Now, faith is being sure of what


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Slide show that was presented at Rev. Paige's Retirement Dinner.

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Now, faith is being sure of what

  2. 2. Rev. Paige’s Installation At the Barclay, Belmar,NJ
  3. 3. Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Guild Carnival Pastor and the youth help out.
  4. 4. Georgio, it’s not that scary, you just have to throw the bean bag through the holes. If you hit me, then that’s scary!
  5. 5. Fifth Sunday is Youth Sunday and Scholarship Offering Sunday
  6. 6. How in the world will I explain this dance move when it hits Facebook?
  7. 7. I’m just like Justin Bieber, well except for the hair!
  8. 8. Sunny Scott and BiBi Acevedo
  9. 9. Verna Carroll performs a solo with Antonio Young
  10. 10. Dorcas and Ruth Adekunle perform on Youth Sunday 2009
  11. 11. Choosemy instruction instead of silver, Knowledgerather than choice gold, For wisdom is more precious than rubies, And nothingyoudesire can compare with her. Proverbs 8:10-11
  12. 12. Holly Pacius, in England Ruth Adekunle in Washington, DC Unable to attend the awards ceremony but there in spirit were… Our First Scholarship Recipients
  13. 13. We’ve had great fun at the Sunday School Rally Days onthe beach!
  14. 14. OK, let’s keep digging, I think we can make it to China before the sun goes down
  15. 15. Don’t leave me here Rebecca and Naomi the tide is coming in!
  16. 16. Rally Day 2009
  17. 17. Like all good Baptists we take food wherever we go!
  18. 18. Youth Group’s Valentine’s Not For Couple Only Dinners 2009 and 2010
  19. 19. Stephanie and Emilio Garcia
  20. 20. Susan and Bill Horton
  21. 21. Marcia, you have to watch out for those guys on Property and Finance. They are tough!
  22. 22. Pam and Jerry “Top” Morley
  23. 23. Esther and Julius Adekunle
  24. 24. I stole this from Ernie, I always wanted a red jacket. Makes me look more Canadian
  25. 25. Janene and Roger Harris
  26. 26. Jackie and Emmanuel Pacius
  27. 27. Ruth and Anthony Lugo
  28. 28. Family and Friends enjoying Valentines Dinner
  29. 29. Ingy and Ernie Carroll
  30. 30. Rema and Ashish Macwan
  31. 31. Marilyn and Luis Diaz
  32. 32. Michelle and David Gutierrez Beth and Vir Caranay
  33. 33. Mary and David Parsipogu
  34. 34. Dorcas Adekunle and Roderick Erickson
  35. 35. Donna Kochansky and Larry Madlung
  36. 36. Antonio, Jasmine and Georgio Young Wonder if the Pastor restocked the candy basket?
  37. 37. I’m just trying to figure out what all this food is. It has names I can’t pronounce.
  38. 38. Aerobics was not part of the job description for VBS teachers, was it?
  39. 39. What in the world have I got myself into?
  40. 40. How can I get up there on stage and keep a straight face with the two of you?
  41. 41. Hello little girl, what’s your name. Thank you for the dollar, I can use it for a haircut!
  42. 42. Vir Caranay
  43. 43. It’s a very busy Missions Department Thanks for all the clothes Marcia! You have made so many women happy!
  44. 44. Christmas Crafts with Miss Bi Bi
  45. 45. Christmas Eve, Kyle Woolley, Kayla Shin, John Woolley, Georgio Young and Rebecca Adekunle
  46. 46. Christmas Eve, Mark Edquiban, Mary Joy Osorio, John Osorio, Rebecca Adekunle, John and Andrew Woolley and Tim Pacius
  47. 47. Andrew Woolley, Marly Derisma, Emmanuel Adekunle, Ericka Pacius, Kayla Shin, Holly Pacius, Lizz Horton and Antonio Young
  48. 48. Women of Faith Conference 2009 Cathy Childers, Margie Avignone Kathy Clementi Marilyn Diaz
  49. 49. Lizz there is no way I am going out on that ice.
  50. 50. Virginia Lopez and Andrea Melendez receive the Right Hand of Fellowship My, My, My…hmm how do I say that in Spanish?
  51. 51. In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps. Proverbs 16:9