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  1. 1. COV E Y ’S S U MME R VAC AT I O N A N D B E YON D Type to enter text WHAT RETIREMENT IS LIKE? WHERE HAVE WE BEEN AND WHAT HAVE WE BEEN DOING? Wedding! Quilt, Garden, Hawaii, Fort Collins, Tai Chi, It’s been FUN! The WEDDING was beautiful and spectacularly beautiful. We are so they had the most FUN band. A polka Heartfelt. We love Julie and know that happy to be a part of the Rupplinger. band that played everything from beer Peyton, Julie, and Kilian make a loving, crew. We love them. Flowers were polka’s, Bob Marley and Frank Sinatra! wonderful family. Alice’s family was able everywhere, they had arranged for a We were all dancing to the 3 to come and Wix’s sister Liz huge tent, cooler, drinks, porta potties, accordians, tuba and drums. Everyone represented the Covey’s. The setting everything was set. Peyton and Julie had a great time. Thanks to all who was Julie’s family home and it was had friends cater scrumptious food and helped. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN Type to enter text Wix and SKIING IN WHISTLER Preston, Peyton and Leona before the wedding his sister Liz
  2. 2. PHOTO’S FROM HAWAII Jessie and Leah Wix and Nicki Sara Dowsett Nicki Naomi and Harriet messing around Liz, Erin and Naomi Naomi Mc Pherson Erin Poole Wix and Harriet Hawaii A Special Aloha for Wix’s Mother. Betsy loved family Family Friend getting together and having fun and we did have fun. We all Katherine Haslem rented a house a few blocks from Kailua beach and everyday we went there. Supper often meant nieces nephew , and family coming to eat. Preston was there too. We chartered a boat and took flowers and her ashes and scattered them there. Later that afternoon we walked Lanikai Beach and her flowers had come in with the waves. Liz read a poem she had written, Wix read a poem,The End of Suffering, Naomi played the uke and sang Let It Be and Erin danced a beautiful hula for her grandmother. A wonderful ALOHA.
  3. 3. JUNE June 2009Kailua 2009 FREE There is also a Fort Collins and a detached retina this fall. September, October and part of November 2009 We came to Fort Collins to be with my nephews while Randy and Ruth Ann were in Scotland for two weeks in September. Wix developed a detached retina and had emergency surgery. The first week was the most difficult as he had to lay on his side for 55 min every hour. That was tough. Now he is on normal activity but is still required to stay at this altitude so that the pressure on his eye stays the same. Wix sees the Dr Nov ll and we think we will be able to return home soon after that. This has really changed our plans for the fall but on the plus side it has really been nice being here with Randy and Ruth Ann. I have been knitting and enjoying family. I have been going to a personal trainer who has taught me alot. Wix found some folks who do Tai Chi that he has enjoyed doing Tai Chi with. We both like Fort Collins alot. The weather has been for the most part beautiful, even if that has meant beautiful snow twice. We had 18 inches of snow here last week, and WIX ON HIS SIDE FOR A WEEK the boys had 2 snow days.
  4. 4. This summer I finished the quilt top, Wix and I worked together on the quilt back and then I flew to Utah and my sister and I quilted it with the help from my niece QU I LT I N G AT Carrie. It was alot of quilting so I never NANCY’S was able to help Nancy and Carrie quilt on Nancy’s quilt. I also worked on a grant that the Steering Committee, The AOD Alcohol Steering Committee received Partnership Council and BRAVO are to work on the issue of Binge Drinking working towards a merging of efforts. I in the population of 18-25 year olds. look forward to being a more involved The planning portion of the grant was participant. completed this summer and now the JANIC E & TOM Sue and I have been working with the community has received money to West Side Neighborhood and they have address this problem this year. just completed a clean up and are taking I have not been able to be a part of the the reins of leadership. Again, I have effort as of yet, but the Alcohol been unable to be a part of their clean up but was so excited to hear about it’s success. PROJECTS I HAVE WORKED ON AND OTHERS I HAVE MISSED BECAUSE OF OUR PROLONGED VISIT IN FORT COLLINS. THE QU ILT FROM N AN CY THOMAS (6YEARS ) CL OSE UP OF A LEAF