Holiday cocktail party wear featuring – bebe dresses


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Holiday cocktail party wear featuring – bebe dresses

  1. 1. Holiday Cocktail Party Wear Featuring – Bebe DressesIt’s Bebe fashionistas! You know you love it ladies. We are on a mission to bring you theultimate holiday party dress this season. So naturally we’re turning to our friends over atBebe for some solutions. Bebe is a brand for younger women looking to feel special andlook hot doing it. Check out what we liked and what they have to offer you below.
  2. 2. This color block outfit is super cute and would work well for a laid back cocktail party.We like the contrast of the black capped sleeves against the electric blue top. The blackpleated skirt with fitted button fastened waist completes this polished look perfectly.
  3. 3. The yellow print dress looks super cute from the floral design to the long sleeve nettingunderneath the mini dress with a sweetheart neckline. We’re also feeling the little red
  4. 4. abstract squiggly lines scattered around the dress like silly string. The design is soplayful we couldn’t resist.
  5. 5. This edgy little black dress is so Bebe! This is one that would look just about good onany figure. Check out the dramatic v-neck cinched waist. We especially like the loosefitting quarter sleeves with tailored cuffs. Pairing the dress with some opaque coloredtights is a great idea. Try a holiday color like red, green or a sexy lace patterned pair oftights.
  6. 6. Being Bebe’s specialty, we see another little black dress in this collection that caughtour eye. This one is a lot more revealing and a whole lot sexier. We think that theneckline is so hot, falling into a v-shape creating the illusion of a smaller waist. The look
  7. 7. is polished off with pleats along the ribs of the dress and a pleated mini skirt. This one isabsolutely a show stopper.
  8. 8. This red patterned mini dress is a flirty and fun cocktail dress. The neckline of the dressis low cut with a black waist band. The outfit is paired with a leather jacket with knitsleeves. We love the contrast of hard and soft pieces.
  9. 9. This is a total party dress fashionistas! We enjoy electric blue as much as the next girl,but when you add satin into the mix, well then you just have something special. Theneckline of this gown is modest, but that is offset by the cut out bust. And the star of thisdress is the ruffled hemline with black lining.
  10. 10. Nothing says a party like ruffle detailing! This strapless cocktail dress flaunts hot pinksatin ruffles at the bust line. The body hugging pencil skirt design is super sassy andattractive. This dress is at the top of our list of cocktail ready Bebe dresses.
  11. 11. As always thanks for keeping it locked at, your source forwhat’s trending in fashion now.