Sap single consultant roles & respopnsibilities


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Sap single consultant roles & respopnsibilities

  1. 1. SAP single roles for MM moduleHere is the list of single roles for SAP MM (Material management) module component.Settlement Information for the Vendor via the InternetTechnical name: SAP_MM_IV_SUPPLIER_FINANCEA vendor can check the settlement statusGeneral Display Functions in PurchasingTechnical name: SAP_MM_PUR_DISPLAY_OBJECTSTo display all Purchasing documents and informationGeneral Analyses in PurchasingTechnical name: SAP_MM_PUR_LISTS_GENERALTo get an overview of purchasing operationsGeneral Functions in PurchasingTechnical name: SAP_MM_PUR_GENERALActivities for non-Purchasing staffProcess RFQTechnical name: SAP_MM_PUR_RFActivities necessary to process a request for quotation
  2. 2. Release RFQTechnical name: SAP_MM_PUR_PO_RELEASETo release requests for quotationsMaintain QuotationTechnical name: SAP_MM_PUR_QUOTATIONTo record and maintain the data submitted by a vendor in a quotationArchiving Material DocumentsTechnical name: SAP_MM_IM_ARCHIVINTask of archiving and then deleting material documentsOutputting Purchasing DocumentsTechnical name: SAP_MM_PUR_MESSAGETo output purchasing document messagesGeneral LIS AnalysesTechnical name: SAP_MM_PUR_LIS_GENERALActivities allowing you to analyze purchasing operationsLIS Analyses of Stock MaterialTechnical name: SAP_MM_PUR_LIS_STOCK_MATERIALTo analyze the purchasing activities by displaying the statistical data on materials.LIS Analyses of ServicesTechnical name: SAP_MM_PUR_LIS_SERVICETo analyze the purchasing activities of your enterprise by displaying the statistical data on services.LIS Analyses for Vendor EvaluationTechnical name: SAP_MM_PUR_LIS_VETo analyze vendor evaluation data.
  3. 3. Analyses of Purchasing ArchiveTechnical name: SAP_MM_PUR_ARCHIVE_LISTSTo display purchase requisitions, external purchasing documents, and purchasing info records that havealready been flagged for deletion by the archiving program but have not yet actually been archived.Automatic SettlementTechnical name: SAP_MM_IV_CLERK_AUTOActivities necessary for processing automatic settlementsMRP – Master DataTechnical name: SAP_MM_CBP_MASTER_DATAFunctions for maintaining master data in MRP for external procurement.MRP – PlanningTechnical name: SAP_MM_CBP_PLANNINGFunctions for executing the MRP run for external production.MRP – EvaluationsTechnical name: SAP_MM_CBP_EVALUATIONSFor evaluating the MRP result for external procurement.MRP – Planned OrderTechnical name: SAP_MM_CBP_PLANNED_ORDERFunctions for processing planned orders in external procurement.MRP – CoordinationTechnical name: SAP_MM_CBP_COORDINATIONFunctions in MRP for external procurement that are connected with particular responsibilityOnline Document ParkingTechnical name: SAP_MM_IV_CLERK_PARKActivities necessary for online document parking
  4. 4. ReportingTechnical name: SAP_MM_IM_REPORTSThe user has the task of monitoring Stock data for company’s own stocks, Stock data for external stocks,Data on stock types, Data on special stock types and Movement data for stocks in the InventoryManagement component:Process Purchase RequisitionTechnical name: SAP_MM_PUR_PURCHASEREQUISITIONAll the activities necessary to process a purchase requisitionRelease Purchase RequisitionsTechnical name: SAP_MM_PUR_PR_RELEASEThis role to release (approve) purchase requisitions.Process Purchase OrdersTechnical name: SAP_MM_PUR_PURCHASEORDERAll the activities necessary to process a purchase order.Release Purchase OrdersTechnical name: SAP_MM_PUR_PO_RELEASERole to release (approve) purchase orders.Vendor ConfirmationsTechnical name: SAP_MM_PUR_CONFIRMATIONCovers activities for maintaining vendor confirmations.Cycle CountingTechnical name: SAP_MM_IM_CYCLE_COUNTINGHas the task of determining the materials that are to be inventoried in the cycle counting procedure and ofcreating physical inventory documents for these materials via batch input.Data Transfer for ServicesTechnical name: SAP_MM_PUR_SERVICE_TRANSFER
  5. 5. Enable you to transfer service entry data: either to vendors from the SAP System or from vendors to theSAP System.Archive Purchasing DocumentsTechnical name: SAP_MM_PUR_ARCHIVEActivities for archiving purchasing documents, requisitions, and purchasing info records.Maintain Purchasing Info RecordTechnical name: SAP_MM_PUR_INFORECORDCovers all the activities necessary to process a purchasing info record.Results of Balance Sheet ValuationTechnical name: SAP_MM_IM_VALUATION_PIPThe task of determining the balance sheet values for each accountFIFO Stock ValuationTechnical name: SAP_MM_IM_VALUATION_FIFOTask of carrying out stock valuation according to the first in first out (FIFO) procedure.Physical InventoryTechnical name: SAP_MM_IM_INVENTORY_CONTROLUser has the task of creating and processing physical inventory documents.Archiving in Physical InventoryTechnical name: SAP_MM_IM_INVENTORY_ARCHIVEHas the task of archiving and deleting physical inventory documents.Reporting in Physical InventoryTechnical name: SAP_MM_IM_INVENTORY_REPORTINGTask of monitoring all the data relevant to physical inventory in the Inventory Management component.Carrying Out a Physical InventoryTechnical name: SAP_MM_IM_INVENTORY_EXECUTION
  6. 6. The task of entering the counted stocks in the system and changing and displaying physical inventorydocuments if necessary.Conditions in Purchasing – OverviewTechnical name: SAP_MM_PUR_CONDITIONSRole enable you to obtain a general overview of the conditions and maintain customer-specific conditions.Process ContractsTechnical name: SAP_MM_PUR_CONTRACTINGCovers all the activities necessary to process a purchase contract.Entry of Services PerformedTechnical name: SAP_MM_PUR_SERVICERole to create service entry sheets. In service entry sheets, you report the actual performance of servicesby a service provider with reference to the relevant purchase order.Release Service Entry SheetsTechnical name: SAP_MM_PUR_SERVICE_RELEASERole enables you to list service entry sheets that are subject to a release procedure in order to eitherrelease them or cancel their release.Service Conditions for Vendor and PlantTechnical name: SAP_MM_PUR_SRV_VENDOR_PLANT_CORole enable you to maintain conditions for the services provided by a certain vendor for a certain plant.Vendor Service ConditionsTechnical name: SAP_MM_PUR_SRV_VENDOR_CONDThis role enable you to maintain conditions for the services provided by a certainvendorGeneral Service ConditionsTechnical name: SAP_MM_PUR_SRV_CONDITIONS_GENRole enable you to maintain service conditions for various key combinations, such as vendor and plant.
  7. 7. Conditions for ServicesTechnical name: SAP_MM_PUR_SERVICE_CONDITIONSEnable you to maintain conditions for services.Vendor Evaluation in the BackgroundTechnical name: SAP_MM_PUR_VE_MAINTENANCEEnables you to schedule a vendor evaluation jobMaintain Vendor EvaluationTechnical name: SAP_MM_PUR_VECovers all the activities necessary for vendor evaluation purposes.Vendor ConsignmentTechnical name: SAP_MM_IM_VENDOR_CONSIGNMENTTask of monitoring vendor consignment stocks and settling withdrawals from consignment and pipelinematerial with the vendor on a regular basis.Maintain SA Delivery Schedules/SA ReleasesTechnical name: SAP_MM_PUR_SCHEDULEActivities necessary to process scheduling agreement (SA) delivery schedules.Process Scheduling AgreementsTechnical name: SAP_MM_PUR_SCHEDULEAGREEMENTActivities of this role enable you to maintain the basic data for scheduling agreements.Manage Scheduling AgreementsTechnical name: SAP_MM_PUR_SCHEDULE_MAINTENANCCovers all the activities that are needed to manage and administer scheduling agreementsLIFO Stock ValuationTechnical name: SAP_MM_IM_VALUATION_LIFOTask of carrying out stock valuation according to the last in first out (LIFO) procedure.
  8. 8. List DisplaysTechnical name: SAP_MM_IM_DISPLAYHas the task of monitoring the various stocks and stock types, of displaying goods movements that havebeen postedArchive Approved Manufacturer Parts ListTechnical name: SAP_MM_PUR_MPN_AMPL_ARCHIVECovers activities necessary for archiving the list of approved manufacturer partsLists for Purchasing NegotiationsTechnical name: SAP_MM_PUR_NEGOTIATION_LISTSCovers activities enabling you to display and print out buyers’ negotiation sheets.Lists of RFQsTechnical name: SAP_MM_PUR_RFQ_LISTSRole enables you to display various lists of requests for quotations (RFQs)Lists of Purchase RequisitionsTechnical name: SAP_MM_PUR_PR_LISTSRole enables you to run various analyses of purchase requisitions.Lists of PurchaseTechnical name: SAP_MM_PUR_PURCHASEORDER_LISTSRole enables you to display various lists of purchase orders.Lists of Purchasing Info RecordsTechnical name: SAP_MM_PUR_INFORECORD_LISTSRole enables you to display price histories and various lists of purchasing info records.Lists of Outline Purchase AgreementsTechnical name: SAP_MM_PUR_CONTRACT_LISTSRole enables you to display various lists of outline agreements
  9. 9. Service ListsTechnical name: SAP_MM_PUR_SERVICE_LISTSRole enables you to display various lists of services in purchasing documents.Lists for Vendor EvaluationTechnical name: SAP_MM_PUR_VE_LISTSRole enables you to run various analyses for vendor evaluation purposes.Logistics Information for the Vendor via the InternetTechnical name: SAP_MM_PUR_SUPPLIER_LOGISTICSReceive logistics information on the material procurement process from the customer’s system.Mass-Maintenance in PurchasingTechnical name: SAP_MM_PUR_MASS_CHANGEActivities necessary for the mass-maintenance of purchase orders, requisitions, and purchasing inforecords.Manual Processing of Invoices Verified in the BackgroundTechnical name: SAP_MM_IV_CLERK_BATCH2Covers the activities necessary for manually processing invoices that have been verified in thebackground.General Message Maintenance in PurchasingTechnical name: SAP_MM_PUR_MESSAGE_MAINTENANCEEnable you to maintain message condition records for purchasing documents.General Message Maintenance for Outline AgreementsTechnical name: SAP_MM_PUR_CONTRACT_MESSAGE_MTEnable you to maintain message condition records for outline purchase agreementsLowest Value Determination
  10. 10. Technical name: SAP_MM_IM_VALUATION_LOWESTTask of determining the lowest value by market price, range of coverage, and movement rateMaintain Source ListTechnical name: SAP_MM_PUR_SOURCE_LISTCovers all the activities necessary to process a source list.Periodic ProcessingTechnical name: SAP_MM_IM_PERIODIC_PROCESSINGTask of monitoring the differences and variances in the stock values and stock quantities at regularintervals.Maintenance of Model Service SpecificationsTechnical name: SAP_MM_PUR_SRV_MODEL_SPECRole enables you to maintain model service specifications (model specs.).Maintenance of Standard Service CatalogsTechnical name: SAP_MM_PUR_SRV_STANDARD_SPECCan maintain standard service catalogs (SSCs) and import existing SSCs stored on external data carriersinto the SAP SystemPrices in PurchasingTechnical name: SAP_MM_PUR_CONDITIONS_PRICESRole enables you to display and maintain time-dependent conditions.Change Vendor PricesTechnical name: SAP_MM_PUR_VENDOR_PRICERole enables you to change prices in purchasing info records, contracts, and scheduling agreements on acollective basis.Revise Quota ArrangementTechnical name: SAP_MM_PUR_QUOTA_MAINTENANCEEnables you to schedule a job to revise a quota arrangement
  11. 11. Maintain Quota ArrangementTechnical name: SAP_MM_PUR_QUOTA_ARRANGEMENTCovers all the activities necessary to process a quota arrangement.Discounts in PurchasingTechnical name: SAP_MM_PUR_CONDITIONS_DISCOUNTRole enables you to display and maintain discounts agreed separately from purchasing info records andoutline purchase agreements.Output (Print/Transmit) Outline AgreementsTechnical name: SAP_MM_PUR_CONTRACT_MESSAGETo output (print or transmit) contract or scheduling agreement messages.Release Outline Purchase AgreementsTechnical name: SAP_MM_PUR_CONTRACT_RELEASEEnables you to release (approve) outline purchase agreementsInvoice Entry for Background VerificationTechnical name: SAP_MM_IV_CLERK_BATCH1Covers the activity necessary for entering invoices for verification in the backgroundInvoice ReleaseTechnical name: SAP_MM_IV_CLERK_RELEASERole covers the activity necessary for releasing blocked invoices.Online Invoice VerificationTechnical name: SAP_MM_IV_CLERK_ONLINEThe activities necessary for online invoice verification.ReservationsTechnical name: SAP_MM_IM_RESERVATION_MAINTAINTask of creating, displaying, and if required, changing reservations for material
  12. 12. Taxes in PurchasingTechnical name: SAP_MM_PUR_TAXESRole enables you to maintain message condition records for taxes.Inventory SamplingTechnical name: SAP_MM_IM_INVENTORY_SAMPLINGCreating, changing, and displaying data for the inventory sampling procedureGoods MovementTechnical name: SAP_MM_IM_GOODS_MOVEMENT_EMPTYTask of posting and reversing goods movements. These authorizations must be assigned by the systemadministrator.Goods MovementTechnical name: SAP_MM_IM_GOODS_MOVEMENTSTask of posting and reversing goods movements. The system already contains the authorizations for allmovement typesGoods MovementTechnical name: SAP_MM_IM_GM_FOR_RETAILPost goods movements that are specific to SAP Retail,GR/IR List of BalancesTechnical name: SAP_MM_IM_BALANCE_LISTUser compares the goods receipt quantities and values with the invoice receipt quantities and values of apurchase order and analyzes variances between the twoGR/IR Clearing Account MaintenanceTechnical name: SAP_MM_IV_CLERK_GRIR_MAINTAINRole covers the activities necessary for maintaining the GR/IR clearing account.Approved Manufacturer Parts
  13. 13. Technical name: SAP_MM_PUR_MPN_AMPLRole enables you to maintain the approved manufacturer parts listNon-Assigned Purchasing FunctionsTechnical name: SAP_MM_PUR_ADDITIONAL_FUNCRole covers additional activities that are not covered by any other roles