Fashion Republic on the Dance Floor


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Fashion Republic on the Dance Floor

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Fashion Republic on the Dance Floor

  1. 1. Fashion Republic on the Dance FloorFashion republic already tookup the Dance Floor. As wewitness “Dancing with thestars” contestants rocking uptheir fashionable dresses eachtime they groove. Season 12 ofDancing with the Stars(DWTS) working its way tothe grand finale slowly butsurely and surprisingly thefront runners at this point arethe 80’s icons Kristie Alleyand Ralph Macchio. It just goes to show you that charisma will get you a long way onDWTS. Not to take away from the rest of the cast’s respectable performances, they’ve been atreat to tune in to. Then there are those stinkers that needn’t be mentioned who have probablybeen eliminated already for the sake of humanity and good ballroom dancers everywhere.Let’s not forget the fashion on the dance floor. From fashion fabulous to fashion faux pas, wehave the scoop below.Hardly Trying: Kendra WilkinsonThe former Playboy playmate stayed true to her naughty girl fashion. Wilkinson picturedwearing a little sequined baby blue fringe dress that left little to the imagination was a bitcliché. Sexy doesn’t have to involve taking your clothes off to shimmy in front of millions ofAmericans. Nonetheless, that’s exactly what we get and it is so predictable. I bet Americawould love to see Kendra step outside her little Playboy box. I guess we’ll just have to waitand see if Kendra’s fashion sense will mature as the show progresses.Making it Work: Kristie AlleyThe gutsiest contestant on the show has to be Kristie Alley. She’s carrying her weight well onthe dance floor, the judges love her energy and America is voting for her to stay. When itcomes to fashion Alley is making it work, showing that she has nothing to hide or beashamed of. As pictured above, her sparkling black uni-dress compliments her full figure inall the right places. Kristie exudes a confidence on the floor that is keeping her in thiscompetition.Getting it Right: Nema PetrovaNema Petrova was a “Lavender Dream” in her gown last time she dance. The bodice isbreathtakingly gorgeous and accents her tiny waist in an elegant manner, while the bottomportion of her dress gives her a feminine silhouette. No fair that she’s actually a model, but
  2. 2. beauty is beauty and this one is undeniable. Keep watching as Nema gets her Ginger Rogerson.Indeed the dance floor of DWTS is one pride of the Fashion republic. Those dancers notonly can rock the stage but also rock their styles. Two thumbs up guys and Congratulations.