What’s New in vCloud Director 1.5


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    I'm wondering if vCD 1.5 supports the VASA API for storage awareness - which would enable us to run heterogeneous datastores, but still place VMs on the right tier of storage. That would reduce the number of Provider VDCs we need to run so would be a big win for us. I can't find any references either way - can you help on this?

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What’s New in vCloud Director 1.5

  1. 1. What’s New in vCloud Director 1.5Most Agile Access to Secure Isolation and The Only Hybrid CloudCloud Infrastructure Simple Management Infrastructure• Fast Provisioning (Linked • vCloud Messages • vShield Edge VPN Integration Clones) • Microsoft SQL Server Support• vApp Custom Guest Properties • Expanded vCloud API and• 3rdpary distributed switch SDK support • vSphere 5 support• Globalization
  2. 2. Fast Provisioning using Linked Clones Overview • Provisions new VMs from a template without replicating the entire image • Instead, links the images (clones) so that common elements are stored only once vmd vmd vmd k k k Benefits • Dramatically speeds up provisioning time Template from >2 minutes to <5 seconds vmdk • Reduces storage footprint (and cost) by over 60%
  3. 3. Linked Clones in vCD Full Clone (Default) Linked clones can span • multiple datastores A Entire disk copied B • multiple vCenter Servers New independent VM Fast Provisioning A No disk copy A’ Delta disks spawned Delta Disk Delta Disk Base Disk (READ ONLY)
  4. 4. Enabling Linked Clones Enable fast provisioning on an organization virtual datacenter with a single mouse click
  5. 5. Manage your cloud networking using standard tools vCloud Director 1.5 3rd party distributed switch REST API vShield Manager Network vendor tools Administration/Mo nitoringNetworkadmins
  6. 6. vCloud Messages Overview • Connect vCloud Director to enterprise systems through messaging to rapidly create end-to-end system integrations Benefits • Integrate vCloud Director with existing IT management tools • Receive updates for vCloud Director tasks CMDB IPAM Ticketing
  7. 7. Notifications and Blocking tasks Over 100+ tasks have notifications available Certain tasks can be configured to block for external input before completing • Browse the category of tasks and select the operation (e.g. vApp Power operations, Virtual Data Center Operations) • Browse to System -> Administration -> Blocking Tasks
  8. 8. Microsoft SQL Server Support Overview • Build a vCloud Director environment u sing a Microsoft SQL database for all cloud configuration data Benefits • Leverage existing investments and database skill sets • Reduce the cost of building a cloud
  9. 9. List of supported databases Supported Databases • Oracle 10g Std/Ent Release 2 • Oracle 11g Std/Ent • Oracle 11g R2 New • Microsoft SQL 2005 Std/Ent SP4 New • Microsoft SQL 2008 Exp/Std/Ent (64-bit) New
  10. 10. vSphere 5 support vCloud Director 1.5 Overview • vCloud Director adds support for vSphere 5 platform vCenter Server with Auto Deploy • vSphere Auto Deploy support • Support for virtual hardware v8 Image Profiles Host Profiles • 32 vCPU • 1 TB vRAM Benefits • Faster deployment of physical vSphere vSphere vSphere infrastructure • Run the most demanding workloads in vCloud Director
  11. 11. Expanded vShield Integration Overview • Integration with vShield IPSec VPN capabilities through both API & UI • Expanded firewall capabilities to include Virtual VirtualDatacenter: Datacenter: full 5-tuple firewalls Remote WAN Local E E d d g g e e Benefits • Organization administrators can configure private networking enclave connected back to corporate datacenters • 5-tuple firewalls allows fully flexible network access management—control source & destination.
  12. 12. IPSec VPN tunnel configuration types  Tunnel to vCloud 1 vCloud 2 network in Org A Org A another organization Org Network VPN Org Network Private/Public vCloud  Tunnel to Org B network in this Org Network VPN Org Network organization vCloud Org C  Tunnel to VPN Endpoint a remote network Org Network VPN