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  1. 1. Inbooki is a social platform created torevolutionize the reading experience, introducing the in-books
  2. 2. What is an in-book? INTERACTIVE IMMERSIVE ✦ Image ✦ Active choices ✦ Video ✦ Reader’s profile ✦ Link in-book SOCIAL ENGAGING ✦ Sharing ✦ Gaming ✦ Like ✦ Community ✦ Tweet Download Read Play Share
  3. 3. Video
  4. 4. Thriller in-book example Suppose you are reading a thriller: arrived at a certain point, the reader will have the chance of choosing which clue to follow. That choice will determine how the story will continue. Also, the story may adapt to the time of the day or the weather conditions in which the in-book is read: at night, the detective may find it difficult to chase the suspect, while during a snowfall, the traces left could be of great help. Download Read Play Share
  5. 5. Fantasy in-book example Imagine reading The Lord of the Rings saga from the point of view of Frodo or of his antagonist, Sauron. In in-books, the reader will be able to choose the character they want to follow, making decisions for them and thus determining the course of events in the story. Download Read Play Share
  6. 6. Guidebook example Imagine reading a guidebook that suggests different itineraries depending on your preferences, on the date and time, and on the weather. Example: a guidebook of Modena that, through the most significant locations, allows people to re-experience the main steps of Luciano Pavarotti or Enzo Ferraris lives. Download Read Play Share
  7. 7. Inbooki World Community Author Interaction Registration Reader Download Inbooki Inbooki Web Editor Publishing Store Writing
  8. 8. Business model Partnership ✦ Long run ✦ Partnership with publishers ✦ Exit strategy for Investors Inbooki Store In-book apps ✦ Long run ✦ Short run ✦ Direct selling from Inbooki ✦ Developement of apps platform and apps ad hoc ✦ Exponential growth ✦ Linear growth
  9. 9. Target Focus on niches Fantasy World Thriller World - High social engagement - Gaming capabilities - RPG (Role-playing games) - High engagement - Young audience - High immersion
  10. 10. Market USA Total turnover (2011): $27.2 billion Book market (2011/2010): - 10.2% e-book market (2011/2010): + 210% e-book market share (2011): 25% Italy Total turnover (2011): €3.41 billion Book market (2011/2010): - 4.6% e-book market (2011/2010): + 740%Literary genres e-book market share (2015): 7% (estimate)Mystery, Thriller and Crime: 30%Science fiction: 10% Growth of device use for reading:Other: 13% From 18% (2011) to 33% (2012)
  11. 11. Self Publishing Italy USA ✦ 40 k self-printed books (5,5%) ✦ 210 k published books in 2011 ✦ 6.5 k e-books ✦ 41% self-published e-books Examples American writer Amanda Hocking, after 17 refusals, decided to self-published her vampire stories. In twenty months she sold more than 1.5 million copies of her book. Thanks to Kindle Direct Publishing, the American writer John Locke sold more than 1 million copies of his noir books. Since 2009, he sold, on average, one e-book every five seconds.
  12. 12. Timeline ✦ October 15, 2012: Public beta for writers and usability tests ✦ December 15, 2012: Public beta for readers ✦ January 15, 2013: Inbooki Store in Italian ✦ March 15, 2013: Inbooki 2.0 with community and new gaming features ✦ June 30, 2013: Launch in English-speaking market To date (31/01/13): 300+ writers, 1000+ downloaded in-books
  13. 13. TeamIng. Daniele Grassi Dr. Giacomo Barigazzi Ing. Maurizio Galli Anas Bouhtouch Monica MaglioccoCTO CFO Advisor Web developer Web developerDr. Leonardo Frau Arianna Di Iorio Martina Abati Dr. Enrico Ori Dr. Lorenzo SantiMarketing Public relation Graphic Designer Android developer iOS developer
  14. 14. Supported by bluestart
  15. 15. Links Inbooki public website Published in-books catalogue App for iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) App for Android devices Online editor for writing in-books (accessibile after registration)