski, Joanna Rosen, Charley Brady. A production of North Shore Music Theatre. Filmed using multiple cameras with sound patched in directly from the soundboard. Crystal clear. Great show, performed “in the round.” Recorded at the final dress rehearsal-so there is no audience. Also includes the show's press reels. <br />LES MISERABLES - Broadway Revival Cast 12/3/06 performance with Alexander Gemignani, Norm Lewis, Daphne Rubin-Vega, Celia Keenan-Bolger, Adam Jacobs, Aaron Lazar, Ali Ewoldt, Gary Beach, Jenny Galloway, Drew Sarich. Crystal clear digital picture with great sound and fantastic camerawork. <br />LES MISERABLES 11/16/06 ~ Broadway Revival: Alexander Gemignani, Norm Lewis, Daphne Rubin-Vega, Celia Keenan-Bolger, Ali Ewoldt, Drew Sarich, Gary Beach, Jenny Galloway, Aaron Lazar, Adam Jacobs, Tess Adams. First 15 minutes contain lots of blackouts, but after that its very good. Great picture and sound. <br />LES MISERABLES - 7/23/06 ~ Tour, St. Louis - Final Tour Performance: Randal Keith, Robert Hunt, Joan Almedilla, Jennifer Butt, Norman Large, Melissa Lyons, Daniel Bogart, Ali Ewoldt. <br />LES MISERABLES - 3NT, 2/7/00. Ivan Rutherford as Valjean, Stephen Bishop as Javert, Joan Almedilla as Fantine, Stephanie Mieko Cohen as Young Cosette. (2nd gen) <br />LES MISERABLES - Randal Keith, Terrence Mann, Jayne Patterson, Aymee Garcia, Nick Wyman, Diana Kaarina, Christopher Mark Peterson, Kevin Kern, Sandra Turley. 4/22/2003. Good Video. Some heads in the way occasionally <br />LES MISERABLES - in spanish - Buenos Aires <br />LES MISERABLES - 5/18/03 - FINAL BROADWAY PERFORMANCE - Randel Keith/Michael McCarthy. Highlights <br />LES MISERABLES 1st gen. Gainesville, FL. Steve Gannon (u/s Valjean), Stephen Tewksbury, Jayne Paterson, Stephen Brian Patterson, Jessica Snow-Wilson. 2/1/2003 Great video! <br />LES MISERABLES - London July 14, 2004. Sean Kingsley, Michael McCarthy, Joanna Ampil, Gemma Wardle, Gary Tushaw, Lydia Griffiths, Oliver Thornton, Stephen Tate, Katy Secombe. Wonderful video. Lots of head obstruction in the beginning but then the filmer seems to get a different angle and the rest of the show is beautifully shot. Clear digital picture with great sound. <br />LES MISERABLES - 3/9/04 - Philadelphia, Pa 3NT- Randal Keith (Valjean)/Stephen Tewksbury (Javert)/Linda Pierson Huff (u/s- Fantine). <br />LES MISERABLES The Dream Cast - Pro Shot Concert. <br />LES MISERABLES - 7/26/02 - Broadway- Andrew Varela (u/s)/Phillip Hernandez/Jacquelyn Piro/Nick Wyman/Kathy Stanten/Steven Brian Patterson/Stephanie Waters/Diana Kaarina. <br />LES MISERABLES - London, May 6, 2006 . Tim Godwin (u/s), Cornell John, Kerry Ellis, Hayden Tee, Amanda Jane-Callaghan (u/s), Julia Moller, Nolan Dark (u/s), Barry James, Tracie Bennett <br />LES MISERABLES - London, Oct. 29, 2004 Tim Godwin (u/s), Michael McCarthy, Joanna Ampil, Daniel Reeves (u/s), Amanda-Jane Callaghan (u/s). Highlights. <br />LES MISERABLES - Broadway Saturday, February 17th, 2007 - Alexander Gemignani (Jean Valjean), Norm Lewis (Javert), Daphne Rubin-Vega (Fantine), Gary Beach (Thendardier), Jenny Galloway (Madame Thenardier), Celia Kennan-Bolger (Eponine), Ali Ewoldt (Cosette), Adam Jacobs (Marius), Drew Sarich (Enjolras u/s). Great! <br />LES MISERABLES - Broadway, Nov. 19, 2002 J. Mark McVey, David Masenheimer, Lauren Kennedy. <br />LES MISERABLES - Broadway, June 9, 2001 Roger Seyer (u/s), Shuler Hensley, Jacquelyn Piro, Peter Lockyer <br />LES MISERABLES - August 24, 2007 , Broadhurst Theatre Cast: Drew Sarich (Valjean), Robert Hunt (Javert), Nikki Renee Daniels (u/s Fantine), Adam Jacobs (Marius), Megan McGinnis (Eponine), Ali Ewoldt (Cosette), Chip Zien (Thenardier), Becca Ayers (u/s Madame Thenardier), Brian D'Addario (Gavroche), Max von Essen (Enjolras), Michael Minarik (Grantaire) <br />LES MISEABLES Broadway, May 12, 2007 Alexander Gemignani, Drew Sarich (u/s), Lea Salonga, Adam Jacobs, Mandy Bruno, Ali Ewoldt, Gary Beach, Ann Harada The new cast. Filmed in widescreen. Great! <br />LES MISEABLES - 5/17/08 - Walnut Street Theatre Philadelphia, PA - Hugh Panaro (Valjean), Paul Schoeffler (Javert) Jessica Bogart (Fantine), Laura Gwynne Yaros (Young Cosette) Dawn Spence (Mme Thenardier), Scott Greer (Thenardier) <br />LES MISEABLES - 8/9/08 ~ Hollywood Bowl J. Mark McVey, Brian Stokes Mitchell, Lea Michele, Melora Hardin, John Lloyd Young, Michele Maika, Michael McCormick, Tom Lowe, Ruth Williamson. <br />LESTAT 4/1/06 ~ Broadway Preview - Hugh Panaro, Carolee Carmello, Drew Sarich, Jim Stanek, Roderick Hill, Allison Fischer, Steve Wilson (u/s Marquis). <br />LESTAT - Palace Theatre, May 27th, 2006 Drew Sarich (Lestat u/s), Carolee Carmello (Gabrielle), Roderick Hill (Nicolas), Sean MacLaughlin (Armand u/s), Michael Gent (Marius), Chris Peluso (Louis u/s), Allison Fischer (Claudia) <br />LESTAT - 12-28-05 San Francisco - Pre-Broadway. Hugh Panaro (Lestat), Carolee Carmello (Gabrielle), Drew Sarich (Armand u/s), Jim Stanek (Louis), Roderick Hill (Nicolas), Michael Genet (Marius), Allison Fischer (Claudia) <br />LESTAT - 5/4/2006 - original cast. Lots of closeups and great sound. <br />LIGHT IN THE PIAZZA - [ 12/07 – 09/06 ] [National Tour] [Los Angeles] - Christine Andreas; Elena Shaddow; David Burnham; David Ledingham; Diane Sutherland; Laura Griffith; Jonathan Hammond; Brian Sutherland. <br />LIGHT IN THE PIAZZA - 4/21/05 . Broadway, with Victoria Clark, Kelli O'Hara. <br />LIGHT IN THE PIAZZA - 8/20/05 . Broadway, with Patti Coenhour (u/s) <br />LIGHT IN THE PIAZZA - 6/15/06 ~ Lincoln Center Starring Victoria Clark, Katie Clarke, Aaron Lazar, Michael Berresse, Sarah Uriarte Berry and Chris Sarandon. PBS filmed version digitally transferred to Dvd. A+ <br />THE LION KING – Los Angeles ~ 10-8-00 ~ -2nd generation with amazing zooms. Rufus Bonds Jr. as Mufasa, Clifton Oliver as Simba, Moe Daniels as Nala, Jazmn as Young Nala, KaRonn Henderson as Young Simba, Tonya Dixon u/s as Rafiki, John Vickery as Scar. <br />THE LION KING Jan/5/2006 A- San Diego Civic Theatre <br />THE LION KING - 9/30/01 ~ London. Nicola Blackman, Sharon D Clarke, Howard Crossley, Rob Edwards, Gary Forbes, Ian Hughes, Jayne Hilton, Matthew Lloyd-Davies, Eric Mallett, Ray Shell, Roger Wright. No picture for first 15 minutes and then great picture; good sound all the way and nice closeups at times<br />LITTLE DOG LAUGHED - 1/18/06 Cast List:Johnny Garlicky, Neal Huff, Zoe Lister-Jones, Julie White. <br />LITTLE DOG LAUGHED - 2/4/07 ~ Broadway Cast List: Johnny Garlicky, Neal Huff, Zoe Lister-Jones, Julie White. Missing last minute and 1/2 of show due to battery issues. <br />THE LITTLE MERMAID - 8/31/07 ~ Denver, CO Pre-Broadway: Sierra Boggess, Sherie Rene Scott, Norm Lewis, Tituss Burgess, Sean Palmer, Eddie Korbich, Tyler Maynard, JJ Singleton, Johnathan Freeman. <br />THE LITTLE MERMAID - 6/27/08 Matinee Sierra Boggess (Ariel), Sherie Rene Scott (Ursula), Arbender Robinson (u/s Prince Eric), Norm Lewis (King Triton), Tituss Burgess (Sebastian), Eddie Korbich (Scuttle), Jonathan Freeman (Grimsby), Derrick Baskin (Jetsam), Jason Snow (u/s Flotsam), Brian d'Addario (Flounder) <br />THE LITTLE MERMAID - 9/1/07 ~ Denver, CO Pre-Broadway: Sierra Boggess, Sherie Rene Scott, Norm Lewis, Tituss Burgess, Sean Palmer, Eddie Korbich, Tyler Maynard, Cody Hanford, Johnathan Freeman. Great capture!<br />THE LITTLE MERMAID - 1/30/08 ~ Broadway Sierra Boggess, Sherie Rene Scott, Bret Shuford as (u/s) Prince Eric, Norm Lewis, Titus Burgess, Eddie Korbich, Trevor Braun, Tyler Maynard. Great capture with great closups. The first 11 minutes after the overture are mostly blackouts due to late comers, after that no real problems. Bret did a nice job as understudy. Sierra and Sherie still rock with much greatness! Also includes the Part of Your World performance and interview on The View. <br />THE LITTLE MERMAID - 3/29/08 ~ Broadway - Betsy Morgan as (u/s) Ariel, Cicily Daniels as (u/s) Ursula, Sean Palmer, Norm Lewis, Tituss Burgess, Eddie Korbich, Tyler Maynard, Trevor Braun. Many blackouts for the first 15 minutes of the show. Also 4 minutes missing after Scuttle checks if Prince Eric has a pulse in his feet, then resumes in the middle of " She's in Love." Interesting to see the understudies in the roles.<br />THE LITTLE MERMAID - kleine zeemeermin netherlands 2004 proshot - in dutch <br />LITTLE PRINCE AND THE AVIATOR - 1/17/82 ~ Broadway <br />LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS - Broadway, 9/21/03 . With Hunter Foster, Kerry Butler, Doug Sills. Shot from 3rd row mezz, beautiful vid with lots of closeups. <br />LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS - 7/3/05 - Jonathan Rayson, Yvette Lawrence*, Yasmeen Sulieman, Iris Burruss*, Latonya Holmes, Lenny Wolpe, James Moye, Michael James Leslie. <br />LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS -regional production- good video! Nicely shot. <br />LITTLE WOMEN - 1/25/06 ~ Tour, Chicago - Maureen McGovern, Kate Fisher, Renee Brna, Louisa Flaningam, Gwen Hollander, Autumn Hurlbert. Absoulute great cast. Missing first 10 minutes. Great! <br />LITTLE WOMEN 12/11/04 - Great video!! Sutton Foster, Maureen McGovern' Amy Alexander, Janet Carroll, Danny Gurwin, John Hickok, Megan McGinnis, Jenny Powers, Robert Stattel, Jim Weitzer <br />LIVING THE BONUS ROUND: Steve Schachlin in Concert w. Joey Traywick -(1st gen) with great close ups almost all the songs from The Last Session and some new ones <br />LONG CHRISTMAS RIDE HOME - 11/22/03 - Randy Graff, Enid Graham, Mark Blum, Will McCormack, Catherine Kellner and Sean Palmer, joined By a company of puppetters including Matt Acheson, Oliver Dalzel, Erin Eager, Mark Petrosino, Sarah Provost. <br />LOVE CYCLE: A SOAP OPERETTA - ( 2/9/84 ) Patti LuPone, Walter Bobby, Priscilla Lopez, Lonnie Price, Ellen Foley, Martin Vidnovic, Joe Hudson. A musical which takes place in a laundromat, where Patti LuPone plays a ghost who lives in one of the dryers, and offers advice to the patrons. This pro-shot video, filmed for TV, reunites the 1979 cast of the Off-Broadway musical of the same name. This was intended to be the pilot for a series of lesser known musicals to be televised, but the series was never picked up. <br />LOVEMUSIK 4/15/07 ~ Broadway Michael Cerveris, Donna Murphy, David Pittu, John Scherer, Judith Blazer, Edwin Cahill. Directed by Harold Prince and features the music of Kurt Weill. " The dramatic love story of Kurt Weill and Lotte Lenya, suggested by love letter correspondence between the two." Very nicely filmed, and crystal clear. <br />MADAME MELVILLE - (1st gen) missing last 10 mins --Macauley Culkin <br />MAMMA MIA - 6/01 tour in Chicago, Louise Pitre, Tina Maddigan <br />MAMMA MIA (London) Prince Edward Theater 2002-2003 LONDON CAST Date unknown. Louise Plowright, Laura Michelle Kelly, Susannah Fellows, Myra McFadyen and Paul Basleigh. Nicely shot from the balcony with a good balance of long shots and closeups with little to no obstruction. <br />MAMMA MIA / 3.3.02 Matinee / The Forrest Theatre, Philadelphia PA 1st GenerationJennifer Toulmin* as Sophie, Nicole Fraser as Ali, Miku Graham as Lisa, Mary Ellen Mahoney as Tanya, Gabrielle Jones as Rosie, Dee Hoty as Donna, Ryan Silverman as Sky, Sal Scozzari as Pepper, Adam Fleming as Eddie, Mark Zimmerman as Harry Bright, Craig Bennett as Bill Austin, Gary P. Lynch as Sam Carmichael. Act One starts with " Money, Money, Money" and Act Two starts with " S.O.S." and includes curtain call. Reverts often to full stage shots in Act One. Alot of zooms, particularly in Act Two. <br />MAMMA MIA - National Tour - 4/10/02 <br />MAMMA MIA - 1/26/06 - Lauren mufson, Carey Anderson, Judy McLane, Olga Merediz , John Dossett, David Beach, Mark L. Montgomery, Andy Kelso<br />MAMMA MIA - 7/29/06 - Las Vegas - Cast: Kelly Anise Daniells (Sophie Sheridan), Carol Linnea Johnson (Donna Sheridan), Vicki Tassel (Tanya), Lisa Richard (u/s), Patrick Sarb (Sky), Andy Taylor (Harry Bright), Jefferson Slinkard (Bill Austin), Rick Negron (Sam Carmichael) <br />MAN IN THE WHITE SUIT - reading - 6/24/05 - Hunter Foster , Kerry Butler , Michael Rupert , Asa Somers, Kristie Dale Sanders <br />MAN OF LA MANCHA - 11/24/2002 - Broadway –Cast: Brian Stokes Mitchell, Mary Elizabeth Mastrontonio, Ernie Sabella – Beautifully filmed from second row center mezzanine with no obstructions & lots of close-ups; very steady. <br />MAN OF NO IMPORTANCE (Orig Off Bway Cast) Lincoln Center Mitzi Newhouse 9/21/02 Roger Rees (Alfie Byrne), Jarlath Conroy (Father Kenny), Katherine McGrath (Mrs Grace), Patti Perkins (Mrs Curtin) <br />MANUSCRIPT - 8/12/05 - Jeffrey Carlson, Marin Ireland and Pablo Schreiber. <br />MARILYN - 12/1993 ~ Broadway Scott Bakula, Alyson Reed. Broadway flop which lasted only 17 performance on Broadway. <br />MARTIN GUERRE – Jerome pardon – London <br />MARTIN GUERRE - 4-2-00 - LA <br />MARTIN SHORT: FAME BECOMES ME 10/7/06 A- sp. guest Richard Belzer Cast List:Martin Short, Brooks Ashmanskas, Mary Birdsong, Capathia Jenkins, Marc Shaiman, Donna Vivino <br />MARTIN SHORT: FAME BECOMES ME - 7/16/06 ~ Chicago Final Pre-broadway Performance: Martin Short, Brooks Ashmanskas, Mary Birdsong, Nicole Parker, Marc Shaiman, Capathia Jenkins. <br />MARY POPPINS - London, 2/22/05 . Laura Michelle Kelly, Linzi Hately. <br />MARY POPPINS - 10/14/06 ~ Broadway Preview First Preview Performance: Ashley Brown, Gavin Lee, Daniel Jenkins, Rebecca Luker, Jane Carr, Katherine Doherty, Henry Hodges. About an hour of Highlights of the show. Contains full audio of the whole show, but only about an hour of visual footage. <br />MARY POPPINS - 11/2/06 ~ West End, London *** Rebecca Lock as (u/s) Mary, Gavin Creel, Aden Gillett, Eliza Lumley, Sarah Flind, Louise Gold, Diane Langton, Robert Madge, Sarah Mansfield. Crystal Clear Picture and sound. <br />MARY POPPINS - 10/31/06 ~ Broadway. Ashley Brown, Gavin Lee, Daniel Jenkins, Rebecca Luker, Cass Morgan,Mark Price, Ruth Gottschall, Michael McCarty, Jane Carr, Katherine Leigh Doherty, Alexander Scheitinger (1st part of Act I)/ Matthew Gumley (2nd part of Act I and all of Act II). Shot from balcony. Very clear, great sound and only an occasional head in the way; show was stopped for 10 minutes in Act I due to technical difficulties A-<br />MARY POPPINS - 9/18/08 ~ Birmingham, UK Tour: Caroline Sheen, Danie Crossley, Martin Ball, Louise Bowden, Liberty Chesman, Thomas Goodall. Caroline Sheen did a great job as Mary. The staging was slightly different from other productions. A Great capture of the tour, very crisp and sharp with no obstructions, from the master.<br />MASTER HAROLD AND THE BOYS - 5/28/03 . With Danny Glover, Michael Boatman, Christopher Denham. Shot from the 4th row mezz. <br />MATCH - 3/20/04 ~ Broadway. Frank Langella, Jane Adams, Ray Liotta <br />MERRILY WE ROLL ALONG - Reunion concert, 9/30/02 . OBC - Jim Walton, Ann Morrison, Lonny Price, Jason Alexander, Liz Callaway. <br />METAMORPHOSES - 4/10/02 ~ Broadway. Anjali Bhimani, Raymond Fox, Kyle Hall, Doug Hara <br />MIMI LE DUCK Last Show 12/3/06 - Eartha Kitt ,Annie Golden ,Annie Tom Aldredge, Candy Buckley, Robert DuSold, Allen Fitzpatrick, Ken Jennings and Marcus Neville <br />MINSKY'S 2/24/09 - Christopher Fitzgerald, Katharine Leonard, Beth Leavel, George Wendt, John Cariani, Rachel Dratch, Kevin Cahoon, Gerry Vichi <br />MISS SAIGON (1ST National Tour) Almanson Theatre, Los Angeles 1995 Kevin Gray (Engineer), Jennifer C. Paz (Kim) , Peter Lockyer (Chris),Tami Tappan (Ellen), Keith Byron Kirk (John), Allen D. Hong (Thuy). Very nice. <br />MISS SAIGON - 9/16/05 ~ Fullerton, CA. Fullerton Civic Light Opera. Amazing! Pro-Shot quality <br />MISS SAIGON - 2006 - UK Tour - Full-stage Pro-shot - Ima Castro, Jon Jon Briones, Ramin Karimloo, John Partridge, Lara Pulver, Christian Rey Marbella, Christine Sambeli-Marquez. Some generation loss<br />MISS SAIGON - 2000 ~ US Tour, Chicago. Mika Nishida. <br />MISS SAIGON - Summer 2005 ~ Plays in the Park, NJ. Voltaire Balderama, Emerita Alcid, Loren Christopher, Timothy Walton, Sarah Pettorsson. Pro-shot, nice video A<br />MISS SAIGON - 1/28/01 ~ Broadway - Lea Salonga, Will Chase, Ruthie Henshall, Luoyong Wang, Charles E. Wallace. CLOSING PERFORMANCE - Good capture of this very emotional show. Some heads and some blackouts in places, but nothing too bad. Will is the person who stands out for me, he really puts so much into this performance, both vocally and emotionally. Brilliant show that is filmed quite well - A-<br />MISS SAIGON - Netherlands - in Dutch. Proshot. excellent quality. <br />MODERN ORTHODOX - 11/23/04 Written by Daniel Goldfarb. Jason Biggs, Craig Bierko, Jenn Harris, Molly Ringwald. <br />MOONLIGHT ROOM - 3/12/04 - In a NYC hospital ER waiting room, two adolescents wait to hear the fate of their friend, while navigating tense relationship with various parents and siblings. Laura Breckenridge, Lawrence James, Kathryn Layns, Mark Rosenthal, Brendan Sexton III. <br />MOVIN' OUT - 7/1/06 ~ Tour, Chicago: 2nd Cast 2nd Cast: James Sofranko (u/s) as Eddie, Julie Voshell (u/s) as Judy, Whitney Simler (u/s) as Brenda, Stuart Capps as Tony, Troy Bowles as James, Matthew Friedman as Piano Man. <br />MOVIN' OUT - 8/25/07 ~ Peoria, IL Non-Equity Tour: Andrew Pirozzi as Eddie, Shayna Harris as Brenda, John Sorensen-Jolink as Tony, Karolina Blonski as Judy, Eric Bourne as James, Kyle Martin as Piano Man. <br />MOVIN' OUT - 10/13/02 . OBC, with Michael Cavanagh et al. <br />MOVIN' OUT 6/28/06 ~ Chicago Tour Cast: Rasta Thomas as Eddie, Elizabeth Parkinson as Brenda, Keith Roberts as Tony, Laura Feig as Judy, Troy Bowles as James, Darren Holden as Piano Man. Amazingly talented cast. Excellent Dvd! The finale was amazing and the crowd ate it up. <br />MR. BROADWAY 4/30/07 Judges included Seth Rudetsky, Scott Nevins and Nancy Opel. Tovah Feldshuh hosted.Contestants Frankie James Grande, Paul McGill. Ward Billeisen, Kenway Kua, Kevin Yee, Arbender Robinson and Nick Sanchez. <br />MUSIC MAN - 5/12/01 - (1st gen) Eric Mcormick, Max Casella, Rebecca Luker, great boot, lots of closeups, quiet sound <br />MUSIC MAN - OBC, 2/13/01 , Craig Bierko, Rebecca Luker. <br />MUSIC MAN - 8/10/01 . (1st gen) Starring Robert Sean Leonard. Good zooms. <br />MUSIC MAN - 5/6/01 (1st gen), Craig Bierko's last performance, includes curtain speech by Rebecca Luker. Digital. <br />MUSIC MAN - 1980 ~ Revival. Dick Van Dyke. Rare video. Some generation loss, but good for it's age. <br />MY FAIR LADY - 9/5/01 (2nd gen) London. With Jonathan Pryce and Alexandra Jay. Beautiful video, lots of closeups and medium shots for the dances. <br />MY FAIR LADY - Wichita- 1995 <br />MY FAIR LADY ( 2005 Summer Tour) 8/21/05 Marla Schaffel (Eliza Doolittle), John Vickery (Henry Higgins), James Valentine (Colonel Pickering), Rob Donohoe (Alfred Doolittle), Ellen Horst (Mrs Pearce). <br />MY FAIR LADY - 10/12/07 ~ Milwaukee, WI. Lisa O'Hare, Christopher Cazenove, Tim Jerome, Walter Charles, Sally Ann Howes, Alma Cuervo, Justin Bohon. About a 4 minute blackout in toward the middle of act one, while taper moved seats; great and stunning production, nicely captured. Lisa is sensational as Eliza. Just a big beautiful production. Good sound and closeups 2 DVDs A-<br />MY NAME IS RACHEL CORRIE - 10/19/06 - Megan Dodds will reprise her role in the American premiere of the acclaimed — and controversial — historical solo play My Name Is Rachel Corrie. <br />NERO - Reading with Idina Menzel, Lea Michele, and Michael Arden<br />NEXT TO NORMAL - 3/1/08 - Off-Broadway - Adam Chanler-Berat (Henry), Jennifer Damiano (Natalie), Brian d'Arcy James (Dan), Alice Ripley (Diana), Asa Somers (Dr. Madden/Dr. Fine), Aaron Tveit (Gabe). <br />NEXT TO NORMAL Off-Broadway, Second Stage Theatre, 3/13/08 - Alice Ripley (Diana), Brian D'Arcy James (Dan), Aaron Tveit (Gabe), Jennifer Damiano (Natalie), Adam Chanler-Berat (Henry), Asa Somers (Dr. Madden)<br />NEXT TO NORMAL - 3/28/09 ~ Broadway. Alice Ripley, J. Robert Spencer, Aaron Tveit, Jennifer Damiano, Adam Chanler-Berat, Louis Hobson.  Well filmed from the balcony, but the filmer is sitting behind a pole which is in the shot.  He does a good job filming around it-but it’s there.  There’s also a short blackout of about a minute at the beginning of the second act.  DVD has been enhanced with an opening menu with chapter stops for all the songs.   <br />NEVER FORGET: THE TAKE THAT MUSICAL 2007 ~ Manchester, England. Musical about the British group Take That.<br />NINE - Broadway 3/30/03 . Antonio Banderas, Chita Rivera, Jane Krakowski, Laura Benanti, Mary Stuart Masterson. 1st gen <br />NINE - 4/03 - Antonio Banderas. (not as good as the video from 3/30/03) <br />NINE (Press Reels) - Antonio Banderas, Laura Benanti, Jane Krakowski, Mary Stuart Masterson, Chita Rivera, Nell Campbell, Diedre Goodwin, Mary Beth Peil. Proshot Press Reels with a running time of 45 minutes. <br />NINE - Paris (in French) with Jerome Pradon. Pro-shot. <br />NO, NO, NANETTE - 5/11/08 ~ City Center Encores! Rosie O'Donnell, Beth Leavel, Sandy Duncan, Charles Kimbrough, Micahel Berresse, Shonn Wiley, Mara Davi, Nancy Anderson, Jennifer Cody, Angel Reda. <br />NORMAL HEART - 4/24/04 - Raul Esparaza, Joanna Gleason, Billy Warlock, Richard Bekinds, Fred Berman, Mccaleb Burnett, Jay Russell, Mark Dobies, Paul Witthorne. <br />THE ODD COUPLE - 10/25/05 - Nathan lane, Matthew Broderick, rob bartlet, brad Garrett, peter frechette <br />OH! CALCUTTA! - 1980 ~ Broadway Professionally made tape of the infamous naughty musical. Created by (amoung others) John Lennon. Stars Bill Macy (of " Maude" fame) The worlds first erotic musical! For adults only! <br />OKLAHOMA - Oklahoma 3/11/06 ~ Rockford, IL Non-Eq Tour: Pat Sibley as Aunt Eller, Spencer Plachy as Curly, Jessica Lavin as Laurey, Michael Zygo as Will Parker, Sarah Shahinian as Ado Annie, Sorab Wadia as Ali Hakim. <br />OKLAHOMA - 2/25/02 , Broadway. 1st gen, digitally shot from 5th row center mezz. No heads in the way. Patrick Wilson, Josefina Gabrielle, Shuler Hensley. <br />OKLAHOMA - pro shot, 1999 . Hugh Jackman (curly), Josefina Gabrielle (laurie), Shuler Hensley (jud), Peter Polycarpou (ali hakim), Jimmy Johnson (will parker), Vicki Simion (ado annie), Maureen Lipman (aunt eller) <br />OKLAHOMA -- Regional -- with Merwin Foard from the Bway Revival. archival tape 3-cam edit. 1st generation. <br />OLIVER! - 1996 - Shreveport, la <br />OLIVER! - 2002 ~ Melbourne, Australia <br />OLIVER! - 4/03 ~ Los Angeles, CA Jacob Haren, John Massey Jr, Chanlon Jay Kaufman, Steve Glaudini, Lisa Fishman, Eric Anderson. A presentation of Performance Riverside. Nice production, well filmed using one camera on a tripod. Crystal clear. <br />OLIVER! 6/3/06 Gateway Playhouse, Bellport, Long Island Danta Baldassin, Michael J. Farina, Susan J. Jacks, Mischa Kischkum, Melinda Tanner, Jaymeson Metz, Sarah Innes, Eric Shelley, Raul Aranas, Daina Michelle Griffith. Very good<br />OLIVER! on “New Jersey’s State of the Arts” – interview with title character and Dodger that features several clips/montage from the Papermill Playhouse production. BONUS: Clips, interviews.<br />OLIVER!: After They Were Famous... (2005) Mathew Kelly, Jack Wild, Ron Moody, Mark Lester, Shani Wallis. Nice little British documentary highlighting the 1968 movie version. The special was filmed at Shepperton studios where the 1968 movie was made and features lots of great interviews, clips, and rare rehearsal footage and backstage gossip. Plus a reunion of most of the boys who hadn't seen each other in 35-40 years. They even did a re-enactment of " I'd Do Anything" with Shani Wallace and all the boys (now grown men) performing. About 1 hour.<br />ON THE 20th CENTURY - 9/26/05 - Marrin Mazzie, Doug Sills. <br />ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST - act 1: 4/24/01, act 2: 5/1/01 (1st gen.) w/ Gary Sinise, Amy Morton and rest of revival cast. Excellent production. Not too many heads, and follows the action of the play quite well. Digital. <br />ONLY WE WHO GUARD THE MYSTERY SHALL BE UNHAPPY Benefit Reading for of new Kushner political play. First Lady Laura Bush – a former teacher – is shown reading a section of " The Brothers Karamazov" to the dead children of Iraq. John Cameron Mitchell plays Laura Bush; Kristin Johnson, Patricia Clarkson. <br />OUR TOWN - Paul Newman <br />PAJAMA GAME - 2/18/06 - Harry Connick, Jr., Kelli O'Hara, Michael McKean, Peter Benson, Joyce Chittick, Megan Lawrence, Michael McCormick <br />PAJAMA GAME - Encores. Brent Barrett, Karen Ziemba, Mark Linn-Baker. <br />PAL JOEY - 11/16/08 ~ Broadway Stockard Channing, Christian Hoff, Martha Plimpton, Robert Clohessy, Jenny Fellner, Daniel Marcus, Steven Skybell. Very rare performance as Christian Hoff only ended up doing 7 performances, before he was " injured" and left the production. Beautiful capture, one of the few times widescreen was opted for. Stockard was fabulous in the show. <br />PAL JOEY - 12/10/08 ~ Broadway - Stockard Channing, Matthew Risch, Martha Plimpton, Robert Clohessy, Jenny Fellner, Nadine Isenegger, Daniel Marcus, Steven Skybell. Great capture of Matthew in the role after replacing Hoff. Very clear shooting, no obstructions, from the master.<br />PAPER MOON - 11-18-97 <br />PARIS LETTER - 7/29/05 - Ron Rifkin, John Glover, Michele Pawk, Jason Butler Harner. <br />PEGGY SUE GOT MARRIED (Original London Cast) Shaftesbury Theatre - 9/28/01 - Ruthie Henshall, Andrew Kennedy, Tim Howar. <br />PATIENCE - 9-27-05 - Michael Ball <br />PEOPLE BE HEARD 9/16/04 The cast includes Annie Golden (The Full Monty, Assassins) and Conrad John Schuck. <br />PETER PAN - 10/17/1979 Sandy Duncan and Christopher Hewitt. <br />PETER PAN Mia Farrow, Danny Kaye. Pro-shot Video. Different production of the show. Unknown date of show. <br />PETER PAN (1992) Non equity tour directed by Jeffrey B. Moss starring Brooke Stone (Peter Pan), Gary Kimble (Captain Hook), Rochelle Smith (Wendy), Danny Smith (John) & Bryan Hanner (Michael). Captured is Dress Rehearsal<br />PHANTOM - 1994 - Kristin Chenoweth. Great zooms. *some generation loss* <br />PHANTOM OF THE OPERA - Dallas, TX - April 6, 2006 . Gary Mauer (final) , Elizabeth Southard (alt, final), Jim Weitzer, John Jellison (final), D.C. Anderson, Kim Stengel, Patti Davidson-Gorbea, John Whitney, Kate Wray <br />PHANTOM OF THE OPERA - London, February, 4, 2006 - Earl Carpenter, Rachel Barrell, David Shannon, James Barron, Sam Hiller, Wendy Ferguson, Emily Harvey (u/s), Rohan Tickell, Heidi Ann O'Brien <br />PHANTOM OF THE OPERA - TOKYO in Japanese <br />PHANTOM OF THE OPERA - 9/1/01 Broadway- Howard McGillin, Adrienne McEwan(alternate), Jim Weitzer. awesome zooms and closeups. <br />PHANTOM OF THE OPERA - 3/27/02 ~ Broadway. Howard McGillin (Phantom), Elizabeth Southard (alt) (Christine), Michael Shawn Lewis (Raoul), Jeff Keller (Firmin), George Lee Andrews (André), Rebecca Eichenberger (Carlotta), Marilyn Caskey (Mme Giry), David Gaschen* (Piangi), Joelle Gates (Meg). Video is full show, including curtain calls and McGillin’s BC/EFA speech. Can be very shaky at points (it was the tapers first ever video) but the closeups are incredible. One of the best tapes of the show on Broadway. A <br />PHANTOM OF THE OPERA - 9/21/02 ~ Her Majesty's Theatre, London. John Owen-Jones, Celia Graham, Robert Finlayson, Bruce Montague, Robert Irons, Nan Christie, Liz Robertson. Some heads, but close-ups are extraordinary. Overcomes the usual filming obstacles of dark productions to deliver great a video. One of the nicer ones I have seen.<br />PHANTOM OF THE OPERA - 5/20/03 ~ Broadway. Hugh Panaro, Lisa Vroman, John Cudia. Good video with menus and nice picture and sound throughout<br />PHANTOM OF THE OPERA - Broadway Cast 8/9/03 - Hugh Panaro (Phantom), Sandra Joseph (Christine Daae), John Cudia (Raoul), Jeff Keller (Firmin), George Lee Andrews (Andre), Patricia Phillips (Carlotta), Larry Wayne Morbitt (Piangi), Marilyn Caskey (Mdm Giry), Joelle Gates (Meg Giry). <br />PHANTOM OF THE OPERA - 12/1/02 2pm- Philadelphia, Pa 3NT- Ted Keegan/Rebecca Pitcher/Tim Martin Gleason/David Cryer/D.C. Anderson/Kim Stengel/Patti Davidson-Gorbea/Frederic Heringes/Erin Sacks (A-).1st gen. Heavy obstruction from heads in the way, but filmer did a good job shooting around them. <br />PHANTOM OF THE OPERA - 2/17/05 ~ Ft. Myers, FL Hightlights. Tim Martin Gleason (u/s), Rebecca Pitcher, Peter Lockyer (u/s), John Kuether (u/s), DC Anderson, Joan Sobel (u/s), John Whitney, Patti Davidson-Gorbea, Sarah Spradlin-Bonomo. Very rare cast, one of few with TMG as the Phantom; begins at Carlotta's " Think Of Me" and runs through the end of " Stranger" with only minor cuts. In " Il Muto" Only the Phantom's parts are included. Rooftop runs from " All I Ask Of You" through to the chandelier crash. Act two begins with the Phantom's entrance in Masquerade, and skips to Wandering Child. The video is complete from there. A-<br />PHANTOM OF THE OPERA - 2005/2006 ~ London, United Kingdom. Earl Carpenter, Rachel Barrell, David Shannon, David Lawrence (u/s), Sam Hiller, Wendy Ferguson, Emily Harvey (u/s), Rohan Tickell, Heidi Ann O'Brien<br />PHANTOM OF THE OPERA - 2/24/06 ~ London. Matt Cammelle (Phantom), Rachel Barrell (Christine), David Shannon (Raoul), James Barron (Firmin), Sam Hiller (Andre), Wendy Ferguson (Carlotta), Anette Yeo (Madame Giry), Rohan Tickell (Piangi), Heidi Ann O'Brien (Meg) A+<br />PHANTOM OF THE OPERA - 8/2/2007 Washington DC 3NT John Cudia, Marni Raab, Greg Mills, D. C. Anderson, Bruce Winant, Laureen Vigil (u/s), Rebecca Judd, John Whitney, Polly Baird A+ <br />PHANTOM OF THE OPERA - 5/9/2007 Broadway (Evening) Gary Mauer, Jennifer Hope Wills, Jason Mills (u/s), George Lee Andrews, David Cryer, Patricia Phillips (u/s Carlotta), Roland Rusinek, Sally Williams (u/s Giry), Heather McFadden, James Romick (u/s Auctioneer & Passarino), Julie Schmidt (u/s Wardrobe Mistress/Confidante), Emily Adonna (FIRST Ballet Chorus) A <br />PHANTOM OF THE OPERA - 8/1/2007 Washington DC 3NT John Cudia, Marni Raab, Greg Mills, D. C. Anderson, Bruce Winant, Pamela Shandrow (u/s), Rebecca Judd, John Whitney, Polly Baird. HIGHLIGHTS. Filmed in Widescreen. Excellent color and sound. 54 minutes of Phantom-heavy highlights. <br />PHANTOM OF THE OPERA (Midday Show With Derryn Hinch) Cast: Rob Guest (Phantom), Marie Johnson (Christine), Peter Cousens (Raoul) Date: Australia, 1994/Jul/26 Rate: A+ <br />PHANTOM OF THE OPERA Summer 2000 - Scott Davies/Charlotte Paige/Matt Cammelle <br />PHANTOM OF THE OPERA - 4/5/03 2pm- Broadway- Howard McGillin/Adrienne McEwan (alt)/Jim Weitzer (u/s)/Jeff Keller/George Lee Andrews/Patty Goble (u/s)/Sally Williams (alt)/Larry Wayne Morbitt/Joelle Gates. <br />PHANTOM OF THE OPERA - 9/26/02 - London- John Owen-Jones/Celia Graham/Robert Finlayson. <br />PHANTOM OF THE OPERA LA - 11/18/03 - Brad Little/Marni Rabb/Tim Martin Gleason. <br />PHANTOM OF THE OPERA - TV miniseries from 1990 starring Burt Lancaster <br />PHANTOM OF THE OPERA – 6/6/04 – Salt Lake City - Tim Martin Gleason <br />PHANTOM OF THE OPERA - Broadway - 10/7/03 - Hugh Panaro/Julie Hanson. Highlights video with all the major stuff. <br />PHANTOM OF THE OPERA - - 7/31/02 ~ Broadway 2pm matinee <br />PHANTOM OF THE OPERA - 12/00 US TOUR/TAMPA. Highlights <br />PHANTOM OF THE OPERA - Broadway - 1995 - Davis Gaines. Highlights <br />PHANTOM OF THE OPERA - Detroit, June 1991/Philadelphia June 25-26, 1992 Kevin Gray, Teri Bibb (1991)/Dodie Petit (u/s - 1992), Nat Chandler (1991)/Keith Buterbaugh (1992), David Hunerjaeger. Three different shows. Some hightlights. <br />PHANTOM OF THE OPERA - Vienna, 1991 Ernst-Dieter Suttheimer (alt), Colleen Besett (alt), Timothy Breese (alt), Dietrich Hergt. <br />PHANTOM OF THE OPERA - Stuttgart, May 23, 2004 Thomas Schulze (alt), Maike Switzer, Carsten Axel Lepper, Ernst van Looy, Jonathan Agar, Barbara Gray Nystrom <br />PHANTOM OF THE OPERA - Broadway, June 6, 2005 Hugh Panaro, Sandra Joseph, Tim Martin Gleason. <br />PHANTOM OF THE OPERA - Boston, MA, April 17, 2005 . Gary Mauer, Elizabeth Southard (alt), Tim Martin Gleason. Highlights <br />PHANTOM OF THE OPERA - Boston - March 31, 2005 - highlights - Gary Mauer, Elizabeth Southard (alt), Tim Martin Gleason, David Cryer, DC Anderson, Kim Stengel <br />PHANTOM OF THE OPERA - Broadway, Mar. 2, 2005 Hugh Panaro, Julie Hanson (alt), John Cudia. <br />PHANTOM OF THE OPERA - Ft. Myers, FL, Feb. 24, 2005 Gary Mauer, Rebecca Pitcher, Tim Martin. Highlights <br />PHANTOM OF THE OPERA - Broadway, June 22, 2005 Hugh Panaro, Julie Hanson (alt), Tim Martin Gleason <br />PHANTOM OF THE OPERA - Broadway, July 16, 2005 , matinee Hugh Panaro, Rebecca Pitcher (alt), Tim Martin Gleason, Jeff Keller, George Lee Andrews, Anne Runolfsson. Highlights <br />PHANTOM OF THE OPERA - Broadway, Aug. 10, 2005 , matinee Tim Martin Gleason (u/s), Susan Owen (alt,u/s), Stephen R. Buntrock (u/s), Jeff Keller, George Lee Andrews. <br />PHANTOM OF THE OPERA – OBC rehearsal clips <br />PHANTOM OF THE OPERA - 4/16/06 <br />PHANTOM OF THE OPERA - Broadway, May 12, 2007 Gary Mauer, Jennifer Hope Wills, Michael Shawn Lewis, David Cryer, George Lee Andrews, Patricia Phillips (u/s), Kris Koop (u/s), Jimmy Smagula (u/s), Heather McFadden Shot in widescreen. Begins at end of auction but difficulty getting a good shot until right before “Think of Me”. Act Two begins in the middle of Masquerade. <br />PHANTOM OF THE OPERA - 1/26/98 - BROADWAY 10th ANNIVERSARY. highlights, but some of the best presereved footage of the show, very nice quality. <br />PHANTOM OF THE OPERA - 5/12/08 . Howard McGillin, Elizabeth Loyacano, Jeremy Stolle (Raoul u/s), George Lee Andrews, Rebecca Judd, Evan Harrington, Heather McFadden, Katie Banks, Chris Bohannon, Harriet Clark <br />PHANTOM OF THE OPERA - 9/08 London - Ramin Karimloo, Gina Beck, Simon Bailey, Kate Radmilovic, Rohan Tickell, Barry James, Gareth Snook, Heather Jackson, Tori Jones. A Nice capture of the London cast. No real obstructions, nice sharp picture. <br />PHANTOM OF THE OPERA - Behind The Mask - 2007 - BBC Documentary containing RARE footage from various Phantom productions, as well as interviews from Andrew Lloyd Webber, Sarah Brightman, Michael Crawford, Claire Moore, Charles Hart, Steve Harley, Cameron Mackintosh, Hal Prince and others. DVD with menus, bonus videos: " Phantom of the Opera" and " Music of the Night" from the Tony Awards performed by Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightman, and " All I Ask of You" by Sarah Brightman and Steve Barton from Royal Variety Performance. <br />PIPPIN - Regional Community Theatre - 2005 - Cast: - Carlos Antonio Cruz, lead...Full cast credits on disc. = Quality/Notes: One of my very favorite theatres inner-city group that takes kids (and adults) literally off the street, gives them a purpose, and turns them into amazing performers! Many that have gone on to professional theatre work..(including some of the regions. most in-demand performers!) ....One of musical thearte's most demanding roles is presented by this group in a manner that many long-established community theatre groups would not even attempt! Carlos has established himself as a true rising star..... Excellent filming. - Rating: - A+<br />THE PIRATE QUEEN 10/11/06 ~ Chicago, IL Pre-Broadway: Stephanie J. Block, Hadley Frasier, Jeff McCarthy, Linda Balgord, William Youmans, Marcus Chait. Finally the whole show and beautifully captured. Crystal clear picture and sound. <br />THE PIRATE QUEEN 10/8/06 ~ Chicago, IL Pre-Broadway Tryout: Stephanie J. Block, Hadley Frasier, Jeff McCarthy, Linda Balgord, William Youmans, Marcus Chait. Contains about an 60% of the show visually and 100% audio. Random footage from both acts. <br />THE PIRATE QUEEN - 4/13/07 ~ Broadway Stephanie J. Block, Hadley Fraser, Jeff McCarthy, Linda Balgord, William Youmans, Marcus Chait. Wonderful crystal clear capture and top notch amazing performances. <br />PLAY WHAT I WROTE Kenneth Branagh directs the work of Hamish McColl, Sean Foley and Eddie Braben, featuring actors McColl and Foley and Toby Jones on stage. <br />THE PRODUCERS (1st gen) - 11/4/01 Actor's Fund performance. Full original cast including Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick. Nice, lots of closeups <br />THE PRODUCERS Nathan Lane, Matthew Broderick, Cady Huffman, Gary Beach, Roger Bart, chicago tryout <br />THE PRODUCERS 4/12/07 sound and pix are great.very clear and crisp. Cast : John Treacy Egan, Hunter Foster, Brad Musgrove, Bill Nolte <br />THE PRODUCERS 1-22-04 - The return of Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick. <br />THE PRODUCERS - 5/24/05 - Roger Bart, Richard Kind. Nice zooms. <br />PROOF - 8/7/02 . Broadway (1st gen). Anne Heche, Neil Patrick Harris, Len Cariou, Kate Jennings Grant. Beautiful video. Lots of zooms. <br />PROOF - Broadway, 9/4/01 Mary Louise Parker, Ben Shenkman <br />QED Alan Alda, Kellie Overbey. 11/12/01 . Good video. <br />RAGTIME - Washington, D.C. 1NT- Alton Fiztgerald White/Darlesia Cearcy/Michael Rupert/Rebecca Eichenberger/Cris Groenendaal. <br />RAGTIME (Music Theatre of Wichita, 8/7-8/11/02 cast) Darcie Roberts (Mother), David Jennings (Coalhouse Walker), Bruce Winant (Tateh), Montego Glover (Sarah), Todd Thurston (Father), Jeremy Leiner (Houdini), Justin Lee Miller (Booker T Washington), Chris Pelluso (Younger Brother), Kristen Williams (Evelyn Nesbit), Karen L.Robo (Emma Goldman), Stanley Bahorek (Henry Ford). Pro Shot <br />RAGTIME - BBC broadcast of the 10/2002 Theatre Festival in Cardiff, Wales. With Maria Friendman and Graham Bickley. Concert - semi-staged, done in costume. <br />RAGTIME - 2004 ~ Cabrillo, CA Bets Malone, Eric Anderson, Dynell Leigh, John Gaston, Maceo Oliver, Nicole Pryor, Will Shupe. Beautiful production. A presentation of the Cabrillo Music Theatre. Filmed using one camera on a tripod. Some slight generational loss. <br />RAGTIME 9/03 ~ San Diego, CA. Nice DVD <br />RAGTIME -regional production- Great video! <br />RAGTIME : Creating Ragtime 1997 ~ PBS Special About 60 minutes long of a great television special about the making of the Broadway musical. <br />RAIN DANCE Cast: James Van Der Beek, Randolph Mantooth, Suzanne Regan, Harris Yulin. 6/2003 . B+ First 30 minutes audio only. After that is a great shot of the stage from the third row. <br />RECENT TRAGIC EVENTS - Heather Graham. 9/13/03 . <br />RECKLESS - 10/9/04 - A great show very good video. Mary-Louise Parker,Rosie Perez,Thomas Sadoski,Jeremy Shamos,Olga Merediz Debra Monk,Michael O'Keefe <br />REEFER MADNESS - Christian Campbell. 10/27/2001 . Nice video! <br />REEFER MADNESS, The Movie - 2005 ~ Showtime TV Kristen Bell, Neve Campbell, Alan Cummings, Ana Gasteyer, Steven Weber. <br />RENT Special (hosted by Neil Patrick Harris) Excellent condition. <br />RENT - Melanie Brown (aka Scary Spice). 5/11/2004 . Great video! <br />RENT 4/9/06 ~ Tour, Chicago - Bryce Ryness, Nina Metrick (u/s Mimi), Jed Resnick, Warren Nolan, Chante Frierson, Ano Okera, Tracy Mcdowell. <br />RENT CLIPS (Original Broadway Cast) - Reviewers Reel Seasons/ La Vie Boheme (Tony Awards) 6/2/96 Charlie Rose Show 6/3/96 Primetime Live doc on Jonathan Larson Seasons / La Vie Boheme (Letterman) 6/4/96 Seasons of Love (Rosie O'Donnell Show) 6/20/96 One Song Glory (Rosie O'Donnell Show) 8/96 Seasons of Love “Film Cast” (Today Show) 8/4/05 What You Own “Adam Pascal/Anthony Rapp” (Today Show) 8/4/05 <br />RENT OBC NYTW Reunion 6/4/01 2nd Generation Original Broadway Cast performs selections from Rent <br />RENT - 4/6/01 ~ Rochester, NY Jeremy Kushner, Matt Kaplan, Shawn Earl <br />RENT - 3/15/00 – San Diego, Ca Benny Tour- Matt Caplan/Cary Shields/Saycon Sengbloh/Michelle Smith/Jacqueline Arnold/Horace Rogers & Fred Jones. Great video! Lots of zooms. (A-). <br />RENT 8.26.03 1st gen, Missing a few songs) Cary Shields as Roger, Matt Caplan as Mark, Mark Richard Ford as Collins, Stu James as Benny, *FRENCHIE DAVIS as Joanne, Andy Senor as Angel, Krystal Washington as Mimi, Maggie Benjamin as Maureen. <br />RENT - Broadway, March 4, 2007 , matinee Christopher J. Hanke, Tim Howar, Jaime Lee Kirchner (final mat), Nicolette Hart, Crystal Monée Hall (u/s), D'Monroe, Troy Horne, Justin Johnston Begins at first voicemail, <br />RENT 3.30.04 / Broadway Jeremy Kushnier as Roger, *Joshua Kobak as Mark, Mark Richard Ford as Collins, D'Monroe as Benny, *Haneefah Wood as Joanne, Andy Senor as Angel, *Dominique Roy as Mimi. <br />RENT 6.23.01 / Benny Cast / San Francisco, CA (Second Generation -- Karmine as Mimi, Fred Jones as Collins -- Missing from WYO through YO -- Taped From Third Row) <br />RENT - 5.31.08 - Matinee - Broadway Will Chase (Roger), Adam Kantor (Mark), Michael McElroy (Collins), Rodney Hicks (Benny), Merle Dandrige (Joanne), Shaun Earl (Angel u/s), Tamyra Gray (Mimi), Eden Espinosa (Maureen), Caren Lyn Manuel (Mark's Mom), Marcus Paul James (SOLoist #2), Maia Nkenge Wilson (SOLoist #1), Jay Wilkison (Gordon), Telly Leung (Steve), Kyle Post (Paul u/s), Andrea Goss (Alexi) <br />RENT - 3/22/08 - Matinee - Broadway - Declan Bennett (Roger), Harley Jay/Kyle Post (Mark), Tamyra Gray (Mimi), Caren Lyn Manuel (Maureen), Michael McElroy (Collins), Rodney Hicks (Benny), Kenna J. Ramsey (Joanne), Justin Johnston (Angel), Trisha Jeffrey (Mark's Mom), Marcus Paul James (SOLoist #2), Maia Nkenge Wilson (SOLoist #1), Jay Wilkison (Gordon), Telly Leung (Steve), Shaun Earl (Paul), Andrea Goss (Alexi) -Harley got sick half way through act one and was replacemed by Kyle Post. This was Harley's final day in the show. Fabulous performance by Caren Lyn as Maureen. Solid performances from Declan and Tamyra. -Filmed from the mid-mezz house left. Some heads in the way but nothing terrible. " You'll See" through " Tango:Maureen" is sound only picture starts back up at " Life Support" . Video is missing " Will I?" through " We're Okay" . Act Two is complete <br />RENT 1/14/06 – Matinee – Broadway - Will Chase (Roger), Matt Caplan (Mark), Kenna Ramsey (Joanne), Antonique Smith (Mimi), D'Monroe (Benny), Ava Gaudet (Maureen) <br />RENT - 9/18/05 – Matinee – Broadway – Colin Hanlon (Mark), Cary Shields (Roger), Karmine Alers (Mimi), Ava Gaudet (Maureen) <br />RENT 12/1/05 , 12/11/05 Hybrid – Broadway – Act One is from 12/1/05 and spliced with “Over the Moon” and “La Vie B” from the 12/11/05 Performance - Act Two is from 12/1/05 – Josh Kobak (Roger), Antonique Smith (Mimi), Matt Caplan (Mark), Kenna Ramsey (Joanne), Nicolette Hart/Ava Gaudet (Maureen) <br />RENT - Berlin, Germany - great video, pro quality. <br />RENT - 5/14/05 - Roger - Cary Shields Mark - Matt Caplan Collins - Destan Owens <br />RENT - 8/11/03 - Broadway- Cary Shields/Matt Caplan/Todd E. Pettiford (u/s)/Stu James. 1st gen. Shot from the first row mezzanine with incredible close-ups. <br />RENT Broadway. 8/14/01 . Yaz as Mimi, Kendra as Maureen. Great show, great sound, and good zooms. <br />RENT - Broadway Cast- RENT - 8/10/02 . Broadway, 1st gen, digital. Joey Fatone, Manley Pope, Karmine Alers, Jai Rodriguez, Mark Richard Ford, Todd Pettiford. Very clear with lots of closeups. <br />RENT - Simone's LAST Taken from the FRONT ROW. 1st act only. Worth it though. nice zooms Simone- Mimi Christian Anderson- Roger Kristoffer Cusick- Mark Evan D'Angeles- Angel Erin Keaney- Maureen <br />RENT - 6/25/05 - Cary Shields (Roger), Matt Caplan (Mark) <br />RENT - 10/24/04 ~ Broadway <br />RENT - 7/30/05 – Matinee – Broadway – Highlights – Cary Shields (Roger) <br />RENT - 8/13/05 – Evening – Broadway – Highlights – Ava Gaudet (Maureen) <br />RENT - Dublin -Only though Tango Maureen (approx. 30 minutes) -Not directed by Michael Grief, so different staging -2nd generation <br />RENT - 4/20/08 Evening - Broadway Jay Wilkinson (Roger u/s), Caren Lyn Manuel (Mimi u/s), Adam Kantor (Mark), Rodney Hicks (Benny), Michael McElroy (Collins), Justin Johnston (Angel), Nicolette Hart (Maureen), Karmine Alers (Mark’s Mom u/s), Marcus Paul James (SOLoist #2), Maia Nkenge Wilson (SOLoist #1), Kyle Post (Gordon u/s), Telly Leung (Steve), Shaun Earl (Paul), Andrea Goss (Alexi) <br />RENT - 2/21/08 Broadway -- Jay Wilkison* (Roger), Harley Jay (Mark), Michael McElroy (Collins), Rodney Hicks (Benny), Kenna J. Ramsey (Joanne), Justin Johnston (Angel), Tamyra Gray (Mimi), Nicolette Hart (Maureen). (no coverups-- shot in Widescreen) <br />RENT - 6/28/08 - Matinee - Broadway Will Chase (Roger), Adam Kantor (Mark), Todd E. Pettiford (Collins u/s) Rodney Hicks (Benny), Merle Dandrige (Joanne), Justin Johnston (Angel) Karmine Alers (Mimi u/s), Eden Espinosa (Maureen) Caren Lyn Manuel (Mark's Mom). <br />RENT - 8/9/08 - Matinee - Broadway plus Renee Elise Goldberry's " Light My Candle" and " Out Tonight" from 7.12.08 Evening Jay Wilkison (Roger), Adam Kantor (Mark), Michael McElroy (Collins), Rodney Hicks (Benny), Tracie Thoms (Joanne), Justin Johnston (Angel), Renee Elise Goldsberry (Mimi), Eden Espinosa (Maureen) *<br />RENT - 1/10/09 ~ Cleveland, OH The Broadway Tour: Adam Pascal, Anthony Rapp, Gwen Stewart, Michael McElroy, Haneefah Wood, Justin Johnston, Lexi Lawson, Nicolette Hart, Jacques C. Smith. Amazing energy and performances, many new touches to this tour. Beautifully captured and cast. Also includes One Song Glory and Out Tonight from the evening show aswell. <br />RENT - 02/04/09 - Tour - Adam Pascal (Roger), Anthony Rapp (Mark), Michael McElroy (Collins) Jacques C. Smith (Benny), Haneefah Wood (Joanne), Justin Johnston (Angel) Lexi Lawson (Mimi), Nicolette Hart (Maureen)<br />RENT - 3/14/09 - San Diego, CA - Adam Pascal (Roger), Anthony Rapp (Mark), Michael McElroy (Collins), Jacques C. Smith (Benny), Haneefah Wood (Joanne), Justin Johnston (Angel), Lexi Lawson (Mimi), Nicolette Hart (Maureen), Caren Tackett (Mark's Mom), John Watson (SOLoist #2), Trisha Jeffrey* (SOLoist #1 u/s), Adam Halpin (Gordon), Telly Leung (Steve), Andy Senor (Paul), Yuka Takara (Alexi) <br />ROCK OF AGES - 04/12/09 – Broadway - Constantine Maroulis, Amy Spanger, James Carpinello, Tad Wilson as (u/s) Dennis/Record Company Man, Mitchell Jarvis, Michele Mais, Lauren Molina, Paul Schoeffler, Wesley Taylor. DVD has about 8 minutes of total blackouts, mostly towards the beginning of the first act. Well filmed. Some heads in the bottom of the shot occasionally.<br />ROCKEFELLER ICE RINK OPENING Features Adam Pascal and other Broadway stars. <br />ROCKY HORROR SHOW 10/31/03 ~ Los Angeles, CA Eric Anderson, Steve Glaudini, Thomas Patrick, Danny Stiles, Ann Warren, Damon Kirschet, Christia Manke, Chris Hall, Monica Schneider. A presentation of Performance Riverside. Great production! Very creative. Filmed using one camera on a tripod. Crystal clear. <br />ROCKY HORROR SHOW ( 9/9/01 ) w/ Kristen Lee Kelly, Daphne Rubin Vega, Terrence Mann, Jarrod Emmick (Great boot!) comes in at the end of science fiction double feature. blackouts during almost all of Dick Cavett's monologues <br />ROCKY HORROR SHOW Cast: Tom Hewitt, Daphne Rubin-Vega, Luke Perry, Alice Ripley (Act 1 Only), Anna Gastayer, Lea DeLaria (Act 2 Only) and Dick Cavett Act 1: 7/24/01 Act 2: 8/1/01 <br />ROCKY HORROR SHOW - US Touring Cast -closing date - A really interesting version of the show. VERY different from the Broadway version. LOTS of audience participation. shaky <br />ROCKY HORROR SHOW - 11/07 ~ Michigan <br />RODNEY'S WIFE - 12/9/04 A great video. Clear with great sound. cast David Strathairn, Jessica Chastain, Haviland Morris, Jesse Pennington, Maryann Plunkett, and John Rothman. <br />RODGERS & HEART TODAY - bobby darren, pet clark <br />ROMANCE - 3/22/05 - Larry Bryggman, Steven Goldstein, Steven Hawley and guest artists Bob Balaban, Jim Frangione, Keith Nobbs and Christopher Evan Welch <br />ROMEO AND JULIET - Patrick Wilson and Irene Molloy. <br />ROOMS: A ROCK ROMANCE - 3/28/09 off-Broadway -  Leslie Kritzer, Doug Kreeger. “The show begins in late 1970's Glasgow where Monica, an ambitious singer/songwriter meets Ian, a reclusive rocker. The two quickly become entangled creatively and romantically. Their music takes them first to London and ultimately to New York City, where they discover the vibrant new music scene and create an intimate partnership, their love deepening while their personalities drive them apart. A five-piece rock band accompanies these two characters as they search for the balance between ambition and happiness.” Presented at New World Stages, Stage 2. Winner of three Outer Critics Circle Awards: Outstanding New Off-Broadway Musical; Outstanding New Score; and Outstanding Actress In A Musical. Basically the filmer just put the camcorder in his lap and pressed the record button, so it’s a stationary picture, shot through heads.  A-<br />ROULETTE - 2/4/04 - Larry Bryggman, Anna Paquin, Shawn Hatosy, Grant Shaud, Ana Gasteyer, Leslie Lyles. <br />RUNAWAYS: IN CONCERT - 3/25/07 - Ezra Miller, Garrett Zuercher, Eric Anthony, Paul Wyatt, Alex Brightman, Shaun Taylor- Corbett, Max Jenkins, Eric Nelsen, Karla Mosley, Karen DiConcetto, Idara Victor, Alexis Sims, Aryana Rodriguez and Juliana Rose Mauriello. <br />SAM (2003) - Sam Harris’ limited engagement concert filmed at the Canon Theatre in Beverly Hills, CA. This is the producers copy, filmed using one camera on a tripod, and never released commercially. Some generational loss, and a very very slight buzzing sound throughout. For more info. <br />SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER (Aileen Quinn) <br />SAVED -( 6/8/08 ) Evening -- Celia Keenan-Bolger (Mary), Van Hughes (Patrick), John Dossett (Pastor Skip), Mary Faber (Hilary Faye), Juliana Ashley Hansen (Lana), Curtis Holbrook (Roland), Emily Walton (Tia), Aaron Tveit (Dean), Josh Breckenridge (Shane), Jason Michael Snow (Zac), Morgan Weed (Cassandra), Daniel Zaitchik (Jesus/Nurse/Mitch), Julia Murney (Lillian) <br />SCARLETT PIMPERNEL (National Tour SP4, New Haven Conn 3/4/00 )Douglas Sills (Percy), Amy Bodnar (Marguerite), William Michals (Chauvelin). <br />SCARLET PIMPERNEL dress rehersal - halle germany-in german 2003 <br />THE SEAGULL - Meryl Streep, Kevin Kline, Philip Seymour Hoffman, John Goodman, Natalie Portman, Christopher Walken and Many More. 7/29/2001. Shot through some heads. Wonderful sound. Good video. First 4 minutes of Act 2 audio only. <br />SECRET GARDEN (RSC Cast) - London 5/26 Act 1 & 5/30/01 Act 2 ) - Phillip Quast (Archie Craven), Meredith Braun (Lily), Natalie Morgan (Mary), Luke Newberry (Colin), Peter Polycarpou (Neville), Craig Purnell (Dickon), Linzi Hately (Martha), Freddie Davies (Ben Weatherstaff), Judith Paris (Mrs Medlock), Carmen Cusack (Rose), Alistair Robbins (Albert). <br />SECRET SERVICE Broadway Theatre Archive Meryl Streep, John Lithgow, Mary Beth Hurt. Pro-Shot <br />SETH'S BROADWAY CHATTERBOX COMILATION <br />SEUSSICAL OBC accept Rosie is the cat in the hat. Great bootleg, first 5 minutes of act 2 is bad <br />SEUSSICAL Date Unknown Aaron Carter, Cathy Rigby. Missing most of act one. Nicely shot act two with Aaron <br />SHREK: THE MUSICAL - Seattle *** Pre-Broadway Performance: Brian D'arcy James, Sutton Foster, Christopher Sieber, Chester Gregory, John Tartaglia, Kecia Lewis- Evans, Haven Burton. Final Performance of the Pre-Broadway run with many changes. GREAT!!! <br />SIDESHOW 11/16/97 . Full of zooms & close-ups. Alice Ripley, Emily Skinner, Jeff McCarthy, Hugh Panaro, Norm Lewis, Ken Jennings. <br />SINGING IN THE RAIN 1992 Wichita <br />SIXTEEN WOUNDED - Act One was taped 3/26 and Act Two was taped 4/7 . Can people divided by the religious and political conflicts in the middle East come to understand their common humanity? Set in Amsterdam in the 1990s when reports of violence in the Middle East are commonplace, the drama probes an unlikely friendship between an aging Jewish baker and his young Palestinian apprentice. Judd Hirsch, Omar Metwally, Martha Plimpton, Jan Maxwell, Waleed F. Zuaiter. <br />SLY FOX - 3/27/04 - Richard Dreyfuss, Eric Stoltz, Bob Dishy, Rene Auberjonois, Bronson Pinchot, Rachel York, Elizabeth Berkley, Professor Irwin Corey, Peter Scolari, Nick Wyman, Charles Antalosky, Linda Halaska, Jeremy Hollingworth, Robert LaVelle, Jason Ma, Jeff Talbott. <br />SOMETHING'S AFOOT - 1976 ~ London - Jean Stapleton, Andy Gibb. Pro shot for video. Billed as a Musical mystery.Flop on Broadway which only ran 61 performances. Some generational loss, but not too bad. <br />SONG AND DANCE - 1984 ~ London Pro <br />SONG OF SINGAPORE - Donna Murphy <br />SOUND OF MUSIC - 3/98 ~ Broadway Revival Rebecca Luker, Michael Siberry, Patti Cohenour <br />SOUTH PACIFIC - 5/17/52 ~ London Mary Martin and Wilbur Evans. <br />SOUTH PACIFIC - 12/13/01 - London - Lauren Kennedy, Philip Quast. Missing last five minutes of Act 1 (tape ran out). Very nice video <br />SOUTH PACIFIC - 5/4/02 - tour with Robert Goulet, Amanda Watkins. Beautifully shot with lots of zooms. <br />SOUTH PACIFIC - 8/05/09 Evening Broadway (Vivian Beaumont Theatre at Lincoln Center) - Laura Osnes (Nellie), Paulo Szot (Emile de Becque), Andrew Samonsky (Lt. Cable), Loretta Ables Sayre (Bloody Mary), Danny Burstein (Luther Billis), Li Jun Li (Liat), Murphy Guyer (Captain Brackett), Laurissa Romain (Ngana), Luka Kain (Jerome). <br />SOUTH PACIFIC - 3/4/08 ~ Broadway Revival Starring: Kelli O'Hara, Paulo Szot, Matthew Morrison, Danny Burstein, Loretta Ables Sayre, Sean Cullen, Victor Hawks, Li Jun Li. Beautiful production of this revival and beautifully captured. The cast was terrific and the set was huge and fantastic. <br />SOUTH PACIFIC 4/3/2008 A+ DVD only 2 cover ups all of act 1.both where to clap and only last 30 seconds.the sound changes for the last 20 min.but is still very clear.Act 2 has no problems.great sound Cast List:Kelli O'Hara, Paulo Szot, Loretta Ables Sayre ,Matthew Morrison, Danny Burstein, Sean Cullen,Victor Hawks <br />SPAMALOT - 3/12/05 - David Hyde Pierce,Tim Curry,Hank Azaria Christopher Sieber,Michael McGrath,Steve Rosen <br />SPAMALOT - Broadway~ 6/8/05 Darlene Wilson (u/s lady of the lake), John Bolton (replacement Sir Lancelot), Tim Curry, Christian Borle, David Hyde Pierce. <br />SPAMALOT - 4/23/06 ~ Tour, Chicago - Michael Siberry, Jeff Dumas, Rick Holmes, Bradley Dean, Pia Glenn, Tom Deckman, David Turner. Crystal clear picture and sound. Last 2 songs are audio only. <br />SPAMALOT ( 4/20/08 ) Broadway -- **Evening** Clay Aiken (Sir Robin), David Hibbard (Patsy), Tom Deckman (Prince Herbert), Brad Oscar (Sir Bedevere). After the first 10 mins or so, it becomes great. Act 2 moreso than Act 1. It is a fun video of this show and about the first/last 5 mins of each are darkness due to usher craziness. <br />SPRING AWAKENING - 2/23/08 Broadway -- Matt Doyle* (Melchior), Alexandra Socha* (Wendla), Blake Bashoff (Moritz), Jesse Swenson* (Hanschen), Skylar Astin (Georg), Kate Burton (Adult Woman), Lilli Cooper (Martha), Blake Daniel (Ernst), Glenn Fleshler (Adult Men), Emma Hunton (Ilse), Brian Charles Johnson (Otto), Phoebe Strole (Anna), Remy Zaken (Thea) <br />SPRING AWAKENING - ( 1/18/09 ) Broadway -- **Closing Performance** Hunter Parrish (Melchior), Alexandra Socha (Wendla), Gerard Canonico (Moritz), Amanda Castanos (Martha), Blake Daniel (Ernst), Matt Doyle (Hanschen), Andrew Durand (Georg), Christine Estabrook (Adult Woman), Glenn Fleshler (Adult Man), Emma Hunton (Ilse), Emily Kinney (Anna), Caitlin Kinnunen (Thea), Gabriel Violett (Otto), Morgan Karr, Alice Lee, Eryn Murman, Zach Reiner-Harris. <br />SPRING AWAKENING - ( 8/7/08 ) Broadway -- Matt Doyle* (Melchior), Alexandra Socha (Wendla), Gerard Canonico (Moritz), with Jesse Swenson* (Hanschen), Morgan Karr* (Ernst) with the rest of the clowns. <br />SPRING AWAKENING - 2/10/07 ~ Broadway Lea Michele, John Gallagher Jr., Jonathan Groff, Lilli Cooper, Phoebe Strole as (u/s) Ilse, Frances mercanti-Anthony as (u/s) Adult Women, Krysta Rodriguez as (u/s) Anna, Stephen Spinella, Brian Charles Johnson, Gideon Glick, Skylar Astin. Amazing!!! <br />SPRING AWAKENING - 7/9/06 Cast List:Skylar Astin , Lilli Cooper , John Gallagher, Jr. Gideon Glick , Jonathan Groff , Brian Johnson , Mary McCann , Lea Michele , Lauren Pritchard , Phoebe Strole , Frank Wood , Jonathan B. Wright , Remy Zaken <br />SPRING AWAKENING - 8/18/07 Eugene O'Neil Theatre, 2PM Matinee Melchior - Jonathan Groff Wendla - Lea Michelle Moritz - Gerard Canonico ** Ilse - Lauren Pritchard Otto - Matt Doyle ** Hanschen - Jonathan B. Wright <br />SPRING AWAKENING ( 5/18/08 ) Broadway -- **Evening** Jonathan Groff (Final Melchior), Lea Michele (Final Wendla) (LAST SHOW with Jonathan and Lea), Blake Bashoff (Moritz), Skylar Astin (Georg), Christine Estabrook (Adult Woman), Lilli Cooper (Martha), Blake Daniel (Ernst), Glenn Fleshler (Adult Men), Emma Hunton (Ilse), Brian Charles Johnson (Otto), Phoebe Strole (Anna), Matt Doyle (Hanschen), Remy Zaken (Thea) <br />SPRING AWAKENING - 8/15/08 ~ San Diego First Tour Performance: Kyle Riabko, Blake Bashoff, Christy Altomare, Julie Benko, Steffi D, Gabrielle Garza, Kimiko Glenn, Sarah Hunt, Anthony Lee Medina, Andy Mientus, Ben Moss, Angela Reed, Perry Sherman, Matt Shingledecker, Henry Stram. Stunning capture of the Tour. <br />SPRING AWAKENING Broadway, 2/22/08 Jesse Swenson (u/s Melchior), Alexandra Socha (u/s Wendla), Blake Bashoff (Moritz), Skylar Astin (Georg), Lilli Cooper (Martha), Blake Daniel (Ernst), Brian Charles Johnson (Otto), Emma Hunton (Ilse), Phoebe Strole (Anna), Jonathan B. Wright (Hanschen), Remy Zaken (Thea), Kate Burton (Adult Women), Glenn Fischer (Adult Men), Matt, Gerard, Eryn, Jenna <br />SPRING AWAKENING Broadway, 4/24/08 Jonathan Groff, Lea Michele, Blake Bashoff, Matt Doyle, Skylar Astin, Christine Estabrook, Lilli Cooper, Blake Daniel, Glenn Fleshler, Emma Hunton, Brian Charles Johnson, Phoebe Strole and Remy Zaken. <br />SPRING AWAKENING ( 5/30/08 ) Broadway -- Kyle Riabko (Melchior), Eryn Murman* (Wendla), Blake Bashoff (Moritz), Gerard Canonico* (Georg),Christine Estabrook (Adult Woman), Lilli Cooper (Martha), Blake Daniel(Ernst), Glenn Fleshler (Adult Men), Emma Hunton (Ilse), Brian Charles Johnson (Otto), Phoebe Strole (Anna), Matt Doyle (Hanschen), RemyZaken (Thea) <br />SPRING AWAKENING – May 30, 2009. West End, London (Final Matinee) | Act 2 Highlights Charlotte Wakefield, Sian Thomas, Evelyn Hoskins, Natasha Barnes, Hayley Gallivan, Lucy Barker, Richard Cordery, Edd Judge, Jamie Blackley, Harry McEntire, Slovick, Iwan Rheon, Aneurin Barnard.<br />SPRING AWAKENING 07/19/08 Matinee - Matt Shingledecker (u/s Melchior), Alexandra Socha (Wendla), Brian Charles Johnson (u/s Moritz), Skylar Astin (Georg), Jesse Swenson (u/s Otto), Blake Daniel (Ernst), Matt Doyle (Hanschen), Phoebe Strole (Anna), Emma Hunton (Ilse), Remy Zaken (Thea), Christine Estabrook (Adult Women), Glenn Fleshler (Adult Men) <br />SPRING AWAKENING - 8/2/08 - Spring Awakening (8/2/08) Broadway -- Kyle Riabko's Final (Melchior), Alexandra Socha (Wendla), Blake Bashoff's Final (Moritz), Andrew Durand, Amanda Castanos, Gabe Violett, Emma Hunton, Emily Kinney, Caitlin Kinninen, Blake Daniel, Matt Doyle <br />SPRING AWAKENING - Broadway, 7/19/08 Evening - Kyle Riabko (Melchior), Alexandra Socha (Wendla), Blake Bashoff (Moritz), Skylar Astin (Georg), Christine Estabrook (Adult Woman), Lilli Cooper (Martha), Blake Daniel (Ernst), Glenn Fleshler (Adult Men), Emma Hunton (Ilse), Brian Charles Johnson (Otto), Phoebe Strole (Anna), Matt Doyle (Hanschen), Remy Zaken (Thea), Gerard Canonico, Eryn Murman, Alice Lee, Matt Shingledecker. Notes: Skylar, Brian, Phoebe, Remy, and Lilli's last show. It was a great show with obviously great energy. Very similar to John and Lea's last, but even better.<br />SPRING AWAKENING - 11-4-08 Tour (LA) - Kyle Riabko (Melchior), Christy Altomare (Wendla), Blake Bashoff (Moritz), Steffi D (Ilse), Matt Shingledecker (Georg), Sarah Hunt (Martha), Andy Mientus (Hanschen), Ben Moss (Ernst), Anthony Lee Medina (Otto), Gabby Garza (Anna), Kimiko Glenn (Thea), Angela Reed (Adult Women), Henry Stram (Adult Men). Ensemble: Julie Benko, Perry Sherman, Claire Sparks, and Lucas A. Wells. Filmed from the center mezz with mostly wide shots and medium shots, but there are also a few close-ups. The sound is excellent throughout, and the color/clarity is great, with almost no spotlight washout except in a few of the wideshots. There are no heads in the way at all, but the railing in front blocks the very front of the stage, so some of the action that happens low at the front of the stage and on the stairs is missing. Very little shaking in the middle of scenes/songs. There are a couple of short blackouts at the beginning of the first act while the ushers were seating late comers, and unfortunately all of " The Mirror-Blue Night" and " I Believe" are blacked out as well. For act two there is one short blackout/shaky section at the very beginning when an audience member was yelling obscenities because he was offended by the sexual content of the show. It also wanders a bit during one piece of " Totally Fucked" but not for long. There are also blackouts during some of the applauses. Audio is there for all blackouts, so the show is complete. <br />STARLIGHT EXPRESS - 9/13/03 ~ Philadelphia, PA <br />STARMITEZ - March 2003 ~ New York Mandy Gonzalaez, Kim Cea, Nicole Leach <br />STUDENT PRINCE - Abilene Opera <br />SUNDAY IN THE PARK WITH GEORGE Raul Esparza, Melissa enricco <br />SUDDENLY LAST SUMMER - ( 11/21/06 ) - (Roundabout Theatre Production w/Blythe Danner). Show from first row of center mezzanine. Not obstructions. <br />SUNSET BOULEVARD (Broadway, Minskoff Theater March 1997 ) - Elaine Paige (Norma Desmond), Alan Campbell (Joe Gillis), Larry Small (Max), Alice Ripley (Betty). <br />SWEENEY TODD - 3/6/04 - New York City Opera Elaine Paige and Tim Nolen. Great picture and sound. Elaine makes a great Mrs. Lovett.<br />SWEENEY TODD - 4/2/06 ~ Broadway Patti Lupone, Michael Cerveris, Mark Jacoby, Donna Lynne Champlin, Manoel Felciano, Benjamin Magnuson, Lauren Molina, Alexander Gemignani, Diana Dimarzio. This first 10 minutes are shakey. Great Revival and nicely done. Crystal clear picture. and sound. <br />SWEENEY TODD - 6/14/02 - Kennedy Center - Brian Stokes Mitchell. Nice video. <br />SWEENEY TODD - 3/19/04 - New York City Opera- Mark Delavan (Sweeney Todd)/Elaine Paige (Mrs. Lovett)/Judith Blazer (Beggar Woman)/Keith Phares (Anthony). <br />SWEENEY TODD - 1/1980 ~ Broadway Angela Lansbury & Len Cariou. <br />SWEENEY TODD - (Sondheim Festival - Washington, 6/14/02 ) The magnificent Stokes-Mitchell scores another winner here. Uniformly talented cast. Is there a better quality production than this? Peschi-Townsend creates a fine, memorable Mrs. Lovett. Great taping with very few distractions. Great quality. Brian Stokes Mitchell, Jane Pesci-Townsend (u/s), Hugh Panaro, Celia Keenan-Bolger, Walter Charles, Mary Beth Peil. <br />SWEENEY TODD - 10/18/05 - Patti Lapone, Michael Cerveris. <br />SWEENEY TODD IN CONCERT Pro Shot. Patty LaPone, George Hern, Neil Patrick Harris and Stanford Olsen. <br />SWEET CHARITY - 2/24/05 - Christina Applegate <br />SWEET CHARITY - 3-6-93 - civic light opera <br />SWEET CHARITY 6/02 ~ Los Angeles, CA Kirsten Benton, John La Londe, Eric Anderson, Susannah Hall, Meloney Collins, John Massey Jr, Catherine Garrison. A production of LA's Performance Riverside. Great production, based on the 1986 revival. Filmed using one camera on a tripod. <br />SWEET CHARITY - Debbie Allen <br />SWEET CHARITY - 4/29/07 ~ East Lansing, MI Tour: Molly Ringwald, Bridget Berger, Francesca Harper, Guy Adkins, Aaron Ramey, Richard Ruiz. Wonderful Capture of the Tour cast with no obstructions. <br />SWEET SMELL OF SUCCESS (John Lithgow) <br />TABOO Boy George London. A+ Proshot <br />TABOO ( 11/1/03 ~ Broadway, 4th preview) Cast: Boy George, Euan Morton, Raúl Esparza, LizMcCartney, Cary Shields; great show and great video with nice close ups throughout. <br />TABOO - Closing Night - 2/8/04 - includes appearance by Rosie O'Donell. George O'dowd (aka Boy George), Euan Morton, Raul Esparza, Liz McCartney, Cary Shields, Sarah Uriarte Berry, Jennifer Cody, Dioni Michelle Collins, Brooke Elliot, Lisa Gajda, Bob Gaynor, Curtis Holbrook, Lori Holmes, Jennifer Mrozik, Nathan Peck, Alexander Quiroga, Asa Somers, Denise Summerford, Jody Reynard, James Tabeek, Gregory Treco. <br />TAKE ME OUT - 3/26/03 , 2nd gen. Daniel Sunjata, Neal Huff, Denis O'Hare, Frederick Weller. Very clear, excellent sound and video. <br />TANZ DER VAMPIRE - B - Vienna - Pro - (not in English) Steve Barton. <br />TAP YOUR TROUBLES AWAY: The Music Of Jerry Herman - 2001 ~ Los Angeles, CA Bernadette Peters, Angela Lansbury, Carol Channing, Carole Cook, Leslie Uggams, Joley Fisher, Rod McKuen, Rita Moreno, Karen Morrow, Sam Harris, Ken Page, Wilson Cruz, Charlotte Rae, Lynne Redgrave, Tyne Daly, Nancy Dussault, Davis Gaines, Jason Graae, Hugh Panero, Lee Roy Reams, Jo Anne Worley, more. Actor's Fund Benefit concert, featuring the music of Jerry Herman, presented by S.T.A.G.E. Too. Features an appearance and performance by Jerry Herman near the end. Pro-filmed, using one camera on a tripod. Some slight generational loss, nothing too bad. <br />TARZAN - 7/30/06 ~ Broadway - Horace V. Rogers as (u/s) Kerchak, Jost Strickland, Jenn Gambatese, Merle Dandridge, Chester Gregory II, Tim Jerome, Donne Keshawarz, Daniel Manche. <br />TARZAN - 3/30/06 ~ Broadway Preview - Josh Strickland, Jenn Gambatese, Merle Dandridge, Shuler Hensley, Chester Gregory II, Tim Jerome, Donnie Keshawarz, Daniew Manche. <br />TERRORISM - 6/4/05 performance with Elizabeth Marvel, Adam Alexi-Malle, Alex Draper, Laura Esterman, Anna George, Darren Goldstein, Daniel Oreskes, Lola Pashalinski, R.E. Rodgers. Great digital picture with clear sound. Small theater so there are often heads in frame but they don't usually obstruct. Very nicely filmed with gorgeous closeups. Contains pornographic situations. <br />THAT TIME OF THE YEAR, A HOLIDAY MUSICAL CELEBRATION - 2006 ~ Off-Broadway Bridget Beirne, Kerri Jill Garbis, A.J. Irvin, Erin Maguire, Thom Christopher Warren. " Pro-shot for video and taped LIVE in New York City at Don't Tell Mama's, That Time of the Year is a musical revue of 25 all-original Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year's songs. Running the musical gamut from show tunes to rock, blues and jazz, the songs range from funny numbers highlighting the joys and anxieties of the holiday season to beautiful, touching ballads about the meaning behind the holidays." <br />THE OLDEST PROFESSION 9/18/04 - Marylouise Burke, Carlin Glynn, Katherine Helmond, Lopez and Joyce Van Patten." As Ronald Reagan enters the White House, five aging practitioners of the oldest profession are faced with a diminishing clientele, increased competition for their niche market, and aching joints" <br />THE SCENE - 2/7/07 - Tony Shalhoub, Patricia Heaton, Christopher Evan Welch and Anna Camp Synopsis: tale of an out-of-work New York actor (Shalhoub) — married to a news producer (Heaton) — who has an affair with a fresh-faced Ohioan ingenue (Camp) and finds himself more morally and spiritually lost than he was before. <br />THE UNAUTHORIZED AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF SAMANTHA BROWN – 5/30/09 Orange County Performing Arts Center. Lisa Brescia, Patti Murin, Stephen Bogardus, Jenni Barber, Nick Biaemire. A<br />THEY'RE PLAYING OUR SONG - 1981 ~ Broadway. Victor Garber, Marsha Skagg <br />THIS IS HOW IT GOES Ben Stiller, Amanda Peet and Jeffrey Wright <br />THIS IS YOUR SONG - Bway Sings Elton (Professionally Shot Video) <br />THOROUGHLY MODERN MILLIE - 5/10/02 ~ Broadway Sutton Foster, Harriet Harris. Amazing video! <br />THOROUGHLY MODERN MILLIE - 8/12/06 ~ Wichita, KS Megan Osterhaus, Chris Peluso, Nedra Nixon, Jeremy Stolle, Anne Horak, Kathleen Huber. The Kansas premiere of the show as produced by The Music Theatre Of Wichita. Includes local television commercials. Filmed using one camera on a tripod. <br />THOU SHALT NOT - 1/6/02 (closing) 1st gen. Craig Bierko, Kate Levering, Norbert Leo Butz, Debra Monk, Leo Burmester. <br />THREEPENNY OPERA - 3/29/06 ~ Broadway Revival - Alan Cumming, Jim Dale, Ana Gasteyer, Cyndi Lauper, Nellie McKay, and rest of original revival cast. <br />TICK TICK BOOM! - 9/18/01 (1st gen.), Raul Esparza, Amy Spanger, Jerry Dixon. Shot from front row mezz with lots of closeups, and only a few jumpy bits. Digital. Excellent video! <br />TICK TICK BOOM! - 2003 national tour, with Christian Campbell, Wilson Cruz and Nicole Snelson <br />TICK TICK BOOM! - 2/27/03 - Philadelphia - Trey Ellett, Wilson Cruz, Nicole Ruth Snelson <br />TICK TICK BOOM! 5/31/01 (B, 2nd generation) Jonathan - Raul Esparza; Susan - Amy Spanger; Michael - Jerry Dixon. Stationary shot from mezz, so some action at extreme right or left is not seen. Audio is suberb and picture is very clear. <br />TITANIC 9/2/2000 National Touring Company (San Diego). Excellent video. <br />TITANIC - Redondo Beach, CA <br />TITANIC - November 1997 ~ Broadway Michael Cerveris, David Garrison, Larry Keith, Judith Blazer, Jody Gelb, Brian D´Arcy James, John Cunningham. Looks to be Profesionally shot. Excellent video! Has counter information along the bottom. Highlights only. Approximatly 1 hour <br />TITANIC 2006 ~ Sydney, Australia Hayden Tee, Belinda Wollaston, Robert Gard, Joan Carden, Matthew Willis, Alexander Lewis. Original Australian cast at Sydney's Theatre Royal. Filmed using one camera on a tripod with sound directly in from the sound board. Nice production, a bit different than the Broadway version, but just as great. <br />TOMMY - Austria (in English). Proshot <br />TOMMY - Big League Production. Michael Seelbach as Tommy. Pro shot <br />TONY AWARDS – 1996 – RENT wins best musical<br />TONY AWARDS - June 6, 1982 CBS “Special Salute: " The Imperial Medley" - Featured songs from Rose Marie; Oh, Kay!; Jubilee; Leave It to Me; On Your Toes; Between the Devil; Annie Get Your Gun; Miss Liberty; Call Me Madam; The Most Happy Fella; Fiddler on the Roof; The New Moon; Silk Stockings; Wish You Were Here; The Laugh Parade; Carnival; They're Playing Our Song; Oliver!; and Pippin. <br />THE TREATMENT - 9/23/06 Synopsis:A traumatized soldier seeks help and redemption from a military pyschiatrist in a searing exploration of torture and accountability. Cast List: Dylan McDermott and Portia. <br />TRUE WEST - pro shoot w/ Gary Sinise, John Malkovich <br />TWELFTH NIGHT (Vivian Beaumont Theatre, Lincoln Center) 8/30/98 Live Televised Production Helen Hunt (Viola), Paul Rudd (Orsino), Kyra Sedgewick (Olivia), Philip Bosco (Malvolio), Rick Stear (Sebastian), Steven Ochoa (Curio), Daniel Sunjata (Valentine), Paul O'Brien (Sea Captain), Amy Hill (Maria), Brian Murray (Sir Toby Belch), Max Wright (Sir Anthony Aguecheek), David Patrick Kelly (Fetse), Julio Monge (Antonio), Skipp Sudduth (Fabian), Matte Osian (Officer/Lord), Adam Donnheisser (Officer/Lord), Kevin Daniels (Officer/Lord), Jack Davidson (A Priest) <br />TWELVE ANGRY MEN - 10/30/04 - Tom Aldredge, Mark Blum, Philip Bosco, Larry Bryggman, Robert Clohessy, Peter Friedman, Boyd Gaines, Kevin Geer, Michael Mastro, Matte Osian, John Pankow, James Rebhorn, Adam Trese. <br />TWENTIETH CENTURY - March 13th, 2003 Alec Baldwin, Anne Heche, Tom Aldredge, Stephen DeRosa, Julie Halston, Kellie Halston, Kellie Overbey, Ryan Shively, Jonathan Walker, Terry Beaver, Teagle F. Brougere. Great video! <br />URBAN COWBOY (Original Bway Cast) - 3/5/03 Preview Opening Night 3/27/03 - Matt Cavenaugh (Bud), Jenn Colella (Sissy), Leo Burmester (Uncle Bob), Marcus Chait (Wes), Sally Mayes (Aunt Corene), Rozz Morehead (Jesse), Jodi Stevens (Pam), Michael Balderrama (Travis), Mark Bove (Bubba), Gerrard Carter (Roadkill), Nicole Foret (Love Levy), Justin Greer (J.D. Letterlaw), Michelle Kittrell (Bebe Bubbles Baker), Brian Letendre (Baby Boy), Barrett Martin (Trent Williams), Tera-Lee Pollin (Candi Cane). Nicely shot from the mezz. Has a lot of material that was subsequently cut (“I'm Gonna Like It Here with the Two girls in Bed ”, “Honey, I'm Home” “I Take It Back” “Better Days” )but does not have the funeral scene. <br />URINETOWN - 8/29/01 - John Cullum, Jeff McCarthy, Spencer Kayden, Hunter Foster, Jennifer Laura Thompson. <br />URINETOWN - 10/20/01 (1st gen.) - digital, at the Henry Miller Theatre. John Cullum, Jeff McCarthy, Spencer Kayden, Hunter Foster, Jennifer Laura Thompson. <br />VIOLET - reunion concert - Michael McElroy, Norbert Leo Butz, Cass Morgan. Great close ups. <br />VIOLET HOUR 11/01/03 . Mario Cantone, Dagnara Domincyk, Scott Foley, Robert Sean Leonard, Robin Miles. <br />WE WILL ROCK YO U - 2/11/03 ~ Dominion Theatre, London Tony Vincent, Nigel Planer, Alexander Hanson, Hannah Jane Fox, Sharon D Clark, Nigel Clauzel, Kelly Ellis. Pro-Shot <br />WE WILL ROCK YOU - 6/11/02 - London. The Queen Musical. Tony Vincent, Hannah Jane Fox. <br />THE WEDDING SINGER - 4/1/06 ~ Broadway Preview Stephen Lynch, Laura Benati, Amy Spanger, Kevin Cahoon, Matthew Saldivar, Richard Blake, Felicia Finley, Rita Gardner. <br />WEDDING SINGER - 4/11/06 Broadway. Stephen Lynch, Laura Benati, Cara Cooper, Kevin Cahoon, Matthew Saldivar, Richard Blake, Felicia Finley, Rita Gardner. Amazing quality <br />WEDDING SINGER - 4/15/06 - Stephen Lynch, Laura Benanti, Richard H. Blake, Kevin Cahoon, Felicia Finley, Tina Maddigan, Matthew Saldivar, Amy Spanger, Rita Gardner. <br />WEST END MUSICAL CLIPS Collection of various British television appearances, including: 1. Empty Chairs - LES MIS - Simon Bowman. 2. Selection of songs from MISS SAIGON - Original London Cast. 3. Selection of songs from LES MIS - Mostly Original London Cast, including Patty LuPone 4. Sunset Boulevard - John Barrowman 5. Secret Garden - Australia interviews 6. Lily's Eyes - Anthony Warlow/Philip Quast 7. Tony Awards clip of SECRET GARDEN 8. On My Own - LES MIS - Lea Salonga 9. Excerpts from Broadway's TOMMY 10. Interview with Anthony Warlow as Enjolras in 1987 - Rare Australia clip! 11. Music of the Night - Anthony Warlow 12. Being Alive - Anthony Warlow 13. Excerpts from SHE LOVES ME - London Cast w/Ruthie Henshall/Barry James 14. This Is The Moment - Michael Ball 15. Excerpt from SHOWBOAT - London Cast 16. Whale Of A Tale - MOBY DICK - London Cast 17. Any Dream Will Do - Jason Donovan and Linzi Hateley 18. The Rum Tum Tugger - CATS - UK Tour 19. Rehearsal of SUNDAY IN THE PARK WITH GEORGE song with Philip Quast 20. Summer Holiday - SUMMER HOLIDAY - Darren Day 21. Think Of Me - PHANTOM OF OPERA - Jill Washington - London22. Excerpts from FAME:THE MUSICAL - London Cast 23. Excerpt from JOLSON - London 24. Tell Me Its Not True - BLOOD BROTHERS - Barbara Dickson 25. One Day More -LES MIS - Manchester Cast 26. You and I - CHESS - Marti Webb/Mark Rattray 27. Whatever You Believe - HUNTING OF THE SNARK - London - Philip Quast as The Bellman 28. Music Of The Night - PHANTOM OF OPERA - Michael Crawford 29. Could We Start Again Please - JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR - Paul Nicholas/Claire Moore 30. Excerpt from RETURN TO FORBIDDEN PLANET - London Cast 31. U.n.c.o.u.p.l.e.d. - STARLIGHT EXPRESS - Anna Jane Casey - London 32. Light At The End Of The Tunnel - STARLIGHT EXPRESS - London 1995 33. As If We Never Said Goodbye - Barbara Streisand 34. Excerpts from ASPECTS OF LOVE - Michael Ball/Diana Morrison 35. Seeing Is Believing - ASPECTS OF LOVE - Michael Ball/Susannah Fellows 36. Born To Be Me - MATADOR - John Barrowman - London 37. Tell Me Its Not True - BLOOD BROTHERS 1997 - London 38. All I Ask Of You - PHANTOM OF OPERA - Michael Ball/Claire Moore 39. Music Of The Night - PHANTOM OF OPERA - Davis Gaines - Broadway. About 2.5 hours. A-- / C+ <br />WEST SIDE STORY BENEFIT CONCERT Cast: Kevin Spacey, Katie Curoc, Meryl Streep, Susan Sarandon, Kelsey Grammar, Kevin Kline, Robert DeNiro, Jimmy Fallon, Chris Kattan, Josh Groban, Chita Rivera, Rita Moreno, Bette Midler, Heather Headley, Whoopi Goldberg, Vince Gill, Amy Grant, Tony Danza, Rudy Gulianni, Jesse L. Martin, Beyonce Knowels. 2002 ProShot Video. *generation loss* <br />WEST SIDE STORY 6/25/04 - Texas <br />WEST SIDE STORY - National Tour w/ Marcy Harriell, Scott Carollo, Natacia Diaz, Jamie Gustis <br />WEST SIDE STORY - 12/19/08 ~ Washington DC Pre-Broadway: Matt Cavenaugh, Josefina Scaglione, Karen Olivo, Cody Green, Geroge Akram, Curtis Holbrook, Joey Haro. Stunning production and sensational cast. Josefina as Maria was precious and an amazing voice. Karen was full of sass and perfection in dance and voice. Features elements of bilingual songs and script which add so much to the story. Beautiful production from top to bottom! Also includes 13 minutes (opening) from the 12/20/08 performance. A+  <br />WEST SIDE STORY - 5/16/09 ~ Broadway matinee. Matthew Hydzik (s/b Tony), Josefina Scaglione, Karen Olivo, Kyle Brenn (alt. Kiddo), Christian Elan Ortiz (u/s Indio), Angelina Mullins (u/s Velma), Shayna Harris (u/s Zaza), Michaeljon Slinger (u/s Sharkboy). Video has great zooms and color, however the bottom right of the stage is obstructed and is only a problem during " Tonight (Reprise)" because you can't see the Sharks. Occasional heads in picture and latecomers; only coverups during scenes are a bit during " Me Siento Hermosa." Includes Curtain Call and Playbill shots. A-<br />WHISTLE DOWN THE WIND - 1/5/01 , 1st gen, London w/ Jerome Pradon, Laura Michelle Kelly, Rohan Tickell, Mark McGee, Cat Simmons. Great video <br />WHISTLE DOWN THE WIND - 1967 - Rare movie starring Hayley Mills and Alan Bates. <br />WHISTLE DOWN THE WIND - Washington D. C. Cast. Davis Gaines, Irene Malloy, Steve Scott Springer, Abbi Hutcherson. <br />WHISTLE DOWN THE WIND - 10/13/07 ~ St. Paul Tour: Andrea Ross, Eric Kunze, Austin J. Zambito-Valente, Nadine Jacobson, Dann Fink, Carole Denise Jones, Matt Skrincosky, Gerry McIntyre, Adam Shonkwiler. A beautiful capture and an amazing show. The performances are sensational and powerful. <br />WHITE NOISE - 9/23/06 Cast List: Libby Winters , Molly Laurel , Rick Crom , Danny Calvert , Micah Shepard , Phillip Taratula. <br />WHO KILLED WOODY ALLEN? - 12/19/03 - Just sound for first 5 min. When filmer gets a shot, it's very good, but doesn't get many. You at least get to see each actor. Very funny show. Diane Keaton, Dianne Wiest, Alan Alda, Christopher Walken, Spike Lee, Ed Burns, Conan O'Brien, Billy Crystal and other celebrities all become suspects. <br />WHOOPIE : The 20th Year - 11/26/04 - Whoopie Goldberg reworks her 1984 one-woman Broadway show, in which she created a number of witty, outspoken characters. <br />WICKED Broadway, May 22, 2007 , 7pm - Elphaba - Julia Murney Glinda - Kendra Kessebaum Wizard - David Garrison Morrible - Jayne Houdyshell Fiyero - Sebastian Arcelus Nessa - Cristy Candler Boq - Logan Lipton Dr. Dillimond - Steven Skybell <br />WICKED - 7/1/07 ~ Broadway *** Lisa Brescia as (u/s) Elphaba, Kendra Kassebaum, Sebastian Arcelus, David Garrison, Jayne Houdyshell, Cristy Candler, Logan Lipton. <br />WICKED - 10/9/07 ~ Broadway First Performances of Stephanie J. Block and Annaleigh Ashford. Lenny Wolpe, Kathy Santen as (u/s) Morrible, Sebastian Arcelus, Cristy Candler, Logan Lipton, Steven Skybell. <br />WICKED - 6/15/07 ~ Chicago *** Kate Fahrner as (u/s) Glinda, Dee Roscioli, Barbara Robertson, Peter Kevoian, Derrick Williams, Summer Naomi Smart, Stanton Nash, K. Todd Freeman. <br />WICKED - 9/23/06 ~ Broadway Saycon Sengbloh as (u/s) Elphaba, Kate Reinders, Jenna Leigh Green, Logan Lipton, Carol Kane, Derrick WIlliams, David Garrison, Anthony Galde as (u/s) Dr. Dillamond. <br />WICKED - 10/22/06 ~ Chicago Cast *** Stacie's Last: Stacie Morgain Lewis, Kristy Cates, Rondi Reed, Gene Weygandt, Kristoffer Cusick, Adam Fleming, Jacqui Graziano as (u/s) Nessa. <br />WICKED Los Angeles 4-14-07 matinee Eden Espinosa, Megan Hilty, *Dioni Michelle Collins*, John Rubenstein, Jenna Leigh Green, Adam Wylie, Kris Cusick. <br />WICKED 3/6/07 ~ Tampa, FL *** Tour Cast: Victoria Matlock, Christina DeCicco, Cliffton Hall, Deedee Magno Hall, Barbara Tirrell, P.J. Benjamin, Josh Lamon, Tom Flynn. Contains wonderful picture, sound, color, and most importantly performances. Great cast. <br />WICKED 10/14/06 ~ Broadway *** Ana Gasteyer, Kate Reinders, David Garrison, Kathy Santen as (u/s) Morrible, Derrick Williams, Jenna Leigh Green, Logan Lipton. Crystal clear picture and sound of Ana's return to Wicked in the Broadway Cast. Missing 14 minutes in the middle of Act 2, but sound is there. <br />WICKED - 8/5/06 ~ Chicago - Dee Roscioli as (u/s) Elphaba, Kate Loprest as (u/s) Nessarose, Jill Hayman as (u/s) Morrible, Adam Fleming, Stacie Morgain Lewis, Gene Weygandt, Kristoffer Cusick. <br />WICKED - 7/1/06 ~ Chicago Cast Kate Loprest (u/s Glinda), Kristy Cates, Rondi Reed, Gene Weygandt, Kristoffer Cusick, Heidi Kettenring, Telly Leung, Timothy Britten Parker. <br />WICKED 2/2/07 ~ Chicago Cast *Carmen Cusack as (s/b) Elphaba, Erin Mackey, Rondi Reed, Gene Weygandt, Derrick Williams, Adam Fleming, Heidi Kettenring, K. Todd Freeman. <br />WICKED - 11/8/06 ~ West End, London *** Idina Menzel, Helen Dallimore, Adam Garcia, Miriam Margolyes, Nigel Planer, James Gillan, Katie Rowley Jones. Crystal clear picture and sound. AMAZING quality, one of the top Wickeds. <br />WICKED COMPILATION DVD Professional footage and television apprearances from 2003-2004 including: Wicked: The Road To Broadway (PBS) 16 mins For Good (Behind the Scenes) (PBS) 5 mins The Wizard and I (Broadway on Broadway) REVIEWERS REELS (Press clips from most songs) 16 mins The Wizard and I (complete performance filmed by Broadway Beat) 4mins Popular (complete performance filmed by Broadway Beat) 4 mins Defying Gravity (complete performance filmed by Broadway Beat) 7 mins Popular (Today Show) Defying Gravity (Letterman) One Short Day (Macy's) Defying Gravitgy (Tony Awards) For Good (The View) Idina Menzel and Jennifer Laura Thompson <br />WICKED - 8/4/06 ~ Chicago Stacie Morgain Lewis, Kristy Cates, Jacqui Graziano as(u/s) Nessa, Jill Hayman as (u/s) Morrible, Adam Fleming as Boq, Kristoffer Cusick, Gene Weygandt. Great filming <br />WICKED - Atlanta ( 5/23/06 ) featuring Julia Murney and Kendra Kassebaum. Excellent <br />WICKED - 10/26/05 ~ Chicago Cast - Kristy Cates u/s: Elphaba, Sarah Jane Everman u/s: Glinda, Kristoffer Cusick, Heidi Kettenring, Rondi Reed, Gene Weygandt. Great video! A+ <br />WICKED - 10/12/2003 - best video - Kristin Chenoweth, Idina Menzel, Norbert Leo Butz, Joel Grey, Carole Shelley. very nice video. <br />WICKED - Broadway, January 20, 2007 matinee Julia Murney, Katie Adams (SB), David Garrison, Sebastian Arcelus, Jayne Houdyshell, Cristy Candler, Logan Lipton, Steven Skybell <br />WICKED - 5/14/06 ~ Chicago Cast - Actors' Fund Benefit Performance: Carole Shelley, Kristy Cates, Stacie Morgan Lewis, Gene Weygandt, Heidi Kettenring, Kristoffer Cusick, Telly Leung, Timothy Britten Parker. <br />WICKED - 1/8/06 - Shoshana Bean's last show. Shoshana Bean, Megan Hilty, Ben Vereen, Rue McClanahan, David Ayers. <br />WICKED - 5/8/05 ~ Tour, Chicago - Kendra Kassebaum, Stephanie J. Block, Derrick Williams, Carol Kane. Some blackouts in act one, but still a great video. <br />WICKED - 1/25/06 ~ Chicago Cast. Kristy Cates and Stacie Morgan Lewis. Rondi Reed, Kristoffer Cusick <br />WICKED - 8/31/2005 - Chicago cast. Great! <br />WICKED - 7/7/07 ~ Columbus, OH Tour: Coleen Sexton as (u/s) Elphaba, Laura Woyasz as (u/s) Glinda, Barbara Tirrell, Cliffton Hall, Deedee Magno Hall, Brad Weinstock, P.J. Benjamin, Tom Flynn. Great! <br />WICKED - 3/14/06 ~ Cincinnati, OH -Julia Murney, Kendra Kassebaum, Jennifer Waldman, Alma Cuervo, PJ Benjamin, Sebastian Arcelus, Timothy Britten Parker. <br />WICKED - 3/29/06 ~ Broadway - Saycon Sengbloh (u/s elphaba), Megan Hilty, Jenna Leigh Green, Robb Sapp, Carol Kane, Ben Vereen, Derrick Williams. Shot close to the stage, tons of closeups. Amazing quality. <br />WICKED - 7/1/05 - Chicago Cast. Ana Gasteyer, Kate Reinders, Kristoffer Cusick, Rondi Reed, Heidi Kettenring. <br />WICKED - Broadway - Aug. 17, 2005 . Shoshana Bean, Megan Hilty, Ben Vereen, David Ayers, Adinah Alexander (u/s), Megan Sikora (u/s). <br />WICKED - 1/29/06 – Broadway – Eden Espinosa (Elphaba), Megan Hilty (Glinda), Derrick Williams (Fiyero), Carol Kane (Morrible). <br />WICKED - 4/27/08 ~ Chicago Dee Roscioli, Kate Kahrner, Barbara Robertson, Gene Weygandt, Heidi Kettenring, Michael Seelbach, Kevin Samual Yee as (u/s) Boq. A great capture and solid performances from the cast. Amazing WWOTE in act 2! This was done during Heidi's return and Kate's short run as Glinda. <br />WICKED - 12/2/07 ~ Los Angeles, Evening *** Eden Espinosa, Emily Rozek as (u/s) Glinda, Carol Kane, John Rubinstein, Kristoffer Cusick, Jenna Leigh Green, Adam Wylie, Timothy Britten Parker. Emily does a fantastic job as Glinda. Eden gives a sensational performance with nifty riffs. Solid performances and show. A beautiful capture of this performance. <br />WICKED - 12/30/07 ~ Los Angeles Eden Espinosa (Elphaba), Megan Hilty (Glinda), Kristoffer Cusick (Fiyero), Carol Kane (Morrible), John Rubinstein (Wizard), Marcie Dodd (Nessarose), Adam Wylie (Boq), Timothy Britten Parker (Dillamond). Eden, Carol & Adam's final performance. No obstructions, clear picture with lots of zooms, and only minor wash-out now and then. Awesome performances, includes Megan's farewell speech. A- <br />WICKED - 3/4/07 ~ Tampa, FL *** Tour Cast: Victoria Matlock, Christina DeCicco, Cliffton Hall, Deedee Magno Hall, Barbara Tirrell, P.J. Benjamin, Josh Lamon, Tom Flynn. Beautiful capture and no obstructions. <br />WICKED - 8/4/07 ~ Los Angeles *** Eden Espinosa, Megan Hilty, Carol Kane, John Rubinstein, Kristoffer Cusick, Jenna Leigh Green, Adam Wylie, Timothy Britten Parker. Eden really impressed and Megan is still terrific. A beautiful capture of the LA cast with no obstructions and solid performances from most. A+ <br />WICKED 4/23/05 – Toronto – Kendra Kassebaum (Glinda), Stephanie Block (Elphaba) <br />WICKED - 7/24/05 - Saycon Sengbloh (Elphaba - standby), Megan Hilty (Glinda). Act one is complete. act two isn't complete. act two contains the following: " Thank Goodness" through when the monkeys are set free, then filming starts again a few moments before " No Good Deed" and lasts through when Elphaba melts. <br />WICKED - 7/8/07 ~ Columbus, OH *** Marcie Dodd as (u/s) Elphaba, Christeena Michelle Riggs as (u/s) Glinda, Cliffton Hall, Barbara Tirrell, PJ Benjamin, Deedee Magno Hall, Brad Weinstock. Terrific performances and capture. Marcie is sensational. <br />WICKED - 10/18/2007 (London) Kerry Ellis (Elphaba), Dianne Pilkington (Glinda), Oliver Tompsett (Fiyero), Nigel Planer (Wizard), Susie Blake (Morrible), Katie Rowley Jones (Nessarose), James Gillan (Boq), Andy Mace (Dr. Dillamond) <br />WICKED - Stuttgart July 23 2008 - Roberta Valentini (u/s Elphaba), Lucy Scherer (Glinda), Mark Seibert (Fiyero), Matthias Dressel (u/s Der Zauberer), Barbara Raunegger (Madame Akaber), Maike Switzer (u/s Nessarose), Marco Fahrland (u/s Moq), Michael Guenther (Doktor Dillamonth) Though the video can be shaky, this is still stunning quality with some absolutely beautiful close-ups which makes it a pure joy to watch. A+ <br />WICKED - 10/7/07 - Broadway Final Performances of Julia Murney and Kendra Kassebaum . Lenny Wolpe, Kathy Santen as (u/s) Morrible, Sebastian Arcelus , Cristy Candler, Logan Lipton, Steven Skybell. Beautifully captured and wonderful closeups. Great performances all around and includes curtain call speech. A+ Minimal shaking or crazy zooms. The camera goes wild during the hug in For Good, and there are substantial blackouts during the speeches. <br />WICKED - 4/23/08 ~ Los Angeles Marcie Dodd as (u/s) Elphaba, Megan Hilty, John Rubinstein, Jo Anne Worley, Kristoffer Cusick, Laura Dysarczyk as (u/s) Nessarose, Michael Drolet, Timothy Britten Parker. Amazing capture with amazing closeups. Marcie is to die for. Performances were fantastic all the way around. Megan and Marcie's chemistry is so fresh. <br />WICKED - 5/14/08 ~ Broadway Lisa Brescia as (s/b) Elphaba, Kendra Kassebaum, David Burnham, Miriam Margolyes, Lenny Wolpe, Cristy Candler, Ben Liebert, Steven Skybell. Done in widescreen with no real obstructions and only a couple of very brief cover-ups. Lisa is great and a little more of a subdued Elphaba than most. David had a major lyric flub in " Dancing Through Life" where he ended up singing the same verse twice. <br />WICKED - 6/3/08 ~ Chicago Lisa, Annaleigh & Kris's First: Lisa Brescia, Annaleigh Ashford, Barbara Robertson, Gene Weygandt, Kristoffer Cusick, Heidi Kettenring, Stanton Nash. AMAZING performance and chemistry. The acting and singing could not have been any better. Lisa was in top notch form. Annaleigh was beyond quixotic and the rest of the cast was just on fire. A+ <br />WICKED - 6/17/08, Kerry Ellis (Kerry's 1st), Kendra Kassebaum, David Burnham (David's last week), Jayne Houdyshell, Lenny Wolpe, Cristy Candler, Ben Liebert, Steven Skybell<br />WICKED - 8/24/08 ~ Chicago Lisa's Last: Lisa Brescia, Annaleigh Ashford, Rondi Reed, Gene Weygandt, Kristoffer Cusick, Heidi Kettenring, Stanton Nash, K. Todd Freeman. Wonderful performances from the entire cast. Lisa has some nice vocal variations. She is just the right mix of elements that make her a near perfect Elphaba, and she will be missed in Chicago. Beautifully captured with a nice mix of shots. <br />WICKED - 3/13/08 - Broadway Stephanie J. Block (Elphaba), Annaleigh Ashford (Glinda), David Burnham (Fiyero), Miriam Margolyes (Morrible), Lenny Wolpe (Wizard), Cristy Candler (Nessarose), Ben Liebert (Boq), Steven Skybell (Dillamound)<br />WICKED - 8/9/08 ~ Los Angeles ** Teal Wicks, Erin Mackey, Adam Lambert as (u/s) Fiyero, Jo Anne Worley, John Rubinstein, Michael Drolet, Briana Yacavone, David De Vries. Beautiful capture and nice performances from the cast. Adam was a great Fiyero and has a beautiful voice with vocal variations which are very nice. Briana's Nessa is very nice here aswell, a nice transition in her character.<br />WICKED - 4/24/08 ~ Los Angeles Teal Wicks as (s/b) Elphaba, Megan Hilty, John Rubinstein, Jo Anne Worley, Kristoffer Cusick, Marcie Dodd, Michael Drolet, Timothy Britten Parker. Beautiful capture with amazing closeups. Performances were fantastic all the way around.  <br />WICKED - October 28, 2007- Lost Angeles - Julie's final performance before Broadway. Julie Reiber (s/b Elphaba).Megan Hilty.Kristoffer Cusick.Dioni Michelle Collins (u/s Madame Morrible).John Rubinstein.Natalie Daradich (u/s Nessarose).Adam Wylie.Timothy Britten Parker. <br />WICKED - 10/29/08 - Teal Wicks/Angel Reda (u/s Elphaba) and Erin Mackey (Glinda) - Teal's last in LA. Teal leaves (due to sickness) and is replaced by Angel Reda at One short day.  <br />WICKED - LA, September 6, 2008 Matinee - Marcie Dodd (Elphaba), Erin Mackey (Glinda), Derrick Williams (Fiyero), David Garrison (The Wizard), Carol Kane (Morrible), Laura Dysarczyk (Nessarose), Michael Drolet (Boq). Notes: Overall great capture, and the cast was fantastic. but she can really turn on the anger too. A few of the wider shots result in some spotlight washout, but all of the medium shots and close ups are very clear. There was one head in the way of a small portion of the stage, but it only blocks the actor's feet/legs a few times. For act one, ‘No One Mourns the Wicked’ is audio only, and ‘Dear Old Shiz’ is very shaky and blurry, including Elphaba's entrance, until the master got settled during Room Assignments. For act two, ‘No One Mourns the Wicked Reprise’ is audio only again, as is the first 30 seconds or so of ‘Thank Goodness’. No other cover ups during the show. Video gets a little shaky a few times, this mostly affects the beginning of Defying Gravity, and a little bit of For Good, but all of it is very watchable.<br />WICKED LA, 1/18/08 - Caissie Levy (Elphaba), Megan Hilty (Glinda), Kristoffer Cusick (Fiyero), Jo Anne Worley (Morrible), John Rubinstein (Wizard), Michael Drolet (Boq), Marcie Dodd (Nessarose), Timothy Britten Parker (Dillamond)<br />WICKED - Broadway, October 31, 2008 - Kerry Ellis (Elphaba), Kendra Kassebaum (Glinda), Aaron Tveit (Fiyero), Jayne Houdyshell (Madame Morrible), P.J. Benjamin (The Wizard), Cristy Candler (Nessarose), Ben Liebert (Boq), Stephen Skybell (Doctor Dillamond). Notes: Audio starts during ‘No One Mourns the Wicked’ by Glinda’s line, “Since there has been so much rumor and speculation”, though video starts when Glinda says, “According to the time dragon clock”. Some black outs – most are short but there are a few noticeably long ones – in the beginning due to people being late which stop occurring by Madame Morrible’s verse in ‘The Wizard and I’. Audio is crystal clear and pretty spectacular, but video quality is shaky, as if the master’s hands were trembling while filming, but eventually settles down and becomes steadier by ‘Something Bad’. This performance also includes the Curtain Call and BCEFA Speech.<br />WICKED - 1/11/09 - Los Angles, CA; Eden Espinosa (Elphaba), Megan Hilty (Glinda), Derrick Williams (Fiyero), David Garrison (The Wizard), Carol Kane (Mme Morrible), Briana Yacavone (Nessarose), Eddie Rioseco (Boq), Tom Flynn (Dr. Dillamond). Closing night.<br />WICKED - 02/22/09 - Nicole Parker (Elphaba), Alli Mauzey (Glinda), Kyle Dean Massey (u/s Fiyero), PJ Benjamin (Wizard), Cristy Candler (Nessarose), Jayne Houdyshell (Morrible), Alex Brightman (Boq), Timothy Britten Parker (Dillamond) <br />WICKED - 3/8/09 (Broadway) [Aaron Tveit's last] Nicole Parker (Elphaba), Alli Mauzey (Glinda), Aaron Tveit (Fiyero), Anthony Galde (u/s Wizard)Jayne Houdyshell (Morrible), Cristy Candler, (Nessarose), Alex Brightman (Boq), Timothy Britten Parker (Dillamond)<br />WICKED - 4/26/09 ~ San Francisco, CA matinee. Vicki Noon (s/b Elphaba), Kendra Kassebaum, Nicolas Dromard, David Garrison, Patty Duke, Deedee Magno Hall, Eddy Rioseco, Tim Talman (u/s Dillamond). One head in the middle that blocks the actors' feet/legs sometimes, and there are heads on either side that pop into frame occasionally; first couple of minutes of each act are blacked out, and there are two long-ish blackouts. One is from the middle of What Is This Feeling till part way through the classroom scene. The other is the last couple minutes of the show; the video ends at " it's looking at things another way," and the rest of the finale is audio only. 2 DVDs<br />WICKED - 6/28/09 ~ Broadway. Nicole Parker, Laura Woyasz (s/b Glinda), Kevin Kern, Kathy Santen (u/s Madame Morrible), PJ Benjamin, Cristy Candler, Alex Brightman, Timothy Britten Parker. Laura Woyasz's first performance as Glinda in New York; washout throughout but gets better in Act 2; video has almost no obstructions; there is sometimes a head at the bottom of the screen and a few dropouts, the longest during " No One Mourns the Wicked" ; completely missing is the first verse or so of " As Long As You're Mine" (it picks up at " I'll make every last moment last" ) due to battery change 2 DVDs A-<br />WILL ROGERS FOLLIES - 3/19/06 ~ Crystal Lake, IL Tour: Colin Trahan (u/s Will Rogers), Keleen Snowgren, Amy Decker, Chris Sams, Joanne Wilson. <br />WIZARD OF OZ 10/02 ~ Los Angeles, CA Sarah Combs, Eleen Barnett, John Massey Jr, John C. Vaughan, Pamela Hamill. A presentation of Performance Riverside. Beautifully filmed from one camera on a tripod and crystal clear. <br />WIZARD OF OZ - 1999 ~ Tour 50 minute Proshot backstage look at the tour. Includes clips of the show and interviews and how they created the show. Mickey Rooney, Joanne Worrley, Jessica Grove. <br />THE WOMEN - Cynthia Nixon, Kristen Johnston, Jennifer Tilly, Jennifer Coolidge, Rue McLanahan, Heather Matarazzo, Hallie Kate Eisenberg. Proshot <br />WOMAN IN BLACK - Closing Night - 7/8/01 <br />WONDERFUL TOWN - 12/13/03 . great video. Linda Mugleston, Gregg Edelman, Jennifer Westfeldt, Nancy Anderson, Randy Danson, Peter Benson, Michael McGrath, David Margulies.. <br />XANADU - (Broadway, 7/5/08 ) Taper's Notes: “LOVE Curtis and Patti together. Curtis was cute as button and very different from Cheyenne. Patti has so much energy and blew me away. Sensational performance and a lot of energy from the cast and audience, all nicely captured.” Curtis Holbrook as Sonny, Patti Murin as (u/s) Kira, Tony Roberts, Jackie Hoffman, Mary Testa, Kenita Miller, Kate Loprest as (u/s) Euterpe, Andre Ward, Ryan Watkinson. <br />XANADU - 2/19/08 - Broadway - Patti Murin (Clio/Kira u/s), Cheyenne Jackson (Sonny), Tony Roberts (Danny), Curtis Holbrook (Thalia), Kate Loprest (Euterpe u/s), Kenita Miller (Erato), Mary Testa (Melpomene), Jackie Hoffman (Calliope), Andre Ward (Terpsicore). <br />XANADU - 11/10/07 Matinee Kerry Butler, Cheyenne Jackson, Mary Testa, Jackie Hoffman, Tony Roberts, Andre Ward, Ryan Watkinson*, Anika Larsen, Kenita Miller. Some heads but still very good. <br />YANK! - 11/11/07 ~ Brooklyn, NY Bobby Steggert, Maxime de Toledo, Tyson Kaup, James Stover, Daniel Shevlin, Chris Carfizzi, Chad Harlow. Book and lyrics by David Zellnik and music by Joe Zellnik. “Yank! is a love song to Hollywood's " it takes one of every kind" platoon flicks and to 1940s Broadway. Yank! tells the story of a war reporter named Stu and an army private named Mitch who fall in love and struggle to survive in a time and place where the odds are stacked against them. Suffused with period songs (swing, big band, boogie-woogie), it explores what stories get told in wartime, and how WWII became the great catalyst in bringing gay men and women together.” A world premiere performance at Brooklyn's Gallery Players. Beautifully filmed and crystal clear. Includes scanned Playbill information. <br />YOU'RE A GOOD MAN CHARLIE BROWN - 8.15.02 Evening / Frauenthal Theatre, Cherry County Playhouse, Muskegon, Michigan. 1st gen. Rusty Reynolds as Charlie Brown, Joe Langworth as Schroeder, Jim Poulos as Snoopy, Holli Hamilton as Sally, Chad Hudson as Linus, Carmen Ruby Floyd as Lucy. Great video!!! <br />YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN - pre-Broadway 8/28/07 . Roger Bart, Megan Mullally, Sutton Foster, Shuler Hensley, Andrea Martin, Fred Applegate, Christopher Fitzgerald. <br />ZANNA DON'T (Original Off Broadway Cast) 6/27/03 - Jai Rodriguez (Zanna), Anika Larsen (Roberta), Darius Nichols (Buck), Amanda Ryan Paige (Candy), Enrico Rodriguez (Mike), Robb Sapp (Tank), Shelley Thomas (Kate), Jared Zeus (Steve). Nice video. <br />ZHIVAGO 7/5/06 La Jolla Playhouse, CA Dominic Bogart, Matt Bogart, Jessica Burrows, Sandy Campbell, Edward Conery, Ryan Drummond, Mark Emerson, David Carey Foster, Jason Heil, Ivan Hernandez, Tom Hewitt, Melissa Hoff, Mackenzie Holmes, Christopher Kale Jones, Rebecca Kaasa, Melina Kalomas, David McDonald, Spencer Moses, Eduardo Placer, Graham Rowat, Maureen Silliman, Tina Stafford, Rena Strober, Nick Ullett, Bibi Valderrama, Melissa van de Schyff<br />