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App assure replication

  2. 2. Table of Contents What is AppAssure? AppAssure Product Architecture AppAssure Replication How it Works • Terms • Snapshots • Implementation Details • Replication Topologies  What AppAssure • Replication Schedules Customers Say
  3. 3. What is AppAssure? AppAssure Backup and Replication is the world’s fastest and easiest backup and disaster recovery software for Windows application servers and desktops. The only complete “all-in-one” backup and disaster recovery software solution, AppAssure enables local recoveries from any type of failure in just minutes, with the added assurance of offsite application and data backup and recovery from a total site disaster.
  4. 4. AppAssure Product ArchitectureAppAssure can be deployed as a single-server or a multi-server architecture.Single-server architecture consists of AppAssure Server and Agent running onthe same server typically seen in small environments where as a multi- serverarchitecture consists of a dedicated AppAssure Server protecting one or multipleAgents running different application workloads.
  5. 5. AppAssure ReplicationThis presentation describes the Replication feature of AppAssure. Replicationis designed to replicate recovery points between AppAssure Cores in an efficientand safe manner to enable off-site backup and off-site disaster recovery.AppAssure Replication option can beenabled or disabled on a per protectedserver basis. This option is available insingle server and multi-serverimplementations.The cool thing about AppAssureReplication is that it replicates thecompressed and de-duplicated recoverypoints over the WAN so its bandwidthefficiently saves storage on the LAN andat the DR location. Figure 1 – Off-Site Disaster Recovery
  6. 6. How It WorksThe following slides describe how AppAssure Replicationworks by: defining our terminology reviewing our approach
  7. 7. Terms A Windows workload, physical or virtual,Protected Server that is protected by a AppAssure Agent. Supported environments include Windows® Server 2008 R2, Windows® 2008 Server, Windows® 2003 Server, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP (SP3).
  8. 8. Terms Processes and stores compressed andAppAssure Core deduplicated recovery points as incremental forever images of the protected servers. Cores can be installed on the protected server or on a dedicated server or worker virtual machine. This role performs many functions including creating virtual standby environments, application validation, restores & replication. recovery point recovery point AppAssure Core recovery point recovery point
  9. 9. Terms Represents a point-in-time image of the protectedRecovery Points server. They are stored as compressed and deduplicated files on storage available to the AppAssure Core, DAS, NAS, SAN. The server from where the replication of theReplication recovery points is initiated. Replication is always performed between two AppAssure Cores.Source
  10. 10. Terms Replication Target The server that is the destination of the replicated recovery points.
  11. 11. SnapshotsAppAssure creates point-in-time snapshots of the protected servers and theyare stored as compressed and deduplicated recovery points in a directoryaccessible from the AppAssure Core.The recovery points are maintained on a per protected server basis in adirectory structure as follows:Drive:TevoRepositoryProtectedServerName1recoverypoint4Incrementalrecoverypoint3Incrementalrecoverypoint2Incrementalrecoverypoint1Base AppAssure CoreShareNameTevoRepositoryProtectedServerName2recoverypoint4Incrementalrecoverypoint3Incrementalrecoverypoint2Incrementalrecoverypoint1Base
  12. 12. Replication Replication copies the recovery points from a replication source to replication target on a per protected server basis. As recovery points are replicated, all recovery point files and registry settings are replicated to the secondary AppAssure Core, such that the loss of the replication source won’t mean the loss of all recovery points and protection settings.In the case of a AppAssure Core outage, the AppAssure Core can be rebuilt,and resynchronized with a mirror, though until resync is complete the primaryAppAssure Core won’t be able to accept new snapshots.
  13. 13. AppAssure Replication Facts New snapshots taken on the replication source will be replicated to replication target. Replication is performed on a per protected server basis. Recovery points are replicated oldest-first, to ensure the replication target always has a valid and mountable epoch chain. Recovery point changes due to rollup will not be replicated reducing the amount of data that needs to be transferred or the WAN. The replication target will perform its own rollup on the replicated recovery points. Rollup and replication will not conflict with one another. It is assumed that the replication target is on a different subnet and behind a different firewall than replication source, thus the replication target will only communicate with the agents protected by replication source for rollback purposes.
  14. 14. AppAssure Replication Facts The replication target is able to perform all normal AppAssure restore functions such as BMR, instant rollback, VM export, even if the replication source is down. If Exchange is being protected, Exchange and system DLLs from the replication source will be propagated to the replication target so features such as force mountability check, MR, and P2V are available on the replication target. Mismatched versions between replication source and replication target are detected. The replication source and replication target can be any combination of supported operating systems. In the event of a link failure or transfer error, when the link comes back up, the transfer is resumed from where it was interrupted. All recovery points that are replicated are verified for integrity.
  15. 15. Replication Implementation Details Internally, the AppAssure Cores communicate over HTTP. The target listens on port 8080 for HTTP connections from the source. All communications are initiated by the source to the target. AppAssure uses the adler-32 checksum algorithm to verify the integrity of transferred files, and detect when a partially-transferred file can be resumed without data loss. To determine what files to replicate, AppAssure chooses all source files not yet on the target, and those files on both which have not yet been rolled up but have different metadata between the two sides. Each file is transferred in a separate HTTP PUT operation. Once an entire epoch is transferred, it is loaded into AppAssure and available for use. Thus, some replicated recovery points are available for use even before all recovery points have replicated.
  16. 16. Replication TopologiesAppAssure supports various replicationtopologies to meet your business needs.1 : 1 ConfigurationThe 1 : 1 configuration is that standardconfiguration and is useful for protectionof a single server or group of serversfrom one site to another.
  17. 17. Replication TopologiesMany : 1Configuration
  18. 18. Replication TopologiesMany : ManyConfigurationAppAssure Replicationsupports replication on aper protected serverbasis. This means thatyou can replicatedifferent protectedserver’s recovery pointsto different replicationtargets in differentlocations as shown in thefigure.
  19. 19. Replication SchedulesAppAssure Replication can be scheduled to run during certain times duringthe day. Any time outside of this window, replication will be suspended. Theschedule is specified as a start and stop time for weekdays, and a start andstop time for weekends. Users can, on an ad-hoc basis, pause a currently running replication for an hour, a day, or until resumed. Users can configure VM export, recovery point export, or continuous rollback on the replication target for recovery points replicated from the replication source.
  20. 20. Replication SchedulesRecovery Point Copy and ConsumeThe copying feature is useful whenthe WAN link is insufficient to movelarge amounts of data. It copies theexisting recovery points includingthe base image from the replicationsource to a local removable device.Once the copy is complete, theremovable drive can be inserted inthe replication target andconsumed. The replication target isseeded with the recovery pointsfrom the replication source includingthe base image. The replication willresume by replicating the newrecovery points only.
  21. 21. Replication SchedulesAuthentication between AppAssure CoresAppAssure uses NTLM authentication over HTTP. Once authenticated betweenthe replication source and the replication target, AppAssure generates a one-time-use key, which it exchanges via RSA over HTTP.Each request sent to the replication target overHTTP is authenticated with a separate one-timekey.Thus, authentication is hardened againstAppAssure attacks, but potentiallyvulnerable to a man-in-the-middle attacksince we have no way of authenticating theidentity of the remote server.
  22. 22. What AppAssure Customers SayBrendan Hourihan – Technology Services Network Engineer, Flagler College: “With AppAssure, I thought I entered into a dreamland! Finally I’m talking with somebody who has a philosophy about backups that makes sense – a more logical approach to how data is backed up AND what you can do with the backed-up data: you can replicate it, synchronize it, and more!” Peter Hammerl – IT Administrator, Hamilton Port Authority: AppAssure is working great. I’ve tested restoring files and databases, and everything has gone smoothly. The application is pretty granular so we can choose what to backup, at what time intervals, etc. We can get exactly what we want when we want it.” Eric Sagerdahl – IT Analyst, Walden House: “We’ve always been happy with the support … if you really need to talk to somebody right away, there’s always someone right there for you... I honestly don’t know how we would have recovered all the data before AppAssure.”
  23. 23. QuestionsIf you have questions about AppAssure Backup & Replication software,please select an option below to contact us:  Sales:  Support:  Phone: +1 (703) 547-8686  Web: www.appassure.comDownload a FREE trial of AppAssure Backup & Replication at