SugarCRM Development Makes CRM Easier for Businesses


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SugarCRM development, SugarCRM customization and SugarCRM integration help business handle customer relationship management in a better way.

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SugarCRM Development Makes CRM Easier for Businesses

  1. 1. Title: SugarCRM Development Makes CRM Easier for BusinessesSummary: SugarCRM development, SugarCRM customization and SugarCRM integration helpbusiness handle customer relationship management in a better way.About the author: The author is a consultant providing SugarCRM development, Sugarcustomization and SugarCRM integration services to diverse businesses.Customer relations management is a serious aspect of any business now-a-days. And, in order tohandle it properly businesses need robust system such as SugarCRM. SugarCRM is a software orweb application manufactured by its namesake company. SugarCRM development services canbe provided using this software which is available in three editions: •Sugar Community Edition (previously known as Sugar Open Source) •Sugar Professional •Sugar EnterpriseSugarCRM customization can be undertaken by using any of these three editions as the codetree for each product remains the same. Also, Sugar Community Edition contains about 85% offunctionality contained in Sugar Professional and Sugar Enterprise. These products wereoriginally produced on the LAMP stack of Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. They can also runon other platforms that can deliver PHP such as Windows, Solaris and Mac OS X. SugarCRMcan also use MS IIS as a web server, and MS SQL or Oracle as alternative databases. With this,it is easier to undertake SugarCRM integration with other platforms as well.Following are significant business processes that are covered under SugarCRM development: •Team work •Settings and administration •Analytical reports •Sales management •Marketing activity management •Customer Service ManagementWhile these are the areas that are very crucial as far as SugarCRM development is concerned,SugarCRM can also be used for other services such as SugarCRM customization, SugarCRMIntegration and SugarCRM Module Development.SugarCRM customization services include: •Sales and Leads Managing Systems •Campaign Management •Client Account Management
  2. 2. •Payment Module Management •Billing and Invoice Management •Call ManagementSugarCRM’s greatest strength is its extensibility. With this extensibility, developers can createmodules as modules are generally developed to address diverse business needs such as thefunctionality provided by forums, teams or social media integrations. The modules are generallypackaged as zip files and contain a manifest.php file in the root directory that defines howSugarCRM will install the module. Benefits of SugarCRM development: •Flexible and hassle-free integration and deployment options •Lead tracking solutions •Competitive Implementation costs •Customization of the application, including template customization and theme designing •Identification and customization of various SugarCRM-specific plugins •Better and faster customer support options •Appropriate module customization and integration •Provisions for Billing system analysis and support.When you are looking for professional SugarCRM development services, it is desired that youcheck that service provider has the following things: •Experienced team of SugarCRM developers •Ability to create cost-effective SugarCRM development modules •A knack to understand client requirements •An ability to chart out the work plan •Detailed work flows and demo models to check the efficiency of CRM •An ability to develop and integrate plugins as and when needed •Sharp ability to cater to the businesses while remaining in the stipulated budget •Efficient and excellent channel of communication •Robust system to respond to the client queries •An ability to expand the scope of the application by way of SugarCRM customization and SugarCRM integrationHence, in the light of the discussion, services offering SugarCRM development are addressingthe crucial and most pertinent business requirement of today’s world — customer relationshipmanagement.