All About LAMB - Lamb purses, bags, shoes, accessories, watches and fragrance


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One of the luxury brand today in America’s fashion line- LAMB. But what LAMB really is? And why this is being love by many young women nowadays? Lamb actually stands for Love Angel Music Baby which is Gwen Stefani first song album title.

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All About LAMB - Lamb purses, bags, shoes, accessories, watches and fragrance

  1. 1. All About LAMB - Lamb purses, bags, shoes, accessories, watches and fragranceOne of the luxury brand today inAmerica’s fashion line- LAMB. But whatLAMB really is? And why this is beinglove by many young women nowadays?Lamb actually stands for Love Angel Music Baby which is Gwen Stefani first song albumtitle. Gwen Stefani is an American singer-songwriter and fashion designer, and the one whocreated the LAMB. Gwen grew up in Anaheim, California as a thrift store junkie, alwaysdesigning and making her own clothes. Gwen now resides in Beverly Hills with her husbandGavin Rossdale and sons Kingston and ZumaNesta.LAMB was created in year 2003 and is now widely recognized for its diverse personal styleand natural elegance. LAMB items are created by Stefani out of her love of design. "I justwanted to make clothes I would really want and things that would represent me," Stefani said.When the LAMB clothing line becomes so successful in 1993, Gwen Stefani also addedLAMBshoes, LAMBhandbags, LAMB purses, LAMB watches and LAMB fragrances onher Lamb collection. Stefani, the award-winning musician, actress and style icon, serves asCreative Director for LAMB and manages every stitch and intricate detail of the products,working closely with the Royal Elastics design team.Gwen Stefani’s philosophy of carefully paying attention to the details and a “made with love”drive this collection. Every item of LAMB, from LAMB purses, bags, clothing, watches andshoes collection, are filled with magnificent surprises and luxurious accents. LAMB stylesare inspired by different cultures such as Guatemalan, Japanese, Indian and Jamaican. All theitems are made from the finest imported Italian leathers. The delightful design of LAMBpurses, handbags, LAMBshoes and watches are so fresh and famed for their surprisingdetails.
  2. 2. LAMB fashion line did not stop on making LAMB purses, bags, shoes, accessories andwatches. To match the bold and unique design of the clothing and accessories, LAMBsignature fragrance, L, represents the fun-loving fusion of masculine and feminine, areflection of Gwens one-of-a-kind style.Largely centered on Gwen Stefanis admiration for the adventurous and fun fashion sense istheHarajuku Girls, the club kids of Tokyos Harajuku Street, which Stefani first visited in1996. Harajuku Lovers is a novelty line starring the Stefani-created anime characters calledLove, Angel, Music and Baby. Far more innovative, fan-friendly and appealing than whatusually accompanies an artists album or tour, all Harajuku Lovers product features lyrically-rooted original artwork Stefani created or commissioned for Love. Angel. Music.Baby.Harajuku Lovers brings together visual elements related to the music with product that fanscan use and wear. This fun line also features a fragrance line, The Harajuku LoversCollection. With five distinct scents in the Harajuku Lovers line, every personality isrepresented, Love, Angel, Music, Baby and of course, the leader of the pack, Gwen! Gwen ishands-on and fully involved in every step of the design process for both the LAMB andHarajuku Lovers collections.