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ComScore Europe Smartphone

  1. 1. H2 2012 | EUROPEDigital Data Gems
  2. 2. The European Digital Day Source: comScore MMX, June 2012, Europe 15+ The typical EU consumer spends the equivalent of a day (an average of 25.9 hours), online per month. Here’s a snapshot of what 397 million Europeans are doing to fill their time: 3 in 4 1 in 2 1 in 2 1 in 3 visit visit visit visit Retail sites Sports sites Newspaper sites Health sites 62% 50% 38% 30% visit visit visit visit Games sites TV sites Banking sites Weather sites 1 in 4 minutes is spent on Social Networking † Source: comScore Device Essentials, June 2012, EuropeSmall Screens Make a Big Impact *Source: comScore MobiLens, 3 month average ending June 2011 vs June 2012, EU5 13+ In Europe, the computer is no longer the only access point for digital content. The below chart shows what % of website traffic originates from non-computer devices such as Mobiles and Tablets by market. Percentage of website traffic using Mobile, Tablet and other connected devices† United Kingdom 16.4% Denmark 7.5% Ireland 11.5% Germany 7.0% Russia 10.4% Finland 6.8% Norway 10.0% Italy 5.6% Spain 9.7% Belgium 5.1% Switzerland 9.3% France 5.0% Sweden 9.2% Portugal 3.0% Netherlands 9.0% Poland 2.2% Austria 7.6% Turkey 1.8% The penetration of smartphones Google’s smartphone platform in EU5 grew from 38% in 2011 market share in EU5 grew from to 50% in 2012* 21% in 2011 to 41% in 2012* All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
  3. 3. A DAILY DIET OF MOBILE MEDIA Source: comScore MobiLens, 3 month average ending June 2012, EU5 13+ Consumers in the EU5 (UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain) are using their mobiles more every day to access information. The fastest growing categories or activities accessed almost every day on a smartphone are highlighted below: Fastest Growing Daily Activities ON A SMARTPHONE (MILLIONS OF USERS) 2011 2012 24.7 21.6 Top 3 Activities on a Mobile (excluding calls) SMS Text Messaging Taking Photos Accessing News 11.5 10.8 8.7 6.8 6.7 5.4 4.4 3.4 3.6 3.1 3.0 2.1 1.6 1.5 Major IM Weather Personal Financial Bank accounts General refer- Credit cards Auction sites service photo or Video news or stock ence sharing quotesRetail Makes its Mark † Source: comScore MMX, June 2012, Europe 15+ *Source: comScore MobiLens, June 2012, EU5 13+ As one of the most popular online activities, there are clear winners in the Retail race. Here are the top 10 Retail sites in Europe ranked by site visitation. europe’s largest retail sites by unique visitor (millions)† Amazon Sites 102 Worldwide Sites 48 Otto Gruppe 28 Groupe PPR 26 Sites 25 Top 3 Retail Activities on a Mobile* Rakuten Inc 18 IKEA 16 Find Compare Research Yandex Market 15 Store Location Product Prices Product Features Samsung Group 15 Zalando 13
  4. 4. 5 Questions Every Marketer Should Ask AboutTheir Digital Ad Campaigns To better understand the quality of ad delivery today, comScore conducted charter studies around the globe with dozens of leading brands. The analysis of ad visibility, audience targeting and brand safety resulted in the below guidance for marketers to help them optimise their online spend. 1 Are my ads having a chance to make an impact? The European charter study included over 20 campaigns from advertisers such as Kellogg’s, Nivea, Ralph Lauren, BBVA, Fineco, O2 and P&G analysing more than one billion impressions, across more than 200,000 publisher sites. Across all European charter campaigns measured, 63 percent of the ad impressions were classified as being ‘in-view.’ The remaining 37 percent were delivered but never seen by a consumer. 2 Is my campaign reaching its intended target audience? Using the comScore panel of 2 million global consumers, comScore is uniquely qualified to report on audience delivery with person-level insights. 3 Is my campaign running in the intended geography? In the EU charter study, an average of 7 percent of ad impressions were delivered outside the desired geography, but individual campaigns ran as high as 33 percent. In many cases, ads were served in markets where the advertised product is not sold, meaning wasted ad spend and sub-optimal effectiveness results. 4 Is my campaign appearing against “brand safe” content? More than half of the European Charter Study campaigns had at least some ads running next to content deemed “not brand safe” by the advertiser, meaning that the content is deemed objectionable and could have a negative impact on brand equity. 5 Which placements are triggering alerts? comScore validated Campaign Essentials (vCE) allows you to check on your campaigns on a regular basis to manage delivery and optimise accordingly.
  5. 5. Your Analytics Toolkit to Succeedin a Digital World AUDIENCE ANALYTICS ADVERTISING ANALYTICS comScore is the premier provider for As more advertiser budgets move to audience measurement due to our digital, it’s crucial to optimise every Unified Digital Measurement® (UDM) aspect of a campaign. Our Advertising methodology, which combines data from Effectiveness (AdEffx™) suite drives our global panel with individual site tags, each step, from defining campaign to help you understand the total size and strategy to in-flight optimisation and quality of your audience. post-campaign evaluation: We help advertisers identify the web • Identify key sites for your media plan content that best reaches their ideal that will deliver the perfect blend of consumer. We also uncover trends in reach and frequency video and mobile to ensure marketers • Ensure your campaign reaches the are in tune with changing behaviours. right audience with validated delivery Publishers rely on comScore to prove and in-flight optimisation tools that their content is effectively reaching • Quantify campaign impact and evaluate specific target audiences while also total campaign success with lift and monitoring the competition. return on investment (ROI) measurement Web & Monetization Analytics MOBILE OPERATOR ANALYTICS Managing all of your company’s Grow with carrier-grade analytics. digital data can seem overwhelming. Whether you are a leader in Marketing, Enterprises have multiple platforms, Care or Network at a mobile operator, disparate data and tools that restrict you need a software platform that can analysis and decisions rather than scale to meet your digital needs. enabling them. comScore Subscriber Analytix™ software You have multi-platform data sources, but can utilize digital subscriber data to to translate them into integrated business identify opportunities to maximise average insights, you need to bring all of those revenue per user (ARPU), reduce churn, inputs together into a single view. and optimise Lifetime Value (LTV). Digital Analytix® provides faster answers Subscriber Analytix enables better digital to harder questions through a flexible, targeting, Quality of Service insight, lean and enhanced service built to and network capacity management drive growth. and planning.
  6. 6. contact us comScore is a leading global technology company that provides analytics for a digital world. We give clients an analytics advantage by enabling faster, actionable insight from all forms of digital data. Clients can leverage comScore data (site tags, panel, etc.) with their own data (CRM, billing, website, etc.) to fuel greater insights and clarity into where their business has been and where it needs to go. We get digital. Whether you are an enterprise, agency or publisher, we can help you grow. Amsterdam Frankfurt am Main +31 20 5195400 +49 69 5095 2900 Hamburg Istanbul +49 40 3764 4951 +90 212 481 73 41 London Madrid +44 20 7099 1760 +34 914 588 191 Milan Moscow +39 06 8537521 +7 926 779 82 89 Paris Stockholm +33 1 79 97 03 80 +46 733 119676 @comScoreEMEA #digitalEU Analytics for a Digital World TM