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App assure unique_features


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App assure unique_features

  2. 2. Table of Contents What is AppAssure?  Continuous High-Availability AppAssure Product  Fast Multi-Terabyte Server Architecture Backups Corruption Detection  What AppAssure Customers Say Off-Host Processing AppAssure Live
  3. 3. What is AppAssure? AppAssure Backup and Replication is the world’s fastest and easiest backup and disaster recovery software for Windows application servers and desktops. The only complete “all-in-one” backup and disaster recovery software solution, AppAssure enables local recoveries from any type of failure in just minutes, with the added assurance of offsite application and data backup and recovery from a total site disaster.
  4. 4. AppAssure Product ArchitectureAppAssure can be deployed as a single-server or a multi-server architecture.Single-server architecture consists of AppAssure Server and Agent running onthe same server typically seen in small environments where as a multi- serverarchitecture consists of a dedicated AppAssure Server protecting one or multipleAgents running different application workloads.
  5. 5. Corruption Detection It is known that 20% of all outages in Exchange are due to data corruptionWhen Microsoft Exchange 2003 and 2007 mailbox servers are protected withAppAssure, it performs a mountability check on all exchange databasesafter every incremental snapshot. This corruption detection feature deliversthe ability to alert administrators before failure and provides a path forimmediate recovery in the case of a failure.AppAssure also performs an off-host nightly attach to all the databasesbeing protected on a SQL server.
  6. 6. Off-Host ProcessingBackup applications consume memory and processor cycles application servers, thereforethey have traditionally been run during off-hours. Also, as the data size continues to growbackup windows continue to shrink. Lastly, traditional backup applications are not equippeddeliver effective post data processing such as compression and data deduplication.AppAssure allows ridding backup windows and alleviating serverload caused by processor and memory hog backup programs byoffloading all tasks to the AppAssure server.Also, by performing continuous incremental snapshots,AppAssure eliminates backup windows and its optimizedarchitecture allows effective compression and deduplication ofdata helps you save costs associated with long term storage. Lastly, using a single pass approach AppAssure also delivers the ability to perform transaction log management on Exchange servers.
  7. 7. AppAssure Live AppAssure enables you to bring your application service online even before the data restore is complete. AppAssure Live enables data to be instantly available during recovery. As matter of fact, the data is available for use before it is recovered. We also perform Bare Metal Recovery to similar, dissimilar and virtual infrastructure that most competitors do not. AppAssure Live used with Bare Metal Recovery – both to similar and dissimilar hardware – can be coupled to recover application servers that face total outage.
  8. 8. Continuous High-AvailabilityNative high-availability solutions are expensive, needy andlocalized. Customers looking at keeping the Recovery Pointand Recovery Time to a minimum find management of thesesolutions to be very overwhelming. The Standby features of AppAssure deliver continuous high availability to physical or virtual infrastructure using incremental approach allowing you to keep the Recovery Point and Recovery Time to a minimum.AppAssure Standby solutions do not require the acquisitionof additional Licenses needed for OS or Application Servers.
  9. 9. Fast Multi-Terabyte Server Backups Managing large data warehouses starts with backup and disaster recovery decisions. Users of large data warehouses (1TB+) need to quickly access their data in the event of a system failure so performance and application availability become critical. Backup technology and recovery processes must meet data protection requirements. AppAssure is the only “all-in-one” backup and disaster recovery software that guarantees fast multi- terabyte server backups:  Compression & deduplication: Reduces backup storage footprint by up to 12x over traditional backup solutions.  Live complete application protection: Eliminates backup windows and eliminates full/incremental backup jobs.  Retention policies: Control how long to keep snapshots for compliance and retention purposes.  Snapshot granularity: Snapshots can be generated every 15 minutes reducing data loss.  Block based snapshots: Fast backups — only 1% overhead on production servers.  Live volume rollbacks: Instant recoveries of large volumes reducing application downtime.
  10. 10. What AppAssure Customers SayBrendan Hourihan – Technology Services Network Engineer, Flagler College: “With AppAssure, I thought I entered into a dreamland! Finally I’m talking with somebody who has a philosophy about backups that makes sense – a more logical approach to how data is backed up AND what you can do with the backed-up data: you can replicate it, synchronize it, and more!” Peter Hammerl – IT Administrator, Hamilton Port Authority: AppAssure is working great. I’ve tested restoring files and databases, and everything has gone smoothly. The application is pretty granular so we can choose what to backup, at what time intervals, etc. We can get exactly what we want when we want it.” Eric Sagerdahl – IT Analyst, Walden House: “We’ve always been happy with the support … if you really need to talk to somebody right away, there’s always someone right there for you... I honestly don’t know how we would have recovered all the data before AppAssure.”
  11. 11. QuestionsIf you have questions about AppAssure Backup & Replication software,please select an option below to contact us:  Sales:  Support:  Phone: +1 (703) 547-8686  Web: www.appassure.comDownload a FREE trial of AppAssure Backup & Replication at