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Journalism Workshop Presentation

  1. 1. Beyond LoyolaNews beyond the campusDesiree Grace T. Tan, BL Staffer ACED Journalism Workshop 2012
  2. 2. are you interested in...
  3. 3. current events?
  4. 4. international news?
  5. 5. local news?
  6. 6. infographics?
  7. 7. Then you will like writing for Beyond Loyola.
  8. 8. Beyond LoyolaBEYOND Loyola is a spread inThe GUIDON which discussescurrent events both local andglobal, that are of Filipino andAtenean interest. The sectionpresents the news in a dynamicand visual manner. Accompanied by infographicspresented in full color, this sectionprovides the community withrelevant information that is not atough and challenging read.
  9. 9. title of umbrella topic articlemap parts of a sidebar Beyond Loyola spread graphs/tables statistics/ icons/symbols figures
  10. 10. how to write a Beyond Loyola article✴ analytical + informative✴ grounded on research✴ substantial interviews + intelligent quotes✴ has a well-organized structure: ✴ a captivating introduction ✴ an informative body ✴ an insightful conclusion
  11. 11. how to write a Beyond Loyola article✴ includes a relevant photo✴ has an accompanying sidebar✴ presents the issue in a non-biased, neutral✴ yet interesting perspective
  12. 12. in short,It’s similar to how TIME magazine articles are written. (the forever peg of Beyond Loyola)
  13. 13. Analytical News Writing✴ provides thorough investigation of the issue✴ gives multiple perspectives✴ makes serious, complicated issues more understandable to readers✴ asks important questions that may inspire social, political, and economic change
  14. 14. interviews and research
  15. 15. research & interviews✴ research ✴ interviews ✴ make use of original websites ✴ get the experts ✴ verify and be critical of sources ✴ questions ✴ be organized ✴ what do you want to know? ✴ don’t hesitate to ask ✴ open-ended (whys & hows) ✴ get the interesting, rare facts ✴ always prepare a list ✴ analyze while you research ✴ get interviewees w/ different opinions
  16. 16. infographics
  17. 17. how to choosean umbrella topic
  18. 18. Current✤ Issues that have been brought up in local or international media within the past month or two✤ e.g. January 2012 – The Department of Tourism Campaign: It’s more fun in the Philippines
  19. 19. National or Global in Scope✤ Issues that concern Philippine or world affairs✤ e.g. The rise of “the protester” as cited in TIME Magazine; Philippine counterparts include PALEA issue, Occupy Mendiola, etc.
  20. 20. Social, Political, & Economic innature✤ Social issues, e.g. dwindling nationalism, cultural conflicts e.g. The battle between religion and politics as shown by the RH Bill and LGBT conflicts.✤ Political issues, e.g. national and international laws, government controversies and exposés, proposed polices, deals or projects entered in by the government, anything that deals with government power play e.g. January 2012 - Questioning the National Budget✤ Economic issues, e.g. poverty issues, government’s economic policies, fluctuations in the peso-dollar exchange rate, international economy e.g. December 2011 - The Euro Crisis
  21. 21. Recap:What makes a goodumbrella topic?✤ Current✤ National or global in scope✤ Social, political, or economic in nature
  22. 22. Sample story ideas
  23. 23. The Rise of Modern Manila✤ With the constant emergence of modern infrastructure and advanced technologies, can Manila become the next Tokyo and New York of the Philippines?✤ Article: The Future of Manila ✤ this can delve into the future of Manila as a more global city in the coming years
  24. 24. The Rise of Modern Manila✤ Subarticle: What makes a modern city? (global angle) ✤ Insights into what makes global cities like Seoul, HK, Shanghai, Tokyo, LA, etc. become the global business, tourism hub that they are now.✤ Sidebar: What to look forward to in the near future ✤ e.g. The Mind Museum, new tourist spots, Ayalas Nuvali, etc.
  25. 25. SIDEBAR: Worlds top disasters✤ Top 10 List: an overview of the worlds top natural disasters in recent history (e.g. Pakistani floods, Japan quake, Indonesia tsunami) and how people have recovered.✤ This can shed light into how the Philippines can emulate the interventions that have been effective, such as Japans high-tech earthquake alert system.✤ Content ✤ Name of disaster ✤ Overview (must show interesting and unfamiliar but relevant facts, may be related to the Philippine context) ✤ Casualties & Costs ✤ Lesson learned
  26. 26. A few tips for writing analytical news✤ Research well✤ Find the right people to interview✤ Pay attention to the little details✤ Look for the interesting and important in the seemingly uninteresting and unimportant✤ Have a curious mind✤ READ a lot of news!
  27. 27. end.thank you!