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FORMER THESPIAN SUPPORTS BCT WITH WARDROBE DONATIONThis summer the theatre was the beneficiary of a large wardrobe donatio...
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CB September2011


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CB September2011

  1. 1. 67 BREMERTON COMMUNITY Years THEATRE Sept. 2011 Now Playing Laughter on the 23rd Floor Performance dates: September 2-25, 2011 in every situation. Whether the story revolves directly Based on Neil Simons early career experiences as a around his own youth (Brighton Beach Memoirs, Biloxi writer for Sid Caesars Your Show of Shows - and with Blues and Broadway Bound) or fictitious lives (Star characters based on Larry Gelbart, Mel Brooks, Carl Spangled Girl, The Odd Couple), Simon seems to find Reiner, and Selma Diamond, among others - Laughter that reciprocal chord that resonates with the average highlights the fighting, writing, and craziness that man. happens in a 1950s TV shows writers room, and the Cast: stars battles with network executives regarding the Lucas - Chris Dolan sophistication of the shows humor. Max Prince, the star of The Max Prince Show, is locking horns with the Milt - Paul Holiday network in an effort to keep his show on the air. NBC is Val - Raymond Deuel looking to replace it with shows that appeal to a wider Brian - Riley Abel audience, as television is expanding to new markets. R The show is about this family of writers trying to deal with a divorce of sorts, a comedy tinged with all-too- human emotions. Laughters Broadway premiere Kenny - Bob Eldred Carol - Ronni Wolfe Max - Chris Jantzi production opened in November 1993, starring Nathan Lane, Mark Linn-Baker, Bitty Schramm and Helen - Elena Easley others. Ira - Ashley Hurd Neil Simon’s shows are among the most entertaining Directed by Rana Teresa Tan, this comic masterpiece is and attended shows in theatre history. Often taking sure to be a special evening of entertainment for all. from his own life, Simon finds the humor and emotionCOMEDY! MAGIC! STUNTS! AND MORE COMEDY! show packed full of magic, juggling, music, odd skills, audienceThe Curious Comedy Tour Comes to BCT This Fall participation and a whole lot of comedy, the Curious Comedy Tour is a show you dont want to miss. Bremerton Community TheatreThe Curious Comedy Tour is a traveling family variety show is proud to host this unique show, which will entertain kids andfrom Seattle, Washington. The show features two of the adults alike.premier comedy/variety acts on the West Coast. Comedymagician Steve "The Pretty Good" Hamilton and professional The Curious Comedy Tour plays one day only on Sunday, Octobercomedy juggler Matt Baker are two separate, but equally funny 9th at 2:30PM. General admission tickets are $12 for adults, $8 forprofessional entertainers. They have combined forces for one children age 12 and under, and kids age two and under are free (buthilarious show that is fun for all ages. Between the two of these may have to sit on the lap of an adult if the show is a sell-out!)accomplished performers, they have performed over 4,000shows, have appeared on Americas Got Talent, Last Comic Tickets may be purchased online at www.bctshows.com, or duringStanding, and have made people laugh in over 16 different regular box office hours. Check out video clips from the show atcountries. One of them even has a Guinness World Record! A www.curiouscomedytour.com. Our Box Office is Now Open! (360) 373-5152 or 1-800-863-1706
  2. 2. Presidents Letter ROBERT B. STEWART I would like to thank the membership for allowing me to be the President of your community PERFORMANCE theatre. We have a great board, and I am looking forward to working for you. We are gearing HALL BUILDERS WALL up for the new season on the Main Stage and we need your help with many jobs at the theatre. Thank you to our wonderful The Front of House offers many volunteer opportunities on show nights, and production staff supporters who are helping make the Performance Hall a reality also is looking for volunteers to help with behind the scenes efforts to build the productions. Please let us know if you would be interested in donating time to your theatre. Work continues BENEFACTORS in the Robert B. Stewart Hall. We are moving closer to completing our black box theatre with Barbara Miller the addition of lights, sound and other items. Those projects will be installed in the next PATRONS couple of months. On a sad note our benefactor Robert B. Stewart, passed this month leaving Bob & Mary Eldred behind his legacy at the theatre. Larry Bricker e web at: Dave Tucker, Visit BCT on th ytheatre.org Manette Rainbow Assoc. munit bremertoncom m for tickets! President, Bremerton Community Theatre or bctshows.co Imogene Wilson FRIENDSFIDDLER CAST ANNOUNCED Mrs. Elisabeth Bondy Larry & Shirley WaldenDirector Eric Spencer has announced his cast Rabbi Dale Borerfor the eagerly-anticipated BCT production Mordcha J.G. Berryof “Fiddler on the Roof”, opening October Fiddler Adam Caswell Louise Skipton28th for a four week run. Fruma-Sarah Natika Shewry Karen E. FordTevye Blaine Lewis Constable Ray DeuelGolde Palmer Scheutzow Mr. John Albers Russian James RaaschTzeitel Julie Fedorko Chorus Kelly Skiff Bob & Jane FredericksHodel Allison Verhofstadt Chorus Emily Scheutzow Patricia SwanChava Becca Gray Chorus Vicki Valley John & Corrine SurretteShprintze Maddie Scheutzow Chorus Catherine PorterBielke/Grandma Katharine Beddoe Margaret Murdach Chorus Alicia HillYente Katie Olson Chorus Carl Miller Carolyn McClurkanLazar Wolf Paul Adkins Chorus/Papa Blaine Sherfinski Linda SheelyMotel Ty Brillhart Chorus Gary Fetterplace The Ladies of ElksPerchik Eric Richardson Boy DJ DegnanFyedka Michael Bryan DONATIONS Petra HellthalerLooking for a few good Shows Leslee A. KiyokawaSubmissions are being accepted for consideration by the Play & Director Selection Committee forthe 2012-2013 season on the BCT Mainstage. The submission deadline is October 2, 2011; though Owen & Yvonne Tripthe Committee highly encourages all submissions to be in by mid-September. JP & BW BaglioThe PDSC is looking for directors with specific shows as well as directors without particular shows Albert & Dorothy Gauvin(occasionally the Committee selects shows in need of directors). June & Janice GrimmTo download more information and the directors submittal form, please visit M.E. & P Hamlin .A.bremertoncommunitytheatre.org or email Vice-President and Committee Chair Jason Hill at Rona Mary Anne Clevlanvp@bctshows.com. Marilyn J. Mantzke Natalie BrysonQUICKIES...QUICKIES...QUICKIES...QUICKIES...QUICKIES The Samara Manette Fest Sept. 10th-September 10, 2011 9 am to 6 pm - Come Satin Scones and High Tea and Fashion Dancers return! The belly-dancing troop is a longtime favorite visit the BCT booth on 11th Street in the heart of the Manette in Bremerton. Mingle with our neighborhoods local merchants at the open market, enjoy live music, and celebrate the last of summer. Sunday, of our audiences. If October 16th you’d like some Far- Special BCT deals will be available for those who attend the festival. " 2:30 to 4:30 pm East fun, please join The special deals will be 2-for-1 tickets to the opening weekend of them October 1st at "Laughter" and include $2 off beer/wine good at any performance of 7PM. "Laughter".
  3. 3. FORMER THESPIAN SUPPORTS BCT WITH WARDROBE DONATIONThis summer the theatre was the beneficiary of a large wardrobe donation from the latefather of one of our long time BCT season ticket holders - Elizabeth and Raymond Flagg.Elizabeths father, Robert (Bob) Finlay, was an immigrant from Ireland to Canada(Winnipeg), and eventually the United States (Los Angeles), moving finally to Silverdaleand Poulsbo with Elizabeths mother, Ann, in the 1990s. After moving to Canada,Robert (Bob) became active in Irish organizations beginning in the 1930s, including thelocal Irish Dramatic Club, of which, he eventually became president. Bob acted in playsand thoroughly enjoyed himself on stage. He also loved music, particularly Irish music,played the concertina and was an accomplished dancer. Always known as a spiffydresser, Bob amassed a large wardrobe of formal wear and suits which he beganacquiring in the 1930s through the 1990s to attend and preside over the functions of the Fairy Tales do come true at BCT!many organizations to which he belonged. With many items still in their original boxes BCT hosted the Bremerton Chamber ofand well-preserved, The Flaggs thought what a great way to support the BCT by Commerce After Hours on June 23rd. Indonating Bobs wardrobe for the use of fellow thespians. All whose lives Bob touched attendance were local merchants enjoyingremember him as the finely dressed gentleman with an Irish twinkle in his eyes who tours of the Robert B. Stewartalways had time to stop and chat and share a warm smile or story. The BCT thanks the Performance Hall and lovely treatsFlaggs for their donation in remembrance of her father, Robert (Bob) Finlay. provided by A Matter of Thyme personal Unlike some theatre groups which design and develop costumes for each production, chef Jenny Sellar. Providing ambienceBCT depends largely on our stock of clothing to support productions. Anyone who were young members of BCTJr and BCTthinks that they may have clothing suitable for stage productions and is interested in Board members Rana Tan and Alicia Hill.exploring a donation can contact Jeanette Tucker, our clothing manager, at the theatre, Apples were not served.for additional information. In MemoriamRobert B. Stewart was a frequent first-nighter at BCT and always a staunch supporter of the Theatre, even after he moved fromBremerton to Seattle. Bob became a member of Bremerton Community Theatre in the 1960s and performed in two plays: SeeHow They Run, playing a confused Anglican priest, and The Girls in 509 as Mr. Pucey, a very confused political reporter!Mr. Stewart was a former member of the Bremerton City Council when the drive was on to get the "new" Community Theatrebuilt back in 1974. While employed at the Puget Sound Navy Shipyard, Bob became interested in the operating affairs of the Credit Union. He managed to coax the little organization into a much larger one... the very same organization that opened an impressive new office building near the waterfront in Downtown Bremerton in 2006. Sometime later, Bob got involved in the savings and loan business, and was one of the principal organizers of the local Olympic Savings and Loan. He also practiced what he preached, saving much of what he earned over the years. He sold out his interest in the Bank when he was on the City Council. Bob ultimately moved to Seattle where he was employed as an investment advisor. Although Mr. Stewarts health declined over the past few years, he never forgot his connection to BCT. In May of 2006, he donated $100,000 toward building an addition to our theatre. In August of 2006, he surpassed his generosity by donating an additional $150,000 in order to realize our dream of expanding what is already an amazing performance space. The dream became a reality this spring. We are forever thankful to Mr. Stewart for his support of Bremerton Community Theatre. Robert B. Stewart shuffled off this mortal coil July 31, 2011. The Robert B. Stewart Performance Hall stands as a legacy to his generosity and passion for the arts.
  4. 4. Silverdale, WA Permit No. 111 ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTED e te r on th Laughrd Floor 23 iday s Fr Open 2, 2011 Sept. ox Office ur B PM Call o aturday 2-5 -S M onday ) 373-5152 (360 63-1706 -8 1-800How I got involved in the "DRAMA" in Bremerton. YOUR CALLBOARD IS GOING DIGITAL!Way, way back in 1950, while I was operating an office machine businessnear 6th & Pacific I was approached from across the street by Jack Couse (of The future of the Callboard is electronic! We areCouse Motors--Buick Dealer, and an actor at BCT.) He came to my place to moving to bring you more BCT info faster and easier.recruit me as a replacement for an actor who had dropped out of the play Not only will the CB always be available to readthen in rehearsal with less than 2 weeks to open before an audience. online at www.bremertoncommunitytheatre.org,I guess I was in an impressionable mood, because I ended up in the cast of but signing up for our updates through your emailthe play "Born Yesterday" with Couse as Harry Brock, the overbearing junk you help us cut costly printing and postal fees!dealer in that play. Signing up is easy- just go to www.bctshows.com andMy character was Senator Norval Hedges--a gent of dubious character. The join our mailing list. If you do not have computershow would be played at Coontz Jr High Auditorium (5th & High St--now a access, we would like to hear from you by sending usplayfield). We were doing the play as a special club date. Advance ticket sales a note to 599 Lebo Blvd. Bremerton, WA 98310 orwere not great and typical was an audience of maybe 75 people sitting give us a call 360- 373-5152, and let us know youamong a thousand vacant seats. would still like to get the Callboard via the PostalFirst performance: as I raised my hand to knock on the stage set door in Act Service.I, I discovered the leading lady had jumped her lines into act three--the showwould be over in about 10 minutes. BCT INSTANT UPDATESCouse and the other actors did some fast shuffling, made some fastimprovisations, and lead our confused actress back to act one. I dont think Along with our Callboard going cyber, you can nowthe audience was aware of all this improvisation. like us on our new FACEBOOK page and receiveThis was my introduction to the "theatre". I learned a lot about making Tweets through TWITTER. To add us, please go toimprovisations to play for an audience that stayed away in droves. www.facebook.com/bctshowsWith that for a beginning, somehow, I have been involved as an actor in 41more plays at BCT since then.Bob Montgomery LAUGHTER Opens Sept. 2 - 8PM BCT VOLUNTEER DAY!Have you ever wanted to find out what happens behind l the scenes that General Membership Meeting Wed. Sept 14- 7PMkeeps BCT running like a well-oiled machine? Would you like to join our The Curiouscrazy cast of cogs? BCT relies on its volunteers to keep us moving and we’d Comedy T our Sunday, Oct. 9thlike you to join us! Come explore at our Volunteer Day Aug. 28th at 3pm. at 2:30PMMeet the folks who keep us running and get a peek behind the curtain. Annual Tea & Fashion ShowContact Jeanette at costumes@bctshows.com October 16